Like many/most Newcastle fans I sat down last night to watch the team, with absolutely no expectations.

No expectations of a win or even a point, nor any of even really having a go or any entertainment.

We know there is only one man who is really to blame for all of this and he is just laughing at us, sitting in his mansion drinking champagne out of a massive Sports Direct mug.

The only way anything will ever change, of any consequence, is when Mike Ashley no longer has anything to do with Newcastle United.

So I/we understand all the issues but, sorry Rafa, I don’t know how long I can keep on watching this.

No, this isn’t an attack on the tactics used by the Newcastle Manager.

That is pretty immaterial for me.

No doubt in this ‘Football Manager’ age there will be plenty of (mainly younger) fans saying why didn’t he use this or that formation, it could have been so different…

No, it wouldn’t.

The reason Newcastle hardly got a kick at Anfield is because our players aren’t very good, not our tactics.

You could have played two up front, Newcastle could have pressed higher, they could have had a diamond in midfield, or whatever, the outcome would have been just the same.

The Newcastle players would still have been incapable of retaining the ball, incapable of hurting Liverpool, incapable of putting any pressure on a Reds defence that hasn’t been great this season.

Against Manchester United we had one of those one-off games where everybody raised their games and that collided with a Man U team that obviously have internal problems and egos that aren’t rubbing along smoothly. However, pretty much every other game against a decent side has been a case of Newcastle trying to defend and keep the score down, hoping to keep it level or no more than a goal down, then maybe having a bit of a go in the last 15 minutes or so.

It is painful to watch and so unnecessary.

Newcastle fans don’t expect to be suddenly signing £70m+ defenders like van Dijk, or £75m+ on Lukaku.

However, there is an awful lot of leeway between that and your star striker signing being £5m for Stoke reserve and journeyman Joselu.

He epitomises the position Rafa and his team have been put in by Ashley, an honest trier who isn’t good enough, runs around all day but probably not even a Premier League player.

If Mike Ashley adopts a similar approach in the Summer transfer market, assuming Newcastle stay up, can you honestly say you are looking forward to next season?

We were already sick to death of clinging onto the Premier League under Alan Pardew and asking ‘What is the point?’, we might like Rafa a whole lot more but that question would just be the same.

If Rafa had been allowed to spend £50m-£60m (in total) on a striker, number 10 and decent winger/attacking midfielder, then I honestly think Newcastle could be giving everybody a game this season, even Man City and Liverpool. Yes the odds would say we would still get beat but we could have given them a proper game and just maybe have got something more (I know we got a point at home to Liverpool but it was a horrendous game of all out defence and just the one chance – a bit like Saturday at Anfield) and entertained a little.

That £60m wouldn’t even have been £60m extra spending as you wouldn’t have then wasted £5m on Joselu, £6m on Atsu, £10m on Murphy (though he is young and does look to have some potential) and you could have sold off one or two such as Perez for £5m or so to help create room.

I think Rafa Benitez, given even half-decent money to spend, would be able to find value in the market and give us players who are significantly better than the likes of Perez, Atsu, Shelvey, Joselu, Gayle and others.

Newcastle fans have bought into the idea that this is a season where survival is the only important thing…but that is in the context of then expecting we can build for better from that point.

We can be better than just plucky also-rans, in it just to make the numbers up and permanently in fear of going down.

It just needs a little ambition and at the same time that would encourage Rafa Benitez to stay.

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  • Mitros gotta start

    Canny article…..sums up the mess we are in pretty well for me

  • Mike

    hear hear a sensible article. pay peanuts you get………

  • Jezza

    Yes how can Rafa possibly compete under the impossible financial constraints imposed by Fatso? Yesterday we played a team who spent more on one defender than Rafa has been allowed to spend on all players in four transfer windows combined since he came to our club.

    • ash1001

      Just a point, since the Rafa reign he has spent 91.2 on incoming players, OK he has recouped some of that in outgoings, we also have a 11 players out on loan, and some of them may or maynot be better than what we have, Mitrovic comes to mind in this group, Rafa decided that he did not want him – end of, so its not all Ashleys fault.

      • Jezza

        Recouped “some of that” eh? Who are you trying to kid. Rafa has brought in far more money than he has ever been allowed to spend and you know it. It most definitely is all Ashley’s fault. Newcastle United are now raking in far more money than at any time in the club’s history yet our transfer spending is at an all time low. How can that not be 100% Ashley’s fault? Consider yourself blocked, troll.

        • Lofty

          Ha ha, never mention net spend Jezza, you’ll be crucified!

    • Mike Adam

      That may be the case, but that still doesn’t excuse not using all of the players at your disposal and not playing to win games. Trying to get a draw from the whistle is a LOSERS mentality period! Burnley doesn’t care about who spent more. And Brighton today didn’t care that Arsenal spent more, they played attacking, fun to watch football.

  • Paul Patterson

    The tactics are similar to those played by many top sides INCLUDING Man City. Keep it tight and allow flair players with quality to pick you off. Sadly Josleu and/Gayle are no Salah, Kane or Aguero

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    We spent £47m so it is not far off what you have asked for so not Ashley’s fault that a lot of money was spent on players who do not regularly play eg Murphy and Merino. There will be money to spend in the Summer but only what the club generates from surplus income and player sales. You cannot spend what is not in the bank and I wish people would recognise this.

