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Stunning Aston Villa fans comments about Sunderland after 3-0 win

4 years ago

There are some quite incredible comments below from Aston Villa fans.

They visited Sunderland on Tuesday night and came away 3-0 winners.

Obviously they are all pleased they won but the overwhelming message throughout, is just how shocking the Mackems are,

A near empty stadium, bar the visiting fans, at the final whistle and the Aston Villa fans didn’t even feel their team had played very well – yet won by three and it could/should have been at least double that.

Newcastle supporters have had plenty on their own plates what with Premier League survival, takeover saga, being slaughtered by every pundit, and so on, meaning I think we have taken our eye off the ball a bit when it comes to our nearest and dearest rivals.

Rock bottom with 36 games gone and only 10 remaining, I reckon if the positions were reversed then Sunderland supporters would be having a party every weekend, or at least every time their rivals lost, which to be fair is much the same thing for the Mackems these days.

Aston Villa fans comment via their top Villa Talk message board:

‘I don’t think there’s a team in the world who could have lost to Sunderland tonight.’

‘Never in my life have I seen a team as bad as Sunderland.’

‘I didn’t think double relegation could happen but Sunderland are doomed.’

 ‘(With five minutes to go) I think the only fans left in the stadium are Villa fans.’

‘Just goes to show how bad Sunderland actually are. Against a better club, no way we get away with that first half performance.’

‘We don’t exactly need to perform against teams this bad though.’

‘I feel for Sunderland. They’re an absolute shambles of a club. We were one Chinese bloke away from going the same way.’

‘Has Chris Coleman ever done a good job anywhere other than with Wales?  F… knows why he’d give up that job with Gareth Bale in your team to take over this lot.’

‘We have been pretty average but it’s been very comfortable.’

‘We should be looking to improve the GD against this cr…’

‘Sunderland are really, really, REALLY sh..!’

‘Sunderland are not good. Easiest 3 pts since Derby 10 years ago.’

‘I quite like Sunderland. You have to feel for their fans at the minute. I don’t mean this exact minute. For the next forty five I’d like to see them ruined; but in general, y’know, they’ve always seemed like reasonable enough sorts and they’re having a terrible time of it.’

‘O’Shea off. Gutted.’

‘Don’t think we’ll have an easier half of football than that for a while.’

‘Surely Sunderland can’t be that bad in the second half.’

‘Didn’t play particularly well and didn’t have to.

3-0 away from home without breaking sweat.

I feel bad for Sunderland fans, but it’s another good night for us.’

‘That was so easy. Sunderland are a mess.’

‘Some said it wouldn’t be an easy game. Boy, did Sunderland prove them wrong. That was the easiest three points we’ll ever get. I can’t remember seeing a worse team than Sunderland.’

‘Glad we won but it was uncomfortable watching, Sunderland look like the relegation haunted Villa side that took us down.’

‘0-3 is pretty poor …… Bruce out!’

‘I said Sunderland w’re fighting for their lives and would be hard to beat. I am an idiot.’

‘Don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed watching a Villa game. Barely broke a sweat.

Poor Mackem bas…..’

‘I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for Sunderland. If ever their was a team I have a pathological hatred for, then it’s that bellowing, battering, bunch of inbreds .’

‘We’re expected to get past bottom of the league Sunderland but I thought they would provide a tougher test for us. Was very pleased they looked abject and a beaten team from the off.’

‘Surveying this sad, broken, wreckage of a football club in Sunderland shows how lucky we are that Lerner sold up right away after we went down.  They are a total mess and I hope Coleman enjoys his big contract he swapped  for managing his national side.’

‘Sunderland are a horrible, horrible team.’

‘Wow that was the most boring 3-0 win I have ever seen. It was so easy.’


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