Some ‘interesting’ comments from Leicester fans ahead of facing Newcastle United.

The home side may well win today but a lot of their supporters are getting a little bit carried away with things.

Their grasp on reality not quite what it should be.

After reading comments from Leicester fans below, I had to check NUFC weren’t putting out a reserve team against Real Madrid.

Talk of hammering Newcastle 3-0 and 4-0, plus plenty of lame comments about how negative they expect the visitors to be.

Rafa Benitez hasn’t suddenly turned Newcastle into the entertainers revisited but now with the likes of Shelvey and Kenedy starting every week, along with a more pressing game to complement their qualities, parking the bus isn’t the tactic – apart from against the likes of Liverpool and Man City with their attacking prowess.

Only once since December have Newcastle failed to score in a Premier League match and in the last seven PL games, Rafa’s players have won three and drawn three. Whereas apart from beating a terrible West Brom side, the only victory for the Foxes in their last seven games was beating Brighton.

When your last three PL home matches have been draws against Swansea, Stoke and Bournemouth, it is difficult to reconcile that with many of these comments below.

Talk of winning by three or four goals is particularly amusing, considering in Jamaal Lascelles’ 25 starts this season, only twice (Man City and Liverpool away) have Newcastle lost by more than one goal.

I just hope that Claude Puel has similarly underestimated Newcastle United…

Leicester fans comment via their top Foxes Talk message board:

‘Newcastle will probably come and park the bus knowing a draw will be a decent result for them so I can see Diabate and Gray starting this in place of Shinji and Albrighton.’

‘Them winning [v Huddersfield] is probably a good thing- they’re more or less safe, and they could have been a lot more desperate to scrap for it with 3 or 4 less points.

I’d like to think we will have enough to put them away with home advantage, and we need to if we want that European spot.’

‘Neutrals think Newcastle are safe but they won’t think like that, they’ll want at least one more win this season and every point is still vital.’

We’ve been rubbish at home for ages, so would like to see us win one!

Losing Ndidi is a blow, but cometh the hour, cometh the man and I hope that Adrien Silva shows us what he’s got. Shelvey is a technical player himself, so perhaps Silva will fair better against him than he has done against the other mid-table sides. On paper we should beat them, so as long as the boys put in a shift will go for a hard fought 2-1 win.’

‘Newcastle looked extremely solid and well organised, it will be very difficult to pass through them, the best bet is going to be taking them on, give and go’s, overlapping and overloading etc, the performance of the wingers will be key, there’s an argument for having Mahrez as the no.10 so we have three effective dribblers out there.

Pencil in a 30 yarder from Shelvey out of nothing and we’ll need two to win it, so 2-1 City.’

‘Heard that Mike Ashley will be heading to the club shop with Slimani and his receipt to ask for a refund on the loan fee as he doesn’t appear to be working properly.

Also to see that a leisurewear retail store doesn’t have to represent a bomb struck jumble sale.’

‘Fully expecting Rafa to come and park the bus. There won’t be many goals in this, unlike the reverse at SJP before Christmas.’

‘Rafa is quoted as saying he won’t be satisfield until Toon have 40 points – they could finish top half by overtaking Watford and Bournemouth (both 37 points).

I can’t see Newcastle scoring but they might sneak a goalless draw.’

‘Newcastle being almost safe is good news but Rafa teams are generally hard to break down, and we’ve struggled with this at home.’

‘We will batter the Geordie scum off the park. Annihilate them in every department and either scrape a 1-1 or nick a lucky 1-0.’

‘This will be a lot trickier than some expect. They have a decent manager who has them well organised and they are playing with a bit of confidence.

If we want to get 7th then it is a game we have to win, our approach will tell us something of whether the club and manager are that bothered about finishing 7th.’

‘I reckon if you asked Puel & Dyche in private (with no reporting to the media) BOTH managers would prefer not to be playing Thursday-Sunday next season.’

‘Too many people have bought into the big club/media mentality that nobody wants to play in the Europa League.

The reality is that the odd trophy or a run into Europe are all clubs of our size (and even up to the likes of Everton, etc.) can hope for these days. I’m desperate for us to do it.

