For somebody who hadn’t started a league game in nine months, Aleksandar Mitrovic is certainly making the most of his time at Fulham.

Last week he picked up the EFL Player of The Month award for March, having scored five goals in five games.

Last night, he didn’t add to his nine goals for the Cottagers but Mitro helped his team into the top two with a 1-0 win over Reading.

The Championship club have now picked up a remarkable 33 points from a possible 39 in the 13 matches the Newcastle striker has featured in, with no defeats.

Now on Wednesday morning, the news has come through that Aleksandar Mitrovic has now also picked up the PFA Championship Player of the Month for March award.

Voted by fans across the country, Mitro won with 26% of the vote, Middlesbrough’s Patrick Bamford had 20%, whilst his Fulham team-mate and supposed Newcastle target, Tom Cairney, had 18% support.

The Mag – 6 April 2018:

Aleksandar Mitrovic has won the March Championship player of the month award.

The Newcastle loan striker was up against Patrick Bamford of Middlesbrough, Sean Maguire of Preston North End and Millwall defender Shaun Hutchinson.

Mitro has scored eight goals in his last eight Fulham appearances and these included five in five in March.

Overall, the 11 matches the Serbian striker has appeared in, have produced 27 points from a possible 33 – with eight wins and three draws.

This was the EFL Official website write-up when nominated:

Aleksandar Mitrovic (Fulham)

“Has provided the missing piece of the Fulham puzzle since joining on loan in January.

“His strength and ability to hold the ball up, bringing teammates into play, have been matched by his finishing ability with five goals in as many games.”

After picking up the award, Aleksandar Mitrovic:

“I am happy and proud.

“I would like to thank my team-mates for helping me to achieve this and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

“From the first minute here, I adapted really fast and my team-mates have helped me a lot.

“I feel good to play every game on the pitch so I hope that we’ll be able to fight for automatic promotion for the rest of the season.

I needed to leave Newcastle because I needed game time and needed games in my legs and I was desperate to play football, to be on the pitch, to score goals.

“It works perfectly for me, I really enjoy it here, my family enjoy it and I hope it continues.

“The manager, obviously being Serbian too, helped me a lot and the style they play, the players they have, I like a lot.”

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The hard work for him starts when they play Sunderland at Craven Cottage in a couple of weeks time. Anything less than victory in that game and his popularity will nose dive.

    • Wor Monga

      It certainly will…I think it would warrant a stewards inquiry!!!

    • Mxpx

      It wouldn’t be his first time scoring against the mackems if he does

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    He`s now getting the benefit of playing at a club where not only the manager values him but their system suits him.
    I hope Fulham do come up & sign the lad, it would be interesting to say the least to see him come up against Lascelles next season,
    that would be worth the entrance fee alone.

    • Leazes.

      Lascelles will be away in late July so you’ll also need a train fair to London to see him at the bridge or the lane!

      • MichaelMaximusMoose


      • Wor Monga

        So how many of your dire predictions have been right, to date, bluebottle?…

        …ah yes,let me see, now…

        …got it exactly…NONE!!!

  • JEz_Brizzle

    Congrats to the lad – well deserved and probably not a surprise to all us fans who rated him and puzzled over why Benitez didn’t play him. Perhaps a clash of personalities, or may be Mitro has an attitude that Benitez doesn’t stand for. Confusing as Benitez is doing a grand job and I would love to see what would be happening if Mitro was playing for us.
    Perhaps the move has put Mitro in the right path, who knows. All we do know is he is doing what we (or some of us) believed he could all along.

  • Philippines

    Not much more we can say really. Let’s see how things pan out next season. For me, I would like him to return to NUFC.

  • James Mills

    Tinfoil hat time did Rafa not want to play him so as not to score a shed load of goals & prove cashley right about only needing to spend penny’s lmao

    • Mxpx

      Stranger things have happened at the club I’ve had similar thoughts myself but that wouldn’t explain why chancel mbemba can’t get a game so I believe it’s more likely to be mitrovics contract has massive bonuses in it for him doing well I remember Jonas guittirez was benched and sent to Norwich when he got close to triggering performance bonuses

    • GlasgowMag

      No he didn’t play him because he was to slow and didn’t fit in to his game plan!! but what does Rafa know, mabye with you and your pals experience as a top class manager we would now be sitting in a European place with Mitro at the helm😂😂😂

  • TheFatController

    I think Mitro just needs to mature. I suspect Rafa doesn’t trust his temperament for what has been a season of fine margins.