    • Peaco

      Comical Ali

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Haha that money was spent without a plan because ashley promised one thing and did another so it was all lastminute something is better than nothing. Ashley doesnt care never will so trying to build on foundations is impossible.

    • Lofty

      You can’t spend what is not in the bank? Huddersfield, Brighton and others appear to be able to? Or do they pay transfer fees in structured payments over the course of a players contract as is still the norm at every other club, even more so now given the amounts required to purchase even bog standard footballers?

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        The two teams you mention had wage bills less than half ours
        and have lower costs generally.

        • Lofty

          I’m fully aware of that, but by the same logic their income would be less? My point is that those clubs have found a way to use their lesser revenue to break their transfer records. Our club is stymied by Mr Ashley’s insistence on paying cash up front for transfers. No other club I know of does this, and it has / is putting us in a position where we cannot compete for the three of four decent quality players to supplement the squad we have.

        • Peaco

          Hmmm so Man Utd’s wage bill, is about 6 times ours, costs far higher yada yada ergo we should expect to spend more than them?

  • kingfisher

    Quote from Mike Ashley from the Sky interview: ” I cannot, and I will not put any more money into Newcastle United ” If that’s the case, why remain as owner.? The man’s a fur king liar, cheat and cockney spiv !
    How anyone can defend his running of our club is quite frankly astonishing !

    • Peaco

      I assume that ‘cockney’ is a cheap and lazy put down to all Londoners, based on your ire at Ashley. I say Lazy because Ashley was born in the West Midlands, nowhere near London and certainly not within earshot of St Mary-Le-Bow. The further amusement/irony of Malcolm Macdonald (Londoner) appearing on your profile seems lost on you. Wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment however.

      • kingfisher

        Point taken Peaco, apologies to all Cockneys,but it really is just a generalisation when talking about Mike Ashley.He may not be a true Cockney but just like people who call themselves Geordies who were not born on Tyneside, it’s just a general term.
        If you visit the Mag frequently you will be aware that being called a Cockney is one of the less insulting terms used when referring to Mr Ashley.
        You can’t really compare Supermac who is one of the greatest players ever to pull on a black and white shirt to Ashley who is systematically destroying our club, but as I say, I do get your point! 👍

        • Peaco

          Quite so. Rare and refreshing for someone on hear to reconsider. You get no argument from me as far as MA is concerned. But keep the faith; he will leave in time and we will rebuild.

    • ghostrider

      He’s not obliged to put in HIS OWN money.
      That’s what he’s saying.
      He’s already said the manager can have what the club generates after bills are paid. That has to include wages on top of transfer fees which have to be accounted in either by offloading a wage or adding it as part of the available revenue.
      Let me tell you what Ashley is really saying.
      He’s saying ” why should I give out the odd present when I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

      You can’t keep abusing someone and expect that someone to hand out sweeties as a pacifier if they’ve been bitten and abused whilst trying to do exactly that, before.

      • Angelswithdirtyfaces

        Do you have a scooby as to how businesses work ? MA made his SD millions by BORROWING and investing in order to make a profit. He didn’t raid his own piggy bank that’s for sure. Utterly clueless

        • ghostrider

          Yep I do know how businesses work.
          Here’s what you do…and see if you can see anything of Ashley in this.

          You buy a business and realise that it requires work. You then realise it requires a bit more work than you anticipated…but, you bought it for gains on a few fronts so you have to persevere.
          You pay off debts and put in money to aid the running of the business so that it can tick over until you have it running from it’s own in house steam.
          You now have a business that ticks along nicely.
          From that point on you know you can let it generate its own wealth and keep ploughing the profits back into it to heighten that, as long as you don’t make any errors…but seeing that you may, you have to have a contingency plan.

          I’d say Newcastle United under Ashley is working absolutely fine as a business.
          What it’s not doing is working absolutely fine as a Man City or a wannabe lower club that thinks it’s relevant to spend way and above their station in the hope of getting a small share of the scraps on offer.

          The business Ashley runs at Newcastle…postcode NE14ST is a business that has to compete with the south… and in terms of perishable goods, we must manage ours in such a way that we do not end up with over priced perishables that promised a longer use by date than the item was capable of sustaining.

          Aye mate I know what a business is and so does Ashley.
          And guess what….

          If you keep spitting bile and kicking out at someone that used to give more, personally, as presents, then you surely can’t expect that person to continue to carry that on…can you?

          Ashley’s a human being when all’s said and done. He’s prone to a pet lip just as much as we all are.
          If you think having bile thrown at you every day is water off a ducks back then maybe try living it and see how keen you would be to hand out gifts .

          Just have a little think about it.