So what if it affects league form? Our Champions League run hindered our early league form which ultimately cost us any momentum and dragged us into a relegation scrap, but I wouldn’t change those memories for the world.’

‘When was the last time we played Newcastle at home in the league at 3pm on a Saturday?

Filbert Street?’

‘Vardy hat trick 3-0.’

‘Unless we stop Shelvey we won’t be winning. Hopefully we can do this.’

‘Every game we’ve played against Newcastle where Shinji has played, we’ve won and he’s scored.’

‘I think it will be an up and down game but we’ll get the result though not necessarily the performance.

 At St. James Park we were also quite poor defensively but highly impressive going forward. I can see a similar game to that one again.’


They’re under no real pressure with being quite a good few points away from the drop-zone, but we should have enough to win easily imo.’

‘No Wilf no win probably but I doubt they’ve got a plan beyond hope for a breakaway/ set piece goal and park the bus so going for 1-1.’


2-0 City – Mahrez & Iborra

Att. 31,760

Weather – Raining but not cold.

Benitez makes flattering comments about Leicester City.

Angling for a better job!’

‘I wish…

I like Puel but Rafa is in a whole different league.’

‘Benitez will have them drilled for a point. We will be all out for the win man city/Liverpool style. 3-1 Leicester.’

‘I fancy us to win this one and win it well. I’m going 4-0 city.’

  • crazygun

    Pretty fair comments in general.Most City fans praising the Toon considering

  • Peaky

    Before I packed my season ticket in and moved away these “fans” were by far the worst I’ve ever come across.The abuse they were giving to young families on Barrack Rd was beyond shocking…they were like crazy caged animals throwing beer and food all over their own coaches….and we are “Geordie Scum”…..look closer to home who the scum are !!! And as for Vardy….fuc*ing chav….

    • TheNutJob

      If you`re not a chav doon there nobody speaks to you

      • Peaky

        Wonder where Leicester Mag is watching today ???

        • Leicester Mag

          At Uttoxeter races !! Wife bought me a trip here for my birthday without checking the fixtures!! Already lost a £20 on a supposed cert.

          • Peaky

            Have a good day….

          • TheNutJob

            lose another £20, put it on the nose that Hoss scores

          • Leicester Mag

            Well the going is heavy here so he might have a chance!! At Uttoxeter I mean..

          • Leicester Mag

            After a [email protected] start ended £20 up a mirror of our season😁😁

          • Rich Lawson

            Fell at the first.

          • Rich Lawson

            I had a tenner on us at 16-5,that’s the beer sorted!

      • Leicester Mag

        Now I know why nobody has spoken to me in 20yrs !! 🤔🤔

        • TheNutJob


    • Rich Lawson

      What about his wife ? She will dump him so quick when the paydays finish.

      • Peaky

        Without a doubt..

  • Graham Chapman

    I’ve been in hundreds of cities around the world through work; thats not me showing off, it was work. But I will always declare that Leicester makes Sunderland look like Vegas

    • Ba ba.

      Ate its a hole… Was there in 91,92…when we won to stay up from dropping into the old third division.. .There was hell on that day…. But what a day.

      • East Durham Mag

        They haven’t forgotten that.

        • Ba ba.

          Aye I heard that the other day… Apparently after all those years we still not popular

    • Leicester Mag

      Well I live 5 miles from the city. It’s ok, county itself much nicer. Never felt I was living in Chicken town though !!

      • Rich Lawson

        Saw John Cooper – Clarke 3 weeks ago,lauged n laughed,he doesn’t do much poetry now it’s more like watching stand up. He did do Apparently Chicken Town tho,still good.

  • Toon

    Porter you sad embarrassment, one or at most two negative comments all the others are pretty fair, again, how does anything you produce get on this site?

  • Jezza

    Another piece of pure Porter drivel with a completely misleading headline. 90% of those comments from Leicester fans are perfectly reasonable.

    • TheFatController

      I was thinking that as I read through. A refreshing change from some of the Huddersfield bitterness and paranoia I read …

    • Philippines


    • Leazes.

