Alan Shearer has once again been talking about Rafa Benitez, Newcastle United, and Alan Shearer.

Congratulating the Newcastle Manager on the ‘magnificent’  job he has done, despite such limited financial backing from Mike Ashley.

The NUFC legend declaring: ‘You can imagine what he could do if he had some funds to invest with.’

With perfect timing these [obviously prerecorded] Alan Shearer quotes have been released on Monday afternoon, only minutes after Sky Sports had reported that their information was that Mike Ashley wants Amanda Staveley [or whoever] to hurry up and buy the club in the next few weeks, with the price now having risen by around £100m to the £380m-£400m bracket.

Shearer obviously fears that Rafa Benitez could walk if Mike Ashley stays, not believing that the owner is set to properly back his manager..

The former number nine says ‘we still know Mike Ashley wants to sell the football club’ but how true is that?

Ashley may say that is the case but if the price is higher than it is worth, who would ever buy it? It is like an estate agent telling you your house is worth £150,000 and then insisting it goes up for sale at £250,000, claiming to anybody interested that your house is indeed ‘up for sale’.

Alan Shearer talking to Coral:

“We [Newcastle fans] would like a new owner to come in and take the club forward, give the manager funds spend.

“Because if he is able to do that with the squad that he has, then you can imagine what he could do if he had some funds to invest with.

“Really take the club forward, which is what all the fans want.

“But there is only one guy who can sort that out and that’s Mike Ashley.

“I’m sure the talk will rise again about a takeover but only he knows the answer to that.

“I’m exactly the same as all Newcastle fans in that they would love Rafa to stay.

“They have seen the job that he has done this season…they would also like a new owner to come in and take the club forward.

“As I’ve said, I’m sure there will be talk about him (Rafa) going elsewhere but that all boils down to one man I think – whether he stays or whether he goes, whether he backs him – invests- we suspect not.

“But we still know that Mike [Ashley] wants to sell the football club, it is just a matter of wait and see.

“I think every Newcastle fan is delighted with the season they have had, and again, Rafa has done a magnificent job.”

Everton v Newcastle Match Betting with BetVictor:

Newcastle win 12/5Draw 9/4Everton win 13/10

Perez to score first goal 9/1NUFC win 2-0 17/1Slimani to score in both halves 50/1

  • Paul Patterson

    Here, here.

    • Fireman Sam

      Dilly dilly

  • Guest 2

    Rafa state’s he can’t be expected to do keep doing miracles without investment. Hours later Harmiston gobs off about Ashley and now Sky join in the anonymous reporting, again.

    • Fireman Sam

      It’s tiresome. We all know what is going to happen.

      All the fat billionaire has to do is back Rafa. A plan that can not fail. It’s like an open goal. Go on fat Mike, tap it in. But no, he picks the ball up and storms off in a strop.

      Fat Mike will not spend a penny, leaving us all wondering where the £100m tv money has gone.

      • Martin Rooney

        Simple, get the accounts have a look a playing staff wages section and discover where the money goes.

  • magpiefifer

    Big Al asking Ashley to ‘imagine if Rafa had some funds’ – there’s as much chance of that as me buying a season ticket for the Stadium of —–!!!!

    • Tony Mann

      Get your facts right … It’s now the Bungalow of…….!!!

  • Come&TakeIt1836

    Read the quotes again…Shearer never said Mike needs to go. He said all fans want Rafa to stay and he agrees. Some fans also want Rafa to go. He may deep down want it but he didn’t say it. The headline is misrepresenting the facts.

    • Rabid Dog

      Hahaha…surely not! Staff writers writing click bait headlines? It’s almost like them writing articles based on BetVictor odds…. who’d have thought

    • Fireman Sam

      No fans want Rafa to go, apart from Sunderland fans.

  • Martin Rooney

    Shearer should spend his money and buy the club. after all he’s a winner we seen that when he played and was Britain’s bet paid player surrounded by loads of internationals having spent more than any other club ever and Newcastle won everything didn’t they!

    • Paul Patterson


      • Martin Rooney

        He’s not helping the cause, If Ashley was wanting such dross for the club why would he employ Rafa and make him the 12th highest paid manager in world football, Shearer’s whinging puts the club in a negative light.

        • Jonas

          Simples. An expensive but top.class manager is cheaper than investing in a squad of top class.players. Plus he was desperate to stay in the PL but not beyond 17th.

    • Ram Kishore

      I don’t understand wdym pal

      • Martin Rooney

        I meant Shearer is a multi millionaire and should put his money where his mouth is. He criticises Ashley correct me if I’m wrong his association with the club was about taking huge sums of money out of the club not putting it into it. and he never won nowt for us.

        • Ram Kishore

          I understand your perspective.. your arguments are valid

  • Ram Kishore

    The headline is misleading
    Just take a note of it, request
    I hope headlines won’t be misleading

  • ghostrider

    People say Newcastle United football club is not worth what Ashley is asking for are devaluing the club on the basis of their hatred for Ashley himself asking for the cash.

    Any serious buyer wanting to take this club further forward would have absolutely no qualms about that price tag, because it’s buy and ready to go.

    People go on about it being like having a house worth £150,000 but asking for £250,000 are way off the mark unless you think Newcastle United football club is one club in a row of Newcastle United football clubs all valued the same….or is it a club that stands alone in a city and has it’s own value which is dependent on it’s potential and standing, as is?

    For what it is I’d say it’s undervalued and would be a dream for legitimate owners to have a crack at in the right way.

    Ashley wants out, apparently, still, so anyone with any footballing love and plenty of spare cash and a forward thinking mindset, should take the reins and see where it takes them.

