Garth Crooks has picked his Premier League team of the week.

The BBC Sport pundit including one Newcastle star after they deservedly beat Leicester 2-1 at the King Power Stadium on Saturday.

It was Jonjo Shelvey who Garth Crooks selected for his Premier League team of the week, little surprise after yet another excellent performance as he pulled the strings in midfield.

However, he accompanied the selection with some quite bizarre comments…’I have to be honest, I don’t enjoy putting players like him in my team. I like footballers and there has been far too much over-physicality where Shelvey has been concerned.’

Garth Crooks rounds things off by declaring – ‘He just can’t be trusted right now.’

So what justification does Crooks give for his comments?

Well, mmm, none actually.

These are the cards Jonjo Shelvey has picked up in the Premier League this season:

13 August 2017 – Newcastle 0 Spurs 2 (Red)

4 November 2017 Newcastle 0 Bournemouth 1 (Yellow)

25 November 2017 – Newcastle 0 Watford 3 (Yellow)

13 December 2017 – Newcastle 0 Everton 1 (2 x Yellow = Red)

When Newcastle next play against Arsenal on Sunday, it will be 123 days since Jonjo Shelvey last picked up a card. How many central midfielders can say the same? I would guess very very few, as it is a position where you are constantly having to make challenges.

So five cards all season in the league, the same as Harry Kane and one less than Dele Alli, two players in forward positions who should never be picking up so many in their roles.

Shelvey has had two moments of gross stupidity earlier this season, petulantly standing on Alli’s fingers when the Spurs player obstructed him getting the ball to take a quick free-kick – and the second needless yellow against Everton in the final seconds.

However, it is obvious that over four months later, and no further cards, he is playing in a completely different, more constructive way, and has been doing for a considerable amount of time.

The thing is as well, Jonjo Shelvey seems to have been given a bad name based on very little in his past.

Before this season, he had only ever been sent off once (last season his one v Forest was later rescinded, along with Paul Dummett’s), six years ago in the highly charged Liverpool v Man Utd match.

Fair enough, criticise Shelvey for what he has actually done, but don’t make grand statements that have absolutely no truth in them.

Garth Crooks talking to BBC Sport:

“Jonjo Shelvey:

“This was an amazing victory against the 2016 champions by Newcastle and why I had no choice but to include Jonjo Shelvey in my team of the week.

“I have to be honest, I don’t enjoy putting players like him in my team.

“I like footballers and there has been far too much over-physicality where Shelvey has been concerned.

“However, his performances of late have been impressive.

“With greater levels of fitness and a more reliable temperament, Magpies boss Rafa Benitez could turn him into a top-class player.

“Certainly England have no-one with his ability in midfield – he just can’t be trusted right now.

“Did you know?

“Shelvey scored with his only shot against Leicester and also made more passes than any other Newcastle player (34).”

The full Garth Crooks Premier League team of the week for BBC Sport:

Joe Hart (West Ham)

Seamus Coleman (Everton)

Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea)

Chris Smalling (Man Utd)

Ashley Young (Man Utd)

Luka Milivojevic (Crystal Palace)

Jonjo Shelvey (Newcastle)

Paul Pogba (Man Utd)

Christian Eriksen (Tottenham)

Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)

Marko Arnautovic (West Ham)

Stats from BBC Sport:

Leicester 1 Newcastle 2


Newcastle: Shelvey 18, Perez 75

Leicester: Vardy 83

Possession was Leicester 66% Newcastle 34%

Total shots were  Leicester 8 Newcastle 8

Shots on target were Leicester 1 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Leicester 7 Newcastle 5

Referee: Stuart Attwell

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Lejeune, Dummett, Ritchie, Shelvey, Diame (Hayden 81), Shelvey, Kenedy (Atsu 64), Gayle (Joselu 70)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Manquillo, Clark, Merino

Crowd: 32,066 (3,200 Newcastle)

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The like of Crooks live in a Bubble

  • Toon

    Dry your eyes, is it really worth getting upset over?

  • Peaky

    Senility I think they call it….

  • Leazes.

    Shelvey stood on Dele Alli’s ankle not his fingers….. someone wrote that yesterday as well.

    Crooks sticking up for his dirty spuds mates then is to be expected.

    • Georgia Peter

      Ali should be stood on every week…..dirty little cheat.

  • Paul Patterson

    Maybe Alan Shearer could lean on him and tell him not to be such a biased f***wit.

  • Wor Lass

    I wish the Mag had been so keen to stand up for Mitro.

    • Ram Kishore

      I think Mag is standing up for Mitro most of the time

  • Georgia Peter

    Crooks….simply a tw4t.

