Frank Lampard had a very definite view on two potentially game changing moments at the King Power Stadium on Saturday.

Newcastle ran out very deserved winners, in fact it should have been more than a one goal winning margin, as the Magpies conceded late but held on for a 2-1 victory.

However, two incidents in the first half could have heavily influenced the outcome, if the referee had ruled differently.

First of all, with Newcastle leading 1-0, Dwight Gayle held Leicester’s Harry Maguire back.

An obvious foul by Gayle and potential booking but Maguire turned and pushed the striker in the face.

No harm done but commenting on Match of The Day, Frank Lampard had to get a red card if the referee had followed the rules.

Personally, I agree with Danny Murphy, who said that the incident shouldn’t really deserve a red card and ban, as no real harm done.

However, the problem is that you have had incidents such as when Newcastle played Spurs on the opening day. Yes Shelvey was stupid to stand on Dele Alli’s fingers but once again there was real harm done and yet nobody was saying the Newcastle midfielder was unlucky.

The other controversy Frank Lampard covered was the ‘penalty’ incident.

Paul Dummett sliding in on Riyad Mahrez in the box, with no contact made on the ball, though hard to tell. Whilst others have claimed the winger was already on his way down.

Lampard thought it was a penalty but difficult for the referee to be sure, his assistant not indicating a penalty either. Having now seen the replays, at the time I thought it was penalty and now I am sure it should have been. However, it is about time Newcastle had a little bit of luck, so no need for any apologies from anybody in black and white!

Gary Lineker on Match of The Day:

‘Harry Maguire – lucky?’

Danny Murphy:

“A little bit in terms of letter of the law but I wouldn’t like to see players sent off for that.

“It is a gesture really – to push off, to get off.”

Gary Lineker:

‘It was face high…?’

Danny Murphy:

“I am glad he didn’t get sent off because it is not enough to get a ban and a sending off.

“But yes, some referees would ave sent him off for sure. Thankfully it didn’t affect the result.

“I have enjoyed watching Leicester this year but they weren’t really at it today.

Frank Lampard:

“I think it was a red.

“I think the rule on raising the hand to face – it is a red card.

“I think he (Harry Maguire) is very lucky.”

Gary Lineker:

‘Should Leicester have had a penalty (when Dummett challenged Mahrez)?’

Frank Lampard:


“One thing with Riyad Mahrez is you can’t go to ground because he will move it away from you.

“That is Dummett’s problem he loses control, you can’t stop yourself.

“It is not a big touch but he (Dummett) catches his knee, not easy for the referee from distance but it was a penalty.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Leicester 1 Newcastle 2


Newcastle: Shelvey 18, Perez 75

Leicester: Vardy 83

Possession was Leicester 66% Newcastle 34%

Total shots were  Leicester 8 Newcastle 8

Shots on target were Leicester 1 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Leicester 7 Newcastle 5

Referee: Stuart Attwell

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Lejeune, Dummett, Ritchie, Shelvey, Diame (Hayden 81), Shelvey, Kenedy (Atsu 64), Gayle (Joselu 70)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Manquillo, Clark, Merino

Crowd: 32,066 (3,200 Newcastle)

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  • Oldgeordie

    The slow motion replays seen from the assistant ref’s view showed NO contact and Mahrez going down in anticipation of contact. Certainly no penalty. McGuire should have been shown a red for lifting his hands into Gayle’s face. Regardless of whether or not any damage done, that is the law. On another subject, Leicester fans (just like our friends down the road) leaving early when their team still had a chance of getting at least a point. Not surprised really when you consider their comments before the game.

    • Leazes.

      I just watched it again ….Mahrez throws his legs back in an exaggerated movement inconsistent with the tackle and looking for the penalty, its getting to a stage where you can’t tell now because the acting is so good. The MOTD analysis came out in favour as there was slight contact, so to the letter of the law its a ‘yes’, but to the spirit of the game its a ‘no’.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Definite Oscar nomination…….

      • Oldgeordie

        What about Dummett making contact with the ball first?

