Everton fans watched their team beat Newcastle 1-0 on Monday night.

The three points mean that the scousers move up to eighth place in the table.

However, it isn’t exactly the usual reaction to your team winning and the club moving up the table.

The Everton fans are overwhelmingly only dreaming of the day when Sam Allardyce leaves their club.

As for positives from last night’s match?

Apart from the victory, Everton fans in the comments below only appear to have got any pleasure from: the fact it was Newcastle who they beat, Pickford trying to wind up the visiting supporters, and the Toffees scoring from their only shot on target.

Everton fans comment via their top Grand Old Team message board:

‘Perhaps the only time where a win warrants a full boo at FT.’

‘God we are such a boring rubbish team to watch.’

‘Ha ha Rafa you knob!’

‘He’s such an overrated manager.’

‘He’s good to be fair, how he got a tune out of Newcastle is beyond me.’

‘True true I just can’t stand the sight of the big bellied fella.’

‘Only everton could win and it be so soul destroying.’

‘We were second to everything. Very lucky to win this.’

‘A win in a painful game to watch, great defending from coleman with last touch.’

‘Well that, unsurprisingly, was dreadful.’

‘Just shows how bad the premier league is this season.

How the hell are we 8th lol! We are absolutely shocking!

Can’t put up with watching rubbish like that every week. Big Sam still needs to be binned off!’

‘What a game of football.’

‘Lol Pickford hates Newcastle so much.’

‘Going nowhere with Fat head and wins like this keep him in situ.’

‘When a win feels like a loss …’

‘Ha well in pickford, shut those lousy tozzers up.’

‘One shot on target. Luckily it went in.

But still…’

‘Big thank you to all the hostage negotiators, without them we would still be sitting through that.’

‘We’re an absolute insult to the game of football. A pure fluke of a victory where we played 0 football and got dominated by Newcastle at home.

Davies needs to be loaned out to a championship side. Lad has no forward ball. Same as our other midfielder as they have zero control of the midfield, no passing and no goals from midfield.’

‘What did Pickford do just before the final whistle that made our end cheer the loudest all game?’

‘Ran in front of the Mags and gave it a bit of large.

Would have looked an utter tit if Seamus didn’t make that last ditch header.’

‘Big Fat Sams 8th placed army. I guess a win is a win is a win. Nothing to shout about really but I’ll take it. Just 3 more games to go and we can say farewell to arl Bisto hips and the whole of this horrific season.’

‘Good defensive performance, shocking in terms of chances created though, only remember one shot on target all match. Won’t miss this garbage.

Schneiderlin played his best game all season, then goes off with a broken toenail the absolute surrender monkey.’

‘Fair play to Newcastle fans making pickford feel part of the game tonight, could have had his slippers on.’

‘Changes nothing.

The footy still makes your eyes bleed.

It`s very fortunate that there are so many teams somehow worse than us.

P45 time on Thursday and start properly planning for next season.’

‘Possibly our best performance of the Allardyce era, at least one of them, and we were still pathetic.’

‘Not a great performance, but a toothless Barcode attack helped get the result we wanted…’

‘What did please me was Jordan Pickford – when we scored he celebrated big style, and when the final whistle went, he celebrated big style again. Heart on his sleeve this lad.’

‘That was only cause the Geordies gave him constant stick all game, he came charging out of his goal once just to have go at them.’

‘To be fair, I think this was more of a gesture to the away fans who had been giving him stick all night due to his Sunderland days.’

“I hate Newcastle. They are crap. And 6 pts this season against them, the absolute sweaty pale belters.

Let them stay up. Even Barkley can score a worldy against them.’

‘That was a dire game of football. Luckily that Newcastle team were just slightly worse.

Quite an indictment on the league that that was two top half teams.’

‘Did anyone actually just watch that post match interview with Allardyce, on Sky?

Kill me now.’

‘Hopefully anyone suggesting we get Benitez listens to his interview – from a pathetic bitter fat Spanish Waiter.’

‘Please God don’t let finishing second in the also ran league mean Fat Sam stays for another year. One shot on target per game isn’t good enough.’

‘I suppose a win is a win but yet another terrible performance gives you no confidence for the future.

The manager must be watching a different game and has the cheek to say the opposition were negative.’

‘Fat Sam said we dominated Newcastle tonight, we did have 57% of the play but that got us 9 shots, the same as Newcastle, while we managed one on target they had two. We managed 4 corners while they had 6. We really did hand them a thrashing tonight.

