After 26 Premier League games, Newcastle fans had only seen their team beat other sides also involved in the relegation fight.

Matchday 27 was a little different, Newcastle getting the performance and a win against Man Utd, a day that could well prove to have changed all sorts of things.

With 38 points it is now easy to be a little laidback but if that win over Mourinho’s team hadn’t happened, where would Newcastle be standing now?

The three points were important but the confidence gained that day, surely also contributed to this Rafa Benitez team picking up another 10 points from the following five matches.

The last game saw Newcastle travel to eighth place Leicester, champions of less than two years ago, and bossed the game – limiting the likes of Vardy and Mahrez to only one effort on target, well worth the victory and should have been more than the one goal margin.

This team is very definitely believing in itself that little bit more, whilst the league position/points are helping them to relax and play better football.

Are Newcastle fans seeing evolution rather than revolution at their club/in their team, for once?

Sunday is a golden chance for Newcastle to clinch their third victory over top eight clubs in only seven matches. Sixth place Arsenal eventually pulled through on Thursday night but only after playing a full strength team in Moscow, most of who won’t be now starting at St James Park.

Never mind the circumstances, nobody has cared about any Newcastle United bad luck/deficiencies as they have lost the last 10 games against the Gunners!

After Arsenal, it is Everton and our old friend Sam Allardyce up next.

Once again, no reason why this Newcastle team can’t have a right go against the blue scousers, who are currently ninth.

It is all about building momentum, taking scalps, breaking losing runs against certain clubs, building for next season now.

  • TheNutJob

    I`d settle for a draw against Arsenal if it meant beating old Hippo Heed.

    • Rich Lawson

      We can beat them both !

  • Rich Lawson

    How do you know they won’t start ? Their supposed to be professional athletes who have had a soft 1st class plane ride and a luxury hotel,that said,I hope they play a weakened team.

    • Graham Chapman

      Completely agree, I’ve been lucky enough to have flown first class long haul (via an upgrade), and its the most comfortable experience that you can imagine. Why would footballers not be able to play again a few days later? It’s not as if they’ve just returned from Mars.

      • Rabid Dog

        Moscow isn’t long haul either 4.5 hours tops

        • Andy Mac

          Yup 4 hours tops unless they went budget ?😏

        • Coach Clagnut

          B.A. wouldn’t give you a bag of nuts or a cup of tea on such a short haul flight. However, with Arsenal’s ladyboys being so fragile there might of been a few barf bags used.

        • Jezza

          Good point. Not so long ago the top teams used to travel by bus to away games and those journeys sometimes took at least as long as a Moscow to London flight and were a lot less comfortable too.

  • skarabrae

    These are the games we normally lose.. when we’ve been on a great run , the opposition havnt, all the stars align & everyone thinks it’s gonna happen….. whoops!!! Sliding down the stairs on that banana skin!!!
    Hope I’m wrong… but I think it may be a tough old game. 😉

  • Blackburn1066

    It’s 3 points in the bag if Raffa has his way.

  • TheFatController

    I’m always surprised when people claim playing three days before shouldn’t be a problem for professional athletes.

    I am sure, with them being pro athletes, they can play no problem. Can they play at 100%? Undoubtedly not.

    Recovery time is everything in sport. Roger federer once said he didn’t sleep well before a Wimbledon final, only getting 7 hours, instead of his usual 10.

    The problem with playing a game 3 days before is the lack of sleep after. Not only does it take time for the Adrenalin to subside, but they also take caffeine-based energy drinks for games, my mate is an ex pro and now semi pro and was always exhausted in work after a midweek game, blaming being wide awake all night.

    So, can they play Thursday Sunday? No problem. Can they match our players who have had a completely undisturbed week? Absolutely no chance.

    • Rich Lawson

      I don’t think Federer is a fair comparison he could play almost constantly for 3 hours plus on consecutive days,that seems a lot tougher.Footballers can have the next day off from training.If they win nothing is ever said ?