There are some quite incredible comments below from Aston Villa fans.

They visited Sunderland on Tuesday night and came away 3-0 winners.

Obviously they are all pleased they won but the overwhelming message throughout, is just how shocking the Mackems are,

A near empty stadium, bar the visiting fans, at the final whistle and the Aston Villa fans didn’t even feel their team had played very well – yet won by three and it could/should have been at least double that.

Newcastle supporters have had plenty on their own plates what with Premier League survival, takeover saga, being slaughtered by every pundit, and so on, meaning I think we have taken our eye off the ball a bit when it comes to our nearest and dearest rivals.

Rock bottom with 36 games gone and only 10 remaining, I reckon if the positions were reversed then Sunderland supporters would be having a party every weekend, or at least every time their rivals lost, which to be fair is much the same thing for the Mackems these days.

Aston Villa fans comment via their top Villa Talk message board:

‘I don’t think there’s a team in the world who could have lost to Sunderland tonight.’

‘Never in my life have I seen a team as bad as Sunderland.’

‘I didn’t think double relegation could happen but Sunderland are doomed.’

 ‘(With five minutes to go) I think the only fans left in the stadium are Villa fans.’

‘Just goes to show how bad Sunderland actually are. Against a better club, no way we get away with that first half performance.’

‘We don’t exactly need to perform against teams this bad though.’

‘I feel for Sunderland. They’re an absolute shambles of a club. We were one Chinese bloke away from going the same way.’

‘Has Chris Coleman ever done a good job anywhere other than with Wales?  F… knows why he’d give up that job with Gareth Bale in your team to take over this lot.’

‘We have been pretty average but it’s been very comfortable.’

‘We should be looking to improve the GD against this cr…’

‘Sunderland are really, really, REALLY sh..!’

‘Sunderland are not good. Easiest 3 pts since Derby 10 years ago.’

‘I quite like Sunderland. You have to feel for their fans at the minute. I don’t mean this exact minute. For the next forty five I’d like to see them ruined; but in general, y’know, they’ve always seemed like reasonable enough sorts and they’re having a terrible time of it.’

‘O’Shea off. Gutted.’

‘Don’t think we’ll have an easier half of football than that for a while.’

‘Surely Sunderland can’t be that bad in the second half.’

‘Didn’t play particularly well and didn’t have to.

3-0 away from home without breaking sweat.

I feel bad for Sunderland fans, but it’s another good night for us.’

‘That was so easy. Sunderland are a mess.’

‘Some said it wouldn’t be an easy game. Boy, did Sunderland prove them wrong. That was the easiest three points we’ll ever get. I can’t remember seeing a worse team than Sunderland.’

‘Glad we won but it was uncomfortable watching, Sunderland look like the relegation haunted Villa side that took us down.’

‘0-3 is pretty poor …… Bruce out!’

‘I said Sunderland w’re fighting for their lives and would be hard to beat. I am an idiot.’

‘Don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed watching a Villa game. Barely broke a sweat.

Poor Mackem bas…..’

‘I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for Sunderland. If ever their was a team I have a pathological hatred for, then it’s that bellowing, battering, bunch of inbreds .’

‘We’re expected to get past bottom of the league Sunderland but I thought they would provide a tougher test for us. Was very pleased they looked abject and a beaten team from the off.’

‘Surveying this sad, broken, wreckage of a football club in Sunderland shows how lucky we are that Lerner sold up right away after we went down.  They are a total mess and I hope Coleman enjoys his big contract he swapped  for managing his national side.’

‘Sunderland are a horrible, horrible team.’

‘Wow that was the most boring 3-0 win I have ever seen. It was so easy.’

  • Stephen

    This could be any team currently
    5 or 6 at the top of the premier league backed by billionaires or even sovereign state countries
    The rest trying to stay up or be promoted
    And if one of the ‘rest’ manages to produce a decent player, he’s off to one of the Money teams
    Just dont understand Financial Fair Play it only seem to affect teams like QPR who were punished for trying to buy success and correct me if I’m wrong but this doesn’t seem to apply to Europe’s elite.

    • NUFCDan

      The super rich teams can either plow more money into the club through phoney sponsorship, do some creative accounting or simply pay the fines and have it all swept under the carpet.

