As Newcastle fans enjoy a rare relaxed end to the season, there has been some amusement added by events down at Sunderland.

Obviously the fact they have been absolutely shocking on the pitch all season (six wins in 43 games) has been a bonus for black and whites.

However, this growing paranoia from the Wearside club that Newcastle fans are going to start helping them to fill their ground, is reaching epic proportions.

It started with rumours on social media that some Newcastle fans (pictured above queuing for tickets for the Sunderland v Burton match on Saturday…) were supposedly planning on going to the final Sunderland home game of the season, against Wolves.

Sunderland panicked at this and banned all cash turnstiles for the final three games AND insisted that all fans looking to buy tickets for these remaining Stadium of Light matches, would have to prove they were a Sunderland fan by having a previous purchasing history of buying tickets.

Wednesday saw Sky Sports come out with the most bizarre story yet on the subject (read it HERE), claiming that Sunderland had identified Newcastle fans who’d got hold of Wolves tickets for this last game of the season, and had cancelled those tickets.

The story has been repeated all over the media, without any local or national journalists stopping to thinks of how daft the story/idea is.

Wolves have had a brilliant season, already promoted, and will desperate to get a ticket for this final game. With less than 3,000 tickets allocated, it was easy to check (though not for journalists apparently…) and find out that to have got hold of one of these tickets, you would have to be a Wolves season ticket holder who also goes to loads of away matches.

So the idea that a number of Newcastle fans had got hold of them was laughable.

The article on The Mag ridiculing the Sky Sports claims was put up as a subject on the main Wolves message board (see below) and the truth about these mysterious ‘Newcastle fans’ quickly became apparent.

If you look at the comment in bold below, it turns out one Wolves fan posted a photo of his and his mates’ tickets on social media, then a Newcastle fan has used that image and claimed they’d got hold of them.

The sleuths at Sunderland have then on that evidence cancelled the tickets (which didn’t have seat numbers covered up in the image) and some very frustrated/angry Wolves fans are now attempting to get the tickets validated again.

Yet another own goal for our Mackem friends and Sky Sports.

Wolves fans react via their top Molineux Mix message board:

‘Sunderland cancel Wolves away tickets after falling into hands of Newcastle fans’ – Sky Sports | NUFC The Mag

Read into this what you will. I’m just a messenger.’

‘This is clearly rubbish designed to discourage Geordies from buying in the home end.

Unless these Newcastle fans have been to several Wolves away matches, they wouldn’t have even had a chance to get a ticket.

Did they arbitrarily cancel any ticket whose holder has a NE, DH or TS postcode?’

‘Utter rubbish thousands of us still want tickets for this game and I can’t imagine any wolves fan giving tickets away for this game.’

‘It’s a load of B……s.’

‘It’s nonsense.

Newcastle fans noticing we play Sunderland on the last day of the season bought a Wolves season ticket and tickets for 8-12 away games throughout the season on the off chance Sunderland would be relegated?

Seems legit..’

‘Don’t worry, if there is some Geordies in our end we’ll spot them, the silly voice will be a giveaway!’

‘Just to clarify, not everyone in the Wolves end will have a Wolverhampton accent.’

‘Wonder how many Geordies are Away Season Ticket Holders, or Season Ticket Holders with like 1100 points? Because that’s all they went on sale to!

‘There is no chance Newcastle fans have tickets.’

‘Those are mine and my mates tickets.

One of the lads uploaded a pic of them to Twitter and some muppet from Newcastle has pretended he’s managed to get his hands on them, hence why Sunderland have cancelled them.

We’re on with the ticket office.’

‘Can you get on Twitter and tell the sky reporter! He’s swallowed it and the Newcastle fans are loving it. Embarrassing.’

‘Shocking journalism that – the journo involved just hasn’t thought this through, and he’s insulting Wolves fans on Twitter who are questioning him.’

I couldn’t get one and I’ve got 1080 loyalty points so how on earth would Newcastle fans get them? He’s not the brightest…’

‘They can’t, its utter tosh….I’m in dire need of 1 like a few thousand others !!’

‘Just received a text back from James Davies, stating that Wolves have repeatedly requested more tickets and will continue to do so but at the moment there is no movement!’

‘Seems a very odd decision by them considering we are already up , they will more than likely be relegated and no history of issues between both sets of fans with many of us already booked for hotels over night they will find it harder dealing with us outside then inside the ground?’

‘I’ve been offered them in there end and so have plenty of others. There will be plenty available on the day off Sunderland fans so I’m told. So people will get in if they really want to.’

‘My tickets have arrived.

Now to sort out a hotel in Newcastle.’