          • Lakeland Mag

            In one respect I actually agree with you (never thought I’d ever hear myself say that) in that Ashley runs NUFC as a business, but there in lies the problem. He runs the club as a business for his own benefit, not as a sporting enterprise. Ashley has absolutely no interest in NUFC being successful on the field of play. He owns the club in order to profit from it himself, whether directly, or indirectly (via free advertising for his tat sportswear company, for example). This is a man who is quite happy to see the FOOTBALL club scrabbling around at the bottom of the league season after season, desperately trying to avoid relegation, never progressing on the field of play, never returning to the respectable top ten team they were before his tenure, just as long as his “business” interests are ok. He doesn’t even support the club he owns. He has no affinity with the club, the city or the region. I actually have no problem with the leech making money out of NUFC, as long as he ensures that the club are respectable and competitive on the field of play. But, as I say, he has no interest in making that happen whatsoever, and that’s why I, along with all genuine Newcastle supporters, want him gone and someone in place who with put the FOOTBALL club at least on a par with their own personal business interests

          • ghostrider

            I agree that Ashley doesn’t hold the same inter4est in this club as a real fan.
            I also agree that he’s running it as a business but I also believe he’s running it as a steady football club.

            Make no mistake about it…if it wasn’t for Ashley taking over and instead some other business team or person took it on, we just might not have even seen much of the championship, never mind the premier league.

            But, that’s a case of, who really knows…or what if or could be, etc.
            As for not even supporting the club he owns. Most owners don’t.

            It’s fine wanting Ashley gone . I don’t mind one bit if he leaves…as long as someone better comes in and for the long term that has the club’s best interests at heart and mind and contingency plans in place to ensure mistakes are quickly rectified.

            I’ll just get back to a few things where new owners are concerned who appear to love their clubs and actually try to do the best they can think of to ensure those clubs play among the best.
            Ellis Short and Dave Whelan, plus Randy Lerner are 3 people who I recall Newcastle fans using as yardsticks as owners who care about their clubs against Ashley who doesn’t.

            Do I need to go any further with that ?
            I’d like to ask you what would have been the case if Ashley was only worth a few hundred million in assets and his trouser pocket value was in singular millions.
            What would be expected of him?

      • kingfisher

        He may not be obliged to put in his own money Ghost, but any owner worth their salt and who cares about the club they are running (i.e Steve Gibson at ‘Boro) would put up the finance out of their own pockets to not only progress the club, but in our case save the club from a third relegation under his stewardship !

        • Monkseaton Magpies

          Ashley has put in £264m of his own money a lot more than Steve Gibson ever will do a fact.

          • kingfisher

            If that is indeed what Mike Ashley has spent in 10 years, then that averages out at £26 million per year, not nearly enough for 1) a billionaire and 2) a Premier League club owner !

          • Jezza

            Ashley has spent nowt. All he has ever done is syphon off all the profits to line his own pockets.

        • ghostrider

          How much would he need to put in out of his own pocket to appease the fans or make a difference….and why should we rely on his own personal wealth?

        • Jezza

          Nobody has ever expected Ashley to put his own money into the club. All we ask is that he re-invest some of the club’s substantial operating profits instead of pocketing the lot.

  • ash1001

    Just a small point, I agree with the main points of the article but I seem to remember in January, according to Rafa, Ashley had told him to spend what needs to be spent to ensure safety. So we go out in 31 days and sign ‘on loan’ a crock, so were was the due diligence on Slimani, sorry Rafa we needed someone then not in ‘x’ number of weeks time. You had your chance then Rafa, please explain why you did not take it.
    I would also lay odds the both Perez and Richie are back next week in the must win game against Southmpton, too much tinkering with team up front Rafa, think of those fans having a nightmare journey down to Liverpool yesterday, never mind the journey back.

    • Jezza

      I see Fleckman/Clarko/Monkseaton/Ghostbuster has registered a new ID.

      • Coach Clagnut

        He’s even upvoted himself. So very sad.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Monkseaton was at the match not sure about the others you mention but would bet my life on Jezza and guest 2 not being there shame on you for not supporting our club.

    • phildene

      Rafa didn’t get any money until the end of the window. Rafa wanted his players in by the 15th and no later than the 20th but couldn’t due to no funds. He hadn’t a clue what money he was getting in the end as none was forth coming and never was. Rafa’s had to ‘dig around basement bargains loans’ due to sheer lack of money. Rafa has been treat in the most appalling way by Ashley-deceitfully and lied to- since he came here. It’s a wonder he has stayed but is loyal to us and loves it here.

      • Jezza

        Rafa didn’t get any money full stop. All he got were three loan deals, one of which hasn’t cost a penny to date.

    • Mike Adam

      Totally agree, “too much tinkering”, yet he never tinkered with Mitro why? Why did Ritchie not play yesterday? Murphy is nowhere to be found, but starts all of a sudden. Rafa is a brilliant defensive manager, but severly struggles in the offensive end IMO.

