Chelsea fans aren’t very happy.

Despite being the reigning champions, fifth in the Premier League, and into the semi-finals of the FA Cup, Antonio Conte is getting an awful lot of abuse.

The latest stick for Chelsea fans to beat him with is Kenedy.

The Brazilian was barely used by the Blues boss and even when he was, it was as a left-back or left wing-back.

Allowed to join Newcastle on loan and played as a winger, he has helped transform United’s form, in his eight matches Rafa’s team have won four, drawn three and lost only one in the Premier League.

In the meantime, Chelsea have lost five Premier League matches, drawn one and won only two. The net result has been they are 10 points off the top four and facing the disaster of missing out on the Champions League, with a one-way ticket to the Europa League instead.

Incidentally, whilst Kenedy has been at Newcastle, Chelsea fans have also seen their team eliminated from this season’s Champions League.

As a result of the 22 year old’s form at Newcastle, it has led to claims that he is being targeted by PSG, Bayern Munich and Arsenal, for a potential summer move.

The Chelsea fans aren’t happy.

Amusingly, many of them in the comments below are claiming how they always knew Kenedy was a class act and that Conte was stupid for not playing him more and for letting him join Newcastle on loan.

Funnily enough, I don’t remember this kind of response from Chelsea fans back in late January…

Interesting some of the other points they make, including giving begrudging credit to Rafa Benitez as a manager who can improve players.

However, in all their talk about what might or might not happen with Kenedy, the only mention of Newcastle is of another loan possibly.

The main talk is whether he will be playing for Chelsea next season or sold to another ‘big club’.

The winger has made a very good impression but the claims of Bayern/PSG interest are surely laughable at this stage.

Plus, the reality is that he wouldn’t get a game ahead of the likes of Hazard and Willian either, plus whoever else Chelsea buy for big money this summer.

Newcastle need to get an offer of £15m or £20m or whatever it takes to land the player now, he is a potential rising star and the Brazilian needs to be convinced that Newcastle United is the best place for this to happen. Getting regular football and playing under Rafa Benitez, with assurances that the Newcastle manager will be backed this summer with further similar quality signings.

In the meantime enjoy these comments from Chelsea fans via their top The Shed End message board:

‘I would be bringing him back to compete with Hazard & Willian.

Problem we have had is neither Mourinho nor Conte can be trusted to develop creative players, and this has nothing to do with the pressures of winning. A defender; Yes, A defensive midfielder; Yes, A target man; Yes, but I wouldn’t trust them to develop creative young players.

As much as Chelsea fans hate Benitez, give him a young talent and he would develop them.

I wouldn’t mind sending Hudson Odoi to him next season, seeing how he much time he has given Kenedy & Atsu before that.’

‘I’d be happy for him to go back to Newcastle for another season on loan, he seems to be developing well under Benitez.’

‘PSG and Bayern on the horizon for him… Would be an absolute shocker to let him go. Instead of having him as a wingback, we should definitely use him as a winger and i think he could be successful there for us.’

‘Kenedy has always impressed me and I’ve never understood why he hasn’t been given more of a chance.

Yes he’s a little raw and a bit impetuous but he’s got pace, skill and aggression.

If he’d had a manager that believed in him, I think he’d have been very useful this season. I’ve never been a fan of Pedro. I’d take Kenedy over him like a shot.

Anyway, this is one loan deal that’s worked out. Hopefully we’ll reap the reward next season when he’s integrated into our squad.’

‘Kenedy didn’t do anything to earn more starts than he actually got this season.

He is doing much better at his loan clubs where competition for places is less.’

‘I’m not sure about Kenedy as a winger or a fullback but as a wingback he could be good. Problem is we bought Emerson now and Alonso isn’t going anywhere.’

‘Kenedy – six starts under Conte in 12 months Jan 17-Jan 18…already started eight times for Newcastle…

Is it any surprise he didn’t develop under Conte or show the confidence he is playing with now?

Not suggesting first name on the teamsheet every week, but criminally underused by a coach that moans about not having enough players.’

‘Kenedy, like Batshuayi, has been mostly poor when he’s played for us.

To say they were not used is just wrong.

The only difference with Kenedy is we tended to play him out of position at wing back when he’s clearly more comfortable on the left wing, and unfortunately for him that position happens to belong to Hazard.

Glad he’s doing well though, clearly the loan was the right move.’

‘Newcastle want him permanently and we’re interested in Lascelles, a deal might be done.’

‘Pedro out, Kenedy in next season?’

