Alan Green is covering the Everton v Newcastle match for BBC Sport and has been talking ahead of the game.

The Match of The Day commentator has focused on the two managers.

Only one point and one place separates the two clubs before kick-off, Everton ninth and Newcastle tenth, though NUFC have a game in hand.

However, Alan Green says there couldn’t be a bigger gulf when it comes to the two managers and their respective ‘fans’.

He asks how many Everton fans want Fat Sam ‘retained’, well I think the scousers have made quite clear they’d like to do a lot of things to Allardyce but ‘retaining’ him is not one of them.

As for Newcastle fans, Alan Green declares ‘There are no such concerns about Rafa Benitez’ when it comes to wanting him to stay.

The MOTD man raises the question we all worry about, whether Mike Ashley will finally back Rafa properly and ‘be given the resources to allow Newcastle to thrive as they should do.’

The signs are ominous so far, with Rafa Benitez telling journalists ahead of the game at Goodison Park, that he can’t keep performing ‘miracles’ without proper support and backing in the transfer market.

Tonight’s game is important in terms of who will finish higher in mid-table and for Newcastle fans, it would be particularly good to see Rafa and his players get the eighth or ninth position they deserve.

However, you feel there are far bigger battles ahead for both managers, Rafa Benitez to get the support of the club’s owner, whilst Sam Allardyce has to win over the Everton fans.

I dread to think that Rafa faces just as difficult a job as Fat Sam…

Alan Green:

“Thankfully, for the sake of both clubs, fears over relegation are now banished.

“Outsiders are left to ponder over the fate awaiting individuals, particularly the two managers.

“Sam Allardyce did the job he was brought in for. His organisation undoubtedly helped Everton regain their proper footing on the Premier League ladder.

“However, his ‘style’ clearly didn’t bring him into the hearts of the club’s supporters.

“How many want him retained as manager?

“There are no such concerns about Rafa Benitez.

“The Geordies adore him and rightly so.

“But he’s still surely worried about Mike Ashley’s ownership and whether he’ll be given the resources to allow Newcastle to thrive as they should do.

“For different reasons, you can’t be sure Allardyce and Benitez will still be in place next season.”

Everton v Newcastle Match Betting with BetVictor:

Newcastle win 12/5Draw 9/4Everton win 13/10

Perez to score first goal 9/1NUFC win 2-0 17/1Slimani to score in both halves 50/1

  • Peaky

    Possibly……..Rafa at Everton….never say never to anything in football…

    • Mike

      not with the liverpool connection

  • Peter Robson

    Mathematically, we aren´t yet safe !!! If we lost all our remaining games and Southampton won all theirs, it would all come down to goal difference.
    Alright I´m being pedantic, but it´s sloppy journalism of the same calibre of referring to every sporting fixture between England and Australia “Ashes”. It´s only in cricket where they compete for the ashes, unless someone burnt the rugby posts and forgot to mention it !!!

  • Paul Patterson

    I think this summer Rafa will get just enough to keep him happy, Fat Sham won’t be there next season, but then again that’s not our problem ..

    • Lord

      I agree with that. Rafa continues to improve his reputation whilst with us and is in a fairly secure position, even when results weren’t going our way. How many other managers would have retained such support when going on a 9 game losing run and dropping into the bottom 3. He was never under any risk of being sacked; not many jobs around like that.

      I also thinks he secretly likes the political shenanigans involved in keeping fans on his side without overtly criticising Ashley (he’s certainly better at it than Pardew). Whenever results are bad, it’s Ashley’s fault, whenever we do well, Rafa’s a genius. If Ashley gave two hoots, he’d be spitting feathers about how Rafa’s managed that PR feat.

    • Leazes.

      About £6m in wages would make me happy…. yes you are right!

  • Billmag

    Lot’s of people saying Rafa isn’t going to be backed in the transfer market by the odious one, why doesn’t everyone just put there trust in Rafa to take us to the next stage of our progression, mark my words it will happen with or without Ashley.