  • Paul Patterson

    I think we have taken our eye off the ball a bit when it comes to our nearest and dearest rivals.
    No no no no, NO.
    A rotten club and town as are some of the people.
    Stop this stupid fixation with a team we are unlikely to play for nearly a decade.
    They are NOT a rival at this time. Leave off and focus on our own problems ffs..

  • Tweed Mag

    Time to forget about Sunderland. No point in concentrating on their problems. They would no doubt be gloating if the positions were reversed, but in all honesty, who cares?

    • ghostrider

      Plenty would gloat but plenty wouldn’t.
      It’s only when something bad happens that the north east rivalry gets put to bed.
      Imagine that?
      In the trenches at christmas and stop the killing just enough to have a nice game of football and a friendly exchange of pleasantries before getting back to what people expect….taking out some person who’s only issue was to have a different coloured uniform.

      And we think we’re not brainwashed into all this garbage.

      • Tweed Mag

        Yes, but it is up to Sunderland and their fans to sort things out and hopefully they will. It is none of our business, other than to have successful clubs (including M’boro) in the NE sometime in the future.

        • ghostrider

          I agree. We can’t help in that department but I’m past any point of gloating.
          Gloating is reserved for derby games or bettering in the same league.
          The rest of it is wasted energy .

          • Mark Potter

            Yeah, save your energy. There’s all them anti-Rafa rants waiting to be posted.

          • ghostrider

            If he doesn’t buck his ideas up fast, there will be a lot more coming.

  • ghostrider

    Football rivalry should be out of the window right now.
    It’s worrying that people can believe other people from a city down the road are worse than their own population, pound for pound.

    Let me tell people what this is about. It’s about the north east having to stick together and not acting like historical savages for a foe that only exists in the minds of those that follow a trend.

    The elite clubs are all south. This is no accident and it’s not even full incompetence to see all of our north east clubs suffering.
    We are deemed low class and worthy of back seat viewing of the elites.
    We are allowed to play among them as mere make up of numbers for them to toy with and to look good against.

    It’s all engineered that way.

    Sunderland are sinking into the depths of the league but maybe that’s a good thing for the club, because they can start again as a club and get onto a level playing field, so to speak, with players that actually do give a flying eff.

    Newcastle United now have no real rivals….yet…and likely won’t under Ashley.
    But guess what?
    If Ashley does pack up and leave, we might all be back to old rivalry in a decade or so…all of us being known as the big hitters of the lower leagues, battling each other like proper footballing north east rivals with a sense of back to grass roots.

    Because, do you know what?
    I’m seriously sick to death of having to play also-ran to these jumped up rich owners who have made football clubs look like some kind of world giants on the back of unrealistic finance from their own in house club gains.

    And we’re expected to try and follow that pattern.
    Not a hope….I hope.
    Ellis Short thought he could do that. I believe that man came with a plan to get Sunderland up among that elite.
    Ellis Short will be hurting. He will be hurting because of his own naivety in not doing his homework on what the north east means to those in the south.

    You can throw as much money as you like at Sunderland and Newcastle to play on the same level as those down south and it will make no difference in terms of any long term gains, because as sure as anything we will be entrenched with a massive amount of overpaid mercenaries just living it up off the field and giving just a little bit back, on it.

    Until this farce of football club elites gets put in their place then Sunderlands plight might only be temporary, because their fans will eventually come to actually enjoy the down to Earth football and entertainment of the lower leagues.

    In one way I might end up in envy if we continue to be cannon fodder for the elites, because believe me the football on offer under this clown manager, Rafa Benitez is about as welcome as a wet fart in an astronauts suit…and watching players getting paid astronomical sums of money to produce some of the dross being produced, as well as managers paid sickening, pathetic, soul destroying sums of money, like 6 million a year to produce mind numbing attempts at footballing entertainment….
    Nahhhh….I’m not going to get too far down the rabbit hole and end up being some robotic fan that thinks it’s fantastic to go and watch players who don’t give a tuppenny toss for the club.

    At the minute our players do but Sunderland’s players, in the main, don’t…but how do you ship out players who are still picking up sickening amounts of money?
    Those players have no scruples.
    I know I know, it’s not their fault they were given big money and big contracts…but it is their fault for not earning it….right?