‘I think kenedy has been unlucky to get shoehorned into the left wing back role at Chelsea.

He came to the club as a forward, but I don’t think he has played more than 2 or 3 times there, it must be difficult to move to a new country, and try to impress in an unfamiliar role, with limited opportunities.

It’s like us signing richalison, and giving him the odd run out at right wing back. Kenedy had the ability to make a similar impact, but I feel he came to us too soon.

I find it pretty astonishing he has been linked with bayern and psg today, he has potential, but he has a lot to work on.

I think either a loan or sale with a buy back clause would be the best path for him next season.’

‘The fact that he is being linked to clubs such as psg and Bayern shows what a fantastic prospect he is, in terms of both potential and sell on value.

So many people are quick to write off players…not Chelsea quality, not good enough, never going to make it….etc etc.  And they may be right, but with a run of games in his actual position, I think he could really turn some heads and surprise people.

Quick. Strong. Skillful. Not afraid to shoot. And a bit of a fighter and a scraper.  Qualities that we could do with…’

‘He looked good for Newcastle playing on the left wing however he’s nowhere near challenging Hazard for that position.

Even if he continues to impress for Newcastle I find it hard to imagine Kenedy ever being more than a squad player for us.’

‘It’s infuriating that there seems to have been a pattern at Chelsea.

Sturridge, KDB, Lukaku, Salah, now possibly Kenedy & Bats. We seem to always be looking elsewhere for the answers when sometimes we have it right in our lap but just need to SHOW A BIT OF FAITH.’

‘I’ve always been a fan of Kenedy.

He is very skilled and works his backside off, got a quality final ball too. If only Moses was even half as good as him! Not surprised he is being linked with other big clubs, he will turn into the next Salah or De Bruyne, mark my words.

And we will be laughed at once again for letting such a talent slip through our fingers.’

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Ah, the Fat Lads club, No, not us Chelsea.
    Kenedy is a lost cause as far as Newcastle are concerned the Pig has no intention whatsoever of of opening the till, end of story

    • Peaky

      How’s the laptop ?

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        Should have it back tomorrow, lucky i`ve got 2, or should i say the
        Muppets lucky i`ve got 2

        • Peaky


          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            I was going to waterboard him but let him off

          • Peaky


    • Mike

      use the mitro money….errr maybe

  • Peaky

    We may as well get used to it and face reality….this lad is on a different level to Atsu and no way in a million years will he sign for us permanently.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He`s on a different level, Period.

    • gallowgate26

      He’s on a different level to every other player in the squad.

    • kingfisher

      You’re so negative Peaky.All Ashley has to do is put his hand in his pocket and pay the going rate for Ken….. Oh c**p, You could be right 😁😂🤣

      • Peaky

        The only “Ken” he’ll pay for goes by the middle name of …..No “Ken” Do…..

        • kingfisher


  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    That lot were happy when Rafa left Chelsea now some of them want him to develop players for them

    • Peaky

      Fuc*ing idiots….

  • James Mills

    Lmao clearly chelski fans rather than headhunters Man City start winning every year I’m sure half this lot will be claiming light blue, suppose that the price for buying titles fickle clueless fans & as for swap for Lascelles yeah plus another 5of their loaned/youth players & 30mil lol

  • TheFatController

    They do point out the fact that Rafa has developed him and thus hopefully can perhaps pick up another of their many young players on loan next season.

    Also they’ll be aware of the situation pointed out by Ian Wright about how he could have flourished had he come to us.

  • Mike

    eh? just admit your manager is crp. and as usual replaced every year by the russki. nothing to do with the players

  • Stephen Paylor

    Kenedy has some pace and skill but to say he is anywhere near Willian or Hazard is just plain silly. He has had a couple of decent games at NUFC but im not sure where all this talk of him being a world beater has come from. He is suited for his next move to be permanently at NUFC for next year. He will get games and play in his correct position. 15 million should suit everyone, no more

  • Dingus

    I’m not sure it’s all down to Rafa. I’d say it’s the fact he is in amongst a small squad, a young team with a good bond, with an influential leader in Lascelles that is getting the performances out of him. There’s less pressure on him, and he’s regularly being played in his preferred role. On current form, one could argue he could provide cover at Chelsea. But no more. The Bayern/PSG links will be down to Chelsea and his agent using their contacts in the media to get other clubs interested. If he is smart, he’ll stay where he is enjoying his football. At least for the time being. And if we are lucky, he might have the same attitude as Vela, where he isn’t interested in the size of the club he plays for. Rather he’d prefer to get a game and be happy strutting his stuff while making millions