    I’d personally like Ashley to stay but I think even he knows he’s only a whisker away from the hyenas closing back in to try and devour him, even if he handed Rafa 10 billion.

    • Danimal

      Can’t believe I’m bothering but here goes…if you now believe the club is worth a fortune why do you keep banging on about it being a poor relation due to its location and why do you support a man who consistently refuses to let it achieve its potential?

      • ghostrider

        Newcastle United is as big a club as just about all in the premier league.
        It is set up also as a one club in one city advantage.
        It has a massive fan base and a massive loyalty.
        The fact that the north east…..(notice I said north east and not particularly Newcastle United) is set aside as lower class than the far south, does not make this club’s worth on the low end scale.

        It’s not about me believing this club is worth a fortune it’s about Mike Ashley’s asking price and eventual selling price which dictates whether it gets bought or not.

        If someone buys it for 1 pence does that mean that’s all it’s worth?
        How about a pound?
        What about £1000?
        1 million?
        400 million?
        How about 500 billion?
        Is the club’s worth somewhere in between any of that?

        Basically speaking, the club is worth what someone will pay and if that happens to be any figure it’s bought for then that’s the club’s worth to the buyer and until that buyer sells it on, only then will a new buyer get it for whatever deal was done which becomes a new worth to the new owner….and so on.

        As for me supporting a man that refuses to let the club reach its potential…tell me….what is this club’s potential when pitted against the clubs it is up against?

        Just tell me where this club should be and then also tell me what you expected from Ashley to see that it was achieved.

        Don’t just mention spending some money. Give me ball park figures in order to Ashley to let Newcastle United achieve its potential.

        Bear in mind what clubs we are up against and what it actually takes to get the required personnel in to actually realise this clubs so called potential.

        I see a lot of clubs in the leagues that have massive so called potential.
        Look at Leeds United. Sheffield United. Sheffield Wednesday. I could go on and on and on.
        Few manage it for more than a fleeting glimpse.

        Yet Newcastle United under Ashley’s 11 year ownership are safe in the premier league to this very day.

        By all mean cite history but if you’re going to do that let’s cite it for Man City when they were in the third division or doesn’t all this count?

        Have a think about it.

        • Martin Rooney

          You’re like a missionary, keep trying but always failing, you’ll never educate the numpties on here. They are a lost cause. They can not and will not see the wood for the trees and Shearer is the same.
          The any club can compete for the title is buy spending more than all the other clubs each year for a number of years. That’s how Man city did it, thats how man utd did it Chelsea etc etc on only three occasions in the last forty years (even before the premier league) has this not been the case.
          The problem for owners is that if you embark on a club purchase and player spending spree your playing catch up first. It won’t last

          • thewildchimp

            And getting relegated twice is good ownership to you? Ashley hired a competent and patient manager on the promise of getting competitive but refuses to invest properly. If Rafa leaves, people will know why he has left and we will be lucky if we can catch someone decent in the transit, otherwise were going down again. All Ashley has to do is pay some 50-60m net this summer, so we can stay up, get top half, get some rep, attract a few names, repeat, get into the Europe, make some serious cash, solidify on the top. Build the academy, get some decent youngsters, build for the future. That’s what the true owner would do, at least would’ve tried.

            And it’s not his effin’ money and he didn’t inherit the club from his granddad. It’s the money from the supporters, who come to the stadium and the money from the TV networks, who, guess what – get that money from supporters paying to watch telly, or some companies who pay for their commercials to be aired in order to sell their products to the, you know the drill – fans. So it’s OUR money, that we put into the club in various ways out of love, but are kind/stupid enough to let some parasites walk over us wearing studs.

            What has Mike Ashley done to deserve to be the owner of the NUFC? Paid some money, covered some debts? Give me a break, how much did he save on unpaid advertisement only… In medieval times, they’d give him a deadline to sort the issue and if he failed to meet it, he’d have his assets confiscated, sold for a meager sum to someone else and, if he really p’ssed the people off, he would be stripped naked and chased bare-buttocks out of the city by the kids. People weren’t so high and mighty back then as is so often portrayed, because they were aware that their heads would end up on the spikes first, then the kings would conduct the investigation.

            I’m not going mental, no. Our ancestors weren’t to be f’k with. That’s why we’ll never accomplish anything, because we’re just a clueless mob, whining on the internet. And Ashley is pond sc’m, forget about the NUFC, just look at how he treats people in his sweatshops. Am I to expect different behaviour regarding the United? I still have some gray cells, thank you very much…

          • Martin Rooney

            HA HA Ya radgie gadgie, I reckon you remember those times.

          • thewildchimp

            Maybe after a few pints of Mordue’s.

  • Stephen

    Promotion from the Championship, Stabalised in the Premiership, No Headlines for the wrong reasons.
    What can go wrong?

  • Desree

    I am 100% convinced everytime Shearer opens his gob it makes fatty more determined to stay.

    On a positive note I am really excited about next season. We could finish anywhere 20th – 10th and be out of the cups by round 4.

    • Martin Rooney

      I’d rather be in a competitive championship, personally I think the whole premier league is utter tosh, six clubs some fed by debt others by rich owners, there is nothing positive about it for 7th place down. We can’t compete for europe cups or titles without some idiot spending £300-£350m on it then £400m on players and their greedy agents. Personally I think thats a bit sick when we don’t have enough teachers, nurses decent houses and the worlds full of much worse property. Believe me Suarez Salah, Dummett Dwight Gayle etc etc would still be playing football for a job if the wage was £10 grand a week that’s and astronomical wage.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Why does Alan Shearer put his money in and buy the club and buy top class players if not just sht up and keep your mouth shut.