I was down at the Sunderland v Newcastle match last night.

I  had been thinking about it at work throughout the day and when I got in the house, my 12 year old son was up for it, so a quick turnaround and we were out of the door.

Not normally one for taking much, if any, interest in reserve games, the fact it was a local derby (not going to see many of them for a while…) and had been moved to the Stadium of Light (instead of normal reserve venue) were obviously the key attractions.

Always a bit of a strange one if you ever go to a big football stadium when there are very few people inside it (no cheap jokes here about Sunderland fans getting used to that this season…).

I would say there were between maybe 300 and 400 Newcastle fans there, in a section at one end of the ground, even though the pre-match info was that there would be no segregation.

I was glad I went.

It ended up being one of the most entertaining matches I have seen this season.

I have seen that there has already been a mini-match report put up on The Mag but when you end up seeing four goals and 26 penalties (24 in the shootout after 120 minutes, plus Sunderland scoring one and Newcastle missing one during the game), then you can see why it might have been worth going to.

The young Newcastle players come out of it with great credit, it has been tough times in recent years for the NUFC younger age groups and our reserve side are currently second bottom of the reserve league second division, one division below the Mackems.

So a great victory in the circumstances and hopefully one that can help inspire them to better times ahead.

Coming into work this morning I was looking around for any write-ups on the match and I have read one or two decent bits, from both a Newcastle and Sunderland perspective.

However, I have now noticed that this is all being overtaken by coverage of the ‘trouble’ last night.

People are getting just a little over excited…

The ‘trouble’ was a handful of seats being smashed, unless I’m missing something, and when there are only a few hundred away fans there, it would be kind of difficult to miss anything of note.

It is not big and it is not clever, smashing seats at a reserve game, but it is simply embarrassing more than a major incident/talking point.

The few police (and stewards) in attendance at the game didn’t seem keen/interested in getting involved and I’m sure the £1000 or so the Mackems banked from the extra Newcastle fans turning up will more than pay for the cost of replacing the handful of smashed seats.

The bottom line is that the ‘troublemakers’ were kids getting a bit excited being out late on a school night, no doubt a bit hammered on blue pop, and today bragging to their schoolmates about ‘how they took Sunderland’ last night.

There were no seats thrown on the pitch, nobody was trying to get at the home fans (they would have been too tired by the time they got to them anyway). To sum up how thick and immature the kids causing ‘trouble’ were, one was even daft enough to let himself be pictured holding up a smashed seat on his way home on the metro – the image circulating on social media.

Amusingly, a quick look on the main Sunderland fans message board has them riding a very very high horse, outraged at the ‘trouble’ and taking that as proof that all Newcastle fans are guilty of war crimes, or something. Well, at least horse punchers anyway.

I know it is only a small minority who are engaged in the name calling and seat smashing but it does kind of represent generally the level of our derby rivalry these days.

Imagine being fans of the two Manchester clubs, fighting it out in the Champions League and at the top of the Premier League, arguing the toss about those, and not a few smashed seats and one person who years ago embarrassed himself when trying to punch a horse.

Maybe it is best if we don’t have a derby for some time after all. Realistically with the way the two clubs are run, it would be far more likely to take place in League One than the Champions League.

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  • mactoon

    Andrew McDonnell Journalist also tweeting about ugly clashes outside the ground as a group of fans clashed?

    Also on the highlights video their lad scores a penalty and appears to stick two fingers up at the Newcastle fans. Class eh

    • Peaky Magpie

      Incitement….the mackem scrote needs castratiing….

  • Brian Standen

    So SAFC and their fans getting a bit overly excited about the behaviour of NUFC fans after last night strange they seem to forget about smearing sh*t and throwing bags of urine about at SJP, but have vivid memories of horse punching! Stones and glass houses spring to mind!

    • Mark Davies

      Exactly mate and no mention of the clown who 5hyte on his own seat earlier in the saeason or smearing ftm in the same stuff on train and metro windows in the way to us and boro

      I know crayons are to sharp for that lot and theyll have been sniffing the marker pens and maybe thats why their memories are so short.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    All of this needs to be stopped though, the lads smashing the seats should pay. They cost a fair bit of money to be replaced £700 each retail so I’m afraid, in my book, anyone wilfully damaging property should pay.

    • Steven05

      I agree. A handful of fans behaving pathetically paints us all the same colour

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        A pal of mine ran a pub in London, Leeds fans visited and spent a lot of money, they then smashed the place up and robbed the till. A Leeds fan said to him that he should be grateful for the takings!

        fans at football should be treated with respect but only if they respect their hosts.