The man is delusional.’

‘Fat Sam said we’re going in the right direction.

Aye, towards our own goal.’

‘Well, I’m glad that’s over.

Two very poor teams played a game that wouldn’t have looked out of place halfway down the championship, and that’s no exaggeration.

We beat the barcodes though which is good.

Highlights , Jagielka’s chance, Walcotts goal, Pickford shushing the Geordies which was boss and the final whistle.

Both these teams will be more concerned with relegation again next season than anything else.

Since I can’t make either of our remaining aways, I only have to endure 1 more game and I can forget about football for a few months, thank God.’

‘Two of the least ambitious managers in the league playing one of the least ambitious games of football i have ever seen…. the deadest of dead rubbers…’

‘We’ve beaten Newcastle 8 out the last 9 matches. It’s just like us playing West Ham, we don’t need to any good to get results against some teams.’

‘Pickford MOTM, for upsetting the horrible Geordies.

Glad to see Schneiderlin wasn’t useless this time.’

‘The Barcodes were on a good run…Kenedy is a good player, and Slimani was keen to impress, so we defended quite well. Whatever the lemmings say about Sam, he’s definitely not daft.’

‘Sam was a bag of nerves chattering the same rubbish, remind yourselves – one shot on target less corners than Newcastle!

Our passing is always in our own half – you could only hear Newcastle fans last night apart from when we scored with our only shot on target.’

  • Paul Patterson

    Some of them talk a bit of sense to be fair . .

  • raz4u

    Back to reality, Sam Allardyce has helped take Everton up the Premier League by 8 places since he has been there!

    • nufcslf

      Christ, don’t give the [email protected] any credit he is already giving himself 11 out of ten as it is. He shouldn’t be in a job in the first place after his England dismissal.

      • raz4u

        Just looking at the truth of the matter, without all the prejudice.

        • TheFatController

          In fairness, he’s taken players who came from the likes of arsenal, Man Utd, etc and got them playing like they didn’t …

          • raz4u

            In fairness he has got the players playing out of the position of fighting against relegation up to 9th in the table! The bigotry against “Big Sam” is so great it does not matter what he does people will twist things around to put a negative slant on it.

  • Fred smith

    His real name is Jordan pigfood was told to change it when he went pro,

  • 39Italianscantbewrong

    Everton were better than Newcastle, but only just. Newcastle were the worst team I’ve seen at Goodison this season. The fans were good tho.

    • Lofty

      Surely you must mean the worst team apart from Everton 😜

  • Andy Mac

    If you take away the obvious bias we have as fans that was a very poor advert for the PL. Fat Sham doesnt want to lose and Rafa doesnt want to attack unless its on the break. Sooner or later we had to have a shocker but considering we hadnt played for a whole week this was a puzzling, lacklustre performance.

    My conclusion – we’re safe and the hunger to win just wasnt there ?

  • Polarboy

    Pickford celebrating like he’d just won the world cup, and had not just been fortunate to get a win in a shyte match. You can take the boy out of mackemland, but not the mackem out of the boy.

    • GToon

      There was a moment towards the end of the match down the right side of their area where Gayle or Murphy were through on goal but the ball was too strong and Pickford got there just in time. Our player pulled out of the challenge when the opportunity was there to put their foot through the keeper and to a lesser extent, the ball too. Shame.

      • paul mclaughlan

        Why would you want one of our players to deliberately injure an opposing player? If you hand stick out you have to expect it back. You would be disgusted if opposing fans sunk to your level of idiocy.

        • GToon

          Like what happened to HBA, Shay Given, Lejeune etc etc. our players are always on the receiving end. I can’t stand Pickford in answer to your first question. My level of idiocy? Go’n do one mate.

          • paul mclaughlan

            Wanting any human being to deliberately injure another just because you don’t like them is totally idiotic. Pickford gave our fans stick at the end as he’d been on the receiving end pretty much all the game. That’s fair in my eyes. You’re in the wrong game if you can dish it out but can’t handle getting it back.

          • GToon

            Shearer would have sorted him out. Shame he isn’t here to do it. Keane, Vierra, Batty etc etc made a living out of it. Every team talks about “testing” the opposition. Pickford needs testing. Big time. Wrong game? I wasn’t playing you know. Please don’t bother replying, I don’t agree with a word you say and don’t want a conversation with you.

