Rafa Benitez has taken Newcastle United to the brink of safety now.

The club have risen to 10th and 38 points with another six games to go, the well deserved victory at Leicester taking United 10 points clear of the drop zone.

The January loan signings of Martin Dubravka and Kenedy appear to have been instrumental in giving Newcastle the extra spark at just the right time.

Rafa Benitez blocked by Mike Ashley from buying anybody in January and so having to rely on the loan market.

Ian Wright is full of praise for the United boss and especially his eye for a player.

The former Arsenal and England striker saying: ‘When you have got a manager who can go into the market and get a player like Kennedy…and a goalkeeper like that.’

Kenedy has played the last eight matches and Martin Dubravka these last six, out of a possible 24 points in this last eight game period, Newcastle have picked up 15. In the previous 24 games they gathered only 23 points.

Newcastle fans have been left wondering just what could have been achieved if Rafa Benitez had been properly backed last summer. Not with vast unrealistic amounts of money but just enough to cover a couple of extra quality players who could have played the full season and not just the final few months.

Ian Wright is thinking along the same lines and says ‘hopefully Rafa Benitez can get some money’ to spend this summer.

As for the current situation, Wright believes that if Newcastle can maintain this 10th place in the Premier League ‘with what they have got, would be an amazing achievement’.

Something that no sensible Newcastle supporter could possibly contradict.

Rafa Benitez has created an amazing platform for the club/team to potentially go forward from, now he only needs the proper backing to move NUFC onto the next level.

Ian Wright speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live:

“When you have got a manager who can go into the market and get a player like Kennedy…and a goalkeeper like that.

“This is why I was praying someone like Tammy Abraham would have went there [last summer, instead of Swansea].

“And I keep saying it…because it would be an unbelievable place to score goals at and build.

“I watched him [Abraham] the other day and he came on against [Man] United and I am seeing some improvement.

“Newcastle is the kind of place under Rafa, with someone like Kennedy, who he [Abraham] knows from Chelsea – a very skilful player, very creative.

“All of sudden you can start to bring in these players and then hopefully Rafa Benitez can get some money [to spend this summer].

“Newcastle finishing tenth, with what they have got, would be an amazing achievement.”

  • Wor Lass

    It`s funny that because I`ve only got two words for “Wrighty” …..

    • TheNutJob

      Fatty won`t change, he`ll pull more strokes in the summer. shops shut.
      sales only no new stock bought

      • Wor Lass

        Hola. Gordo fuera!

        • TheNutJob

          Bonjour, wor lass

  • Wor Lass

    The dreaded words have reappeared in the Chron: “takeover latest” (accompanied by what could become the new kid on the (headline) block: “kenedy latest”. It`s great to have local journalists with Pulitzer quality.

    • TheNutJob

      leazes mate Ryder

      • Peaky

        I often wonder if they are the same person….🤣😂🤣
        Only joking Leazes…

        • Damon Horner

          You’re probably right, who gives Ryder more relevance than Leazes does? no such thing as bad publicity!

    • TheFatController

      I think you’re missing the click bait element :-

      ‘Find out what Kenedy /Staveley / Rafa said about ……’ *

      * which should be completed with the reality ‘…two days ago and has been reported elsewhere so here’s nothing new but thanks for the click’

  • Mal

    That’s surely not the same Ian Wright who said Newcastle fans should apologise for not appreciating how good a manager Pardew was.

  • ghostrider

    Newcastle finishing 10th with what they have got?

    Lascelles…touted for England.
    Lejeune…quality CB and cultured.
    Yedlin…speed machine and quality right back.
    Dummett…Solid left back and no nonsense.
    Ritchie…quality winger/.grafter good dead ball specialist.
    Shelvey…touted for England…Great playmaker and all round top player when allowed to play his natural game.
    Diame. Midfield enforcer who breaks up play and can allow players to express themselves, mainly Shelvey. Top cover.
    Kenedy…. only a loan but speaks for himself.
    Perez… often slated but grafts and comes up with the goods when allowed to play.
    Gayle…Pacey striker who only lacks confidence but on his day can destroy the best teams.

    I could go on and on adding in other players but the point is, we have a decent outfit and a premier one at that.
    All this championship squad being miraculously honed, is nonsense.

    We are 10th because we’ve started to play football.

    • molend

      Bloody wars, kidder. No need to ask the tint of your spectacles

    • TheFatController

      I can’t thank you enough for your insight that was way ahead of Rafa. With you at the helm we could possibly be chasing Europe.

      Is it frustrating you’re not heeded more than you are ? I for one think you’re an under utilised resource for the club.

      • ghostrider

        You’re welcome.

        • TheFatController

          But what can be done about your wasted insight and acumen? Why should you sit there wasting your god-given talent.

