Aleksandar Mitrovic has been nominated for the March Championship player of the month award.

The Newcastle loan striker is up against Patrick Bamford of Middlesbrough, Sean Maguire of Preston North End and Millwall defender Shaun Hutchinson.

Mitro has scored eight goals in his last eight Fulham appearances and these include five in five in March.

Overall, the 11 matches the Serbian striker has appeared in, have produced 27 points from a possible 33 – with eight wins and three draws.

This is the EFL Official website write-up:

Aleksandar Mitrovic (Fulham)

“Has provided the missing piece of the Fulham puzzle since joining on loan in January.

“His strength and ability to hold the ball up, bringing teammates into play, have been matched by his finishing ability with five goals in as many games.”

As well as Mitro’s nomination his Fulham boss is also up for the manager award for March.

Slavisa Jokanovic led Fulham to four wins and a draw in March and must surely have a great chance, as well as Mitro, of picking up the award for last month.

He was also nominated in January and February but didn’t win.

This time he is up against Milwall’s Neil Harris, Neil Warnock of Cardiff, as well as Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo.

Winners of both awards will be announced tomorrow (Friday 6 April).

  • TheNutJob

    if we had kicked off the season with Mitro as the Toons main striker we`d be home and dry by now.

  • Cuh


  • We are on a Win/Win situation when it comes to Mitro.
    He does well and takes Fulham up and has a great WC and his price skyrockets and then we have 2 options.
    Give him another shot and sell Joselu
    Sell him for 20m+ and re-invest in the squad.
    I think we can’t lose with both options.

    • thewildchimp

      I don’t want to be overly negative, but… Unless Ashley pulls “Carroll” again. Surprisingly, Carr actually found some good material for investing in his time, however, the club failed to nurture the young lads and also didn’t bother looking into enough “here-and-now” players that offer stability.

    • Mrkgw

      Don’t ever believe that we will benefit in any way whatsoever if Mitro or any other player for that matter, is sold. For the cash will simply vanish.

      • Ashley will sell in the summer if a buyer comes with 300m.

  • Mxpx

    The rumours are that he’s on fire and defences are terrified

  • TheFatController

    I think the scandal of Rafa not playing mitro earlier this season is bigger than Facebook’s scandal currently.

    Can’t a government committee get Rafa to answer questions to a panel? We need answers!

    With the team on a good run of form, a settled side all playing for each other, sold out games home and away, and almost safe, can’t we all get very dramatic about what happened with Mitro this season.

    If it’s found that Rafa wasn’t being fair, or Joselu is his secret love child that’d be fantastic and we can all burn effigies of him.

    Maybe we can all right strongly worded letters to the Times on this huge issue of the day. Surely it’ll come up on QuestionTime Thursday night, somewhere between Putin and Zuckerberg will be the Mitrovic loan issue…? It’s such a biggie…

  • Rich Lawson

    Rightly so,but that’s for Fulham the form team in ”The Championship”.Different game.

    • Mrkgw

      You know what Rich, if it were any other player there would be clamour to have him signed. And yet, despite goals vs top sides in his debut season for us and some folk have him written off as not being good enough and lamely branded a ‘Championship’ player. So fickle some of our supporters. I seem to recall a majority shouting ‘Mitro’ at games only to change their tune on a whim.

  • Jezza

    Can we please give up this obsession with Mitrovic and just concentrate on our own team. Since he went to Fulham we have played 6, won 3, drawn 2, lost 1 and risen to 12th in the Premiership. We’re hardly missing him are we.

    • TheFatController

      It is bizarre I agree.

      There’s a reason we get called the soap opera club Jezza – as you say, things are goIng well, there’s no dramas anywhere.

      I’m quoting those great orators The Black eyed peas – ‘seems everyone’s addicted to the drama…’

      I presume they were perusing these pages with articles on Mitrovic’s loan when they wrote that.

      The people that are very angry about the situation, I see as being a bit like Clueso’s boss in The Pink Panther movies. Not quite coping with things…

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      there is no obsession beyond the fact that he`s a better striker than some at Nufc,
      he was loaned out because Rafa doesn`t like him & that`s fair enough,
      but he should front up instead of lying about it

      • Jezza

        He’s not better than Dwight Gayle. Last season’s goal scoring stats in the Championship make that perfectly clear. Daryl Murphy also looked a lot better than him last season too. He may be slighly less bad than Joselu but that’s not saying a lot. Let’s get a sense of perspective here. Mitrovic has got many flaws in his game not least of which is a glaring lack of pace that is quite shocking in such a young striker. It’s not as if we’ve loaned out Andy Carroll, Alan Shearer or Supermac.

        • Mrkgw

          Jezza, I like Gayle however, he had many more chances to show his worth than Mitro. Perhaps Mitro will rue the day he sidestepped the number 9 shirt, doing the courteous thing in allowing a team mate to have the honour. For, reading between the lines the decision cost him in terms of the bigger picture. I get your theory about Ashley and the loan being to hive off more money which if true, is heinous. And, whilst I have no dislike of Rafa – quite the opposite, when will he give supporters an explanation – the Managers take on things? Or, is he another Pardew forced to tow the line?

          • TheFatController

            Mitro said himself that Rafa had told him that whilst we play on the break, he wouldn’t be first choice.

            Also Rafa said, in response to Mitro doing well at Fulham a few weeks ago, that in the championship we were a team on the front foot, creating plenty of chances, just like Fulham are doing now. However, in the PL we don’t have the luxury of playing that way, hence Mitro clearly wasn’t his idea of the best forward given our tactics in the PL.

            What part of that do you consider not covering the term ‘explanation’ that you think Rafa is failing in giving …?

          • Mike Adam

            Why does Mitro doing well bother you so much???

          • Jezza

            The thing is that when he has played for Newcastle, Mitrovic has never been outstanding has he. He has had his moments and scored a few goals but he has also turned in a number of utterly woeful performances. He reminds me a lot of Shola Ameobi in his overall ability and style of play. Capable of getting the odd goal and even the rare flash of brilliance but also prone to repeatedly contributing nothing on a regular basis, very short of pace and often gulity of breaking up more Newcastle attacks than the opposition defence. Not one Newcastle fan complained when Shola was loaned to a Championship club by Kevin Keegan and I can’t see any difference now with Mitrovic out on loan. Let’s face it, the fans who are obsessing over Mitro now would have all been happy to see him go this time last year. If Ashley had given Rafa the funds for a half decent striker last summer Newcastle fans would have all long forgotten about Mitro by now.

        • Natturner26

          He’s not better than Dwight Gayle? Have you been watching Gayle this season? He’s been useless.

          Mitro is scoring a goal per game for club and country. His team is unbeaten since he joined them. It’s okay to admit you were wrong.

        • Mike Adam

          Who cares about last season!!! Why don’t you give it a rest? Why does Mitro doing well bother you so much???

  • Mike

    I’d take money for him

    • Mrkgw

      Go ahead then – but it will go straight into someones pocket. Certainly not ours nor, will it be spent in a replacement.

  • Jamie Smith

    There’s some excellent points here about Rafa being up front. He should come out and say he doesn’t want Mitro and is desperate to sell him, to utterly burn any bridges for potentially ever reintegrating the lad to the squad.

    He should be more like revered former manager Graeme Souness, who did exactly this with Craig Bellamy and alerted potential suitors to the fact we were desperate to sell and cost a few million quid in transfer money.