Rafa Benitez wanted to bring in an experienced new first choice goalkeeper last summer, he also tried and failed to bring in Brazilian left-sided player, Kenedy.

Newcastle fans left wondering just how much even better this season might have been, if Kenedy and Martin Dubravka had arrived six months earlier.

Dubravka is expected to sign permanently this summer with a £4m fee already agreed, just so long as the Slovakian number one is convinced to make the move.

However, Kenedy was purely a loan deal, so Newcastle supporters now wonder if he will still be here next season.

Playing as a winger, the Brazilian has given Newcastle United a threat that they didn’t previously have, somebody willing to run at the opposition, as well as the capacity to score and create goals – already having scored two plus two assists.

Kenedy says if a permanent move happens ‘I will be more than happy’, the player appreciating the chance and help Rafa Benitez has given him.

As for the supporters…’Newcastle have amazing fans, they are crazy for the team…fanatical, beautiful, I feel privileged to be around them.’

Hopefully this will prove a case of for once NUFC being in the right place at the right time and be able to buy this young talent.

He will get regular football just so long as he keeps his form up and surely talk of PSG and Bayern Munich is plain daft at this stage, for a player who has still only made 14 league starts in a major league.

So many things to be decided this summer and hopefully Kenedy signing on full-time proves to be one of the success stories.

Kenedy speaking to The Mail:

“I am enjoying my time at Newcastle but obviously I have a contract at Chelsea.

“If something occurs [with a permanent transfer] then I will be more than happy, it is a good place for me – I like it.

Rafa Benitez helps me a lot, every day.

“But the thing I am most thankful for is that he had belief in me, gave me this chance.

“I never imagined it would have gone so well.

Newcastle have amazing fans, they are crazy for the team…fanatical, beautiful, I feel privileged to be around them.

“My first goal was an amazing sensation.

“When I saw the celebration in the stand, that gives you the energy to do whatever it takes.”

  • Thom Ridley

    A young, quality player, has a good attitude, wants to play for the club. No way is Ashley going to do the right thing here.

    • Fatwatch

      I’d agree but I also worry that a Champions League club could step in anyway

      • Jezza

        It doesn’t need to be a Champions League club, if the likes of Huddersfield or Crystal Palace come in for him we can forget it.

    • Wor Lass

      You`re bang on with the first sentence. Unfortunately, you could be with the second one as well.

  • TheFatController

    I think he’ll sign, with Chelsea maybe agreeing a first refusal on buying him back. They sold Ake to Bournemouth last summer because their CBs are £50m not £20m – they also probably need the money to invest in some £60m centre forward in the summer !

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      good point Fatso & they have loads of wingers anyway

    • mentalman

      all depends on who they have as manager for next season

      • TheFatController

        True, but I’d imagine whoever came in would still have the likes of Alonso, Pedro, Hazard, Willian plus someone he likes left sided to bring in ahead of Kenedy – but yes, he may like Kenedy. Maybe they’ll loan him back til Jan, then see how it all lies….

  • Rich Lawson

    His career has been blighted by a lack of starts,the big European club’s and Chelsea would just bench him.It would be better for his development to stay with us and he does seem very positive about the club and the area, but where’s the money Ashley ?

  • Rich Lawson

    Probably not going to be mentioned for the Chinese Super League tho’ !

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Cant see the Pig laying out the cash but Kenedy would be best served signing for us under the wing of Rafa.
    Adros was a previous example he came here under similar circumstances & under Rafa played the best football of his career

    • Down Under Mag

      And I bet wishes he was still here rather than jumping ship when he did

  • Wor Lass

    Jonjo and Mighty Mo have played more consistently good football in the second half of the season but Kenedy is the person who lit the blue touchpaper. His arrival had a massive impact on making the players (and the manager?) realise that they could have a go at opponents and create goals. At the end of the season I expect Jamaal to get the player of the year award with Jonjo and Mo close behind but Kenedy will go down as the most crucial change, for me.

    • Down Under Mag

      I think Kenedy was the player to link everyone else together, to be that spark in the side, a player that every player in the squad knew they could pass the ball to and no timmediately be running back towards their goal. Kenedy has been superb but is far from the finished article, he’s just shown exactly how much better the likes of Chelseas reserves are in skill level than our first choice players. He’s certainly brought th emost out of Diame and Shelvey, giving them a certain sense of freedom…with something that we have all mentioned – flair. A team of Ritchies I would not sniff at as the work rate would be off the chart, a team of Lascelles woudl show their heart on their sleeves…however you need that extra spark going forward that players like Ginola and Robert have shown previously in the black n white and now Kenedy is providing the same forward threat and link up play.

      • Wor Lass

        Spot on, Cobber!

  • Paul Patterson

    A £20m must buy.

    • Gareth Marshall


    • Jezza

      …and he will be, for a much more ambitious club like Watford, Burnley, Wolves or Bournemouth.

  • Peaky

    Got more chance signing Nigel Kennedy…playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons,with his violin in the centre circle at SJP….

    • Albert Stubbins

      He’s a villa fan so no chance!!

      • Peaky

        Alan Kennedy then….

        • Albert Stubbins

          I’d prefer Ray to be honest mate. What a player he was. One of the best I’ve seen.

          • Peaky

            Aye your right,such a shame his health deteriorated at such a young age but you’re right a superb player.

          • Albert Stubbins

            Agreed. Heartbreaking.

  • Gianfranco Shola

    IF we sign Dubravka and Kenedy early in the summer and we don’t lose any first team players or Rafa, then we have the makings of a top six push nicely lined up, a quality no.9 wouldn’t go amiss either like! A man can dream

    • Albert Stubbins

      Top six? We’ve been in the bottom 6 most of the season FFS. Another mid table finish would be progress for me with hopefully a real tilt at the cups. Surely that would be steady progress?

    • Weyhhadaway

      As usual we know nowt about the close season, new bid? don’t know. Ashley selling or not? don’t know. Then after those questions get answered, How much will Rafa Have to Spend? don’t know. Will Rafa quit? don’t know.

      The euphoria of being well placed in the league might just end with the new season having P45due as director of Football, Johnny “I am the best” Carver as chief scout and big Sham as manager and Cashley laughing till he pukes 10 lagers into his curry. LOL.

      We can all dream right now but sometimes dreams turn to nightmares, as we have all too often seen at the Toon.

  • Weyhhadaway

    Smart lad, saying all of the right things, great club, love the fans etc etc. He is young and growing so I hope he has the sense to mean that and spend a season or two learning his trade here under a top class manager. By that time we might just have the team to satisfy what he craves, top level football.

    The usual Ashley in or out caveats apply of course.

  • Dingus

    At best, we’ll sign him on loan again

    • Jezza

      Oh we’ll try to loan him again but some other club will cough up a transfer fee and that will be that..

  • Coach Clagnut

    ’Newcastle have amazing fans, they are crazy for the team…fanatical, beautiful, I feel privileged to be around them.’……and so you should bonny lad…so you should.