The latest article to be highlighted in our Debate of the day feature is: ‘Top national journalist tells Arsenal fans to look at example of Newcastle supporters – Some classic reaction comments.’

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The article highlighted today has already had 108 comments and the basis of the article is that one of the national journalists has slaughtered Arsenal fans for the lack of backing of their team AND the massive number of empty seats at The Emirates.

Some lively comments coming from Mag readers on both sides of the debate…

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Some of the comments after ‘Top national journalist tells Arsenal fans to look at example of Newcastle supporters – Some classic reaction comments.’:


‘Talk about myths – there wasn’t a single 9000 gate under Ardiles or anybody else in that era. The record books will show this, the same books I have to hand show that before the PL and in the top division whilst challenging for titles and winning cups Arsenal got gates like this:

Arsenal v Oxford 16/11/86               19,632

Arsenal v Norwich              4/4/88 19,341

Arsenal v Watford              15/4/88 19,541

Arsenal v Coventry             2/5/88 16,963

Arsenal v Leeds   17/3/91 26,218   top v 4th – Arsenal win the league, losing once

Arsenal v Luton   27/8/91 25,898   (reigning champs, 2nd home game)

Arsenal v Norwich              11/2/92 22,096

imagine their gates would have been the same as ours at best if instead of challenging for the title and being in the top five all the time, they were in the bottom half of the second division.’


‘I always find it amusing when fans of others teams have to go back nearly 30 years to have a go at nufc attendances. It’s such a desperate reach at a dig against nufc fans.haha

They talk as if we’ve witnessed countless trophies being won since then. I really couldn’t care less about Arsenal and their fans. If they’re not happy about what’s happening at their club then as paying customers they have the right to moan, wether people think it’s justified or not.

Likewise I don’t care what fans think of Nufc or us fans. Supposedly we’re fickle and deluded. We think we should be winning the PL every season blah blah blah. A myth made up by Southern media that a lot of simple minded southerners believe.

The fact that the media and a lot of pundits couldn’t understand why fans weren’t shouting for Rafa to be sacked during our bad run of results says it all really.’

Jamie Lumley:

‘I couldn’t care less what happens in North London.

The few genuine Arsenal fans that I work with, don’t seem to look at the world through the same viewpoint as me. Their criticism of Wenger and their ‘lack of success’ isn’t genuine, it’s how they think all ‘footy’ fans behave and they just follow suit. It’s like wearing the shirt for them.

If its a bit cold and the match is on telly, why bother going? Wait until Wenger does go – you’ll be able to hear them whinging all the way down the A1.’


‘One of the comments is spot on: “football is nothing without hope”

When we were in the Championship, we had hope we could get promoted, in the Prem we hope we don’t get relegated.

Hopefully we will stay up and Ashley sells up.

If we stay up and Ashley remains, we are doomed. He will never,never,never change.’


‘It’s all the fault of Spurs, and Man City…

Before their vast improvement, the ‘Big 4’ only had to worry about the odd interloper into their champions’ (sic) league gravy train – maybe Everton, or once upon a time us or Leeds, would bump say, Liverpool out.

Now every year, one misses out completely, or relies on winning the CL or Europa League to get back on the gravy train.

This year that looks like being Chelsea. And maybe arsenal if Atletico Madrid win the Europa.

What we’re seeing is the fall out for arsenal supporters. And it’s funny. Sit back and enjoy it, there’ll be more of this from the fans of the ‘gravy train gone off rails’ Big 4 every season ….’

Ram Kishore :

‘Glory support and arsenal fans are not used to be out of Champions league anytime in my memory for the past two decades..’

Albert Stubbins:

‘Completely agree. There’s a rule change in the offing then. Top six for champions league and no one allowed to be in the top six unless they’re backed by corrupt money!!’


‘Yes it is the biggest myth in modern football that Newcastle never got more than a few thousand in St James’s Park before Kevin Keegan became manager.

The clown who says “research football before 1992” clearly needs to research football before 1992 himself. In the 1983/84 season for example Newcastle in the second division had an average home attendance of 29,777 making us the fifth best supported club in the country. That figure was also more than 10,000 higher than the average for the first division that season.’

