Sunderland fans are guilty of failing to recognise a great opportunity when it presents itself.

After being the worst team in the Premier League last season and now the very worst in the Championship, looking for positives might be difficult for them at this moment in time.

However, they undoubtedly are they, if you look hard enough.

Maybe a case of not being able to see the wood for the trees…?

Bear with me and I will explain.

On the football side, I would agree that there is nothing whatsoever for them be happy about.

As a Newcastle fan, I record that Championship show on Channel 5 each Saturday and fast forward through.

As well as seeing what the likes of Mitrovic and Colback are doing at their loan clubs, naturally I take an interest in the Mackems as well.

They are truly woeful and as our local rivals, it is funny what they are being subjected to after we gifted them all that ‘6 in a row’ to cling onto, whilst their club was in reality falling apart.

However, I think if Sunderland fans look at the bigger picture, they would be able to see a longer-term where they could have a club to be proud of.

Judging by what they say on social media and message boards etc, it is clear that Sunderland fans blame Ellis Short for pretty much everything, a bit like Newcastle fans, they want the club to run in a far better way but feel powerless to influence that.

This is where opportunity comes into it.

Sunderland fans have a club that is now basically worthless, Ellis Short is willing to give it away if new owners take on some of the debts, he is desperate to get out and will surely do anything to help that happen.

Sunderland fans have never been in a more powerful position than now, their club needs them if they are ever going to bounce back.

The big golden opportunity Sunderland fans now have, is that it is feasible for them to play a major part in a new ownership structure at the Stadium of Light.

Sunderland football club will almost certainly never be worth so little, so why can’t/don’t local business people, in partnership with the supporters, buy the club off Ellis Short?

Nobody pretends that it would be easy to put together but they will surely never have a better chance to have real influence at their club.

Swansea arrived in the Premier League with their club jointly owned by local business people, alongside the fans who owned 20%, this a result of them taking over when the club was on its knees.

I would love this to happen to Newcastle United, though without the need to drop like a stone towards the third tier.

A protection against never again having a Mike Ashley (or Ellis Short…) able to wreck our hopes and ambitions, in the pursuit of his own agenda.

Ordinary Sunderland fans, in my opinion, could easily be capable of earning 20% (or more) of their club, alongside richer and more high profile fans/business people.

There are all kinds of ways and means of helping fans to buy into the ownership of a club and not necessarily a case of putting all the cash in up front.

To give the club stability after a fan/local business takeover, supporters could be asked to sign up to schemes whereby they would agree to a binding agreement where they’d get a season ticket for the next three or five years, plus an extra payment each month could then pay for their stake/share in owning their club.

I am of course only bothered about Newcastle being successful on the pitch but with the Premier League TV deals now having peaked and revenue per match now going down in the latest UK rights contracts, clubs in the future will be looking once more towards a bigger reliance on fans directly for cash/support.

It won’t happen overnight but the extra cash fans directly and indirectly bring will be more valued than it is now.

It would be great to think one day that the Premier League was run on similar lines to the Bundesliga, where fans are the major shareholders and clubs work in partnership with them.

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  • joe mac

    mite be time to forget the rivalry….where do i send my 50p?

    • molend

      very clever!

    • Big Al 1967

      Message from Ellis Short….. Congratulations Joe I will be glad to sell the Club to you…Now where exactly would you like me to send the change??

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    That can never happen now for a Premiership team Sunderland’s debts are £3m a month and they are likely to go in administration if they go down. The Swansea local directors who are super rich are not even directors any more with Martin Morgan selling up but he still goes to games. Even a billionaire is not enough these days.

  • mactoon

    The club is £137 million in debt and a wage bill they cannot afford. would YOU put money into buying him out?

  • Paul Patterson

    We have our own problems and couldn’t care less what they do, or how low they sink.
    Get real people . .

    • East Durham Mag

      Well said Paul.

    • Cockneytrev


  • Jonas

    One of the reasons they are where they are is that their fans don’t put their hands in their pockets as it is.
    their a loss making operation in essence. Even when the going was good unlike ourselves they still had to heavily gimmick their attendances.

    never once watched them on channel5 – the way it should be.

  • Alex

    To invest in their club, it probably means that most Sunderland fans would need to take out a second mortgage on their property. And, frankly, the equity in a terraced house in Pennywell or Marley Potts or Witherwack ain’t going to be that much. ;-)

  • Ram Kishore

    This atleast makes me feel like Mike Ashley didn’t mismanage the club as Ellis short’s appointed administration did

    • Fisherking


  • Alan Pardew

    It is a great club and next year they really need to make sure they get back to the Premier League where they belong.

    • mactoon

      and hopefully Mr Pardew you will be managing them to ensure they indeed do end up where they belong.

  • skarabrae

    I really couldn’t give a monkeys about safc… why are we even posting articles about them on here??

  • Fisherking

    Sorry is the mag or the makem what have they got to do with this fanzine

  • Albert Stubbins

    The Makems have given up on their club- you can almost smell the apathy from here- worthless wa*****!! it’ll be south shields as our rivals soon the way things are going. They don’t give a shyte so why should we?

  • Rich Lawson

    The owner is a billionaire,who can write off his losses against tax,if he can’t be bothered to save the club why does it fall to fans in a depressed area to stump up cash they can ill afford ? To many of these ”rich” owners (greedy bsds) have not the slightest idea about football and see it only as an investment they can walk away from.