Aleksandar Mitrovic has played 13 times at Fulham and helped produce ten wins and three draws.

As well as leading the line well and getting a lot of praise for his workrate and all-round contribution, the striker has also done his main/proper job, scoring nine goals.

There will no doubt be the same divide amongst the same Newcastle fans on either side of the argument, as to whether if Rafa had kept and played Mitro, the Serbian cold have scored goals and NUFC could potentially have done even better with him in the team, after Dubravka and Kenedy gave such a boost after arriving in January.

What can’t be denied, is that you can’t ignore Aleksandar Mitrovic, even in nine months without a league start for Newcastle he was talked about at least as much as any other NUFC player.

As Fulham at last overhauled Cardiff this midweek, the Welsh club’s boss pointed to the player who had made the big difference and potentially may be the final piece in the Cottagers’ promotion puzzle:

“The striker [Aleksandar Mitrovic] they got on loan has been the best signing in the whole league.

“That is what they’ve been missing for the past few years and all credit to them.”

The Newcastle loan star has been speaking to Sky Sports ahead of this weekend when the broadcaster is showing live their home match with Brentford, at Saturday teatime.

It obviously still hurts him that things haven’t worked out at Newcastle, so far, he doesn’t totally rule out staying at the club – but the chances must be slim. Unless of course Mike Ashley once again prices the forward out of a permanent move elsewhere.

Mitrovic says he would never regret coming to Newcastle but does regret not getting more games and not scoring ‘more goals’ when he was playing.

Like all strikers, confidence is a big factor and once again Mitro comes back to that, saying how with Fulham boss Jokanovic ‘It comes down to faith, trust and game-time’.

Whether Rafa was right or not in his dealings with Aleksandar Mitrovic, you certainly can’t fault the striker for his reaction to being sidelined for so long/so often, never once did he come out in the media and try to cause trouble.

For Newcastle supporters who are both fans of Mitro and those who aren’t, it will be an interesting next three or four months as we watch from afar to see what happens with Fulham, then in Russia, and finally where he will be playing next season.

Aleksandar Mitrovic speaking to Sky Sports:

“I really enjoy the way the team [Fulham] plays and the players that they have, it is a good style and a good team for me. I think it’s a good team for any striker.

“I thought I could enjoy this style and I’m really happy to be on the pitch and scoring goals to try to do the best that I can to help the team achieve what we want from this season.”

Newcastle United?

“I would never say I regret that I was there, but I have regret because I didn’t play as much as I could and maybe I should have scored more goals.

“There are a lot of things I wanted to do there that I didn’t do, so of course I have regret, but I still enjoyed my time there and I’m still a Newcastle player so we will see what happens.”

Fulham boss Slavisa Jokanovic?

“He was a big player in Serbia and now he’s one of the best managers Serbia have.

“He looks tough but he’s a real gentleman and a really nice guy.

“It comes down to faith, trust and game-time, that’s important if you are a striker. I could tell that he felt confidence in me. If you really feel trust from the manager, it’s much easier to play. That’s what I feel now. I know that he believes in me and I know what he wants from me. “

Anger management/competitiveness?

“I am very competitive and I want to win every game.That’s my way.

“That’s how I have played all my life. It’s how I see football and that’s it. I’m a winner and I will try to do everything to win the game.

“I made some silly mistakes but I have tried to learn from my mistakes. It’s not always possible to channel the anger in the right way but I try to stay focused on the team and to do my job. That is to stay on the pitch and to score goals, to assist, to create space.

“I need my passion but I have to control it. I try to use it on the goal and on the team.”

What next?

“I am 100% focused on Fulham and the upcoming games.

“I hope we get promoted, then I will have the World Cup, then I will need to rest a little bit, then we will see what happens…

“But I am 100% with my head here and I want to give back to Fulham because they gave me the chance to come here, play games and be part of this beautiful club, I will do everything I can to help the team get promoted.”

  • ghostrider

    Let’s put this into simplicity of which few would realistically deny, except those who dislike him for whatever reasons.
    If we’d never had Mitrovic many fans would be clamouring for the club to buy him.

    Because he’s still our player and doing the business…somehow Rafa is still correct in loaning him out and yet certain fans pretend he’s correct to stick with Joselu over him.
    It goes beyond nonsensical and reeks of messiah loving of a manager.
    Granted, you like Rafa and he’s a so called world class manager and what not. Fair enough….but he’s far from infallible and messed up with Mitrovic.

