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Must read Leicester fans comments on Newcastle players, manager and supporters

4 years ago

Very interesting reading these comments below from Leicester fans.

They clearly aren’t very happy with Claude Puel, with the manager as well as to a slightly lesser degree, the players, getting a lot of stick.

However, as well as that, great credit to so many of the Leicester fans for their comments on Newcastle United.

It would be so simple for them just to take the easy route and only blame their own team’s shortcomings and/or the Mahrez penalty decision they didn’t get.

Instead, there are so many brilliant comments (as well as the odd predictable bitter one…) in praise of Rafa Benitez and of his players, particularly regarding their discipline and commitment to the club, fans and manager.

Comments from Leicester fans via their top Foxes Talk message board:

‘Puel, change the record before we all fall asleep.

If truth be told I would not mind us going out and offering Rafa a quality contract considering the mess at Newcastle over the takeover and seeming refusal for Ashley to spend whilst he tries to flog them.’

‘The first rule of Defence club is   do  not let the ball bounce.

The second rule of defence club is DONT LET THE F…ING BALL BOUNCE!!!!!!!’

‘Newcastle were fantastic. We were predictably s…, Puelball.

Oh and absolutely brilliant from the Newcastle fans, we could learn a lot.’

‘Tactically outsmarted by the better Manager, Puel.’

‘Prove me wrong Puel.

‘Terrible, one shot on target at home against a struggling side is really poor. Everyone’s gone to the beach already.’

‘It was a shocking game, but Newcastle aren’t struggling. They’d lost 3 games in 12, with 2 of those being against Man City.’

‘Beaten by the more committed, motivated team.’

‘Our season is now as good as over and we’ve thrown away a chance at European football – have no faith in him whatsoever and once we lose Mahrez in the summer (with the risk of clubs also sniffing around Vardy and Ndidi) I really fear for us.’

‘Very similar to the Palace game we were not at our best and came up against a very good Newcastle team today.’

‘It was a poor game but we weren’t as bad as some are making out.

Newcastle are on a good run of form and up to 10th, we were missing key players.’

‘I’m sorry but we’ll be relegated next season with Claude Puel in charge.

May not be popular, but sack him at the end of the season.’

‘You’re upset, like the rest of us, but that is drama queen material.’

‘They weren’t THAT much better than us, I actually think a draw would have been fairer, but they closed us down better than we closed them down.  Oh Wilf, you were sorely missed…

Their first goal a lucky deflection, their second a total cock-up.’

‘Atm we are a absolute shambles.

Worse football I think I’ve seen us play in 15 years. And thats not even a joke.

Save our club and get rid!!!!’

‘We were pathetic. Apart from scoring we didn’t come close to testing the keeper. They were up for it more, bullied us, outmuscled us and deserved the win.

The worst thing about it all is that they’re gonna say the penalty decision has stopped us from getting any points. We deserved everything we got.’

‘Never mind chocolate and beer now that’s what you call embarrassing.’

‘Club announces plans to spend 80m on a new training ground.

Club announces plans to upgrade the stadium, invest in surrounding areas and increase capacity.

Lose 2-1 to a Championship side.


‘An example of a game between a side who couldn’t care less and a team who wanted to win everything. Newcastle were excellent defensively but it just highlighted our shortcomings.’

‘Today we got exactly what we deserved which was nothing. Newcastle were well-organised, extremely physical and took their chances. Our lot weren’t up for it.

First half an hour was particularly poor, one of the poorest spells of football we’ve put together since promotion.’

‘Blame the ref, blame whoever, we deserved nothing today, Newcastle wanted it more and fully deserved the three points.

Drawing at home to Swansea, Stoke and Bournemouth, losing to Newcastle, that is laughable for a team trying to fight for a European place, seventh place…we don’t deserve it.’

‘Absolutely disgusting performance. We were tactically outsmarted by a far, far better manager.’

‘Nobody is asking him to win the league, just look like we’re capable of beating rubbish teams at home.’

‘Would much rather have Rafa Benitez as our manager over Puel any day.’

‘We pass side to side to side to side. No shot on target at home to Newcastle until the 84th minute and nobody in the stadium is surprised. Because that’s what people are expecting from puel.’

‘It’s interesting how many people wanted Slimani out before January and are now criticising the club for sending him out. Fickle, fickle Leicester fans.’

‘I reckon we should just sign managers on a game by game contract, lose and you’re out, win and you get one more week.’

‘First up I want to say well done to Newcastle.

They clearly had worked hard on the training pitch and had a plan to play us, they implemeted that plan and every single one of their players looked like they wanted to win more than ours, and that hurts to say that.

The performance today was a disgrace, not acceptable under any circumstances. They didn’t look like they had practiced together at times let alone played together and they didn’t look motivated at all.

Maguire lucky to stay on the pitch.’

‘At first I thought it was a penalty, then replays changed my mind, then changed it back again. So…  seen them given.

Mahrez’s trailing foot was clipped I thought, their bloke pulled out of the challenge after that initial contact but Mahrez let himself fall (shall we say).’

‘Half-hearted never beats fully committed.

Shameful display, but well done Newcastle.’

‘Newcastle still have to play Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and had to get something from this.

All anyone talked about the last week was the “match-for-7th” game against Burnley. What did you guys expect? Never look two matches ahead.’

‘To be fair I didn’t really think Newastle had anything to play for today but outplayed us nearly all game. They are now closer to us than we are to Burnley.’

‘René had them set up well, the geordies pressed us, bullied us and didn’t look like a struggling side to me. They did to us what we used to do to teams.’

‘Newcastle have only lost twice since the turn of the year – Liverpool and Man City. They are a solid defensive unit under Benitez and we aren’t wily enough to beat solid defensive units at the KP.’

‘Watching the highlights of the game back this morning. The amount of space we afforded them in the space between our defence and midfield was criminal. It could easily have been more than two conceded.’

‘Disgusting performance from the players yesterday. Newcastle were rubbish yet you could see how much more they wanted it compared to our player’s and it did not surprise me that they walked away with all three points.’

‘We were outrun and out passed by frankly, a very average Newcastle team (who thoroughly deserved all 3 points).’


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