The new Sky Sports Power Rankings have been published today.

The Power Rankings methodology reflects a player’s performance over the last five Premier League rounds of matches by awarding points to players for 32 different stats.

A heavier weighting is given to the most recent match in descending order to the fifth last one, with the intention of showing who is most in form.

Newcastle’s recent form, including the contribution of certain individuals, has seen four NUFC stars feature in the top 24 positions of the top 50 Sky Sports Power Rankings published on Monday lunchtime.

Sky Sports:

“Newcastle duo Ayoze Perez and Jonjo Shelvey stormed into the top 10 after a 2-1 win at Leicester.

“With Shelvey opening the scoring and Perez netting what proved to be the match-winner – having also scored against Huddersfield the previous week.”

So the top of the power rankings now has Eriksen at the very top, then Salah, Alli….Perez!

The latest Power Rankings as published by Sky Sports:

sky sports power rankings

As you can see, Jonjo Shelvey’s form has also pushed him into the Top 10, whilst Florian Lejeune (great display and an assist on Saturday) is at number 22, with Kenedy at 24 making up the NUFC quartet.

  • Wor Lass

    It`s a reflection of how hard the players are working and how well the team is doing. I`m delighted for Perez because he`s copped for some unnecessary stick at times. I would agree that he can seem too lightweight and he did spend a lot of time on the deck appealing, vainly, to the ref earlier in the season but he has always worked his socks off and acted – under orders – as the first line of defence. Now that the team is performing well and able to be a bit more aggressive then he is emerging as a bit of a “fret”. Good luck to the lad because he`s a model pro.

    • Peaky

      You’re right and he absolutely loves the club.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Perhaps Jonathan will agree he is not rubbish after all making it into the top four.
    We would be in relegation trouble with out him that’s a certainty.

  • Nut

    People forget that season we were relegated their were 2 stars potentially in making in that team Perez and Mitrovic.

    The later got virtually all the coverage and the stick whilst Perez kept his head down, created assists and goals and without him Mitrovic probably wouldn’t have got half the goals he got.

    In the championship Perez again showed he can be trusted to do as asked.

    He is a technical player who will only grow into bigger.

    Mitrovic on the other hand should keep his head down and keep scoring in the championship and replicate that at the world cup, rather than mouthing off that Rafa is too tactical a manager for him to play under etc and greasing the poles for a Fulham move.

    As much as I like Mitrovic as a player, I wish he would shut up in the press and do his talking on the pitch!

    Perez has done just that and you don’t see him making himself to be bigger than he is in the press.

    • thewildchimp

      And you don’t have any problem with Rafa saying: “Hopefully he will score 20 or 25 goals (in 17 matches). He would have more value.”?

      For someone to make an assist there is one crucial thing. Somebody needs to be in the position and actually net the ball in.

      The lad only said that he thinks we weren’t playing an offensive football (we weren’t) and that it didn’t suit him (it didn’t). But he uttered a word that wasn’t in the praise of Messiah, oh dear! I’m almost 32 and I don’t know if I could be as composed if someone sidelined me for Joselu…

      • Nut

        Rafa is the manager, his comment “hopefully he will score 20-25 goals in 17 matches” was done to motivate the player, it was not critical.

        Mitrovic has been very vocal re Rafa and how he is tactical, yes defensive if you like, but let’s be honest Rafa needed to be to keep us up this season, we didn’t have the quality in depth to play the attacking football that suits Mitrovic at this level prior to his loan.

        My point is that Mitrovic should not criticise his manager.

        He should not be so vocal in the press it gives him a bad rep and makes him look like a disgruntled player.

        If he had been like Perez and just got on with it then he might well have been playing for us!

        It smacks of an attitude/chip on his shoulder.

        Don’t get me wrong I like Mitrovic but I can see lately he is doing exactly in the press what he did prior to joining us, angling things for it!

        • thewildchimp

          If he just wanted to motivate him, why did he end up with: “He would have more value”?
          Yes, Mitro could have done it with more grace, but why isn’t he allowed to criticise Rafa? If it’s a fair critique, of course. And it’s not really a negative one.. “We didn’t play offensive football, that isn’t compatible with my strengths.” What’s so bad about it? It might sound rude the way he’s put it, but English is not his native language, so I always consider that before judging players. Not to mention they usually aren’t educated well.

          Got on with what? He was completely sidelined. If Mitro was playing right now for us, in this team, I guarantee you that we’d score at least one more per game. Yet, would he play? He was shipped off, so an injured Slimani could take his place. If a manager doesn’t want you – you can’t do anything about it.

          Mate, he played Joselu before Mitro. Joselu. Do you understand what that means? It means: “Kid, your career here is over, unless someone gets injured.”

          Ever since he started banging them in for Fulham it was a done deal. They’ll take him, why wouldn’t they, and if he played for them they’d top the league, so I really don’t see them losing in the playoffs if they don’t reach the auto-spot.

          Do we need Mitro in order to survive in the Prem? No. Probably noone but Lascelles. Shelvey and Diame are also very important, but that’s about it. However, it would be much easier with Mitro around, that’s for sure.

          • Nut

            The press quote all manner of controversial quotes not all are true and frequently they are out of context.

            Rafa saying “if he does then he will have more value when he returns” could also be taken to mean that he will be valued more highly by him as striker in the current setup since he will have eased some of Rafa’s doubts.

          • thewildchimp

            I don’t rate Mitro very highly. For me, he is a good forward, nothing more. I simply cannot stand when people speak things that aren’t true (whether they are aware of it or not) and that’s why I comment. I started reading TheMag in 2013, I think, and I hadn’t started commenting regularly until people started slagging off Mitro, Perez and a few others undeservedly.

            I actually listened to the Rafa’s interview so I don’t have any doubts what he meant. He said (I’ll paraphrase): “Mitrovic needs to score a ton of goals, change his playing style completely in order to prove me he’s any good and then I’ll think about putting him into the first lineup.” Mitro, in a way, responded by telling him that he can find better. Rafa then said “It’s not me, mate, it’s you. Dwight Gayle scored a sh’tload and he was injured, even Murphy scored more than you.” Mitro then said: “Well, I’d love to play more at Newcastle but I think I shouldn’t waste my time with certain people, I’ll be better off someplace else where they appreciate me.” They both took a little dig at each other, although Rafa wasn’t much subtle about it.

  • steveS100

    Is that the same Perez who we are told, time after time on here, is rubbish and on his way out? Good job it’s Rafa who is the manager and not the ‘experts’ on here…lol

    • thewildchimp

      Don’t forget that Rafa dropped him for Diame last season but reinstalled him when it was clear that Mo can’t cut it. And Perez isn’t rubbish at all but has a serious hole in his game. He can’t hold onto the ball. You can pump the ball to Kenedy, Ritchie, Murphy, Gayle or Mitro and know they won’t lose it but it’s a whole different story with Joselu and Perez. So-so with Atsu. Atsu is the type that turns either 8+ or 5- on the night. Our very own doctor Jekyll.

  • TheFatController

    With Lejeune and Perez in the top 25, perhaps it’s dawning on some why Rafa is a top manager.

    We’ll no doubt get posters on here telling us they’re glad Rafa has listened to them and put the things right they were telling him to.
    Thus they weren’t wrong it’s just that Rafa now has it right like they always did …

    • thewildchimp

      I think he mostly changed because of Kenedy and Diame. Last season I didn’t believe I’ll ever say it but Diame is one of our best players now.

      • TheFatController

        I notice each time Rondon always in there. Sign him up !