After Leicester 1 Newcastle 2 the consensus was that the scoreline didn’t really reflect the game.

The overwhelming view was that Rafa’s team had been worth far more than a one goal winning margin, after comprehensively being the better side.

It took until the 83rd minute for Leicester to actually have an effort on target and Jamie Vardy’s goal gave a bit of respectability to the home team that they didn’t deserve.

After the final whistle, even most Leicester fans (read HERE) were saying that Newcastle totally deserved to win and were the superior team.

However, despite Martin Dubravka not making a single save all game, somehow one of the Leicester team reckons that it was the Foxes who were the unlucky ones!

Defender Ben Chillwell claims ‘I think Newcastle probably only had two shots and scored both of them.’

The Leicster star going on to say ‘That shows at the moment things are going against us. When a team has a chance, they seem to score.’

Talk about deluded.

Whilst Newcastle did have less possession (see stats below) they had the vast majority of the dangerous play and counter-attacked with intent on a regular basis.

As the stats show, Newcastle had four shots on target to only one for Leicester, whilst they went close on a few other occasions, including Matt Ritchie’s outside the box volley that flashed just past the post.

The Leicester fans in their comments sounded far from happy with their manager and many of the players. However, if Chillwell’s perception is what many of his team-mates think as well, that Leicester were simply unlucky, then maybe they are a club at risk of heading on a downward spiral.

Ben Chillwell speaking to LCFC TV:

“It just didn’t fall our way.

“I’m not sure of the stats…but I think Newcastle probably only had two shots and scored both of them.

​“That shows at the moment things are going against us.

“When a team has a chance, they seem to score.

“It’s not an excuse, but it’s just how it is and we need to make sure that we limit those chances that other teams get and you know, when we get chances, make sure we be more clinical.

“After the first half we knew we had to come out in the second half and give a bit more and try and break them down, by playing a bit quicker.

“They were difficult to breakdown, we found that in the second half again.

“We had some chances but we did find them difficult to break down and I think that showed.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Leicester 1 Newcastle 2


Newcastle: Shelvey 18, Perez 75

Leicester: Vardy 83

Possession was Leicester 66% Newcastle 34%

Total shots were  Leicester 8 Newcastle 8

Shots on target were Leicester 1 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Leicester 7 Newcastle 5

Referee: Stuart Attwell

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Lejeune, Dummett, Ritchie, Shelvey, Diame (Hayden 81), Shelvey, Kenedy (Atsu 64), Gayle (Joselu 70)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Manquillo, Clark, Merino

Crowd: 32,066 (3,200 Newcastle)

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  • Wor Lass

    I spotted a comment by a Leicester player somewhere that we were “really physical”. I didn`t get that impression from the Sky highlights or the Chronic “Live” blog (so that bit proves nothing). It sounded like it got a bit feisty at times but seemed to be a 2-way thing.

    • TheNutJob

      Bonjour, Ayoze got over 5 so that will please you, the boys played the game as it should be played, hard but fair. that lot played like girls

      • Wor Lass

        Hola! I like watching the women`s footy – they get stuck in and there`s very little histrionics or simulation. They just get on with the game. Leicester weren`t that good!

        • mentalman

          if the tackles that happen in women’s football happened in a man’s match the game would be cancelled due to a lack of players left on the pitch

    • Rich Lawson

      Maguire looks huge and thugish.

      • Wor Lass

        He`s a decent footballer though, Rich.

        • Rich Lawson

          Go on then,he might occassionaly do a job but you’ve spoilt my rant now.Did you see that picture of him and Lascelles toe to toe tho’ he looked a beast ?

      • gallowgate26

        The fact that he’ll go to Russia ahead of Lascelles is literally negligence on the part of that ‘boro chump who fell into the Engerland job. Has Shelvey let him out of his back pocket yet?. :P

    • gallowgate26

      haha, that’s how Leicester ‘bullied’ their way to the title, with the likes of Morgan and Huth (now past it but at the time all having the season of their careers). Plus a team like City or Chelsea were not having a good season, no way could they win it this season for example. but anyway… Oh the irony! They don’t like it up ’em Captain Mainwaring!

  • ghostrider

    Leicester were out battled and were generally sluggish compared to their normal set up.
    We gave them little encouragement to do anything.
    We rendered them clueless and haphazard in their overall play.
    It’s possible they started the game guilty of expecting us to sit back and worry about Mahrez and Vardy, etc.
    Possibly too many players acting way about their station in not giving us any respect as a troublesome unit, offensively.