    • Leazes.

      How does that work then?

      • Billmag

        Unlike you I’m a believer and Rafa will have £60m + to spend on 3 player’s he needs to progress us as a club whoever the owner is.

        • GlasgowMag

          yes I agree 60million is about right 🤔🤔 if he sells 55million worth of players!! I’m not being negative but this is the reality under this guys stewardship!!

          • mactoon

            History shows even if £55 million worth of players were sold that would not be the amount made available for transfers. There is no correlation between the two

          • GlasgowMag

            I know its basically a pipe dream!! on average he has spent just 4.5m net over his tenure on players so whatever the outgoings you can guarantee the net spend will be approx the same!!!

          • Desree

            The happy clappers are back

        • Leazes.

          How does that work then?

          • Billmag

            Get your finger off the repeat button👇👇

          • Leazes.

            You didn’t answer the question…. what is the basis for your assumption that Benitez is going to be backed when the owner has said there will be no player purchases whilst the club is for sale?

            Quote Ashley January….’ there will be no player purchases whilst the club is for sale’

            8th February 2018 London

          • Billmag

            Different circumstances then we were in a position where we could have been relegated, and do you honestly believe anything that comes out of that man’s mouth, or are you selective in what you want to believe. My assumption is based on hope and the best manager we’ve had since SBR.

          • Leazes.

            So you think Ashley is Lying when he said ….

            …..’he was hoping we’d stay up then sell in the summer as he has no interest in the club and does not want to invest, saying this why we got loan signings last month’….

            You know what I think he was fibbing too…. I think he’s stringing out and protracting all negotiations because there isn’t a buyer. I think he will sanction purchases but nothing substantial…. he’ll buy the Goalkeeper Dubravka for £4m. and allow loan deals as Rafa has also said his best shot at getting Kennedy is another loan deal, implying its loan deals only with no substantial outlay.

            As for taking the club to the next level… that cant happen under the circumstances as our competitors aren’t working under constraints!

          • Billmag

            Everything is about what you think which is fair enough, you continually run this club down even when you were posting on the Ronnie Gill, I have yet to see any of your post’s actually saying well done lads you played really well. Instead of blaming Bet Victor, Porter, Jenson, Smithfield, Ryder, Waugh, for all the conspiracy theories that you can think of get behind Rafa and the team. As far as the loan signings go was it not better to have a look at a player halfway through a season than buy him on a permanent deal.

          • Leazes.

            You still haven’t answered the question have you? It Clarko isn’t it…. the younger of the moron brothers!

          • Billmag

            Keep on being a conspiracy theorist, ilI’ leave it up to Rafa to answer the question.

          • Leazes.

            Oh shut up Kevin….you know what comes next….I’m blocking you again.

          • Billmag

            Wrong again and I shall do likewise because imI sick o reading your drivel.

          • Billmag

            Way off the mark there Leazes, because people have different opinions you class them with those dummies.

    • Fireman Sam

      So if fat mike sells Lascelles and makes no attempt to sign any of the three loan players, you would expect Rafa to move the club forward?

      In fat mikes eyes the club have over achieved this season and therefore he will pay himself a bonus and give us Nowt.

      • Billmag

        You are exactly the same as Leazes preempting how fat Ash is going to act, if is a small word with a massive meaning.

  • Weyhhadaway

    The number of 60M gets mentioned below, that will just about buy the three loaners we have on the books. with maybe enough left over for a 15M player. Which means we will be hitting the loan market hard again.
    it is the number that will be left over after wages etc, and if Ashley is as good as his word, LOL I just said that but couldn’t keep a straight face, we will get a few sales as well. Mitro 20M Gayle 15M and some deadwood another 10M. So we should have 105M or so. In Reality we will be lucky to have a net spend of 40M, if we are lucky. Will that be enough to keep Rafa? I think not.