    The issue is the same though. It’s all about the if’s and but’s and “but look at where we are without him”…or…. ” He didn’t fit into Rafa’s system” and so on and so on and yet Joselu somehow does fit into Rafa’s system because………because?…..he’s played primarily as a defensive minded player which is the opposite of what he is, even if that “is” isn’t quite fit for purpose, mainly.

    A classic example of a manager who can play to a players strengths and get the best out of him. That’s Fulham’s manager.
    When a manager is afraid to play to the strengths of a player and leaves that player to fester because of it, then naturally you end up with what we have as it stands.

    Luckily we’ve scraped through so on that note fans can argue that rafa was right to play the system he did.
    Do I agree?
    Rather than simply agree, I would say that I believe we would have been in a similar position or better by using his strengths but I cannot prove this to be the case because I do not possess the ability of foresight with him as part of the set up.

    If Rafa stays then Mitrovic has to find another club. I hope whatever he chooses he goes on to be equally prolific as with Fulham but I’d also love to see him have a fantastic world cup, because one thing about that player. He loves Newcastle United and under a different manager who would/could have played to his strengths….who knows…..A legitimate number 9 was possible.

    • Damon Horner

      No credit where due? you say scraped through… if our form since January carried throughout a season we’d have 65 points. That’s not scraping it mate, that’s punching above our weight.

      It’s amazing a striker scores 7 goals from open play in a relegated side and you defend his ability profusely but the current occupants of the shirt play to a sustained level of form that would’ve seen them qualify for Europe in most seasons and you play it down by suggesting it’s being scraped.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        IF, it`s all IF`s at Nufc & that`s the problem

        • Damon Horner

          It has to be though, “if” is used if you’re uncertain and that will apply to all teams who aren’t great or garbage. There is only one certainty with this club and it relates to one man looking after himself.

          • MichaelMaximusMoose


      • ghostrider

        If’s and But’s.
        Yes we’ve scraped through as it stands and yes we can possibly go on and cement the end of the season run so it looks anything but scraping through.

        The mere fact that Rafa changed things up in January is the reason we’ve came good and “scraped ” through.

        As for punching above our weight…on 65 points it would but then again we’re on 38 and an “IF”…

        I defend his ability because I saw his ability and so did every other fan at the time.

        Remember this?
        Mitro’s on fire, your defence is terrified.

        There’s a reason for that and it’s because fans could see the potential in the lad and what he could do and did, which has been battered out of him by Rafa’s refusal to employ him in that role.

        As for the team playing to a sustained level of form. They had it in the first place which (in my opinion) would have been enhanced with Mitro as part of the set up in this changed mindset that rafa used.

        Take a look at the upturn in the players to see what a change in mindset can do when allowed to express their talent instead of suppressing it by caution.

        All If’s and But’s though…eh?

        • Damon Horner

          You’ll never get past Sissoko. Don’t sell Cabaye. Chants are an expression to motivate not to voice opinion because Sissoko did get beaten and Cabaye’s sale so no riot. If’s are all over mate. The assumption Mitrovic would have been better than what we’ve got is an “if”. Take “if” out of the equation and you can’t use stats based projections or opinions, renders most things useless. Just back the players doing a good job. That’s the only message instead of using every opportunity to dig the manager.

          • ghostrider

            Take “IF” out of any equation in foresight/estimation and we cease to communicate.

            The “IF” does not become “I TOLD YOU SO” after the saying if one person’s “IF” becomes a fact.

            You say chants are an expression to motivate and I’d certainly agree with you but you certainly wouldn’t be singing it for Joselu, right?

          • Damon Horner

            My use of “if” wasn’t a suggestion of fact though, you’re off on a tangent. I used it to add context to how well the team have done in a four month period relatively speaking, you know, because it should be applauded not described as “scraped”. I wouldn’t sing for Joselu but remember though we sang for Shola so not sure what your point is.

          • ghostrider

            My point is, it’s easy to talk “post” about your “IF”…..if, your “IF” becomes a fact, rather than someone else’s “IF” not coming to fruition.

            Basically our “pre” arguments hold no water until one argument does, or none do, or both hold a certain amount.