    No matter which way it is looked at and no matter how much spin is applied to the game by anyone…the truth of it is very very simple.
    Leicester deserved nothing from the game and we absolutely deserved all 3 points.

    The other truth is, we are not a championship team and never have been since we won it.

  • magpies

    I think we need to be disappointed that leicester scored with their only shot on target.

  • Dillon Tovak

    You’re in trouble when you’re banging on about things going against you.

  • Stephen

    The game’s over.
    The best team won.
    End of.

  • Paul Patterson

    Er, being clinical?

  • Toon

    Again, dry your eyes, crying over nothing, ignore the nasty person

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It was a good story at the time when Leicester won the league against the odds but it has given them ideas way above their station.
    They now have that “Big Boy” mentality that clubs like Manure, Chelski, Francenal, Citeh, Get where they think no one is allowed to defeat them.
    Their title win was a complete one off and it wouldn’t surprise me if they end up back in The Championship before too long.

  • magpiefifer

    The usual – why let facts get in the way of a biased comment!

  • Wor Monga

    It wasn’t even a smash and grab raid…we out played them had more attempts at goal, and got more of them on target…we could see it happening from the word go that one team thought they just had to come out in order to win it…

    …and the other who were determined to give everything they had to try and win it…that’s it really lots of determination and a touch of genius in football will sometimes work wonders!!!

  • Simon Ritter

    Leicester City had almost nothing to play for except their pride. Newcastle United wanted three valuable points in their fight for mid-table safety. Hence the outcome. Chillwell should remember he was lucky to avoid being sent off for deliberate handball in his penalty area. Count your blessings instead of moaning that your team deserved something from a game in which they were second best for almost the entire 95 minutes.

    • gallowgate26

      And Maguire lucky not to get sent off for punching, long before the penalty appeal…

      • Paul Smith

        Lets be honest… It wasn’t a punch. It was a push / shove on the chin. There was no impact.

  • Andy Mac

    “It’s not an excuse” ! All together now, in true Panto fashion, “Oh yes it is”😏

  • Ranieri Worship

    As a Leicester fan there is no doubt the result was fair, but I note very few geordies have mentioned the obvious penalty we should of had, & that could have changed the whole game. I have seen other Geordie comments elsewhere about Newcastle being a great club , you have a fantastic fan base & always have had but a ‘great’ club – when was the last time you even looked like winning anything ?

    • TC Toon Army

      We’ll never forget when you won the league. You best not either.

    • Rich Lawson

      4.50pm Saturday afternoon.

      • Ranieri Worship

        We won’t, gave hope to the smaller clubs including you. Sadly can’t see any other than the top 6 doing it again for decades

        • TC Toon Army

          Was a one off. Fair play to ya. It’s what every club dreams of.

        • Vincent Gigante

          With Vardy in our team we’d be top six and you’d be relegated.
          Dummet played the ball first, mahrez didn’t need to go down and Maguire should have been sent off.

      • Ranieri Worship

        At least you are a realist !! Great fans who have deserved at least a taste of success for years

        • Rich Lawson

          Thank you.

          • Ranieri Worship

            last one to you meant for someone else !

          • Andynufc

            No mention that maguire should have been sent off or are you just totally biased

    • gallowgate26

      Yeah ‘coz Newcastle fans are really going to sympathise with a club not getting a penalty…. you’re on the wrong ‘blog mate, maybe try Man United? We don’t get penalties, ever! One in the last three years! and horseloo missed it! And don’t cry ‘coz your back to being a bang average club, what is your club going to win exactly this season or next, pray tell us?

  • gallowgate26

    Putting all banter aside. After watching three replays, I did think Mahrez went over Dummett’s foot too easily, I’m not saying it wasn’t a potential penalty but if Mahrez had tried to keep running and then stumbled and fell over then maybe he would have got it. Gayle went down over an outstretched foot and got a yellow card, earlier in the season and in the Gallowgate End we all thought it was a penalty at the time. What I’m trying to say is, there has to be no doubt whatsoever, or it has to be Man U/ Liverpool at home etc. otherwise the refs often won’t give it!

    • thewildchimp

      I believe that’s the reason why the ref didn’t gave away the pen, nor the yellow card for Mahrez. He wanted to fall, saw the he was going to be fouled and dropped to the ground. I think it was a good decision. Mahrez has only himself to blame.