      Porter calling other peoples views ‘laughable’ is laughable!

      • Jezza

        To paraphrase the title of the article:

        Porter’s article on Leicester fans comments is laughable based on reality.

  • TheNutJob

    Rafa will have a cunning plan for that lot, i hope

  • TheNutJob

    see Fatty`s bought another building, this one in Newcastle,
    he`s spent nearly £300m in 18 months but nowt for the Toon cos he`s skint
    🐷 🐷 🐷

    • kingfisher

      On a lighter note,Barnsley have just beaten Sheff Utd 3-2 which means our illustrious red and white neighbours ( you know, the ones who took great delight in us being relegated, and held up “lets all laugh at Newcastle” posters) are 6 points from 3rd bottom, but effectively 7 points considering their goal difference.That’s got this afternoons proceedings off to a cracking start 😁😂

    • Rich Lawson

      Probably took out a mortgage with NUFC as the guarantor.

  • Ba ba.

    They don’t seem that bad to me. ..?

  • Tweed Mag

    Nothing to worry about with these comments – they look fair and honest in the main.

    • PhilK

      You haven’t seen them on Twitter

  • robbersdog

    We will batter the Geordie scum off the park.

    Seems like a charming, well-adjusted character.

    • Leicester Mag

      Probably a Saffie. Saffron lane think Pennywell

    • Leazes.

      Tongue in cheek….. he’ went on to say ….’……Annihilate them in every department and either scrape a 1-1 or nick a lucky 1-0.’

    • East Durham Mag

      I wonder what the clown is saying now?

  • Graham Chapman

    Still sore about the 7-1 then haha

  • gallowgate26

    Some balanced comments actually, but a fair few of them think they’ll win by 3-0 etc. I don’t know why they think this when they’ve drawn their last three at home and we are playing the best we’ve played all season. I sure hope they’re wrong!

  • gallowgate26

    Well it won’t be 4-0 then.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Unlucky lads we battered you today. Normal service resumed. HTL.

    • Ba ba.


  • Andy Mac

    Can’t get my head around fans giving it Billy Big B’s when they’re no better than us yet they’ve shelled out millions ?

  • Ba ba.

    Well well well.. .oops we did it again… 2.1 to the toon. 👍

  • Jimmy_toons

    Generally fair comments, but a few ignorami amongst them, but haven’t we all…see below. The headline grabber doesn’t reflect their fans’ general opinion but the bigger the claptrap and the more offensive the headlines written, the more likely the greater number of hits and responses….The Mag at one time use to be more than making money, but not for some time.

    • Wor Lass

      Sadly, so true m8!

  • PhilK

    You know, they are the stupidest, most cowardly whining turds in the Premier league I noticed on Twitter ranting abuse and then running and blocking when they got the same back. What is it about the midlands ?

    • Whitehurst

      That crown must surely go to Arsenal fans? 💥😵🔫

      • Albert Stubbins

        Wenger is shyte apparently!!

        • Rich Lawson

          What’s he ever won ?

          • Albert Stubbins

            Nowt for years. Total shyte. The Arsenal fans deserve far better. Their unwavering loyalty is being abused.

      • custurd

        Nah, I’m thinking Huddersfield “fans” are the worst.

    • Albert Stubbins

      Shytehouses for the most part. All midland clubs with the possible exception of wolves and forest are shytebags and wouldn’t know a decent footballer from a bag of cement!!

  • Lee McClarence

    Hahaha we could still finish above you Leicester scum yet after 3 fine performances…the “brilliant vardy and maurez” were never in the game as well as the other 9 useless lcfc players on the field. That’s because the black and white were physical from the get go. Something 9 stone vardy doesn’t like 🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣

  • Desree

    Opposition fans engaging in banter. It should not be allowed.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Am I missing something here ?
    The headline of this article was supposed to point to Leicester fans being deluded to the situation.
    Reading through the comments though show little to no signs of delusion or anything other than normal football fan banter.
    There were one or two comments that suggested a 3-0, And 4-0 score line but very little else !