It is amazing that after seven months of Newcastle fans agonising about results, their own and other clubs, suddenly everything starts flowing their way.

Saturday saw a day off for Newcastle United, with the game at home moved back to Sunday for Sky Sport live coverage.

Recent results had seen Rafa’s team move to top half (10th) before today’s matches and the bookies making NUFC 500/1 rank outsiders to be relegated.

So it was a case of putting your feet up on Saturday afternoon/teatime and seeing what happened elsewhere.

The day started with Southampton taking a 2-0 lead against Chelsea, a win would have taken the Saints to within seven points of Newcastle and given a very small worry of being dragged back into relegation trouble, only for Chelsea to score three times in the final 20 minutes.

This result totally wiping out the last remaining faint worries for Newcastle fans of possible relegation.

This then leaves the fight for positions up to eighth, with Burnley starting the day 11 points clear of the Magpies in seventh.

Newcastle in 10th, looking particularly for the results of the two teams right in front of them (Leicester and Everton), as well as the three clubs right behind NUFC (Bournemouth, Watford and Brighton).

Brighton started the day three points behind Newcastle and ended it the same, Hughton’s team remaining in 13th place after a mad opening 34 minutes saw all five goals scored and Palace beat them 3-2.

Watford started the day in 12th, only a point behind Newcastle, Huddersfield scoring the only goal of the game in the 91st minute.

As for Bournemouth who started the day in 11th and only behind Newcastle on goal difference, the were stuffed 3-0 by Liverpool in a teatime kick-off.

Then we have the two clubs that started the day just ahead of Newcastle.

Everton started the day three points ahead of Newcastle and took a lucky first half lead through an own goal, only for Swansea to score a second half equaliser. The 1-1 draw means Newcastle are only four points behind with two matches in hand, plus NUFC travel to Goodison Park a week on Monday.

Leicester started their day in eighth with a five points advantage over Rafa’s team and ended it the same, Burnley beating them 2-1 and now Newcastle have a game in hand and still only five points behind eighth place Leicester.

A win over Arsenal tomorrow, would make things very interesting for Newcastle United as we head into the final month of the season.

Saturday’s games

Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

Burnley 2 Leicester 1

Crystal Palace 3 Brighton 2

Huddersfield 1 Watford 0

Swansea 1 Everton 1

Liverpool 3 Bournemouth 0

Tottenham v Man City (7.45pm)

Premier League table (before Tottenham v Man City)

newcastle fans


Newcastle v Arsenal (1.30pm)

Man Utd v West Brom (4pm)


West Ham v Stoke (8pm)

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The Fat lad rolled the dice in August & it`s paid off big time for him.
    we`ll hit the 40pt mark & he`ll be thinking, £11m expenditure for £130m in the summer
    MMmmmmmmmm i just might stay
    🐖 🐷 🐖

    • Andy Mac

      Then its up to us to “encourage” him to Foxtrot Oscar ?

    • Duh

      He’s got no excuse this summer. 100m+ coming in and 100m+ guaranteed in 08/09.

      The somewhat credible argument last summer was that he would have a 100m pot to get promotion should they be relegated. A sensible person would argue that if you spent half of that last summer, that would not be a concern, but that is mikes logic apparently.

      This summer theoretically it’s 07/08 profit + player sales – agent fees and what not. Perhaps some other investment. That’s seems like it would be a fair wedge.

      2 loan signings made permanent + 3 players in the 20m+ bracket. That’s seems reasonable but I think like everyone else, it’s hard to see mike pay that for players.

      He’s more likely to give him just enough – maybe 40-50m and trouser the rest.

      • Jezza

        I can’t see Rafa or more likely Pardew getting a penny in the summer. It’s loans and free transfers from now on.

        • Whitehurst

          Ye of little hope!! 🍬

          • Leicester Mag

            Or him of true reality.

    • Jezza

      Yes if we finish top ten after re-investing just 11 million of the 40 million profit from the previous year Fatso is bound to be thinking that we can spend nowt, maybe even sell a couple of first teamers and still finish 17th.

      • StevieB

        He’ll need to employ a new manager though as well.

