Arsenal fans are really something else.

Their perception of how badly off they are, is hilarious.

They do honestly think that other football fans should be pitying them.

Which we do…but not for the reasons they are thinking/hoping!

They came to St James Park in sixth place, having had a trip to Wembley as losing League Cup finalists in February, and with a Europa League semi to come.

Yes they weren’t great yesterday but they weren’t terrible, they could have won the game with a few decent chances in the first half but didn’t take them – that’s football.

After the break they struggled to create anything against a Newcastle team who hadn’t conceded at home since January, before Lacazette scored that 14th minute goal.

Nobody has a divine right to success and whilst I don’t really have time for any of the fans of the ‘top six’ clubs, I can honestly say I can’t remember fans of Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool being anything as bad as the Arsenal fans.

It is only two seasons ago when in 2015/16, you had Liverpool finishing eighth and Chelsea tenth.

Man Utd ended up seventh in 2013/14 and sixth last season, as they pursued the Europa League, and while I’m sure there was plenty of whingeing going on – for fans of the Gunners it is at epic proportions.

Reading these comments below after losing to Newcastle, very very few want to give Newcastle any credit at all.

They claim obvious red cards were missed for Perez and Kenedy, whilst they are really loving slaughtering their manager (as usual) and players for losing to a team like Newcastle.

The way they go on, you would think NUFC were in the National League, not top half of the Premier League and one of the five sides with the best form in 2018.

Maybe the highlight for me though, is that a number of Arsenal fans are desperate to tell everybody about how they deliberately didn’t watch the game, even on TV, as though it is a badge of honour because of how (allegedly) shocking everything is for them.

Arsenal fans comments via various message boards:

‘Wenger’s Thursday excuse doesn’t make much sense given that only Lacazette, Monreal, Elneny and Mustafi started both games.

Even if that were the case we had replacements for at least two of those, there was no need for them to start.’

‘No matter what players we have, we still do this. One constant, WENGER!!!

We also didn’t rest that many players. We had a strong team out there. Against f…ing Newcastle!!’

‘Didn’t watch the game, but not too bothered.

Eggs are all in the EL basket — we should play the kids from here on out.’

‘This match shows how bad of a coach Wenger is. He puts a lot of trust and confidence in his players, and that’s great, but he never gives us a tactical foundation for success. He’s dependent on world class players making the difference.’

‘So many players I’m tired of.

Struggling to like half of these players. Need 8 new starters over summer. A whole new midfield and a whole new defence.’

‘To let the club fall into such a state of disrepair is absolutely unacceptable.

Far too many players who have no business wearing our shirt who are continually given games to go out and embarrass us in. All of this before we even get to the mess that is the manager.’

‘You just never know how much further we can descend – a few years back, missing out on CL was unthinkable, let alone for consecutive years.

Just what’s next? Özil gets nutmegged by a sundayleaguer from Uzbekistan? Wenger kicks a water bottle in the ref’s face? Spurs finish 20+ points ahead of us?

I’m all doom and gloom, but no other failure under Arséne Wenger will surprise me.’

‘Didn’t even bother watching, it was a meaningless friendly.’

‘We could be 4-0 up against Newcastle and they could still draw against us.’

‘I didnt watch the game, clearing out the shed seemed more appealing. I said we could drop points here and I selected a draw.’

‘Can’t believe people are making excuses for a loss to Newcastle of all clubs.

Look at the team when we had Pires, Toure, Patrick, Henry, Bergkamp in the side

Come on they wouldn’t be embarrassed like this even if it wasnt the strongest starting 11.’

‘Surprised Wenger didn’t mentions the clear penalty we didn’t get at 1-0 could’ve changed the whole game.’

‘Or the blatant red for Kenedy.’

‘What can I say? Well done Newcastle.

We could have kept in touch with Chelsea and even given spurs the jitters, but no. I still maintain that despite the win/lose together mentality, a player like Mustafi will drag down all around him.’

‘The 1st half we were great, the 2nd half we looked bit tired, but still any decent team with good defense would beat Newcastle today.

They really only created like 2 chances all game ffs their 1st goal and the Kennedy shot hit the bar and we gift them a goal.’

‘This needs to end badly against Atletico Madrid.

It’s the only way I can see the board sacking Wenger and moving on to a new era.’

Newcastle beating us with only 2 shots on target isn’t that beautiful.’

‘And their first win against us in 13 years. Now we have Burnley breathing down our necks with a real possibility of finishing above us.’

‘Stunned when I realized the yellow in extra time was the first of the match. With Kenedy off, a pen to us and 2-3 additional yellows this would be an easy win for us.’

‘Perez off, finally. Subbed though. Some great studs up challenges from him today. Definitely left his mark.’

‘Strangely, Newcastle with also nothing to play for, managed to carve out a win.

Some of the excuses i’ve seen are ludicrous, they just can’t accept criticism of the club, surely we SHOULD have something to play for in april, even if it’s just pride. of course i forgot pride escaped this club long ago.’

‘When your midfield is outplayed by Jonjo Shelvey, suicide might be the only option.’

‘Newcastle fans singing ‘Arsene Wenger we want you to stay….

‘We are awful. We need a new owner a new manager new players.’

‘I don’t like the attitude that the league doesn’t matter from some of our fans, we are in no position to be picky on what we do and don’t take serious.’

‘Given the league table I’d say we absolutely are in the position to decide we don’t need to take it seriously. There’s nothing tangible to be gained by playing our very best team in the league.’

‘We are a pathetic excuse of a so called big club .