  • Leicester Mag

    Agree with each and every point in the article, in games like this we are unwatchable. I agree why. The bit missing and always missing is what is to be done. Last week 30000 Dortmund fans stayed away because they did not like the TV deal, Ashley runs roughshod over everything we hold dear about our club for 10+ years and yet no real protest. Sadly the all too real scenario is this bar steward will remain in place if nothing changes

    • kingfisher

      Over the years fans change,owners change,directors change ,Managers change and players change.The only constant is the fans who go to S.J.P regardless of being taken for a ride by “the regime”.
      As long as they keep on going, then nothing will change. If we stay up and the takeover happens then great.However if we get relegated and Ashley stays,then every fan who continues to go to S.J.P next season has no grounds to complain about the situation as by continuing to go,they are saying they agree with everything !

  • ghostrider

    The problems are not just Ashley’s. Rafa has to take the lions share of the blame if we go down because he’s sure as hell going to lap up the plaudits if we manage to stay up.

    It’s like a game of pass the parcel but in reality this game is about passing the blame, except the game is rigged for the blame parcel to always end up on Ashley’s lap.
    Until fans wake up, that is…and realise Rafa Benitez is a destroyer of entertainment.

    So here’s the scenario.

    1. If we stay up, rafa will almost be a god and statues will no doubt be mentioned. (tongue in cheek…..or is it…lol)

    2. If we stay up and lose our better players, then Rafa will have been undermined and none of it was Rafa’s fault.

    3.If we stay up and add a few 20 million players to the team whilst getting rid of the one’s the fans decide are no use…and we start to do well, then Rafa is a genius.

    4. If the same scenario as 3 happens but the team is as dismal as we are used to, then Ashley has caused it by not allowing Rafa to buy the players he really wanted and had to accept 4th best or 5th or whatever comes to mind.

    5 Any manager that supposedly has integrity as I’m told Rafa has it in abundance… would walk away if he was really treated as bad as is being made out…..but he’s not and fans believe it’s because he feels their love and he just loves the fans so much that his loyalty to them holds no bounds.

    6. If we get relegated and Rafa walks, it’s all Ashley’s fault because Ashley was the one that wouldn’t spend more than the other clubs who are deemed much smaller than our own and all the bad players bought are Ashley’s and nothing to do with Rafa.

    7. If we get relegated and Rafa walks with a big pay day on top of the near 6 million a year pocketed to produce the dire football he has…he walks away with his head held high because the fans say he can…because Ashley’s the one they hate.

    8. If Rafa walks away without a pay off then it would rather be deemed he did so because he’s a man of principles and integrity and would rather forfeit his 6 million final year contract than take it for apparently being robbed or undercut on his contract.

    9. If he’s sacked for failure to keep an easily good enough squad in the premier league, there will be uproar not seen since Keegan spat out his dummy for the second time…and of course it’ll be Ashley out and bile all over again.

    And finally. All this will be anyone’s fault but Rafa’s if we do anything other than stay in the premier league.
    Even when it’s blatantly clear that having a go would have gave us a much better chance of being clear of the debris as it stands, because believe you me we are better than quite a few teams in this league and easily on par with a lot.

    The biggest issue is in not being coached with an emphasis on taking other teams to task, offensively and when the opportunity arises it can clearly be seen how under coached we are in that department.
    That’s down to Rafa not Ashley.

    Clearing out players because your man management skills are almost zero, also does not help matters at all.
    Breeding robots for footballers and having them sing to your hymn sheet is all well and good for Rafa but it does little for the mindset of the fan that merely asks for a team that tries in all areas of the pitch to win or entertain in trying to do so.

    The robotic way we have now is of a team that is geared with a scrapyard dog mindset. All that generally does is give the opposition fans the entertainment value whilst we get the almost robotic brainwashing of believing that goal difference is the reason why we have to endure it.

    What an utter load of tosh.
    I don’t expect to beat Liverpool, home or away. I don’t expect to beat any team, home or away….but I generally hope to….but at the very least I expect the team to believe they can beat them or theoretically die trying in a game that lasts little more than 90 minutes, usually once a week.

    I do not want to be arguing the toss with people as to why we had to defend or let most teams have the lions share of the ball because we are somehow far too good for the championship but are still championship quality regardless of the players we have…most of which are premier league players and most of which are internationals…to the point of being able to actually send out international players out on loan.

    And yet……….we are a championship team playing in a league that is apparently above out station but we just so happen to have a manager that earns 6 million a year because only this manager knows the fans and the mindset of the city…for some reason and yet has the tools and the genius know-how to organise a defence that is so hard to break down that we end up fighting relegation.

    It beggars belief.
    And to finish off…we get arguments about Pardew having us struggling season after season. SERIOUSLY?

    We weren’t ripping up the league but we were hardly struggling.
    Struggling is when you play dire football under a manager that people seem to love who is afforded the adulation even if you get relegated under him for a second time…or close to it…because there’s better people to spew bile at.

    Never in my time did I think Newcastle United fans would be applauding dire defensive and most times embarrassing football just for the boat of the odd point or 3 in a season of utter misery.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Survival is like champions league for us. Seriously that squad is bereft of any quality and its in with a shout of staying up. Whatever way possible we stay up who cares. Worry about next season then AFTER we secure safety. Rafa has been a miracle worker with this squad and ownership. People saybhe signed this and that player. Fact is he sogned them when his plan was thrown out window and had tonget something. You cant build on those foundations but he had to get something lastminute. Blame Mike Ashley. If you see anything else you cant see wood fornthe trees my friend.