        • Lhc

          I like Leeds fans only when we aren’t playing them, there a proper bunch!

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I dislike anyone who causes bother at football or otherwise. In my book, you cause damage, you pay. I’d like Leeds to be with us in the EPL but they have some idiots, more than we do.

          • Lhc

            There what football fans should be like, football now is turning into a family & kids day out game, a lot of snowflakes following football these days. One thing I’m not condoning robbing the till.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            No, that’s not what football should be like. If football is a family and kids day out, great. It can be enjoyable for everyone, if it’s a drink with mates and banter, that’s great.

            If it’s smashing stuff up, fighting etc, no, that is not ok. If you can’t go somewhere where you may see people supporting a different team, don’t go to a football match, it’s not for you.

          • Lhc

            Each to there own eh, but one thing for sure this whole trouble from last night is being blown out of proportion comment above saying ban them for life a few young lads probably had 1 to many before going across probably there first taste of going across to there shi#hole and they smash up a few seats n you’ve got people stirring the pot saying ban them for life, get a grip man it’s hardly North Shields ferry landing. Fair enough they shouldn’t of done what they did but there young n we all make mistakes, I’m sure as they get older they will get smarter.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            If someone has one too many and smashes something of mine up, I get them to pay, if they don’t we go to court and if they don’t pay, goods are seized.

            Bottom line, pay for the damage and if the sight of other football fans causes you a problem, a football match isn’t your thing.

          • Lhc

            That’s definitley not what will happen in this case, the perpetrators won’t have to pay for the damage, There seats were discoloured anyway man! Fans like Leeds, milwall, West Ham, Cardiff’s, Portsmouth, us, etc keep football alive.

          • Wor Lass

            I agree that young lads can get carried away and make mistakes they regret later but otherwise I think you`ve got the wrong idea, mate. Football`s what`s played on the pitch by the blokes in shorts. What you`re on about is a load of yobs out for bother. Nothing to do with football. I suppose your ultimate heroes were the total d*ckwads that caused the Heysel disaster – 39 innocent people killed and English teams banned from European competition for 6 years. They were the days, eh?

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            No, it will not happen but it should. You say the young lads will learn, the best way is to see the bailiff take away their chavved up Vauxhall Corsa, you learn quickly then.

            Hooligans are scum, this fanzine arrived as an antidote to hooliganism, to racism etc. We’ve had Heysel and Hillsborough, hooliganism is not a bit of fun, it’s attempted murder.

          • Lhc

            Your just getting silly now mate.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            So what happened at Heysel? Was that a bit of fun? Looked like a bunch of people willfully killing another bunch, that’s murder in my book.

          • Martin

            Agree. It’s just embarrassing. Let’s face it, if they got banned they wouldn’t be a miss.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Yep, I get the feeling that some of the young lads have a romantic view of the 70’s & 80’s hooligans and aspire to be those loosers.

            I have a theory on what drove lads who like to prove themselves to their make peers but that’s my open university thesis on sociology and sexuality so I’ll wait for my degree first.

    • Wor Lass

      Agreed. I remember Burnley fans after losing to Blackburn going out of the ground and smashing up their own shopping centre. That`s how thick they are. Caused thousands of pounds worth of improvement, apparently.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        I could see the joke coming but it still raised a smile.

        • Wor Lass

          That did actually happen and, believe me, anything destructive that you can do to Burnley town centre is an improvement. It`s Lancashire`s answer to Sunderland

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Lovely countryside and the surroundings are lovely. I went to the away game this season but boy oh boy, the town is a hole. We had a pint in the cricket club, that was ok.

  • Lhc

    Doubt there pocket money would cover it, we all make mistakes! Anyhow they need new seats anyway! Done them a favour tbh.

  • 1957

    I was there and it appeared to be half a dozen youngish people causing random damage without any provocation. When they are identified they need to be taken to court, prosecuted and banned from football grounds for life.

    • Lhc

      Get a grip man! It

  • Wor Lass

    I bet MonkSatan was up there like an aged cross between the Pied Piper and Fagin telling them how he used tour the country taking the Kop ends back in the day. Probably gave a few slaps while he was at it just to keep them on point.

  • Peaky Magpie

    That penalty shoot out wouldn’t have went on that long if Hoss was under 23 and had to take one….