            The simple issue of any argument this season between fans has been the ” will we, won’t we” relegation saga.
            The whole argument has stemmed from many issues between us all from Mitrovic’s omission and Joselu’s failings but being played anyway; to Rafa’s championship squad and the potential miracles he could do with it, as we are reminded.

            Having said that, I do celebrate and applaud what’s happened with Rafa and his squad since he put it right.

            As far as singing songs with players names in… it not only boosts a players confidence and shows a love for the player, it also makes a massive point on the ability of that player at the time and from earlier appearances.

            Just for clarification, Sissoko was a class act at first and Shole was too, not to mention a loyal servant.

      • 1957

        We don’t know if we’ve scraped through or survived comfortably until the season ends, lose most of our remaining games, lose positions in the league and scraping through might be a fair assessment.

        What can be said is too many players didn’t bring their A game to the pitch early enough and as a result we were in trouble, the players on recent form were good enough for mid table so why were we candidates for relegation. Has Shelvey started to put a shift in because of the world cup, is SloMo suddenly looking for a contract extension, has Benitez loosened the shackles tactically…as well as Kenedy and Dubravka its not all down to them.

        • Wor Monga

          “Bring their A game to the pitch early enough”…WTF!…get a grip…we are a promoted team learning to play together in a much higher class league…against clubs who have been receiving the full TV money, and presumably using it to strengthen their sides…yet even after a terrible run of 9 (almost 1/4 of a season)games without a win we were never fully in the relegation places, and were all the time only a run of 3 wins away from the top 10…

          …all and sundry in the media have been (possibly rightly) calling our squad a championship squad yet since December only Man C and Liverpool have beaten us, and that is down to the squad being strengthened in the areas that Rafa knew all along were suspect, and finally Paul Dummett and Mo Diame could be inserted as the last pieces in the defensive jigsaw, so that Shelvey could assume more attacking duties…

          …have Huddersfield and Brighton players been holding back their ‘A’ games too, FFS, or is it just us?…or have we learned more now, and know better than them how to play at this level, and have communicated it at last to our massive support base…Arsenal could find out this Sunday!!!

          • 1957

            Until recently everyone, clearly yourself excluded, were worried that relegation was a possibility. Shelvey, SloMo, Clark and even Gayle had plenty of top flight experience before joining us, Yedlin, Manquillo, Ritchie, Elliot and even Hoss had played in over 20 games in the PL. It was squad that underperformed for me, the Championship squad thing was something they hid behind justifying their poor performances in the back end of 2017.

            Brighton and Huddersfield are probably more deserving of the ‘Championship squad’ tag but our record against them isn’t great, given the greater PL experience of our players we should have done better than 4 points from 12

            You’re happy with what we’ve achieved, I think we could have done better

    • Nut

      So you would prefer Rafa to go, Mitrovic to stay and someone like his current manager at Fulham to come in here….. pmsl yeah and that woukd likely see the club relegated next season if it were to happen!

      So you would have us get rid of a world class manager in order to see if Mitrovic can perform like a seal.

      Dumb dumb dumb.

      • ghostrider

        Nope, you’re saying all this and attributing it all to me.
        By all means do it if it makes you feel better but the reality is this:

        I’d love Rafa to stay and take us forward with this mentality he has, because this is what I asked for. Balanced. He’s done that and so, gets my approval and will keep it if he carries it on.

        Secondly I wouldn’t take any other manager in the world right now seeing as Rafa is now doing what I wanted as a minimum, which was a balanced team and entertainment.
        I said all along we didn’t have a championship squad and I said all along that this squad just needs to be allowed to play.

        End result is what you see and Kenedy has aided in that changed mindset and you can see more of a buzz among the players. You can simply see it and I’d go as far as saying you can feel it at the game.

        On the flip side…if Rafa started his earlier antics, I’d want him gone. As it stands I’m more than happy and entitled to act the way I do on it all….just as you are to do it your way.

        No matter what, as it stands, it still does not take away the fact that Rafa messed up on Mitrovic.

        • TheFatController

          That Rafa has messed up on mitro is your opinion, not a fact.

          • ghostrider

            Of course it’s my opinion.
            You believing he hasn’t messed up is your opinion and not a fact.