      • Jezza

        He’s a troll, marra. He is not a Newcastle supporter and he only posts here under his multiple ID’s to wind people up and provoke a reaction. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

        • Toonrobbybobson

          How do they have the time… They need a life

        • csh

          Ghostrider must surely be John Carver?

      • ghostrider

        People have blamed Mike Ashley ever since Keegan walked away, or was constructively dismissed for those who want to keep it in context.
        When we bought Cabaye and all the rest that got us up to 5th, nobody was saying anything, except what a great manager we have in Pardew and what a fantastic scout we had in Carr.
        Remember all this?
        These players were bought for peanuts compared to the money bandied about at the time.
        All of a sudden players started rocking the boat when other clubs were sniffing about.

        Odd players weren’t replaced like for like and the world fell apart for the fans. All Ashleys fault and Pardew and Carr is a pathetic scout and Pardew is just a yes man telling us all the lies because he owes gambling money and has done this that and the other.

        I’m 100% sure that, if Pardew was in charge of this team and doing what Rafa is doing, this team wouldn’t be a championship team with players that are of mediocre quality. They would be quality players getting destroyed by pardew who would be hounded to all hell, along with Ashley.

        The severe fickle mind of fans.
        Rafa Benitez is riding on the crest of a fan wave idolisation and his luck is in having an owner that’s taking his Lions share of the flak.

    • GlasgowMag

      Sorry mate I fell a sleep half way through your rant lol. Rafas plan was working yesterday untill a lucky deflection had us out numbered at the back for their 1st goal. Regarding our dire defence I may be wrong but did we not restrict them to 3/4 shots on goal against the best attack in the country. Get behind the team mate you will get your wish next season if fatty stays as Pardew will be back and Rafa will be a distant memory but then again will fatty baulk at the compensation required to release him at West Brom lol

      • Leazes.

        That’s the effect of a parked bus Glasgow!

        Definition: Parking the bus is a strategy used either to nullify the opposition’s attack or to play out a draw or to win a game by a narrow margin.

        The defenders maintain a deep line and remain compact and try to leave very little space for the opposition to make use of. The midfielders shield their back four while the wingers or winger-forwards help their fullbacks by marking the opposition’s wingers.

        • GlasgowMag

          yip thats about right Italians have doing it for years but you still need the defence to hold firm. As I said the plan was working for 40mins untill a lucky deflection changed all of that. Personally I think Rafas hand has been tied to this approach if we had went toe to toe we would of been hammered he is in a no win situation. Nothing wrong with the tactics he just doesn’t have the quality to carry it out successfully, one man to blame I’m afraid and it certainly isn’t the manager.

      • ghostrider

        Rafa’s plan wasn’t working mate, seriously.
        Liverpool were in second gear and the reason they were in second gear was most likely down to Klopp telling them not to over expend their energies trying to break down our backline, gung-ho fashion when he could see that we set up with forward looking pace.
        The operative words were “forward looking” because the reality was more a case of sporadic flirts by a few pacey players who looked like a few cowboys galloping into the desert with their trumpets blaring, only to look back and find the cavalry were still back over the hill.

        Second half was the lone ranger who was beckoned to run over the half way line by the laughing enemy who just stamped their feet to force the back step.

        So, no, Rafa’s plan wasn’t working at all.
        His plan was to stop Liverpool scoring. It didn’t work because it was never going to work unless lady luck shone down.

        Liverpool could have upped a gear any time they wanted. They almost had free rein.
        Their only problem would have been their own complacency.

        Rafa did something yesterday what he should have done at Bournemouth and not at Liverpool.
        He brought on like for like.

        2-0 down and he goes like for like but with less pace and freedom to go for it…so basically speaking he defended being 2-0 down whilst keeping the pretence that we were willing to have a go.
        Absolutely disgraceful.

        Had he done that at Bournemouth, we would have seen the game out.
        Rafa is a clown and only the pundits are keeping his reputation alive and people are following that line of manufactured thought.

        It’s clap trap man.

        • Lakeland Mag

          Just as an aside, a week or so ago, pre the Liverpool game, you were banging on about Liverpool putting six or more past us. In reply to your post I asked if you would post on here admitting you were wrong if we weren’t tonked. We were beaten 2-0, Still waiting for your “I was wrong” post.

          • ghostrider

            I was wrong about the scoreline but in reality I would be wrong 99 times out of 100 with any big score prediction.
            Are you happy with that?

          • Lakeland Mag

            That’ll do , but in reality you’re wrong about a lot of things 99 times out of 100, especially your histrionic pro-Ashley anti-Rafa rants.

          • ghostrider

            The issue here, is in, are you right 99 times out of 100 about me being wrong 99 times out of 100?

    • Toon

      Anyone actually read all this – Lot to get off your chest there pal!!

      • Mike Adam

        Yes, I did.

      • Coach Clagnut

        Nooo. This troll has an agenda aimed directly at Rafa. Interestingly, all the pillocks posting Rafa this or Rafa that have, when challenged, bottled the question of who they would replace him with.
        You’d think they’d have found their new Pardew by now.

