This Newcastle team have really impressed this season in terms of their commitment and desire.

After a run of only one point from nine games, they have bounced back with some excellent form in these past four months.

The only Premier League defeats since losing to Arsenal on 16 December 2017, have been to Liverpool and Manchester City.

One other stand out feature of this Newcastle team is that it is also a relatively youthful one.

A table has been compiled of the average age of each Premier League team this season.

There are some massive variations…

At one end of the scale you have West Brom with an average age of 29 years 185 days, that at the other end are Liverpool with 25 years 348 days.

It might be a bit simplistic to say youth is good due to it being Champions League semi-finalists Liverpool and old is bad as it is doomed West Brom.

However, looking at the list below, eight of the youngest teams also happen to be in the top half of the Premier League table.

These include Newcastle United, who just missed out on being the very youngest team by three days.

Newcastle have only one regular starter in Mohamed Diame who has actually reached 30, whereas that is pretty much the average age of the whole West Brom team.

The Baggies are looking really really poor and to have such an old team is especially worrying for them, as they look to try and get out of a very competitive Championship next season.

Good news for Newcastle though and another study earlier this week also showed that Newcastle have a squad which rates very highly compared to clubs in the main five European leagues when it comes to average length of contract remaining for first team players (read that HERE).

Figures compiled by Talksport – every Premier League club by the average age of their starting XI in the 2017/18 campaign:

25 years 348 days Liverpool

25 years 351 days Newcastle United

26 years 17 days Spurs

26 years 185 days Huddersfield

26 years 294 days Southampton

26 years 322 days Man City

27 years 0 days Chelsea

27 years 25 days Man Utd

27 years 38 days Everton

27 years 102 days Arsenal

27 years 118 days Bournemouth

27 years 183 days Crystal Palace

27 years 197 days Swansea

27 years 286 days Brighton

27 days 291 days Leicester

27 years 299 days Burnley

27 years 301 days Stoke

28 years 104 days Watford

28 years 248 days West Ham

29 years 185 days West Brom

  • Darryl John

    Leicester are playing tots.

  • Leazes.

    Its nothing to do with age…its the quality of the player that counts!

    In 2004-05, Chelsea with an average age 25 years and 312 days that finished 12 points above runners-up Arsenal. The oldest team to win the Premier League is also Chelsea at 29 years and 94 days in 2009-10.

  • Stephen Butler

    can they play?

  • 1957

    Nothing especially interesting about it, except hasn’t Porter consistently told us we needed more older experienced players in our squad to stay up this season… or was it his alter ego Lee Ryder.

    Age is unimportant if your players have some quality

    • Leazes.

      People have turned the Alan Hansen quote on its head since it was blown apart by Ferguson…. but what the full quote should have been was….

      ….’You win nothing with kids, unless you try and recreate the Busby Babes by raiding other clubs academies and bribing their parents’….

      …. that was what Fergie did!