    Being at Fulham doesn’t prove his temperament sadly, because the teal test of anyone’s temperament is not in a Sam winning 27 points from 33, but when you’re in a struggling side and the center backs can put you in their pocket skill-wise.

    Then, for mitro, his jet asset is to bully the skillful center backs. However, he doesn’t seem to learn to be like shearer, successfully walking the line of being sent off or distracted with physical battles, and being overly aggressive and sidetracked thus jot sing his job tactically.

    I know others will go mental reading this but face facts, he got booked with ten seconds in his debut, has had four red cards and isn’t a Ronaldo or Messi. Until he proves it’s possible the top CBs won’t see him coming a mile off and negate his ability and play on his weakesses, Rafa won’t be able to trust him.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      What a load of Krap.

      • TheFatController

        Face facts. Don’t live in denial, in a world where Mitro doesn’t lose control against top opposition. He does, I’m sorry to have to reveal to you.

        He also doesn’t yet have the answers to coping with the top CBs. But you keep thinking he does. I want you to be happy.

    • Wor Monga

      Totally correct…Fulham were a decent championship team, last season…they made the play-offs…they scored 80 goals that were spread throughout the forwards and mid-fielders…they’ve still got creative players there Cairney got 13, Sessegnon, etc…they beat us twice home and away…they’ve now got about 5 loans in from top PL clubs and they have a Serbian manager who plays the old English style game with wingers and big powerful, but not particularly mobile, strikers …

      …it was all in place for Mitro to do well with them before he got there, and he is doing well…but nobody plays that way in the PL and I suspect he’ll find it just as hard as he did if he comes back up again…top PL strikers like Shearer (who for me was the best) are highly mobile, intelligent, very hard to tie down and yet still big and strong, in around the box…

      …Mitro comes up against top class CD’s that keep him tight, and can match/ better him for pace…he gets rattled, the blood rushes to his head and he get’s cautioned…in the championship for us he just couldn’t cover the ground or hit the target like Gayle could, and it’s much more difficult in the PL…

      …so he might as well enjoy the time at Fulham because if he keeps on scoring he’ll be out of their price range when their other loans head back home!!!

      • thewildchimp

        Mates, why are you acting like it’s the matter of life and death if Mitro plays or not? If we need a pacey player for a specific game, we have Gayle and Perez. If we need a defensive forward to defend the lead in the last 10 minutes, we have Joselu. If we need a strongman to hold the ball upfield and get on the end of crosses and freekicks (also on defence), we have no one. Technically, there is Slimani, but he’s not our player. Pace isn’t everything. Look at Vardy in the last game. Managed to land a single shot on target amidst our confused defence and that’s about it. The most important things in football are positioning and timing, coupled with the required minimum of technical ability. If you master the first two, you don’t need pace, you don’t need strength- they become bonuses, not requirements. Terry prolonged his PL career for some two or three years solely on these two stats. Rooney as well.

        As much as I’d like a new Shearer in Newcastle – it’s not going to happen. A youngster who is the complete package is worth around 100m quids. Even if Ashley did his job properly we wouldn’t have that much money to invest.

        Tl;dr: Mitrovic isn’t a complete CF but a specialised one. He is very good at what he does, considering his age and would be an asset to our team, especially because he is a £20-25m player, for whom we paid half that price 2 years ago. However, Benitez thinks otherwise and his word is final.

        • TheFatController

          That’s valid, and I don’t have a problem with players without pace (Teddy Sheringham for example was fantastic without it) so don’t knock Mitro for it, but if you’re going to be a bustling CF, at least be smart enough to do the winding up, and not be the one getting wound up.

          You can get away with being wound up too easily if you’re an Ian Wright or Roy Keane. As in, you’re an outstanding PL player. If you aren’t, you’re a liability …

          • thewildchimp

            I fully agree. That’s why the FA should penalise such behaviour, not the managers. Shelvey got burned twice and now he’s learned his lesson. I think Mitro has too.

  • fistsofsteel2

    Rafa is looking very foolish……..picking Joselu and Gayle ahead of Mitrovich can only be described as stupid.

  • Andy Mac

    Its only Fulham, its only the Championship, its only eight goals in eight games……….

  • Desree

    Palace fans were having a similar debate about dwight gayle 12 months ago. They aren’t now.

    • Popnbgd

      Apples and oranges mate….MItro just turned 23 and past 2 seasons He didn’t get any significant playing time…or real chance…