        • Mike Adam

          I did not sir. If you look at my first post on this feed, which by the way was before their kickoff agaisnt Arsenal. I said give me Hughton. My posts above explain why.

          • Coach Clagnut

            Apologies extended but I’m talking a realistic alternative. No way would Hughton return in the current circumstances.
            It’s highly likely he’ll stay at Brighton at least for another season or 2. If they survive this season but drop next season I can’t see the current Brighton owners sacking him.
            Despite his prior links to Spuds,it wouldn’t surprise me if he was a serious candidate for the Arsenal job which looks as if it may be available sooner than previously thought.

          • Mike Adam

            I agree he won’t be available anytime soon. Probably the only one I can think of off the top of my head who is available is Marco Silva. I would also take Fulham’s Jokanovic because he knows how to set up a team to play to its players strengths instead of the other way around. I would take any manager who does that and plays attacking football instead of parking the bus and playing for a draw from the opening whistle. One who goes after a goal to tie or win a match. And one who is willing to use all of the players at his disposal. I want a manager with a winners mentality not a losers mentality. A manager that doesn’t cry about the players he has and just coaches the ones he has. When is the last time a team was relegated on goal differencial? I don’t know, but goal diff is only worth one point, IMO playing Mitro and setting up the team to his strengths along with going after a tie or a winning goal would have yeilded many points!!!

          • Coach Clagnut

            Silva took Hull down & left Watford after a hissy fit because he didn’t want to honour his contract. No thanks.He seems to have the” Pardew Effect”. Creates a bit of an initial stir but soon forgotten.
            Jokanovic is interesting in so far as he plays decent stuff when he hits on the right formula. Most who watched the N.U.F.C. last season tended to agree that Fulham played the better stuff overall. Favourites to win the play-offs, he blew it.

            This season Fulham were slow out of the blocks although they’ve put a decent run together recently. He also inherited some good kids who are also making a good contribution this season and last. He also has a chairman who’s backed him in the market, something he’ll not get here( along with some good kids). I can see the attraction you have as he’s playing Mitro and getting a tune out of him.

            Personally, the fact Rafa wanted to manage us was, in my opinion, a defining moment. You know Fatty, Penfold & Bobby Iconcur boss haven’t the slightest bit of nous or imagination when it comes to running a magnificent institution that the N.U.F.C. is. Witness McNugget and Charver.

            Rafa Benitez is a man of integrity and honesty. He’s employed by a serial liar and an incompetent executive who have, since day one, lied and misled him on numerous occasions. He inherited a shytshow of a playing squad and less than useful Beardsley products. The training ground and academy need sizeable investments to make them fit for purpose which, unsurprisingly, is another of Fatty’s broken promises. Remember when he said he would pour millions into the academy to bring it up to standard?

            I doubt we’ll find anyone else who’d put his reputation on the line when faced with what he’s had to endure. To blame him for the trials and tribulations currently witnessed is lazy and disingenuous. Given a choice of sticking with the team Rafa believes is best suited to any one particular game or going with the hindsight brigade and agenda warriors I’ll put my trust in a man who’s won 13 trophies over 15 years in 3 countries.

          • Mike Adam

            I respect your opinion and your trust in Rafa. I am not saying I necessarily want him out, I just disagree with many of his decisions. I really do believe he struggles with the attacking half of the pitch. That is my right as a fan and that is what fans do all over the world. At least you are respectful of that. Many just resort to name calling and insults if you have a different view than they do. Great talking with you, let’s hope we can survive.

        • Jezza

          The troll’s agenda is winding up Newcastle fans to provoke a reaction and he knows that calling for Rafa to be sacked will achieve that aim.

          • Coach Clagnut

            I know mate. The Bishop Bots are increasingly active in their efforts to switch the blame from Fatty to Rafa ’cause that’s what they’re paid to do. A lot of them also want to see the club implode and if it were practicable, I’d block the lot but sometimes you have to call them out to expose their utter lack of objectivity and nail their agenda for all to see.

            It’s mostly been a thankless journey following the club over the decades and if you’re a recent spectator, I hesitate to use the word fan, you probably are unaware of the endless stream of worthless and incompetent board, managerial and playing appointments because if you have any love and a modicum of understanding for the club and the game, it doesn’t take a leap of faith to see who is to blame for the endless series of crisis we get exposed to season after season, some historically honourable exceptions aside.

            This site does seem infected by anti Newcastle United scribblings and it’s no co-incidence we’re at the business end of the season. Bishop’s agenda seems to be let’s get Rafa out and deflect the blame so Fatty can continue his pernicious stewardship.

            As you recently pointed out, the spectre of a returning Pardew looms large, casting a dark shadow over the immediate future. With Rafa here, despite Fatty’s presence, I still have optimism. Should Rafa walk, and the likes of Pardew come into the frame as a replacement, that’ll be me done.

