Sunderland appear to be very successful in one respect.

Unfortunately, for them, their success this season revolves around finding ever more inventive ways to add extra self-inflicted misery.

Saturday brought yet another defeat, losing 2-0 to Preston at home.

This is the same Preston who Sunderland stole their manager off last summer, Simon Grayson making an ill-fated move to Wearside.

This morning, Preston are now 32 points ahead of Sunderland, only two points off the play-offs, whilst the Mackems are rock bottom and looking certainties for League One. Defeat to Preston means no wins in the last 10 games with seven defeats and three draws.

The match result yesterday was only part of their misery though, as midfielder Darron Gibson was arrested three hours before the game on suspicion of drink-driving, following an incident where a car crashed at high speed into a number of parked cars in a Sunderland residential street.

Then to cap it all, a Newcastle fan wearing his NUFC shirt (see image below) won the half-time crossbar challenge, before he ‘did a lap of the pitch celebrating like Shearer’.

A Preston fan on Twitter:

“Sunderland are abysmal.

“Could you be arsed?


“Stadium empty at 65 mins.

“Down to 10 men.

“North End fans taking the pi…

“To top it off a bloke in a Newcastle kit won the crossbar challenge at HT and did a lap of the pitch celebrating like Shearer.

“League 1 beckons.”

It turns out that the Newcastle fan who starred at half-time, was one of a group of supporters of various clubs who had walked from Bournemouth’s stadium to Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, completing their journey on Friday.

So far they have raised £11,890 for the Bradley Lowery Foundation, if you would like to add to that total go HERE.

  • Whickhamrobbie

    Ha Ha well done lad . Get him on at SJP for a deserved true lap of honour (arm raised of course )

    • nufcslf

      In a horrible ironic way it would be one of the biggest cheers at a home match for far too many year. Rather hear Cashley bashing chants any day of the week, before he lowers us to mackem standards….or has he already…..

  • Peaky Magpie

    Wish people would stop moaning about “The Beast From The East 2” which is going to last all of a few hours…we’ve had to put up with “The Cu*t From The South” for eleven years now…..

  • Phil Yare

    its strange how they were still able to raise their game to play us. its not like they’ve ever had a good team. for me they have the same rubbish team they’ve had for all the years they’ve clogged about the premiership. this could of happened to them ages ago, no big surprise.

    • Jezza

      They certainly raised their game against us but equally we always seemed to significantly lower our game against them during the Pardew/McClaren years.

      • Phil Yare

        absolutely. in all of them hapless defeats we were never set up to compete with anyone which was the pardew and mcclaren way. where as going back to the 1-2 defeat under bobby i was scratching my head wondering how we lost the game

  • TheTradge

    I’ll be honest, I do feel sorry for Sunderland supporters. Obviously as a Newcastle fan I’m laughing about this, but as a football fan you can’t help but feel sympathy, it’s never nice to see any club suffer so much. Sadly the black cats keep selling their best players, and at present are relying too heavily on the loan market, so aren’t able to build a team that can be competitive. Honestly I don’t think they’ll make it out of the drop one this season, but I do really hope they can find a fresh start soon, because at present I don’t see much change happening unless Sunderland come about new ownership.

    • Alreet

      Not a chance. Theyve made their bed let em suffer. Having splurges with big sam. Poyet. Di canio and the rest. Advocaat had to leave for health reasons but he was the best gaffer theyve had.

      Let em plummet. 🤣🤣🤣

      • Big Al 1967

        Exactly.Zero sympathy for them or their charlatan manager. I know for a fact that they are still paying clubs for players they have long since sold on for a loss.
        Don’t forget also last May how they laughed at our promotion saying that the League would be a cakewalk for them to get out of. Yeah bet they did not think it would be downward!! And don’t get me started on Chris Coleman!

        • Alreet

          Totally. Its like they are searching high and low for someone to say awwww at their pet lip. Hows about you realise that it was always a temp thing. The pie eater reid era that lead to the big stadium that lead to yoyo-ing then getting found out with the big boys.

          5 wins 6 wins blah blah. Tell u wat im glad we lost and are in this position.

          Have fun in league one…oh and lets see how long coleman stays. I did say theres no Bale at scumderland besides a bale-out.

          1. 2. 3. Lets all laugh at Sunderland!!

    • Jezza

      “Sadly the black cats keep selling their best players, and at present are
      relying too heavily on the loan market, so aren’t able to build a team
      that can be competitive……I don’t see much change happening unless Sunderland come about new ownership.”

      Yes and the big worry is of course that all those same things apply equally to Newcastle. We could very easily be in the same position as Sunderland a year or two from now.

      • nufcslf

        How very very true. Top 5 derby”s in the prem is what we should all want. Our short comings aren’t far off and just laughing at each other backs sh*t owners through and thtough. Very sad, but all too real.

        • Mike N Lisa Dyer

          Derby days are the best games. I never understood the likes of celtic, cheering the downfall of Rangers. Just think of the revenue from ticket sales and everything associated with match day. Another great northern club falling into disarray. (obviously not as great a club as the mighty Toon)

  • Paul Patterson

    Congratulations to that lad. Well done! And a big congratulations to SAFC who appear to be doing a great job of getting out of the Championship at the first attempt.

    • East Durham Mag

      What are the chances of a Knighthood for Ellis Short 😂

    • Kneebotherm8

      They’re getting out as quickly as we did last season…………easily done……it’s a cake walk man….😂😂

    • Cockneytrev


  • TheNutJob


  • Kev C

    It’s so bad the litter on the pitch outnumbers the supporters in the stands.

  • kingfisher

    Whenever I get the smallest ( and I mean the smallest of smallest ) feeling of empathy and pity for our illustrious red and white neighbours,I just remember all of those pictures of the great unwashed holding up the ” let’s all laugh at Newcastle” posters and that feeling recedes faster than you can say : This is the stickiest situation since Mr Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun ( quote courtesy of Edmund Blackadder. The Mag pulled my original post) 😭Happy days, long may they continue😂

    • Rich Lawson

      ”Madder than Mad Jock McMadness”

      • kingfisher

        Excellent 😁👍👍👍

  • Geordiegiants

    You just can’t help but laugh at them can you? It’s so funny it makes me lol every time I see any thing related to them these days.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Oh dear!!

  • Pauly

    Well done to the fans who raised all that money for Bradley Lowry’s foundation . Pity that Jack Rodwell couldn’t make a donation of One , yes , just One , weeks money £70,000 for this charity for an amazing child , instead of behaving like the spoilt brat that he is and not playing football for the club that employs him . There are kids all over the world that would thrive on an opportunity like he’s been given , only hope that no other football club takes him on after Sunderland finally do get rid of the greedy get . In any other field of employment he would get the sack well done Chris Coleman don’t give in too primadonna PASS THE BALL BACK , RODWELL .

  • Peter Graham

    Can Porter write anything that is not Sunderland related and that shows Newcastle fans in a bad light? Just asking.

  • Vodkamagpie

    We should loan players to them next season, great opportunity for younger lads to play so close to home. Loan them for free, need to help other clubs in the area

    • MadMag83

      Good idea, send them Joselu

  • MadMag83

    Loving it! Well done to the lad in the Newcastle shirt. Just remember the sight of Di Canio sliding on his knees and you’ll feel no sympathy for them.