Has the woodwork proved to be more harsh for Newcastle United than their competitors?

Stats have now been revealed which show how many times each Premier League club has been denied by the woodwork this season.

For individual players, it is not surprisingly Harry Kane who has hit post and bar the most, six times in total, of Tottenham’s overall total of 11.

The teams and players who generally score the most goals and have the most attacking play, would surely tend to also hit bar and post most.

The club stats seem to largely back that up – Man City (79) and Liverpool (65) have comfortably scored more Premier League goals than the other 18 clubs (53 is next highest), plus they have hit the woodwork more than anybody else as well – 16 times each.

The real exception to the rule are relegation strugglers Southampton, who you would have to say have been a little unlucky. They have only scored 29 PL goals and yet have hit the woodwork 14 times.

Next highest are obvious clubs such as Arsenal, Spurs and Man Utd, whilst West Ham with 11 woodwork hits (have scored 35 times) a little less unlucky than Southampton.

As for Newcastle, only seven clubs have hit the woodwork more this season, Newcastle hitting bar/post eight times.

The Bournemouth and Everton matches at home really stand out.

Against Bournemouth, Matt Ritchie hit the inside of the post and Dwight Gayle was wrongly adjudged to be offside when scoring the rebound – scores were level and Newcastle eventually lost 1-0.

Whilst Ritchie it was again hammered a shot against the Everton post at 0-0, then Mikel Merino hit the other post with a 30 yarder after Rooney gave the scousers the lead – Newcastle losing  the game 1-0.

Number of times each Premier League club have hit the woodwork in 2017/18 season so far – Compiled by The Star:

4 Huddersfield

5 Watford, Stoke, Everton, Crystal Palace

6 West Brom

7 Chelsea, Brighton

8 Newcastle United, Leicester, Bournemouth, Swansea, Burnley

11 West Ham, Spurs, Man Utd

13 Arsenal

14 Southampton

16 Man City, Liverpool

  • relaxed

    Don’t you have anything better to do than bore us all with this drivel ?

  • Dillon Tovak

    Hitting the wood work is just another off target shot. It’s not really anything to do with luck.

    Pet peeve of mine “the woodwork came to their rescue” no it didn’t, the shot just wasn’t going in 🙄

    • Paul Patterson

      Spot on!
      If a goalkeeper makes 10 saves a match and defenders make 10 goal bound blocks then we were unlucky. The goal frame isn’t the target.

  • ghostrider

    If we go for stats on all of the games we might as well add in all the shots that the keeper saves with his feet or all of the shots that whizz within 2 inches off the outside of the post or over the bar.
    The simple thing about football is, it’s played with 11 players against 11 players and the object of the game is to put the ball fully over the goal line between the two vertical posts and the horizontal bar more times than the opposition.
    Failure to do so will render your scoreline to be zero and no bar, post or if, but, could or should will change that.