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Everton fans with savage comments as not sure whether hate Newcastle or Sam Allardyce the most

3 years ago

Everton fans are not enjoying life under Sam Allardyce.

Less than five months into the job, most scousers are more interested in seeing the back of their manager than what the outcome of Monday’s match will be.

Whilst they are expecting another tedious match in the usual Sam Allardyce style, the Everton fans are getting a little excited ahead of the match.

Judging by the comments below, many Everton fans are having a struggle to work out whether they hate Newcastle United (and the supporters) or Sam Allardyce more.

On this occasion, their usual loathing for former red Rafa Benitez takes only third place.

Amongst it all, some grudging respect for the job the NUFC boss has done.

It doesn’t take a genius though to work out that the mood inside Goodison Park could well be to Newcastle’s advantage, as if Everton go behind then I think that looks sure to be a catalyst for plenty of anti-Allardyce abuse to be launched.

Bring it on.

Everton fans comment via their top Grand Old Team message board:

‘Gravy vs paella, two obnoxious defensive fat beauts going toe to toe, what a dreadful match up.’

‘Lardy cake – vs Jaffa cake.’

‘I live just outside Newcastle.

In laws family are all Newcastle fans, it’s pretty much become my second team.

From speaking to them, they are expecting a loss. We are expecting a loss. We are combined in our hatred for Allardyce.

1:1 scrappy draw. Lots of booing from all sides at Allardyce.’

‘Geordies, proper meffs.’ [Googled it and ‘Meffs’ is Scouse slang for a ‘tramp, unkempt smelly person’]

‘Fat Sam has been talking Newcastle up so we will probably be going for a point.’

‘F… the scoreline, lets just make sure that it is that reprobate’s last game in charge of our beloved blues. Cannot take any more of his scumbaggery. Needs booing out of the ground.’

‘Can’t be arsed 2-1 Scruffy meffs

At least we can all have a nice weekend beforehand.’

‘Hate the fat Spanish waiter, and totally despise Geordies so we had better win this.’

‘Newcastle are on a high and they’re going to leap frog us it seems.

Simply cannot lose this or the ‘massive club’ ‘gonna be in the champyans leeeeeague’ will be declared by my in-laws.

Colleague at work is a ST holder at St James’ and has been going to their aways and the fans are cheering every throw in loving life and compare that to our utter misery with Sam parking the bus.

This one is a must win for me, due to my geographical location.’

‘Not much of this season to endure now blues, and hopefully our penultimate home game of the season is a good one.

It always feels like we do well against these, and it’s always nice to get one over on the fat Spanish waiter.’

‘I see a loss. Benitez has done an excellent job and the players play for him and the shirt.’

‘..the best thing about this game is it’ll be one match closer to the end of the season.’

‘Difficult game, Newcastle are on the way up and celebrating every point, confidence is high, Everton on the other hand can’t be bothered.’

‘Big Sam will set up to park the bus and then swap out an attacker for another defender (whether we are winning, losing or drawing) asap..’

‘It has a draw written all over it this but not the sort of draw that Allardyce wants and plays for. A draw as in both sets of fans will be showing Allardyce just how much they love him and enjoy watching his terrific football and attitude.

First match i have looked forward to since last November.’

‘It would be good to see Goodison at it’s most hostile.

Provide massive, loud support for the team but every time BFS steps out the dugout let the venom from all 4 sides of the ground be heard. Leave it in no doubt we all hate him and want him out.’

‘Please win Everton, please.’

‘Somehow I actually think Newcastle are a better team at this moment with less toxicity around their club. 2-1 piano keys.’

‘Has the potential to be the worst game of football ever played this. A real possibility for sure.’

‘Everton play like eleven blokes with rigor mortis, so there’s some stiff competition for the ‘worst game ever played’ award.’

‘Pretty sure we were saying something similar last week pre-Swansea, and that was dire. I’m sure there is still depths that could yet be plumbed.’

‘3 shots.

0 on target.


‘I can genuinely say i don’t care right now. Even at our worst under Martinez I still watched but not right now. You just know the lack of effort and anyone being arsed will produce a crap result.

Until allardyce has left I probably won’t be much interested for the foreseeable future .’

‘No interest not even sure I’ll even go.

Lack of interest is at an all time low.’

‘Sam going for 0-0 and he would be over the moon.’

‘Best thing that can happen is for us to go 0-1 down then the Allardyce out shouts will start.’

‘The number of people wanting us to lose to get rid of Allerdyce is shocking.

Ever hear the expression “cutting off your nose to spite your face”?

There’s 4 games to go until the end of the season. The club isn’t going to throw money away to satisfy the “don’t like Sam brigade”, they are going to do what they decide is best.

Now whether that is good or bad who knows, but this continual whingeing is getting boring.’

‘Can’t let this lot finish above us… Can you imagine?

The only bonus of their strong finish and new confidence is the hilarity when they inevitably bomb down to the championship again.’


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