First linked with Newcastle United in late December, Nicolai Jorgensen has now scored only one league goal in the past 12 weeks.

After scoring 28 in his first 44 league starts in Dutch football, it doesn’t take a giant leap of faith to then suspect/assume that the failed move to St James Park has had a big impact on his form.

The Danish striker says that Newcastle’s bid ‘gave me confidence’ but that hasn’t been shown on the pitch.

Admitting to a ‘sigh’ of disappointment when Feyenoord blocked the deal, Nicolai Jorgensen also confesses ‘It was a little annoying’ not to move to Tyneside.

However, despite that, he also claims there is no resentment towards the Dutch club for turning down Newcastle’s bids, the highest of which was reported to be £15m.

You can’t help but feel that the moment may have passed for both Feyenoord and the striker.

His one standout year last season when scoring 21 goals and being the top scorer in Holland, now replaced by a very average to poor season which is more in keeping with his past record.

Failing to make it in the Bundesliga with Kaiserslautern and Bayer Leverkusen, the only regular football Jorgensen has had, was in the Danish league – which is even weaker than the Dutch one.

When moving from Denmark in Summer 2016, Nicolai Jorgensen only cost £2.5m and so 18 months later it was a bit of a stretch for Feyenoord to be demanding £20m in January, based on one good season in Holland.

Looking at it now, unless he has a standout World Cup (has only previously scored three goals in competitive games for Denmark), then if Newcastle or any other Premier League club still had interest, it would be difficult to justify anything more than £10m surely for his signature in the summer.

You would hope Newcastle’s interests would be higher than Jorgensen’s career profile when looking for their main striker in the summer, presuming safety is achieved this season.

Jorgensen will turn 28 in January and maybe in the summer he will be admitting a little bit more resentment towards Feyenoord, if no interest is shown by Newcastle then.

Nicolai Jorgensen speaking to Tips Bladet:

“It was a little annoying [not getting the move to Newcastle].

“Of course though, it is always nice to know that there is a club that will pay so much money for you.

“So of course it gave me confidence but at the same time a little bit of a sigh (of disappointment).

“It is of course a big dream for me to end up in such a league [as the Premier League].

“It is ok though, I’m really happy to be in this club [Feyenoord] so there is nothing there [in terms of resentment].

“The only reason that I was a little down was because it is a dream [to move to a club like Newcastle in the Premier League] like all football players.”

  • Rich Lawson

    Overpriced and doesn’t matter now we have the Slimani goal machine, !

  • TheNutJob

    dodged the bullet on him ok

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    Where’s Jezza?

    • TheNutJob

      Club Tropicana, drinks are free

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Club cloud cuckoo land

  • ghostrider

    I think we could have dodged a bullet with this fella. Near 20 million? Nahhhhhh.

    We’ve got Slimani who can score loads of goals and do everything for other teams other than us so that’s a massive bonus for us.

    Maybe we can entice Slimani to sign a 5 year contract after he’s come back from holiday after playing a few minutes for Algeria and none for us.
    Imagine us having Slimani for say….25 million or something or maybe a massive bargain of 24.5 million on a 5 year contract.
    Just imagine the excitement in that dressing room knowing we’ve got someone who could score loads of goals whenever fit but at least his presence will spur us on.

    • 1957

      Maybe you should replace ‘whenever’ with ‘ if he’s ever’…

      Quotes I’ve seen today suggests Slimani chose to go to the Algerian training camp as he is so keen to represent his country, could he be another little Michael albeit not for now on a long contract