It is over a year since Hatem Ben Arfa kicked a ball in anger.

The former Newcastle winger totally sidelined after a falling out at PSG (see below).

Whatever you think of him overall, surely most would agree that this is a massive waste of a player who can potentially light up any match.

With his departure from PSG imminent, Hatem Ben Arfa has now had an invitation from across the other side of the Atlantic.

Remi Garde was serving as assistant coach at Lyon when Ben Arfa was there as a young player.

Garde had a disastrous spell in England, taking on Aston Villa when they were bottom of the Premier League in November 2015, then leaving when they were still bottom in March 2016.

Prior to that, Newcastle were often linked with the Frenchman who had done well when eventually becoming Lyon manager.

However, the Villa episode didn’t do any Remi Garde any favours in terms of career progression but in November 2017 he finally came back into football management.

Taking on Montreal Impact in the MLS.

Now Remi Garde says he would welcome Hatem Ben Arfa to Montreal with open arms.

At 31, the winger/playmaker would surely be a star at that level in the MLS and could be the perfect destination.

Remi Garde:

“We know each other very well.

“If Hatem Ben Arfa is coming to MLS, he is welcome here.”

The Mag – 29 March 2018:

Hatem Ben Arfa celebrated his 31st birthday three weeks ago.

Though not exactly a lot to celebrate, as it is a year since he played any football.

Used almost exclusively as a substitute by PSG last season, Hatem only started five Ligue 1 matches.

However, this season the winger has turned into a very expensive mistake for PSG, who have completely sidelined him.

Not included in a single squad this season, Ben Arfa still  though is the 21st highest earning French sportsperson of the past year, with earnings of €7.4m (£6.5m) in 2017.

Back in 2015/16, he transformed Nice from a mid-table team going nowhere, into one competing at the top.

The former Newcastle winger scored a superb 17 goals in only 33 Ligue 1 starts, helping Nice qualify for Europe in fourth place, only two points off being runners-up in the league to PSG.

With a lot of talk of Barcelona, instead Hatem Ben Arfa ‘followed his heart’ and joined PSG as a free agent in Summer 2016.

Despite his treatment by PSG, Hatem Ben Arfa has today posted this farewell via his official Instagram (translated from below):

“Soon it is the end of my adventure at PSG.

“Despite difficult times, I am happy to have worn this jersey.

“I will keep wonderful memories with my [PSG] teammates.

“Through this message I take the opportunity to thank the many supporters…I will like always this club.”

A month ago former Nice team-mate Vincent Koziello had this to say about Hatem Ben Arfa:

Hatem Ben Arfa tried his best at PSG, the club of his heart.

“I am sad for him and I think he is sad too.

“I don’t think I have understood everything that has gone on in that situation.

“I think that he absolutely had the abilities to succeed at PSG, especially in his first year.

“He tried his best at PSG, the club of his heart, and I think that he would have had regrets had he not done so before his career ended.”

  • Stephen

    On his day, worth the entrance fee.

    • Peaky

      Aye,just a shame his brain doesn’t work in conjunction with his feet….

      • MichaelMaximusMoose


        • Peaky

          Aye,it really is that simple Moose..

        • steve

          Played probably the best and most consistent football of his career under Pardew.

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            no he didn`t that was at Nice

          • nufcslf

            Numb nuts had him on the subs bench when the game was calling out for him. As said above, Pardewed.

        • nufcslf

          Exactly, very poorly coached and managed by a total useless Pisdew. Under the right manager, he would have been a toon legend.

  • ghostrider

    His major problem was being more of a individualist with attitude rather than a team player.
    Great to watch in sporadic amounts but clearly not ideal for the overall performance of the team.

    Just another player that’s spoilt a large proportion of his career by his skewed mindset.
    Imagine where he could be right now if he applied his total efforts and listened. Arguably the best player in the world outside of Messi and Ronaldo and even then could have given them a massive run for their money.

    However, it’s all imagine and what if scenarios but he was a joy to watch at times, as much as he was frustrating at times.

  • NUFCDan

    Would happily watch MLS to see Ben Arfa play.

  • Rich Lawson

    Shame he didn’t stay at Nice to link up with Balotelli,but he would light up the MLS,good luck to him wherever he goes.

  • paul mclaughlan

    Mainly average with flashes of brilliance. Couldn’t give two hoots anymore about this waste of space.

  • Richard Braverman

    man o man, how I wish for one glorious minute to be able to perform the same magic as Hatem Ben Arfa in front of 50,000 screaming Newcastle fans. Talent or Turkey, it must be an amazing feeling to know that with a ball at your feet and speed on your side, you can turn top class, professional Premier League defenders and European footballers into terrified motionless statues bordering on mindless jello, all at a loss as to how to stop you.

    • paul mclaughlan

      Pity towards the end it was 1 in 10 games. He encapsulates everything that’s wrong with modern day footballers.

  • Philip Whitehead

    anybody who doesnt think that Ben Arfa wouldnt be better than Perez in the No 10 role doesnt know much about football

  • Mrkgw

    Outstanding talent but too inconsistent for the Premiership now. Every player is expected to pull their weight and sadly, with HBA there was too much of that as well.