          I’m sure all of us would agree it’s a shame you’re not being more influential. We don’t want you on your deathbed having regrets in life ….

          • ghostrider

            We all have regrets but regrets are part of living. If you never have regrets you’re simply not really living.
            I’m influential to the people that matter and my influence on those that matter, is what counts to them and to myself, just as all those who influenced me.
            However, there’s nothing I ever regret about being a fan of Newcastle United and never a regret of having an opinion on my club, good bad and ugly.

          • Lakeland Mag

            And your repeated comments in the past about happily seeing Newcastle being relegated if it meant getting rid of Rafa……..?

          • ghostrider

            I stand by them but Rafa’s changed his attitude and he needed to or that’s where we were headed.

          • Lakeland Mag

            Utter nonsense….and anyone who would wish relegation on the team he supposedly supports just to further his own personal agenda against , in this case, the manager is no true supporter anyway..

          • ghostrider

            If I thought for one minute we would survive this season playing the earlier drab, soul destroying, sickening, depressing football and then doing exactly the same again next season, then yes I would have took relegation just to get rid of him, because I pay good money to be entertained, not to be told that dire football is required in order to survive in the premier league.

            Luckily I don’t need to think like that because Rafa’s seen the errors of his ways and has balanced it all up to give me entertainment and value for money.
            It doesn’t have to be Liverpool or Man City type football….just balanced and entertaining where the players actually look like they’re enjoying it…unlike earlier on when they were dropping off the boil like flies being swatted.

          • Lakeland Mag

            Setting aside your totally over the top description of the earlier part of the season, I reaffirm my point that no true supporter wants his club relegated.

          • ghostrider

            Like I explained to you before. In that situation this true supporter would.
            By all means tell me I’m not one for thinking it and all the rest of it. I know I am and I know what I EXPECT from my team via a manager, as a minimum to be going on with.

            entertainment….as of late….tick.

            And my description of earlier is not over the top, it’s bang on. Want to know why?….Because I endured it as a true fan and was depressed by it, which is why Rafa got the stick he go and he will get it again if he changes it up into the sickening garbage he put us through.
            Notice how I didn’t slag off many players in that time?

            That’s because I could see what was drilled into them and they didn’t like it, which was clear.
            Look at them now. A totally different body language because of freedom to express.

          • TheFatController

            I look forward to the good.

          • ghostrider

            It depends on what you value as being good.

          • Mike


    • Wor Monga

      Yes!… since you informed Rafa that his tactics weren’t good enough, for the PL, and he thanked you profusely…then immediately altered them to meet with your high standards…

      …(you told us that yesterday, and I still haven’t stopped laughing)!!!

      • ghostrider

        I told you nothing of the sort.

        • Wor Monga

          “I’d guarantee you right now that fans would have soon got sick of the earlier tactics if he’d have kept those tactics up and also I’m fairly convinced we would be in trouble right now had he done so”…recognise these words here then…they’re Rafa’s tactics, and your very own appraisal of them…

          …even though you’re actually purporting to speak on behalf of 50,000+ fans in the ground, who (like the players) have never shown anything but total positive support for Rafa…even though he was forced to endure more than half a season in a much harder league without the improvements he had said needed to be made, last summer!!!

          • ghostrider

            He didn’t need then. The loans on top of the quality he already possessed are plenty good enough and we would have been plenty good enough without them if he’d have played like he has done over the last few months.

    • Mike


  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The most important thing in the Summer is to keep Kenedy and the Keeper as Kenedy makes the others better players. Yes we need a top class striker cover at full back and centre mid and no 10 but not a lot else.

    • Wor Monga

      They’d be stupid to let Dubravka go when a selling clause is already inserted in the loan, but the Toon have no power to determine what will happen with Kenedy or Slimani…that all rests in the hands of their parent clubs and whether they intend to sell or not…

      …If it were possible to go into next season with Dubravka, Kenedy, a high energy striker with the same top level experience, and physical attributes, as Slimani has (if it isn’t Slimani) and a good creative number 10…”I’d love it… I really would”!!!

  • Peaky

    🛎🔚 Jenas has gone very quiet….either crawled back under the stone he lives under OR he’s finally found someone who cuts his hair properly….mind saying that it doesn’t look like it….

    • Scott Robinson

      The rumour is that there wasn’t a basin big enough for Jenas’ head when he lived in Newcastle to do his basin top hair cut (shaved around the edges up to the basin edge). In Nottingham at the ‘Giant Kipper Emporium’ they did find a bowl big enough but the recent rumour is that the barber’s clippers caught off one of his lugs and the bowl slipped and is presently stuck on his head. He is now literally living in a fish bowl!

      • Peaky


  • magpiefifer

    Ian Wright is one of the very few current pundits who talks some sense.He seems to find out what’s going on before he opens his mouth – unlike Merson & Co!!!

  • Mike

    Here here