            Incidentally Jezza, any of the barnyard trolls remind you of the utterly barking APB&WA? My money’s on Goolyrider

          • Jezza

            Excellent comment. I can tell you that most of the trolling on this site is done by two brothers who post under multiple ID’s. Ghostbuster is one of those ID’s and yes 100% he used to post as alan pardews black and white army. Other ID’s they use are the obvious ones you are thinking about ie bobbi feckman, Clarko and Monkseaton Magpies as well as a good few others they sometimes wheel out when people get fed up with their trolling and no longer rise to the bait. These two brother are not Newcastle supporters. They live in Manchester and are season ticket holders at Old Trafford. As to whether they are acting on behalf of the Ashley publicity machine as you suggest. I hadn’t thought of that but who knows? I wouldn’t rule it out.

            It does seem inevitable that the Silver Pox will be taking over from Rafa in the summer and that will be the final straw for me too. I won’t even look for Newcastle’s results any more. The Fat Greedy Barsteward will have accomplished something I long believed to be impossible. He will have killed my love for Newcastle United.

          • Coach Clagnut

            Cheers mate. Let’s hope for the best eh.

    • Mitros gotta start

      Take a bow sir……nail firmly hit on the heed…..cue the sheep calling you an idiot and asking who would do a better job than the spanish messiah and telling us the best finisher at the club is only scoring because he has finally found his level

      • anyobrien

        Baa baa

      • ghostrider

        It frustrates me that we had a perfect player to keep defences busy and take the pressure off our backline in games and his mindset is to be stubborn and give the fans gruel to eat….and like it or else.

        Cut Mitrovic open and he most likely bleeds black and white.
        It annoys me that Rafa is riding along and laughing his head off at his almost invincible Newcastle United tenure.

    • anyobrien

      You absolute bell end. . 👍

      • ghostrider

        Sniff sniff.

        • Coach Clagnut

          Ashleys’ hoop fragrant today?

          • ghostrider

            Then rub yourself up and down it and hit the town and boast your wealthy odour..

          • Coach Clagnut

            I’m asking you Sir Hoop Sniffer. Or can’t you differentiate a question from a statement?

          • ghostrider

            Sorry about that, I was under the impression that you were sort of sniff bragging or what is termed as a rub and run from the rich to then boast of the hoopy loopy nuts are you to the masses who will shout, ” mmmmmm what’s that smell, it smells like some expensive tish.” Then you introduce yourself as Hooper the licklicious.

            If I’ve got it wrong then fair enough.

          • Coach Clagnut

            Are you masquerading as an idiot or is this your truly lovable and articulate self?

          • ghostrider

            I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

    • Mike Adam

      Wow, totally agree with every word mate! At most winning goal difference is worth a point. Playing attacking football or playing Mitro would have earned us at least two or more points. As I have said, great managers set up a team to the strengths of the players they have, not try to fit players into a system they believe is the best. IMO Rafa has NO clue on the attacking end of the pitch. The appologists will ask who would I want to replace him, give me Hughton, look what he is doing with a 34 year old Glenn Murray, nominated for player of the month. Hughton plays/sets up to his teams strengths. Our manager is throwing darts every game because he has no idea what to do on the offensive end of the pitch. And don’t tell me our players aren’t good enough, are you telling me Glenn Murray is a PL striker, no he is not. But he is being coached and the team is set up to play to their strengths.

      • Oldgeordie

        Ask the Liverpool fans which worthwhile trophies Liverpool have won since Rafa left.

        • Mike Adam

          Are you watching Brighton play attacking football against Arsenal??? 1 – 0 Brighton.

          • Oldgeordie

            Try answering my comment. Yes I am. Neither team are playing particularly well.

          • Mike Adam

            What game are you watching??? Go appologize for Rafa somewhere else. Why isn’t the Messiah still there if he is the only manager that can win trophies for them. 2 – 0 Brighton, GLENN MURRAY SCORES!!! I will take Chris Hughton!!! Fun to watch too, imagine that.

          • Oldgeordie

            Wish we were playing Arsenal today. Two schoolboy errors and a comlete lack of commitment sums it up for me. The wife has stopped watching because it is so bad.

          • Mike Adam

            How did we do against Arsenal? I will watch the whole match because it is so good to watch a much less talented team not park the bus and play for a draw!!! A team just like ours with NO better talent, just a manager that sets the team up to play to the strengths of the players he has!!!

          • Oldgeordie

            Obviously my wife has more sense than you and knows more about football. Oops. Is that a goal?

          • Mike Adam

            You biased opinion sir.

          • Johnnie the John

            Yeah Chris Hughton’s great. Remember we had him, and loved him, then what happened? Ashley sacked him.

          • Jezza

            He never answers questions, marra. He’s a troll. Ghostbuster/fleckman/Clarko/Monkseaton under one of their lesser used alternative ID’s.

      • ghostrider

        Bang on mate.
        I’d take Hughton and I think Mike Ashley most likely realises he made an error…but….hindsight and all that.
        However, like you say..Rafa hasn’t a scooby how to set up a forward thinking team as well as balance it.
        Glenn Murray is a classic example like you said, of a player that will score you goals if you provide the service.