        • Nut

          Actually I wasn’t attributing it all to you at all, that you think I might have been suggests some semblance of guilty conscience.

          I do however remember you going on about how you want Rafa out because he plays too defensive a game, and my telling you that he was doing that because that was exactly what was needed.

          At the time you wouldn’t be told even though I told you at Liverpool he had attacking sides and it just dictates from the side he has available what his tactics will be.

          If he doesn’t feel he has enough quality to go at the opposition then he will go defensive and good on him imho.

          Mitro simply didn’t fit into our team at the time he was loaned. Mitro is slow and we need pace to counter, plus he doesn’t like playing defence. He might however get more games on his return.

          By loaning him Rafa played a master stoke because he hopefully mentally matures and becomes something we can use next season or Rafa sells him on if he still doesn’t fancy him.

          • ghostrider

            I stand by everything I’ve said before. If anything I hold my hands up to being a bit over the top but that’s it.
            I did want him out at the time because his football was dirt and his refusal to change it up stunk of arrogance and oddity.

            I don’t have any guilty conscience over anything I’ve said.
            I’m merely happy that he’s changed it up.
            If he reverts back to a few months before Christmas I would want him out again because I demand entertainment. I do not demand fancy dan football….just entertainment in a balanced way.

            As for loaning Mitrovic out and saying it was a masterstroke….it was….but not for us, it was for Fulham’s manager in getting him away from Rafa who was destroying his career by making him fester.

    • TheFatController

      You’ve written loads there, yet none of it made me go ‘ah yes, he’s right’ – loaded with an ‘I hate Rafa’ agenda, very bizarre…

      • ghostrider

        There’s nothing wrote with any hidden I hate Rafa agenda and I’ll tell you why.
        I don’t hate Rafa and have no reason to hate Rafa.
        I didn’t agree with his earlier stuff and I hated what he was doing but now I’m warming to his change up.

        What I haven’t done is blow smoke up his aris to follow a crowd who’ve been blowing constant smoke up his aris for no other reason than feeling privileged to have a so called world class manager managing Newcastle United…regardless of anything.

        I don’t follow crowds and I don’t skip along to the flute of any pied piper.

  • Wor Lass

    I like Mitro and my gripe about him is that he should have been played when we were struggling to score at all. Whether or not he`s going to make it as a PL striker is still very much open to question and part of that is down to his own lack of discipline early on in the last two seasons. I thought there must have been some incident in the background that made Rafa discount him but that doesn`t seem to be the case – just a case of Rafa deciding he doesn`t fit into his system and putting his faith in other players. His faith has been rewarded and we`re playing the best stuff we have all season (and getting more points) so we can`t complain, really. The “gamble”, if you want to call it that, has paid off. We`re as good as safe, Mitro`s happy where he is, and his value is rising, so we need to get over it and move on now.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      The addition of Kenedy & the Keeper lit the blue touch paper,
      to their credit the lads upped their game and we are where we are and a few quality signings in the summer and we could kick on,
      but that won`t happen if Fatso stays

      • Wor Lass

        That performance and result v Manure! Even Jose was drooling over the lads` commitment.

  • Peaky

    I’m finding this whole Mitro business tedious now….he’s out on loan,he can’t affect our run in,so let’s get behind who we currently have at the club and yes if Hoss & Gayle aren’t as good as the Serb so be it they’re here he isn’t…let’s just enjoy the rest of the season and talk about Mitro when it’s all over.

    • Damon Horner

      Probably the most relevant words to the whole debate there mate.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Helo`s are Us

    • ghostrider

      The whole purpose of forums/blogs and what not is to have a say in all things by all who take part.
      One person’s tedious bore is another person’s interest.
      We can all still enjoy the rest of the season no matter what any of us type to the good, the bad or the downright depressing/ugly.

      All smiles and nods does not instigate ongoing banter, it kills it. There has to be counter arguments because all people do not share the same ideals.

    • Jezza

      You’re not wrong Peaky. Never in the history of NUFC has such a fuss been made over such a mediocre player. There has been more outcry over the loaning of Mitrovic than there ever was over the sales of Andy Carroll, Gazza, Peter Beardsley and Supermac. It beggars belief.

      • Peaky

        Very well put Jezza,agree 100%.