    For that reason they should take a massive pay cut just out of having morals.
    My message to Sunderland fans would be, let the overpaid dross run out their contracts but go and support those lads who are trying and look ahead to having a bunch of lads playing for you that actually do give a eff.

    It may be in a lower league but so what. Just remember that one time Man City were in the old third division.
    That was the days when their fans stood out as being real fans, just like Sunderlands fans will.

    They will get their fans back when they get back on track next season, whether that’s in league one or scraping by in the championship.

    The best option in all honesty would be for them to drop a league and kickstart from there.
    All I’ll say is, good luck to them.

    Life’s too short to hate.

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      It’s nice to see someone put common sense before petty and trivial attitude !

    • joe mac

      spoken like a true mackam!

      • ghostrider

        Type that out a million times if it makes you feel better.
        What you say to me does not reflect on my 45 years of being a Newcastle United fan….so carry on for as long as you want and with as many words as you wish.

        I promise to answer all of them.
        By the way, I’m not a Geordie.
        I’m from Trimdon, so in reality I’m neither a Mackem nor a Geordie.
        But I am a 100% Newcastle United fan.
        Can you beat 45 years?

        • Mark Potter

          Trimdon. Explains alot. Your local club is Hartlepool. Must be difficult for you. Both the teams you support will be in the lower divisions. May be they will have a derby?

          • ghostrider

            I don’t support Hartlepool. I support Newcastle UNited and guess what. Guess what?
            You don’t have to be a Geordie to do so.
            You see, Newcastle United do not have a Geordie only entrance policy, in case you didn’t know.

            You’re not one of those that has a den and people can’t come in, are you?

          • Coach Clagnut

            You wouldn’t recognise the Tyne Bridge if you were standing underneath it. You’re a Bishop Bot.

          • ghostrider

            I don’t live in Newcastle. I’ve never lived in Newcastle.
            I know the tyne bridge like millions of others will know it.
            Is there some significance in what you’re saying?

    • Wor Lass

      “The elite clubs are all south.” Haven`t you heard of Manchester and Liverpool. They are Northern teams, although they are slightly further South then us if you want to be pedantic about it. I do agree with you in principal, though, about the NE sticking together and not revelling (too much) in their misfortunes.

      • ghostrider

        Are they all south from us lot in the north east?
        If the answer is yes, then we need go no further.

        • Marveauxless

          That probably has something to do with us being the most Northern professional team in England.So yes, I suppose in a painfully obvious way all of the elite teams are more Southern than Newcastle but so are all of the terrible teams

          • ghostrider

            There’s a reason why we do not get our fair share of the perks in a football match from authorities.
            It’s not by accident or bad luck. It’s by design because we are classed as low class.
            That’s all I’m saying.

          • Mark Potter

            “That’s all I’m saying”

            Good job you kept your comments on this article “short” ;)

          • ghostrider

            Long or short, whatever I have to say, I’ll say it.

        • Wor Lass

          You should get up to Berwick and support them – they`re real Northeners. Sunderland and Boro are further South than us as well.

          • ghostrider

            I should do what I’ve always done….support Newcastle United.
            If you want to support Sunderland or Berwick or whatever then that’s your prerogative.

    • Lakeland Mag

      An article about the situation at Sunderland and you still couldn’t resist having an irrelevant dig at Rafa. As predictable as it is pathetic.

      • ghostrider

        A dig. I’d have a bit more but I know swearing won’t be tolerated on here.
        Rafa wants kicking down the street and right out of this club with his baggage rolling after him.

        I can’t abide the man as a manager.
        He might be fine at his home on merseyside. Let’s hope he spends all of his time there and not up in Newcastle…..very soon I hope.

        • Mark Potter

          Does it never end? Every article, every day.

          • ghostrider

            Not nice is it.
            the thing is he’ll get it because he deserves it but also Ashley gets it every day and a lot of it is in place of Rafa, because we can’t be upsetting Rafa, can we? He might start crying and realise he’s not the messiah, along with the fans belief that he’s some kind of god.

          • Coach Clagnut

            Like the fans who read your twaddle think you’ve escaped from some secure institution?