Albert Stubbins:

‘The Arsenal fans of today are the man city fans of the future. Can’t bear watching a team not winning every week. Poor little lambs. How do they cope?

Phil Yare:

‘Can’t wait for wenger to leave. then somebody like pardew or mcclaren can come in.’


‘Rafa’s incredible achievements with a Championship squad in the Premiership this season will not have gone un-noticed.

He will not be short of offers from far more successful and ambitious clubs than Newcastle in the summer.’

Monkseaton Magpies:

‘When I started going. it was Harvey out, but the campaign against Pardew was sick with leaflets, vans with posters on.

I went to Bar Loco and ripped them up, these people are morons not supporters.’

East Durham Mag:



‘if you go then don`t moan about the situation with Ashley because you & your ilk is why he`s still there there`s a thin line between loyalty & stupidity & i`m not stupid.’

Paul Cannell:

‘I wonder what crowds Arsenal would get if they had not won anything for 40 years?’


‘I’ll tell you now they’d be lucky to be getting 15,000.’

  • Andy Mac

    May I just add John Cross is no “top journalist” he works for the Mirror and occasionally Talkshite

    • Rich Lawson

      Still streets ahead of Graham Porter,who I start to disbelieve really exists other than as a click bait bi-line ?

      • 1957

        Is Porter just Lee Ryder moonlighting, their respective ‘articles’ are often almost identical…

        • Rich Lawson

          Does any one know if Graham Porter is a real person,feel free to respond(for a change) Graham,or do you not read this site beyond your own(?) posts ?

          • Leazes.

            Just as you can tell the writing style of one author from another its impossible to tell Smithfield from Porter or others.

            Either they are the same person or the editor Mark Jensen is very heavy in laying his hand in overwriting the lot of them.

            Personally I think its just one ‘author'(sic) for ‘the regulars’ with contributions from a host of others and some made up by the editor.

            They all can’t be right wing numeric dunderheeds who write like a woman!

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            “who write like a woman” the 1970’s are on the phone, they want their outdated attitudes back (& your lazy left wing politics can go too)

          • Rich Lawson

            I agree.

  • Paul Busby

    Jezza: ‘I’ll tell you now they’d be lucky to be getting 15,000.’

    Not wrong there, there is plenty of clubs in London for kids to grow up supporting. Not so much around the North East, especially not if you have a tendency to make daily trips to the shower.

  • gallowgate26

    What is the point of all this? To goad (but remind us how poor we are still compared to) a declining Arsenal? I’ve always got on okay with Arsenal supporters so why start dragging up things when this is essentially a non-story by a journalist / no rivalry between the two clubs, we don’t need another Villa situation brewing.

    • Leazes.

      The journalist doesn’t understand that United aren’t in the same league or indeed have fans with aspiration and drive.

      • Rich Lawson

        ”Journalist”,surely The Sun will snap him up any day now ?

  • Paul Patterson

    Can someone please tell me the point of an article trying to get comments on the comments of another article?

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The only time I can remember the crowds going right down was towards the end of the 80’s when we got relegated.
    We got around 15,000 for a Wednesday night game against West Ham which we lost 1-2.
    I seem to remember that all but sealed our fate with West Ham fans joining in with the “Sack The Board” chants of the time.

    There was a bit of a riot after the game with the police and I can remember nearly being bitten on the jacksy by the dogs when we broke the line they had formed at the bridge outside of Eldon Square.
    Those were the days when shop windows would regularly go in with a bit of looting being the order of the day lol
    You could get yourself a nice Benetton jumper if you were lucky enough to be at the front lol

    Different times indeed because if it happened now you could see the headlines : “Night Of Shame” etc, With loads of people getting nicked and doing time with a huge outcry.
    Back then it hardly got a mention and things like that were par for the course with a police officer getting trampled by a falling gate when we burst onto the pitch in the Gallowgate end after one game !

    • Rich Lawson

      The edginess amongst the fans definitely made for a more interesting day/night out.Sky and the corporate boys have taken some of the passion out of football.

  • Tino o

    Looking forward to the best comments of the best comments of this conversation