Loan signings Martin Dubravka and Kenedy have been instrumental in Newcastle United pulling away from the relegation zone.

Newcastle actually rising to the top half of the table before this weekend’s fixtures.

Whilst Dubravka has three clean sheets in his half dozen games, at the other end of the pitch Kenedy has two goals and two assists already, in his eight starts for Newcastle.

Those goals and assists have directly contributed to Newcastle adding seven points to their total – an assist for Lascelles’ goal in the 1-1 draw with Burnley, scoring the opening two goals when beating Southampton 3-0, then the very cool pass late on that enabled Perez to score the winner against Huddersfield.

More than these obvious contributions though, Kenedy has given Newcastle a threat, somebody who will take on the opposition and make things happen, plus he can also deliver great balls from free-kicks and corners.

Until his arrival, Newcastle had become very very predictable and the two home matches before the Chelsea player turned up, sum that point up perfectly.

Newcastle the better team against both Brighton and Swansea but struggling to create any real chances, never mind actually scoring goals. A goalless draw against Chris Hughton’s team and then actually heading to defeat against Swansea, until a fortunate Joselu equaliser.

The first and most important job of any club at the end of each season is to make sure they retain their best players but of course whilst Dubravka has a £4m agreed price with Sparta Prague, if Newcastle and the keeper decide to make it permanent, Kenedy has no such arrangement.

There was no indication when the left-back/winger arrived, whether it was Newcastle’s or Chelsea’s choice not to have a binding permanent aspect to the deal, or even an agreed price.

Which leaves everything up in the air. It would be a real nightmare if at the end of this season, Newcastle were already one influential player down for next season, never mind attracting new ones to improve the squad.

Rafa Benitez has now addressed the issue.

Asked about Kenedy’s situation, the Newcastle manager admitted that with the winger doing so well for NUFC, ‘there is a worry’ that any potential transfer fee will be increasing.

However, Rafa says that given the choice, obviously he’d rather the Brazilian was impressing for Newcastle AND his value going up, rather than not getting the attention for his performances.

The Newcastle Manager says that ‘The main thing for now is to get to 40 points and then speak to Chelsea’ about what happens next.

The former Chelsea boss adding ‘So maybe we can do it on Sunday night…’ after the Arsenal game.

Surely the reality must be that Newcastle/Rafa have already started talking to Chelsea about the player’s future, if there is to be any likelihood of him being at St James Park next season.

It might be only on a ‘When’ or ‘What if…’ basis but no reason why at least preliminary conversations wouldn’t have taken place.

To be honest, I think where Newcastle are now…and where Kenedy is right now in his career, it is a perfect combination.

In three years Kenedy has only started five Premier League matches, so any talk of Bayern Munich, PSG…or even Tottenham and Arsenal, is surely ludicrous. Why would he be swapping not playing at Chelsea for not playing at one of those clubs?

I don’t really believe the links with PSG and Bayern anyway and to be honest, Kenedy is doing well at Newcastle but he hasn’t suddenly turned into Lionel Messi.

He has ability for sure and he has been one of Newcastle’s best players but nobody is claiming for example that Bayern and PSG might come in for Mohamed Diame, who has been Newcastle’s best player in the time Kenedy has been here on loan.

Personally, I think Chelsea will do what they have done with so many players and which is their unspoken but clear policy.

Buy young promising players in and then loan them out so other clubs pay their wages whilst the player improves as well, then wait until a point is reached where an offer in made that is to good to turn down and/or the player gets sick and is desperate to leave.

Apart from one very brief and poor spell at Watford, this is Kenedy’s first proper loan move whilst at Chelsea and at the most, he will have played 14 times for Newcastle by the time the season ends.

What would Chelsea consider an offer too good to refuse for a player who cost £8m as a 19 year old from Brazilian club football?

Despite so few games, I’m guessing a realistic price in today’s market should be around £20m at the most but you wouldn’t be surprised to see Chelsea looking for £30m.

The West London club happy to sit back and see if anybody bites, then gamble on the worst thing that could happen being that they then loan him out again next season, when Kenedy could prove to look worth even more than that £30m figure, or shock horror, maybe even good enough to play for Chelsea.

My prediction is, sadly a long drawn out process where Chelsea wait to see if anybody reaches their asking price, before finally late on in the transfer window [late July] agree another half year loan deal with Newcastle.

Matters are almost certain to be further complicated with Chelsea very likely changing managers, yet again, this summer.

Bottom line is that Chelsea hold all the aces on this one, whilst it could prove a big headache for Rafa in his preparations for next season.

I hope I’m proved wrong.

Rafa Benitez asked about signing Kenedy on permanent deal:

“Yes, there is a worry the value [of Kenedy] may go up.

“But if you said…’Do I want him to score goals and the value will go up?’.