          • ghostrider

            It wouldn’t be very secure then, would it?

          • Coach Clagnut

            Its got the brains of an idiot and I’ve had it on good authority its mother wants them back!

      • Coach Clagnut

        It’s a Bishop Bot with the Fatty agenda.

    • paul mclaughlan

      The Premier League is such an uninteresting place to be if you’re not in the top 6/7. I’ve been saying this for years now. What have we ever got to get excited for at the start of a season? “Fingers crossed we might finish 15th”… Yawn. I do prefer The Championship. Yes the football is mainly rubbish, however the players do seem more committed to their clubs. But then the football in the EPL is mostly rubbish too. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to never winning anything in my lifetime. And I’m pretty certain (hahaha) if Ashley even started to invest 100 million per season into our club we’d still win nowt as Manure and Citeh would outmatch us anyway. So I ask myself these days. What is the point? Until the general public get sick of spending money on Sky and viewing figures start falling (and they will). The FA are quite happy to let things go on the way they are.

      • kingfisher

        Spot on Paul. I’ve said for a long time that I’d rather be in the Championship competing on a level playing field and enjoying games, as opposed to struggling in the Prem year after year !

    • Steve Smith

      I’ll miss the derby games but I’ll never miss the unwashed.

      If you want to support north east football then there’s always Blyth and Gateshead. Get yourself to one of their games.

      • ghostrider

        I could get myself to all kinds of games but it still doesn’t stop my main love of Newcastle United football club.

  • Rich Lawson

    What sort of response did Steve Bruce get from the home fans,just interested ?

    • paul mclaughlan

      Was there any home fans there?

      • Rich Lawson

        Ha!ha!,Didn’t look like it from the pictures at the end did it ?

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Ellis Short is an absolute disgrace with the way he has let Sunderland drift into certain disaster of League One Football !
    I know there will be those that will laugh at their bitter rivals demise but don’t forget that Mike Ashley hasn’t finished with this club yet !
    I have always said we will end up playing Third Tier Football under Ashley and it could still yet happen, So think on before you mock a club when they are down.

    • Lhc

      Ne chance of us ever playing league 1

      • Fireman Sam

        Not with the Fat tat shop man pulling the strings.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Well look at some of the clubs it has happened to in recent years before you chime in with your overconfident “That Will Never Happen To Us..”
        It could happen quite easily with that knacker in charge and it’s only through sheer luck that we were promoted at the first time of asking.
        Wait and see if we got a bad start to life in The Championship because Ashley would never be able to turn it around !

    • Georgia Peter

      Don’t mock. Are you kidding me. I’ve waited 60 years to laugh this much and neither you or anyone else will deprive me of that.

    • Andy Mac

      Just replace the words Ellis and Short with Fatman the stingy

    • Jonas

      Agreed. The difference between us and them is not the owners but excellent jobs by Hughton and Rafa and a far better and more loyal fan-base and the potential pre/without Ashley that can still be a draw.

      just because they are worse than us, worse than we’ve been doesn’t make Short worse than Ashley.

  • Jonas

    Its possible that they will stay up and we will ho down and play each other next season so I’d reserve my sympathy. Also they’re going down to the third tier not extinct, they’ve been there before, far bigger clubs than them have too.
    how did Man U fans feel when City got relegated, how did we feel? It was interesting/amusing not devastating but some people want to hold a vigil for the mackems -do you think they would not love it if we’d gone down pre Keegan, i remember that and they would have.

    they’re having a hard time that’s been in the post for years. Join the club, it happens.

  • Coble’s Return

    Just what I was hoping for on a Newcastle United fans site – an article about two teams, neither of which I support, playing in a division below that of the team that I do support. Why not go the whole hog and publish a piece about Wigan v Widnes in the Super League?

  • Toon

    This just makes us look sad, obsessed and stupid. Mackems will actually be laughing at this, pathetic

    • Andy Mac

      Don’t think makems have the ability to laugh atm they’re just crying over their cheesy chips

    • Paul Smith

      You should see their Readytogo message boards…

  • Paul Smith

    “Sunderland are not good. Easiest 3 pts since Derby 10 years ago.”

    The same Derby team that I seem to remember taking 6 points off us that season.