Premier League clubs have met on Friday.

The 20 clubs, amongst other things, voting on whether to use VAR in the English top tier next season.

Both the Bundesliga and Serie A decided to bring in VAR this current season, with mixed results…

When the decision was put to the vote, the 20 Premier League clubs were happy for VAR to be used in the FA Cup and League Cup next season – but not in the Premier League for the time being.

Using the technology has to to come in at some point, with cheating still rife and obvious mistakes still regularly made.

However, the way that it has been implemented has been a total joke and needs some common sense applied in its usage.

BBC Sport:

‘The clubs agreed that advanced testing on the use of the video technology will continue to the end of 2018-19.

Premier League officials want the system to be implemented for FA Cup and League Cup matches again next term.

There were some notable high-profile problems with the new technology when it was used for matches in this season’s FA Cup.

In Manchester United’s victory at Huddersfield in the last 16 of the FA Cup, for example, on-screen lines used to adjudicate on an offside decision were curved and distorted.

Clubs also want improvement to communication inside the stadium and for TV viewers.

The decision not to bring in the system next season was made at a Premier League shareholders meeting in London on Friday, when all 20 member clubs voted.

A statement said the clubs “recognised and are grateful for the substantial developments made” by referees chief Mike Riley and his team.

The International Football Association Board (Ifab) is expected to approve VAR when it meets in Zurich, in time for this summer’s World Cup in Russia.

Ifab technical director and former Premier League referee David Elleray said 40 countries were using, trialling or interested in VAR technology.

Germany and Italy introduced VAR across their top leagues this season.

In the Bundesliga, technical problems led to 47% of players wanting to abolish the system, according to a survey published in Kicker magazine in January.’

  • Graham Chapman

    IFAB? Great, we have another organisation involved. Personally never heard of them, but if VAR is launched into the Prem, what would be left for Match of the Day to whinge about?

    • Peaky

      Jenas can whinge about anything so we should be ok…..

  • Whickhamrobbie

    Great we dont need it .
    Just give referees more power to ban players who cheat ,dive and give dissent .
    Even after the event and even if the Refs got it wrong . Diving and feigning injury is a cancer and must be stamped out .
    The is he offside/not offside is part of the game some you get some you dont .
    Even american football ditched endless challenges as it just ruins the flow of the game .

    • Peaky

      100% agree…stamp out this holding up an imaginary card to get opponents booked/sent off also….Cabaye was at it constantly v Liverpool a couple of weeks back.

    • Leazes.

      I’d introduce a penalty for diving and cheating in retrospect, (bans and bookings) but the problem is the interpretation that we see all of the time on MOTD when they stop the playback and say there’s contact and you think ‘what?’ no there wasn’t…. most people falling over an outstretched leg are cheating…. its how good the cheat is that counts….so you are in effect going to ban them for being a lousy cheat instead of a good one.

      • Whickhamrobbie

        Great Ban the Lousy cheats first then we can work on the good ones .
        I agree about the pundits and contact as some contact wouldnt knock over some of our U9,S never mind a honed athlete .
        This cheating must be stopped

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Ban the VAR it is rubbish and takes the edge from the game. However the one thing and only thing it should be used for is to let the ref know in his ear peace if the ball has crossed the goal line as long as this does not stop play.

    • Mal

      We already have the technology for deciding if the ball crossed the line. VAR is an upgrade – it should be perfectly easy to operate but as usual our administrators are making a complete mess of its introduction.

    • thewildchimp

      With so many cheating [email protected], it has become a problem for the refs. And sometimes the refs are pr!cks themselves, so this system could really shine. As long as they keep it simple.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Why are they making such a 🐷’s 👂out of this?
    Other sports seem to bring things through pretty seamlessly.

    • Whickhamrobbie

      No they dont Rugby still makes an 4Rse out of it and their game stops and starts endless times anyway .
      How many times does a rugby ref ask to see an incident ???they do it as routine now and if football follows it will simply kill the game.

      • ghostrider

        No it won’t kill the game. It’ll make the game close to fair and that’s the problem.

    • ghostrider

      Because it’s orchestrated not to be brought in.
      There’s no issues with it except the issues that have been choreographed to stand out.
      The game is far too corrupt to bring in fairness.

      • thewildchimp

        Yeah, imagine if they couldn’t fix the games via refs anymore… The golden days of molesting the players will return to us. I mean: the only reason why they are “testing” it is because they need to think of a different way to pull the stunts. There can’t be anyone stupid enough to think that they need a whole year just to come up with the best method of how 4 guys can rewind a single tape of footage. People who are in charge of the replays in the TV studios need about 2-3 seconds to cut, zoom and show us the footage from several angles. Just do the same for the refs and have the 4th ref watch it and suggest the course of action to the 1st. It’s that easy. Or just have the fifth bloke watch the entire match on the panel and correct the main ref if he makes a mistake.

        • ghostrider

          Absolutely right.
          At the very controversial end of the scale with this, in terms of not being able to make a snap decision on something due to it not being clear enough to make, then the original call from the ref should stand.
          Ok there will still be errors in that sense but few and far between in any single match.

          But I do agree with everything you’ve said.

  • Leazes.

    Oh no…how will the refs miss all of our penalty claims now?

    When are they going to get around to sorting out the bias that exists from referees who give decisions heavily in favour of the elite group of clubs?

    Come on Graham get the stats going on this one….what percentage chance is it if the opposition get 22 penalties to our 2….. and would you say that maybe something isn’t quite right about refereeing in this league?

  • Paul Patterson

    Everything evens itself out in the end.
    As an aside, look at the match between Real and Juventus. A Real Madrid player was nudged in the back and had a leg wrapped round his waist, to which a penalty was correctly given. Cue mass protest from the Italian side, including Buffon haranguing and nudging the referee in retaliation, instead of staying calm and maybe even saving the penalty and becoming an even bigger hero. The referee correctly sent the idiotic goalkeeper off, the penalty was scored and Madrid won the game.
    After the match, the incensed Buffon called the referee a ‘Murderer’, ‘Killer’, said that he had a bin where his heart should be, all for ruining his dream of winning the Champions League.
    If VAR had been in place it would have came to the same decision as the referee did.
    Legend as he was, Buffon (and players like him) need to look at themselves in the mirror and realise the hard jobs the referee’s have. That referee deserves an apology from Buffon, as he got everything right.
    Referees make mistakes as do players

    • Mal

      Unfortunately everything doesn’t even itself out in the end. If VAR had been in operation then city would have been 2 0 up at ht against Liverpool and we might have had a completely different outcome in a major game. How can you even that out?

    • Leazes.

      22 away team penalties to our 2….. It doesn’t even itself out….the bias is institutionalised within the referees association.