Joey Barton has just walked into his first manager’s job.

Or at least he will once his ban from football for breaking rules on gambling, comes to an end.

In an official statement on Wednesday afternoon, Fleetwood Town have confirmed Barton will take over on 2 June 2018.

He will have the title of Head Coach and replaces the outgoing John Sheridan.

Fleetwood are currently 14th in League One and so Joey Barton will be in line to face Sunderland next season, if as expected the Wearsiders’ relegation is confirmed in the coming days/weeks.

A brave move by the club and one that you feel could prove a big hit, or end quickly in disaster, with little likely middle ground.

Fleetwood Town official statement:

‘Fleetwood Town can confirm an agreement has been reached which will see Joey Barton named Head Coach on June 2nd.

The vastly experienced 35-year-old, who excelled during his top-flight playing career with the likes of Manchester City, Queens Park Rangers and most recently Burnley, will take charge of the club’s first team this summer after signing a three-year deal.

On the news, Barton said: “I’m very excited by the challenge and the project at Fleetwood Town.

“It’s a club I’ve known for a long time, and a chairman I already have a very good relationship with.

“My first job in management was always going to be a big decision for me and I’m delighted with the opportunity ahead, I’m joining a club with big ambitions. I’m looking forward to getting started on June 2nd.”

Chairman Andy Pilley added: “This is a huge appointment for Fleetwood Town Football Club and one I’m very excited about.

“Joey not only brings a host of experience and profile, but I also feel he has the potential to become one of the best in the new generation of coaches”

“He’s someone I’ve known for a number of years and I’m convinced he’s ready to make the step into management, and that he will be a huge success.

“Joey will be able to build-on the fantastic work done by John Sheridan during the last couple of months, one he deserves huge credit for.

“John joined us on a short term arrangement with the aim of keeping us in League One and I’m delighted he’s been able to do that.

“Today’s news signals a new chapter for Fleetwood Town which starts on June 2nd, and one which we are all excited about.”

  • ghostrider

    Good luck to Joey Barton. I’ve always liked the fella.
    Yeah he’s had his ups and downs but that’s life with some. His will to win and his strong mind and confident nature makes him an excellent prospect as a boss and Fleetwood Town could seriously benefit from his on field presence and skill equally as much as his will to win nature.

    A manager that can be your friend just as easy as he can be your nightmare if you don’t knuckle down, because he demands 100%

    Good luck Joey, I hope you’re a massive success.

    • Wor Lass

      Can`t fault that!

      • Tony Mann

        Really? Agreeing with Ghostrooster .
        Barton was an out and out c*nt.
        Along with numerous others he should never have played in our shirt.
        I don’t dispute his playing ability but he was a chav.

        • Wor Lass

          Yes – that`s two of his posts I`ve agreed with now! Everyone`s entitled to their opinion and Joey`s one of those that will divide the fans. I liked him as a player and we missed him after he went.

          • Gallowgate Dave

            You’re usually bang on with most comments Wor Lass but when lightning strikes twice and you find yourself agreeing with GhostRider not once but twice in a lifetime you should maybe re-consider. Putting aside what a low life Joey is, and him Tweeting Nietzsche from Wikiquote doesn’t make him erudite, he was effective 1 of the 4 seasons he was with us due to a variety of reasons like injury, poor form, ill discipline and jail! If you or I were effective 25% of the time at work we still couldn’t be deemed a success even if we aimed a few cracking parting shots at the boss (Ashley) on the way out the door that (almost) everyone agreed with (Monksatan excluded of course!).

          • Wor Lass

            Cheers, Dave – good post! It IS worrying about agreeing with him once never mind twice. As for Joey, I can appreciate that he is, in fact, a bit of a scumbag/chav and has a pretty viscious streak (I remember a story about him sticking a cigar in some young lad`s eye at a Christmas do, for example). Life isn`t always logical, though, and I just find that I like him. I can`t really explain it but smacking that horrible little pr*ck Morten Gamst Pederson definitely helped – not to mention that French accent and, as you mention, the pseudo intellectual quotes that he cuts and pastes.

    • Mark Potter

      Ups and downs? He was sent to prison for his violent assault on two teenagers. He was banned from football for a year for betting on matches. He’s scum.

      And you’ve always liked him? Even when he stubbed out a cigarette on a team mate at Man City?

      Even when he held the club to ransom to pay him £200,000 over his transfer from Man City. City wouldn’t pay his loyalty bonus, because they wanted rid of him over his discipline problems. He got Allerdyce to pay it from our coffers, before he would agree the transfer. And you always liked him?

      Even when he assaulted a Liverpool player on the pitch and got sent off with a couple of games remaining of the season when we were trying to avoid relegation and desperately needed every player available for those games. Shearer banned him and said he would never enter the club again as long as he was the manager. Rightly – if any single thing caused the relegation Barton’s sending off was it. If it was just a mistake you might forgive, but he clearly intended to do harm to the Liverpool player, when the ball was out of play. The red mist descended and his base nature took over. After all the efforts the club had made to help him when he got arrested then sent down. And you always liked the fella?

      And you liked him the morning you woke up to see the news that a Newcastle player had spent the night in the police cells for a violent assault? He dragged the club through the gutter with his thuggery.

      • ghostrider

        Bravo for the rant. Nice one.
        However, yes I do like Barton and yes he’s been a whole host of what’s not good as much as what is good.
        The problem starts when you get a bad boy image…..granted through his own fault…..but… takes two to tango but generally the one with the previous takes the Lions share of the flak that comes from the aftermath.

        Now here’s the key.
        When stories come out about people they can give off an impression that the person is 100 times worse than he really is and we read into it and mark people down as the story goes. But the real story is rarely told by the outside writers,a re they?

        It requires the horses mouth.
        Like I said, Barton has been a bad lad and done some wrongs but certainly not anything to mark him down as not worthy of anything or chances to better himself.

        The lad is a warrior on the pitch and is just the type you need in the trenches with you.
        I like the lad and I also think he’s a very smart and down to Earth lad and will potentially make a good manager if he’s not set upon by the hounding media and hateful fans who will go out of their way to bait him.

        Yes mate, I like Barton and I wish him all the best and every success …and yes I can forsake anything he’s done wrong.

  • GToon

    Good luck Joey. Gave it everything for the shirt. Btw I blocked the bog in the visitors area at their training ground recently. Sorry about that but I’d baked it for hours!

  • Wor Lass

    Is there a McDonalds in Fleetwood? Good luck, Joey!

  • Mark Potter

    Only in football can ex-cons and people who have been banned from all football activity for serious breaches of the rules, go on to get good jobs, and working with young people, despite a history of violence and thuggery against young people. Prison sentences are never spent. Barton would be hard pressed to get a job managing his local MacDonalds with his record.

    What on earth is this Chairman thinking?

  • Peaky

    There’ll be some ‘interesting’ half time talks there if they’re losing… about a hairdryer…..the whole salon more like…

  • Rabid Dog

    I wonder if Scumberland will limit tickets for their home game when Fleetwood play at the Sadium of shyte

  • grantham mag

    Good luck Mr Barton 6 pts of Sunderland would be a fine start.

  • mentalman

    he’ll not be in the job long enough to face sunderland