      • Wor Lass

        Because their sale didn`t drag on for two seasons. He`s gone but he`s still our player – so he`s still relevant and news when something happens. He`s a very popular player with a big proportion of the fans and i guess he always will be. It may turn out that he isn`t good enough at PL level (he IS slow and he DOES miss a lot of chances – though less than Joselu who got the nod over him for so long) but many people would have liked him to have the chance to show it with us this season. As I said on my other post, below, though: he`s gone now so we need to accept it, move on and watch with interest to see if we can spot which pocket fatty slips his enhanced fee into.

        • Jezza

          It seems he is far more popular with Newcastle fans now than he has ever been. Little over a year ago after his shambolic display at Oxford in the FA Cup he was being universally lambasted by Newcastle fans. Last summer I’m sure most of us wouldn’t have lost any sleep had he been sold.

          I can’t get away with this mass hysteria that has enabled a player to transform himself from a mediocre striker who constantly failed to live up to his price tag into the best centre forward Newcastle ever had without even kicking a ball for the club.

          In an ideal world we wouldn’t have either Mitro or Joselu playing up front for us, we’d have somebody much better than either of those two. If Fatso had allowed Rafa to invest in a half decent striker last summer we would have all long forgotten Mitro by now.

          • Wor Lass

            I wouldn`t have said any condemnation was universal, Jezza. You know as well as I do that comments on here fluctuate according to what`s happening on the pitch. For example, when things go well the Rafa supporters are more prominent and when things go badly the haters dominate. There are a few of those that are noticeable by their absence at the moment seeing as the lads are doing so well. My only point, really, is that seeing as Fatty didn`t invest in a better striker and Joselu is clearly pants then surely Mitro should have been worth a few starts. It`s “lose/lose”, though, because we`ve lost a striker but the money we`ll get for him (which should be decent) will disappear into the fatman`s black hole!

          • Jezza

            Fair comment on the whole. I must point out that those “Rafa haters” on this forum are two trolls (and brothers) who post under multiple ID’s and they aren’t even Newcastle supporters.

      • Wor Monga

        Because then there wasn’t an internet, and the ‘self-flagellating bedwetters’ who hate the club…had no method of stirring the sh*te…

        …but these days thanks to the wonders of modern science and the Mag they can vent as much anti-Toon negativity, that they want to, and see it printed,on here!!!

    • Lakeland Mag

      Hear Hear !

  • Damon Horner

    We need to see him back in the PL either with us or somebody else to get a true measure of his ability. Gayle’s scoring rate was a little better actually last year and than Mitrovic’s this year and Gayle hasn’t been prolific this year, the step up is massive and his biggest problem for me was how he controlled his emotion which is something which becomes more relevant when he/team underperform and the opposition push your buttons. Can’t fault the lad because his goals have been there at the level he’s playing and his words have been diplomatic but he needs to get back to a higher level.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He`s already scored in the premiership in his 1st season,
      He`s not Rafa`s cup of T so best for all parties if he moves on,
      the Fat Lad will pocket the money, Mitro will be replaced by a loanee at best

      • Damon Horner

        he acknowledged himself that he hasn’t scored as much as he should, says that in the article, I was speaking with a Man Utd fan about Rooney not being a natural striker and he came out with “you’re right, he’s only scored 30 goals in a season twice”. You’re talking about 9 goals impressing you here. You can bet though on another post you’ll be talking the high ground about Ashley lowering expectations of fans when they talk about reaching the heights of tenth or something similar.

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          He was 20 yrs old when he scored those goals, he hasn`t had the game time to lick on he should have left a year ago

          • Damon Horner

            Fine, which is where he gets the benefit of the doubt from me, it’s not a good goals record though for a first choice PL striker and we went down as well. The problem was needing to rely on him to score more.

  • Desree

    I care as much about Fulham as Mitrovic cares about Newcastle, zero. Ashley and Mitrovic seem to have the same gift, they consistently fool a section of the fanbase

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      you obviously don`t know the history of Mitrovich, he supported Nufc for years before he even became a player here

      • Desree

        I am well aware that Mitrovic claims to have supported Newcastle as a kid.

      • Nut

        He recently said the same of Fulham

  • Nut

    Mitrovic has alot to prove still, yes I know there are some fans of him (me included) but I am not delusional to the fact that he doesn’t fit into the system Rafa has had us playing this season, at times Rafa has used him and at those times he has adapted his system to accommodate him, however for the majority of this season we have been on the back foot having by necessity to dig in and play defencive counter attacking football.