          • paul mclaughlan

            Hahaha. You talk as if those players deliberately went out to injure people. Another idiotic comment. Oops sorry for replying won’t bother again.

          • GToon

            You’re very naive Paul if you think bad tackles happen purely by accident. Did you never see a derby game with clattermole in their team? As for the personal comments and blocking me, wow. Don’t worry Paul, you are safe behind your keyboard.

    • Tino o

      It’s been inbred into him over generations

    • paul mclaughlan

      I was talking to a lad who was there. He reckons we were giving Pickford loads of stick. So when they won he gave us stick back. Seems fair enough.

  • crazygun

    Benitez has worked wonders to keep us up but Everton fans are right in not really rating either side .We need some big funds available next season

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      you`ll have to rob a Bank then

      • Rich Lawson

        Don’t say that or Ashley will be turning over the food bank at The Strawberry !

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Newcastle`s problem for years is the lack of a striker who can find the net,
    last night was shocking & with a decent guy up front we could have won the game.
    come the summer krap will go out to be replaced by more krap coming in.
    Rafa`s in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks the Pie Man will change

  • Tino o

    They don’t like us do they? No taste! Scouse mackems!

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      they’ve always been whingers

  • Tino o

    Have a look at this salah guy ! Outstanding!

    • Tino o

      No wonder the scouse mackems are bitter they’ve got fat heed and Liverpool are on fire 🔥

    • Peaky

      He’s tearing Roma apart….and to think he’s a winger not an out and out forward…fully deserves his player of the year award.

      • Tino o

        Without a doubt

  • Ba ba.

    We need to take our chances but I’m happy we’re still going to be in the epl

  • Vito Genovese

    Can’t help thinking that fattys latest advert on sky may have disrupted the team to a degree.
    As for the smb in their goal you’ve got two long walks next season to the Leazes and then Gallowgate……..

  • GlasgowMag

    Just an off night was always going to happen after securing prem status last week. Should of been a draw anyway another stone wall penalty missed by ref again!!!

  • Mark Davies

    I really hope this bunch of clueless deluded by a few quid tossers keep bullbait heed. Made for each other. Remind me of when everton have played attractive football in the alleged west ham ahem or man u ahem way? Dogs of war etc. Joke club joke fans. Good luck filling the mew ground by the way based on last night haha. Tossers

  • TheFatController

    Pickford showing he can’t keep calm when pressured, even if some think it’s good footballers give as good as they get. It’s not:

    Perfect unprofessional lack of mental strength displayed – should be perfect for a Workd Cup cauldron, being unable to just stay professional and ignore the crowd …

    What would have happened had we equalized? a frenzy for their whole team to deal with. He got away with this one, but southgate knows he needs calmer heads In Russia. Big mistake by Pickford.

    • Coach Clagnut

      What’s equally bad was Maguire’s reaction to Gayle.
      If they think F.I.F.A. is going to put up with that during their flagship event,Ingerlund is going to be knee deep in the brown stuff.

      • TheFatController

        Yeah, that’s why the old adage rings true. No substitute for experience (and maturity)

        Would Beckham have kicked out against Simeone of Argentina in his later years? Would England have beaten Argentina as a result …?

        Beckham was emotionally immature when young, and people like Simeone saw him coming, difference between Pickford and Beckham is the huge gulf in ability at international level …

  • 1ewis

    You know what’s the most offensive thing you can say to Everton fans?

    “A new 5-year contract for Sam Allardyce“

    Nearly fell asleep typing that name.

    • Peaky

      Second most offensive…..

      “Do you work”…..

      • Guest 2

        And third, “Where’s my wheels”…

  • Wor Lass

    Never mind the muppets on the Everton site – there are some classics on here. Stonewall pen? The ball hit the player`s arm. I`ve seen them given and would have gladly accepted it but it wasn`t clear cut at all. Pickford being called worse than sh*te for ramming it back down our throats? The lad`s from Washington, came through the ranks at Sunlun from the age of eight. He`s as mackem as they mackem! He has to be careful he doesn`t get too carried away with the occasion but good for him for standing up to it all and having the guts to come back and perform well under pressure. I just wish we`d scored and shut him up at the end! It was a poor game between two teams not quite clicking and we deserved something out of it.

    • GlasgowMag

      The pen was a stonewaller it was heading for the top corner of the net at the time 😂😂😂😂

  • Peaky

    Give them credit….neebody can TWOC like this lot…..