  • robbersdog

    The Mackems are both paranoid and stupid in equal measure. Do they really think that Newcastle fans would go and watch that dross, just to laugh at them? It’s a ridiculous premise.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Like the line now to sort out a hotel in Newcastle you are playing Sunderland so get a hotel there you will have a great night out in the Colliery Tavern and the Half Way House and can finish the night in the Wheatsheaf pub on Roker Avenue and admire the Feyenord plaque behind the bar.

  • Peaky

    Was that photo taken yesterday ????

    • Wor Lass

      Looks a bit modern for Sunderland!

      • Peaky

        What are they queuing for ????…..One way tickets for a better life in North Korea….

    • Jezza

      Probably in 1973 if I was to hazard a guess.

      • Leicester Mag

        it still is 73 there. Billy Kerr tashes still the rage, along with the Farah Slacks factory shop in Pennywell

        • Jezza

          Ha ha reminds me of when I went to see us play at Barnsley in 2009. It had been 20 years since my previous visit to Barnsley and walking round the town it felt just like I’d gone 20 years back in time.

          • mentalman

            9 years on and it”s still no different

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Can a chap sporting your hair ‘style’ ever jest about going back in time?

          • Rich Lawson

            Don’t go to many metal gigs then Bobbi ? Doubt it is even a recent picture.keep the posts to his comments,rather than personal attacks.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            A fair point, there is enough to hang him on in any case.

            It’s been a while since I went to a metal gig, Saxon perhaps?

          • Rich Lawson

            I had to support a person with mental health issue’s whose favourite band was Saxon (aren’t they from Barnsley ?),I used to dread them announcing a tour.If we’re going to slag people off for their appearance I’d have to go along with you and say that at his age and given his current deportment,Biff should no longer be wearing spandex trousers !

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            They were certainly South Yorkshire / Sheff area. I think you are right about Biff Byford (sp?) no Spandex or Denim and Leather it should be a swap for elasticated waists and machine washable slacks.

        • Rich Lawson

          Bobby Kerr ? But yes, time really does stand still there (apart from the football teams fortunes) must be why we had so many Dr Who posts yesterday,he’s got to be curious ?

          • Leicester Mag

            Got me Bobby Kerrs and Billy Hughes mixed up

          • Jezza

            No you were right, Bobby Kerr was the one with the tash.

        • Peaky

          Going to play “Spot Gene Hunt” when I’ve had my sarnie….

          • Jezza

            Gene Hunt would have been based in Manchester in 73 so he might well have come across a very young Fleckman/Clarko/ghostbuster/Monkseaton. He should have knocked some sense into him back then and saved this forum from a lot of pathetic trolling 45 years later.

          • Peaky

            Aye,he needs to get that Quattro fired up again…

          • Jezza

            Oh no that was the second series/Ashes To Ashes when he was in London ha ha. He drove a Cortina in Manchester.

          • Peaky

            Of course he did…seems like years since they were on….I’ve got the boxed sets somewhere,must dig them out…great programme….odd but satisfying ending.

          • Jezza

            Ha ha, I’m at a bit of an advantage on this one, Peaky, for two reasons. One because I watched all the box sets last summer and two, being a classic car geek I knew that the Audi Quattro wasn’t launched till 1980.

    • Paul Patterson

      Enhanced on a sewpa dewpa compuwter..

      • Peaky

        I wonder if Louise ever did find out weees keeeys they belonged to ??

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s not hard to get tickets for mackem matches. You can see them given away free every time you’re unfortunate to be in S********d and have to sit down for s**t. Just look left or right . .

  • Dillon Tovak

    This website has been advertising the idea to go for weeks, now claiming Sunderland are paranoid and people that suggest it may be the case need ridiculing.
    The Mag has a chip on its shoulder that’s more like a brick or a boulder (little rhyme for you there).

    • Toon

      Graham Porter – a total embarrassment for NUFC supporter she

  • TheFatController

    So the online posting of a photo of tickets for the game being claimed as in the hands of Newcastle fans on a Newcastle fan’s social media account (but not seen physically in their possession) turned out to be fake news?

    That must be an Internet first. It’s a wonder sky or the mackems didn’t spot it was fake, given they have such high levels of intelligence in their ranks …

  • Weyhhadaway

    Wey had away man! you couldn’t make this up. Typical of most journalism these days. No fact checking, just fill those column inches and move on to the next 15 min news cycle because the article will be forgotten before the day is out.

    • Paul Patterson

      If there’s no story, make one up. – Journos motto.

  • Scott Robinson

    The silly voice will be a give away, says someone with a midlands accent.

    • Jezza

      I think he was saying it tongue in cheek.