        • Jezza

          True and he’ll be more than happy to bring back his old mate and pet puppet Pardew on a quarter of Rafa’s salary.

  • Andy Mac

    The only result I was looking for was at the Madjeski. There is no way back for the unwashed now even if they beat Burton ?

  • GToon

    See Eriksen has scored for Spurs. So that will go down as scored by Kane I assume.
    Bit of a worry that our illustrious owner will think he got it right if we stay up with ease. I think things went our way in the end but that won’t happen every season, just ask the mackems.

    • Jezza

      It certainly won’t go our way next season if the summer pans out the way I fear it will.

      • Dennis Tate

        New owners in by next season and Come on me bonny lads.
        Europe here we come once again.

  • Stephen Paylor

    wins against Arsenal and West Brom and we are looking at a top half finish. Amazing

    • Duh

      Could not be a better time to play arsenal but they are decent team so you just never know.

      I reckon toon will get points from Watford, West Brom and Everton but not from spurs. Who knows with Chelsea.

  • Steve Smith

    Sean Dysche has to get manager of the season

    • Dennis Tate

      What Rafa has done is top class man management.
      If Newcastle do get a top ten finish he defiantly derserves manager of the season, he has turned a so called championship side on limited funds and used his management skills to source players on a loan basis to excell all odds since January 2017 to show the rest of the Premiership clubs that big spending does not necessarily bring success and a guarentee for safety in this league.
      Can’t see what Dyche has done in comparison to what Keegan or Bobby Robson achieved.

      • Down Under Mag

        No matter what we think, and no matter the money spent, Pep will no doubt get it as the parasites on the TV and in the media pat each other on the back.

      • Ram Kishore

        He has on the way to secure a place in Europe .. ig Dyche has done a wonderful job..

  • Dennis Tate

    Just hope that Southgate is at SJP tomorrow cos Sheivey and our captain fantastic will be ready to give him something to drool on when they play there hearts out to give (The Manager of The Year) Rafa a 3 pointer.
    Not forgetting Kenedy for another superb display.
    By the way seeing Arsenal are now interested in the lad Kenedy, why did they not push for him prior to Newcastle.
    Cos Rafa the master has done wonders for him when no one wanted to know.
    So there is another feather in the cap for Rafa.

    • Steven05

      I want our players to play for our club – I no longer care about the politics of the national team – especially with the possibility of injury and ‘bigger clubs’ taking an intrrest in taking our players

    • Jezza

      Your comments about Rafa are spot on but it is definitely not in our interests for Shelvey to play in the World Cup.

      • Dennis Tate

        That’s fair comment, but Shelvey commented himself that he would love to go even if it meant canceling his holidays he planned months ago. The lad derserves a shot to play for England again as there is not one player in England that is better than Shelvey for passing the ball. What the England team have are side and back passers.

  • thewildchimp

    I welcome the, for once, quiet ending to the season.
    Although, I am a bit sad that I didn’t actually bet against the Saints, Stoke and WBA in January. Could do with the extra cash.

  • Paul Cannell

    i;d love to finish above hippo heed’s Everton

    • TheNutJob

      and beat them next week, if we win today it`s not impossible to catch them
      Hippo Heeds as gross as Fatty

      • thewildchimp

        We have tougher fixtures lined up but also 2 games more to play, including this one. If we beat them, I think we’ll go ahead in line.

    • Peaky

      I would have loved to see Everton go down….can’t stand the mackem loving blue scousers….

    • Dennis Tate

      Yes without a doubt. Imagine his pre rehearsed post match comments with his jaws bumping non stop. Sammy the hippo is just all gob and no go.

  • TheNutJob

    the perfect summer, Fatty sells up, we get a new owner & sign Kenedy + Marty the keeper & Rafa gets a good pot for new players, or Fatty stays and we`re
    Doomed !

  • Dennis Tate

    Well that’s it my friends we are now secure in the top flight after todays 2-1 win against the gooners.
    Few negative comments on this thread again from what sounds like the unwashed from Blunderland.
    Howay the lads for another season with 50000 plus backing at every home games.
    Well done to Rafa and the proper lads.
    Never know we could finish 8th.