Another shocking away performance.

We are simply not good enough.’

‘Congrats to Newcastle on getting the win really, if you have Arsenal at home in your last bunch of fixtures and you don’t win it it’s a massive missed opportunity.

Brighton did it, Newcastle have done it and I think Huddersfield might do as well, altho last day games are hugely unpredictable.’

‘Özil has never faced Newcastle away.

It must be part of his contract that he doesn’t ever have to set foot in Newcastle. It’s not that bad there, Mesut.’

‘LOL Newcastle is great.’

‘Not sure that Newcastle needed any more points anyway but if they’d lost to us they’re pretty stupid.’

  • Peaky


  • Paul Patterson

    Say what you want about Mourinho, but when we beat them up here, he was respectful of our history, manager and Sir Bobby. Wenger had sour grapes after yesterday and their fans have proven that they aren’t too different to their manager.

    • Coach Clagnut

      Arrogance F.C. No-one ever deserves to beat them.
      Wenger had his empathy & modesty genes surgically removed years ago. .

  • Coble’s Return

    Given the amazing banner displays at SJP nowadays, I really do think that the lone flag wavers on the pitch look a bit obsolete. It always did look a bit desperate, but with the club at last having conceded that its long standing ban on flags and banners in the stands was a bit Stalinist, they really are unnecessary.

  • Ogban

    It’s not just losing to Newcastle that rankled so much; it’s more the manner of losing and the perspective of the season as a whole. Too many negative ‘firsts’: losing 5 on the trot away; losing from a winning position; etc, etc. It’s all so disappointing.

    • Tino o

      My heart bleeds

    • Fireman Sam


    • wheyayeman

      Wenger has won a quarter of all you have ever won – if he was our manager he’d have a 50ft statue outside the ground and yet you see him as a stain on the club and a hindrance to your progress. Your ‘fans’ must carry some responsibility for the teams performance – you protest every week! You’ve rewarded your managers brilliance with utter contempt and anger and most fans throughout the country can’t believe your sense of entitlement.

  • TheFatController

    6 into four doesn’t go for the CL places among the big 6. As you rightly point out, they’ve all been out of the top 4 at times.

    So we should expect every year a club who have had some good success being the odd one out of the top 6, having a bad season and complaining about it.

    The only relief they can get seems to be acting entitled and belittling their own coaching staff and players, and other clubs. No humility, no respect, no acceptance it’s not always going to be easy in life. Yes, mistakes are made, but get a grip.

    Maybe Burnley can overtake them, and they miss out on Europe altogether with a defeat in the EL? Meltdown …

    • Leazes.

      Ah now that’s what this is all about….. automatic top four places. Man City have knocked them out of it and the result is not happy smiley face. It means you aren’t competing and you can forget about the domestic cups because the elite clubs only rate the Premiership title and Champions League.

      … It must feel like a bit like us 11 seasons back on getting an owner who was going to take us to the next level and discovering it was the next level down.

      ….they’ve dropped a level!

  • TheNutJob

    me dad said, that bloke needs his titty bottle

    • Peaky

      He’s right that senior Nut….

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    “I can honestly say I can’t remember fans of Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool being anything as bad as the Arsenal fans.”

    I say this as someone from the US, but I can’t imagine any situation where any set of fans in the history of organized sport are worse than Man U fans. The sort of person who arbitrarily chooses to “support” a club for no other reason than”because they win all the time” is the sort of person I’d just as soon see bounced on their head.

    • Peaky

      Arsenal supporters,Man Utd supporters…..funnily enough all Londoners….

      • Andy Mac

        Surrey actually Peaky They’re the only ones who can afford season tickets 😏

        • Peaky

          Aye good point Andy….and also the posh rich folks from Belfast….

          • Coach Clagnut

            & Dublin.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    So, if Saints fail to beat Leicester, we’re mathematically safe on Thursday.

  • custurd

    Strange creatures, Arsenal “fans”. Their sense of entitlement is quite staggering.

    • gallowgate26

      Actually it’s quite understandable, given their finishing in the top 4 for around 20 years in a row, for some of their fans that is all they know and expect! Entitled isn’t even the word. Well with the rise of City and Tottenham, it means two of the traditional elite are now scrapping for 5th and 6th place. I didn’t take an A level in mathematics but I know that six doesn’t go into four. Unfortunately for Arsenal they are victims of the City steamroller and Tottenham being in the top 4 must make it even more painful for them…

  • Grahame Johnson

    Look back at wba,saints,palace and the main one stokes fans comments at the early season games, so happy for them

  • Dillon Tovak

    No other set of fans moan as much as Arsenal.
    Terrible fans.

  • Whitehurst

    Arsenal fans really grind my gears!! 😡 Think they have some god given rite to win something every season.

  • Vincent Gigante

    There’s a spell about five minutes each side of our second goal where we could and perhaps should have scored at least one more goal. Their defence looked terrified and shot to bits and we looked like we had legs to run all day.
    I think we exectuted a tremendous game plan perfectly, let them run around for the first 20 minutes or so then star stretching them.
    Job done. Well done and tough s##t.

  • Ba ba.

    Great victory yesterday all the more enjoyable when I hear these mugs bealin on… Howay the lads

  • Ram Kishore

    This match shows how bad of a coach Wenger is. He puts a lot of trust and confidence in his players, and that’s great, but he never gives us a tactical foundation for success. He’s dependent on world class players making the difference.’
    Dumb lots

  • Mike

    Wenger out Pard in….and they call us fickle!!!