    Mitrovic by his own admission doesn’t suit that because he hasn’t the pace.

    Rafa loaned him out to gain more experience, play games and get goals. He is doing that, almost 1 a game although it remains to be seen if he can replicate that form later at the world cup.

    We don’t know what will happen with him, he is a strong player and a target man and I dare to say with a little coaching from the right person his pace could be improvedone in time but it’s a case of him being willing to put the hard yards in while training to do that.

    Maybe he stays and plays after August 9th or maybe he moves, either way let’s not be clamouring for Rafa to go and another manager to come in to play to Mitro’s strengths that’s totally daft.

    We have Rafa and I hope he stays but what I can’t believe is certain fans here seem to want to force him out like some at Liverpool did years back.

    If that happens then this club really would be on a hiding to nothing!

  • Wor Monga

    What is it with this site, every day they feel they’ve got to tell us that somebody said something about Mitro, or Mitro said something about somebody and the same argument get’s raked over time and time again…just it seems to appease the players sycophantic fan club…most of whom never go to games, but just want to ‘put the boot in’ to the club for every move it makes…

    …one of their reasons they seem to regularly put out is how in 2015-16 at the age of 20 he scored 9 PL goals (2 were penalties) as our main striker, which most would agree wasn’t bad for a full Serbia international coming from the Belgian Premier League into the English PL…for £15m, and yet they discount the fact that Ayoze who was just a year older and came for a nominal fee from the Spanish 2nd division in 2014-15 came straight into a struggling side in, the PL and scored exactly the same amount (7 goals) in open play, and the next season playing behind Mitro scored 6 to the Serbian’s 7…the Spanish lad works harder in midfield, and when he gets even a half chance he can score a goal…

    …yet how many times (until recently) have we heard the clamour from some of Mitro’s biggest supporters on here to get rid of him…For me Rafa know’s exactly what he wants his teams to do, and a big part of that is team work, enthusiam,and total unity…not just counting any individual goal tally, and chest thumping demonstrations!!!

  • TheFatController

    I have said on here before that Mitro needs to mature, isn’t trustworthy when under pressure and things aren’t going his way, doesn’t follow instructions but gets side tracked, and needs to finish more chances and I get slaughtered by a few.

    So I wonder if the same people slaughtering my opinion will slaughter Mitro, who here says :-
    – I’ve made mistakes but try to learn from them ( file under ‘need to mature’ perhaps?)
    -It’s not always possible to channel anger in the right way but I try to stay focused and help the team (admits isn’t always in control and thus doesn’t always help the team tactically either)
    – maybe I should have scored more goals (finishing ability?)

    I’m laughing that he admits he has the failings I see in him, but it’s admirable he can admit his flaws and thus can seek to improve

    But I think he also in that interview accepts he only plays a certain way, and looking at the top of the PL, no other teams play that way, so his options to reach the top may be limited.

  • Desree

    Last year, 3 mates, all Palace fans, were saying what a great steal Gayle was a 10m. This year he hasn’t been mentioned. This reminds me when Mick Quinn got sold to Chelsea. If only we had cole instead of Joselu then Rafa could get on with his job. We trusted Keegan even when he bought Malcolm Allen and Alex Mathis

    • Desree

      Coventry not Chelsea although Gav Peacock did deserve more protest than mitro

      • 1957

        Gavin asked to move to London for personal reasons and Keegan agreed despite wanting him to stay… another example of what an outstanding person Keegan was

  • Rich Lawson

    His goals per game with Fulham is excellent.he could yet finish their top scorer in less than half a season.Either he comes back or gets sold at a decent profit,no lose.Good luck to him in the World Cup.

    • 1957

      To maximise his value we should be willing him to do well at Fulham and be top scorer at the World Cup…

  • Andy Mac

    I’ve read tonight how young Thauvin (remember him who couldnt hit a barn door etc etc) was Marseille match winner tonight to take them into the EL semi finals. 17 goals this season, he’s Marseille’s top scorer and talisman and we let him go.

    Cabella is now helping St Etienne to a potential EL spot in Ligue 1.We’re good at bringing in players with potential, we’re just shlte at keeping them here and developing their talents.