      • Jezza

        Greg Louganis would have been proud of that one.

  • MadMag83

    It was a red card, I don’t understand why he wasn’t sent off? Players get sent off in the lower leagues for that sort of thing so how he got away with a yellow is beyond me.

    As for the penalty incident, it’s really difficult to tell. Mahrez is looking for a penalty, Dummett shouldn’t slide in. On another day it might have been given.

  • ghostrider

    As I said in another article, in hindsight and with the ability to look at replays and slow motion, the Maguire face hit is a 100% nailed on red card. No debating necessary.
    However, in the live running of the game, it is not so clear cut.
    The ref didn’t give a red but the FA should punish Maguire, without a doubt, no matter what.
    As for the penalty incident. On slow motion of the video replay it is fairly obvious that Dummett pulled back from the tackle and Mahrez was already going to ground.
    On that viewing, it’s not a penalty at all.
    However, same thing applies and from a live in the game view it could very easily have been given as a penalty which very few would have argued without the benefit of the video replay/slow motion.

    There was other incidents as there always is but all in all the ref actually did a good job overall.

    Leicester got exactly what they deserved from that game, which was zero points.

  • Damon Horner

    Rules are as they are written not what people think they should be so he should have gone. If you blur the lines and soften the stance here you’ll find clubs reinterpretting the interpretation to suit their own bias.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It was ridiculous listening to Fat Frank’s view but that is the pathetic consensus in this day and age.
    I must just be stupid because for it to be a penalty the defender actually has to touch the attacking player in some way ?
    The attacking player Mahrez just basically jumped over Dummett’s leg but these days the best dive gets rewarded in some instances.
    Only one course of action was required in that instance and it was a yellow card for simulation, End of story !

    Sick and tired of pampered snowflakes like Fat Frank chatting their risible rubbish !

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      No, you have to impede the attacking player whilst not playing the ball. There is an issue for me where the attacker it creating the contact himself and penalties are given. I think in this case, Marhez waits for Dummett and the ref decided he wasn’t trying to get the ball do Dummett got the benefit of the doubt. It looked a pen to me though..

  • Billy Ellwood

    If ANY contact in the box should result in the attackers getting penalties, no wonder they practice aiming their leg to touch a defender before falling with style.

    No red card, no penalty was fine with me.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Dummett touches the ball, no pen.
    Mahrez is also already going down.
    Maguire should really have seen red for consistency from referees but I’m not too fussed about that one.

  • Paul Patterson

    Look at the red cards at the end of the Arsenal/Southampton game. Both of the same standard of the Maguire incident..

    • Big Al 1967

      Exactly right. And yet Don Goodman, Chris Sutton and Danny Murphy (admittedly all [email protected]) said yesterday definitely no red card for McGuire. Roll on 24 hours and both Stephens and Elneny are stonewall red cards according to Sky!! No agenda there then!!!
      Amazing what you get away with when you are an England international

  • Jezza

    Maguire should have been sent off and Mahrez should have been booked for diving. End of discussion.

  • thewildchimp

    Shelvey nailed it (and I don’t mean the goal): “If it was me, it would’ve been red.”
    England’s “poster players” get diplomatic immunity, obviously, but if it was a foreigner, he’d get a ban for sure.

  • Wor Monga

    Is this still doing the rounds?…it’s always dangerous sliding in on Mahrez because he’ll go to ground anyway, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be tackled…the touch
    on him was minimal (if any), and could hardly be clearly made out from 3 different TV angles…neither official called it, at the time and Mahrez didn’t protest it because he knew there’d been contact on the ball first, and he’d have been in real danger of a simulation charge…

    …it was just losers gripes from Puel, and gave MoTD something to talk about which in hindsight was nothing more than we had to deal with when Gayle was cynically dropped by Smalling, against Man U which they largely disregarded!!!

    • Mal

      Spot on. If you watch Goals on Sunday on Sky, Kamara shows pretty conclusively that Dummett played the ball first and the officials got it right.