  • Wor Monga

    6 players from London teams…3 from Man U, and 2 from the rest…that can’t be a true reflection of any team of the week…As a team the Man U result was an anomaly due mainly to the wastefulness of Raheem Sterling, and a vicious high sliding challenge in the box by Ashley Young, on Aguero…that if it had been Shelvey would’ve probably led to calls (by Crooks) that he be banned for life…

    …since he’s been here he’s had more bans after yellows for niggling fouls and stupidly reacting to provocation about his chrome dome…the (unproven) racist charge was an isolated incident of retaliation in the heat of the moment, possibly, to get him a ban…although he denied the accusation he apologised and took his punishment in the correct manner…

    …Seems to me that Crooks on this ocassion is showing too much favouritism on the one hand, and discrimination for past deeds of times gone by on the other…he should be an England selector with that attitude!!!

  • East Durham Mag

    Sanctamonious [email protected]

  • JulioLaker

    Can’t be trusted … and yet he picks Hart

  • Simon Mccabe

    He is a fat toad and should not be one of the BBC’s golden boys. Much better pundits out there than him

  • Leicester Mag

    Garth proving again he’s the missing end of a bell

  • mentalman

    i loved Shelvey’s comment about the Maguire incident with Gayle

    • thewildchimp

      It was perfect.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Overphysical???? W t f….

    Then follows that up with Ashley young at left back who should have conceded a penalty and been straight red carded for his assault on Aguero in a double footed over the top of the ball challenge.


  • pedrodelgardo

    I’m outraged because it really, really matters what these pundits say.

  • Arty Hume

    Just ignore the little inconsequential toad, folk making comments keep this tit in the public eye, forget him he looses his power then.

  • Jezza

    An awful lot of hypocrisy on display here. I remember Jojjo Shelvey getting universally crucified by Newcastle fans on this forum after his sending off against Spurs.

    • Paul Patterson

      He was stupid, but he’s hardly the only person ever to make a mistake. Pundits tend to have it in for certain players. Harry Kane got of scot free against us after putting Lejune out for a month or so. Why? It’s Harry isn’t it?! Can’t slate England/London’s Harry . .

      • Jezza

        Fair comment about the likes of Kane. Certain players are untouchable in the eyes of the media and it seems the worse they are as persons, the more revered thay become. I’m thinking for example of a thoroughly loathsome vile individual who captained Chelsea till recently who has always been a media darling when he deserves nothing but contempt for the kind of person he is.

    • Desree

      When so many of our fans rate Mitrovic how can we knock Garth Crooks

      • Jezza

        Ha ha yes, what we wouldn’t give for a striker like Garth Crooks in our team.

    • Billy Ellwood

      We weren’t critical of Shelvey in the last 6 months or so.
      Like Dummett he’s shown the good player he is.

  • GToon

    Yes Garth, you are much better to “trust” the likes of Jack Wilshire and Deli Ali who never put a foot wrong, don’t dive, don’t lose their temper, don’t cheat and would do your international team and your team of the week proud. In fact why don’t you just not bother with players from our team as it means nothing to the players or us fans.

  • Mrkgw

    The stuffy establishment will never allow any of our players into the England set up. It certainly doesn’t make you want to follow the side come the World Cup or, at least inspire you to do so.

    • Jezza

      Agree entirely. I have never supported the national team. As a kid growing up in the North East in the 70’s they always seemed to represent London and the home counties rather than the whole country. The best players were never picked for England either. Successive England managers were obsessed with work rate and skill went right out the window. I think of the likes of Stan Bowles, Frank Worthington, Tony Currie and Glenn Hoddle. If they had been born in Italy or Germany they would all have reached 100 caps but as it is I’m not sure they even got 50 England caps between them when the national team was full of players who weren’t fit to lace their boots.

      Then you think of players like Chris Waddle and Paul Gascoigne, two of the very best English players of their generation. They couldn’t get a look in for the national team while they were at Newcastle but the second they each signed for Spurs they were straight into the England set up. Nothing has changed.

      • Mrkgw

        Very well said – agreed 100%.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Waddle played his debut whilst at Newcastle, it was only the 2nd England game I went to and there must have been about 3,000 NUFC fans who went back him.

  • Andy Mac

    Reminds me of the old joke about Dai the sheep sh&gger ? Only takes a few misguide souls to brand a bloke for life !

    • Peter Graham

      Best joke of all time😂😂

  • Wor Lad

    2 Shelvey’s in the Newcastle lineup again!

  • Magpie1974

    Crookes is a pure establishment insider putting out the spin as to why Shelvey won’t go to Russia.
    I hope Wilshire plays against us on Sunday and Jonjo runs rings round him.

    • GToon

      I just hope he clatters him, or even better Diame clatters him.

  • magpiefifer

    The usual bias getting in the way of facts.Waste of space.

  • Big Al 1967

    Whinges on about Shelvey not being trusted and then has he gall to pick Ashley Young. The same Ashley Young who should have conceded 2 penalties and received a red card for a horrendous over the top follow through. You really could not make this stuff up
    At least Martin Atkinson finally has someone who agreed with his decisions because no one else does. Idiots do tend to stick together