        Hughton isn’t afraid to get a humping but on the flip side he knows his teams can carry their own out.
        A brave manager who knows the meaning of entertaining the fans but also putting the opposition in their place as and when humanly possible.

        When you have players that are coached into a positive have a go mindset, you generally gain some spoils.

        Hughton and his team are the Jimmy White of the football league. Willing to take the rough with the smooth but knowing they’re not going to ever be at the top for any sustained period of time but always willing to have a go.

        That’s all I ask.

    • Oldgeordie

      Verbal diarrhea and we all know what diarrhoea is .

  • Leazes.

    Ashley in January….

    …..’as he has NO INTEREST IN THE CLUB and does not want to invest, saying THIS IS WHY WE GOT LOAN SIGNINGS


    • FatParosite

      You can keep saying this until you’re blue in the face… oh. …. hang on….

      .. you are…

  • robbersdog

    Good article which hits the nail right on the head; the players simply aren’t good enough, and even though Rafa is a justifiably renowned coach/manager, he isn’t a miracle worker.

  • anyobrien

    Was there yesterday … .strange strange feeling… Been to anfield many times but yesterday you just knew you were there to lose news expectations just a few beers watch the game then off into the night. .. How things have changed.

    • gallowgate26

      Has there ever been a time when you went to Anfield expecting to win? Not having a go, just curious as to what era / players / manager it was at the time..

      • anyobrien

        2,nil away win… Robert Lee Andy Cole 94…..that era…. I know we still lost a lot of games against them but I did go in those days knowing we had a chance… Even went to the Steve Watson league Cup game mid week… 1 nowt.
        Also the the one nil away win when mira scored and went down that season…

      • Jezza

        Ha ha I was at Anfield in 1988 when we won there for the first time in 34 years. Certainly didn’t expect to win that day.

  • Albert Stubbins

    We’ve known the players weren’t good enough from day one in this league so what has changed. We as fans are holding out for two things and have been virtually all season; Rafa manages to extract every ounce of talent and effort from the players available to somehow get us over the line to keep us in league and secondly as a result of staying in the league we offer enough temptation to potential bidders to be bought by someone who can take the club forward this season. This is the be all and end all of our collective ambitions. If these two things don’t happen then we are left with the status quo, a cycle of slow and painful decline. We all know what’s at stake here. None more so than Rafa himself!! Let’s get behind the players and manager for one big push. It could literally define the two opposite directions the club could be headed for. NUFC.

    • molend

      Hard to disagree with that

  • Frank Fforde

    What is the point of this article?

  • ToonTom

    “Newcastle fans have bought into the idea that this is a season where survival is the only important thing”. Disagree. This season has become one where survival has become the only important thing. Out of both cups, and just above the relegation zone. Our hopes back in August 2017 are now just prayers that we’ll get to hope again in August 2018. No-one has bought into survival as the only important thing, and no-one ever will. It’s just pragmatic reality biting in. We are where we are and Lardy ain’t changing it any day soon so we know what we’ve become and we now what’s coming. Doesn’t mean we’ve bought into it or desire it. We are not naturally a bottom 6 team. We are a Top 7-10 team, and we have been robbed even of that, never mind any punt at costly investments such as hopes and dreams!

  • Salty

    This season is now only about survival because if we go down again I doubt we would come back up. Last time we shipped out players for big money which funded the players Rafa wanted. All Graham Carr buys who we made huge profits on. If it happens again who can we sell for big money? Only Lascelles I think. We’ve lost money on all players bought then sold by Rafa and there are more losses to come when we move on Lazaar, gamez, Sels and Joselu eventually. Hopefully Mitro will score a few to persuade Fulham to give us our money back but we’ve also got a loss coming on Mbemba.
    I would love Rafa to move us upwards, and have hoped the same of every previous manager (except Gullit who was just an idiot) but we don’t seem to be improving players and for a manager on £6m a year I had expected more. Player for player are we worse than say Burnley who spent nowt in the summer after selling Michael Keane for £30m and replacing him with his stand in and played the season with their second choice keeper and Barnes up front?blown a lot of points from winnable positions with strange substitutions. Less than 6 points against Southampton and Huddersfield and we’re in trouble. My worry is we’ve been here before when Rafa couldn’t find a win against mackems Villa and Norwich which saw us go down

  • molend

    Two facts, not opinion:
    a) we have a head coach (not a manager in the old-fashioned sense) that most clubs would be very happy with.
    b) the owner hasn’t backed him with transfers.
    If you have a problem with that, you need to review your perspective

  • Philippines

    Thats a lot of words to tell your Granny how to suck eggs. Here in the Far East, the game was on very late. I knew we would lose but sat to watch the highlights next day. After 10 minutes I could watch no more and then looked on the BBC site for the score. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was only 2-0.

  • mactoon

    To be honest I can understand why he set up defensively against Man City and Liverpool. Both are free scoring teams notching 4, 5 and 6 goals during games and to limit their chances is good for the goal difference which could be crucial at the end of the season. If we went out to attack these teams we could be on the end of some pretty bad drubbings. Not pretty to watch but a necessary evil sometimes given the players he has at his disposal.