“Then yes, I want him to score goals.

“That is football.

“If you have a good player the value goes higher.

“But the main thing for now is to get to 40 points and then speak to Chelsea.

“So maybe we can do it on Sunday night…”

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  • Paul Patterson

    I reckon £20m is about fair and if the player agitates for a move we’ll get him. Over to the puller of the purse strings . .

  • Ba ba.

    We’ll build a great team then kaboom ww3. ….. Just wor luck

  • Leicester Mag

    The biggest worry is the chronic arthritis Ashley has in his hands that prevents him opening his wallet. If we sign Kennedy he’ll only balance the books selling Lascelles

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    Rafa’s prompt for Ashley to get his finger out & wallet opened….think it unlikely & expect more loans but we’ll see.

  • Rich Lawson

    No takeover,No cash !

  • Lord

    Chelsea might hold some aces but the player himself holds one too. If he pushes for a move to play for us permanently that’ll at least force negotiations.

    My worry is Mike Ashley won’t sanction us breaking our transfer record for him and a deal with involve a Lascelles swap.

  • Arty Hume

    Its a sad indictment of the game now that a young man can be bought and sold like cattle but there it is! IMHO NUFC took a gamble on the lad ( Chelsea got bad publicity last summer in China ) and its paid off. Rafa saw a raw talent and nurtured it resulting in a very competent player, but he is not the finished article. He has two roads to chose from, stay with us and Rafa to become a great player or move to the likes of so called ” bigger clubs ” to make up the numbers and be swallowed up by the system and maybe rot. Without a very strong personality ( unknown ) it takes a certain special player to blossom in a different country without a mentor like Rafa. Further more I firmly believe Mitro still has a part to play with NUFC, all he has to do is refuse to move, he still has a contract dont forget. Same goes for Kennedy he can refuse to go to anyone but NUFC, its his life, I hope for him he makes the right decision and chooses us.

  • Stephen

    20 million
    Not going to happen!

  • Gianfranco Shola

    I personally don’t give us a chance of signing him as much as I’d love to. It’ll be heart breaking seeing him develop into a Brazilian international at another club. If this turns out to be the case, who would we want Rafa to go for instead? I may get butchered for this but this summer has Rafa going back in for Townsend written all over it imo

  • gallowgate26

    This 40 points misnomer is meaningless for two reasons. Firstly is relates to the early days of sky pundits and the PL in the 90s when the league was more competetive and outside of the top 4, teams really did need to compete against each other to survive. Secondly there was one season when a team were relegated with 41 points, so there is no mathamatical certainty that 40 equals survival. But honestly, look at Huddersfield this season, because of the state of Brom, Stoke and Southampton, none of which can buy a win, Huddersfield will probably stay up with much less than 40 points. Compare that to our luck as a football club, going down with 37 points, which would normally mean survival these days. I’d rather Rafa just talked about getting as many points as possible and finishing as high as we can. It’s much more attractive to potential summer targets if we are a top half club.

    • Ram Kishore

      Nowadays higher wage packet attracts players man

    • Jezza

      As far as I remember the highest total for a team going down was 42 for West Ham under Glenn Roeder and the lowest to survive was 34 for West Brom under Captain Lager.

  • Dillon Tovak

    We keep having articles where we acknowledge Kenedy is amazing and pretty much single handedly given our side another dimension, but that it’s ludicrous bigger sides like Spurs or Bayern will be going for him?

    Same people that scoffed at Andros being linked with a club with a small stadium and Pardew over 52k and Rafa, which then happened.

  • Duh

    He is not a 30m player for sure, not on the basis of half a season at Newcastle.

    15-20m is what Newcastle can expect to pay and it likely comes down to whether the club will pay that and the lad wants to stay on or perhaps go and play The reserves of a top team.

    I suspect Chelsea will want to generate some money this summer so they go on a splurge. They will want several massive signings to be able to compete with the likes of city and will need to spend in the hundreds of millions.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Any permanent fee above zero will be out of Ashley’s price range. It’s either another loan or nothing as long as he’s still (not) signing the checks.

    • Duh


  • Cockneytrev

    I can’t see him coming , but if he did it would show an admission of intent,, as long as we don’t sell lascelles ,, it’s no good taking one step forward and two back,,,

  • TheFatController

    Other clubs will think ‘will he do the same for us as he did for them…?’ So we should be more confident offering more.

    Ashley may not like spending, but he does have a policy of buying players with potential. Given he’s already here, I think Ashley would sanction a good amount of money for him, he’d see it as being like signing wijnaldum …

  • Andy Mac

    If Fatman goes we could be rejuvenated under a new administration. However most fans beleive he has no intention of leaving so we’ll continue to struggle unless we get the Fatman out.

    The choice is ours ?

  • Desree

    12m tops if Fatty is still in charge.