After speculation all day on social media, Sky Sports are reporting that Darron Gibson has been arrested ‘on suspicion of drink driving’.

This follow a car crash when a number of vehicles were damaged (see below) on a residential street in Sunderland.

Northumbria Police say that the crash happened three hours before Sunderland kicked off in their latest defeat.

The Mackems losing 2-0 at home to Preston, ensuring they are still rock bottom of the Championship with only eight games to play.

The Police don’t name the player and instead simply refer to the man arrested as ’30 year old’.

Sky Sports saying that the ’30 year old’ is Sunderland’s 30 year old Darron Gibson.

Gibson was brought to the club by David Moyes last January.

The midfielder was out injured today but still, hardly doing Sunderland any favours in their preparation for today’s defeat.

Sky Sports:

Sunderland midfielder Darron Gibson has been arrested on suspicion of drink-driving following a car crash, according to Sky sources.

Police were called following reports of a crash in Dovedale Road in Sunderland just before midday on Saturday.

Northumbria Police have released the following statement:

“A 30-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of driving whilst over the legal alcohol limit and he is currently in police custody and inquiries are ongoing.

 “The arrest follows the report of a car colliding with a number of parked vehicles on Dovedale Road in Sunderland at about 11.55am today.”

Republic of Ireland international Gibson, 30, is currently out due to injury and has not played for Sunderland since New Year’s Day.’

  • Return of the Mack

    He’s the only one in Sunderland picking up points at the minute.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    It`s taking Car crash waiting to happen literally

  • csh

    Gibson got more points on his license than Sunlun have in 2018

    • Kneebotherm8

      Pointless comment……….😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Steviemagpie

    On the plus side least he got out of watching their match 🤣

  • stevetoontoon

    They should move back to joker park…. absolute turmoil long may it last…. it gonna get worse 28,500 there today!!! Honestly hahahaha whey aye

    • PercyArcade

      Remove the last zero methinks

      • Kneebotherm8

        Don’t exaggerate…………just the one…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • East Durham Mag

      Watched the Championship last night to gloat and no way was there 28,500 in that ground.

  • Mag_Ladd

    When I clicked on this article from Newsnow I just knew it was gonna be him. The bloke must be an alcoholic, rumours are rife of him being so and after the clip he was in the summer with the video surfacing of him at Ramside Hall out his head slagging off Sunderland to the guests there, coupled with this just proves it.

    Whilst I was happy to see Sunderland relegated, seeing the way they are going now is a bit too far for me. I’d actually like to see another derby game in the next 10 years, this season has been canny but it’s just been missing the excitement and dread of them two fixtures. I mean Boro could be promoted this season, but they aren’t really a derby are they? It’s not the same.

    Once Sunderland are relegated this season, I think they’ll just go into admin and then the club will cease to exist. They don’t seem to have enough fans who actually care, their stadiums practically empty every week, players aren’t good enough and don’t care, they still must have a rotten core of staff there as there hasn’t really been a change of personal there apart from managers in years and they are in debt up to their eyeballs. Doesn’t look to attractive to a prospective buyer to buy a League One club in hundreds of millions of debt with no sign of being able to pay any of it off, no support behind the them and the fact they’d have to invest a boat load to even get back to the Premier League, it’d be cheaper to just buy a Huddersfield/Watford/Brighton/Swansea instead.

    • stevetoontoon

      Not one to help the tramps….theyre doomed … go into admin now take the 15 points deduction rather than in league 1 haha!!! No point us sending an airplane over stadium of plight nee one would see it!!! Enjoy burton again… wonder if adam noncing has spare bunk in his cell for drunken duncan gibson??

      • Mag_Ladd

        It will be boring without them, we aren’t ever gonna challenge for cups, league titles so we only have the derby that’s like our cup final to look forward to.

        Your immediate bias against them is understandable as they’re our hated local rivals but think about 5 years time; when they don’t exist, we don’t have a meaty heated fixture to look forward to and our nearest ‘local’ rival is a team in the midlands. As much as it pains me to say, we need them as much as they need us otherwise we have quite a boring existence as a club without them.

        • stevetoontoon

          Soz m8 but disagree

          • Mag_Ladd

            Care to enlighten me why stevetoontoon?

            Please explain to me what excitement of a fixture we have as a club to look forward to as much as a game against Sunderland? There’s nothing like it, no team instills that kind of hate, dread and wanting to get one over on as much as we get against Sunderland and no other team can bring them feelings out that they do to us.

            If I don’t get to witness another moment like Dabizas header against them at the SoS, Emre hitting the winner with a freekick against them at St James, Shola turning into Ronaldinho in every game against them and Nolan’s chicken dance hat-trick I’d truly be gutted, no better feeling than getting one over on them.

          • stevetoontoon

            Gonna have to hope we get them in a cup game…. cos sundlinds gannin doon

          • Lhc

            I agree with you mate, there’s no better feeling than derby day especially away.

        • stevetoontoon

          Soz pressed post b4 i finished…. as long as ive known sundlind fans theyre whole ambition in football year in year out is ‘as long as we finish above yees’ thats been theyre downfall not talking owners im talking supporters….. theyre fu££ed and they cant see them ever finishing above us so they turned there back on theyre club….. 28500 my ar$e

  • Phil

    This is absolutely class!! Anybody who says we shouldn’t be enjoying sunderlands plight….. Give ya heeds a wobble!! It’s brilliant. They are a mess both on and off the pitch and I’m loving it! 😂🇮🇪

  • grantham mag

    Star and Sunderland in the same sentence , don’t make me laugh. Oh go on than Ha Ha Ha. HAPPY DAYS.

  • PercyArcade

    Less of a “star”
    More of a “black hole” . . .

  • Grahame Johnson

    Makes you realise our squad are a canny bunch of lads

    • Philippines

      Remember Nile Ranger?

      • Jezza

        Good point. Not forgetting that criminal thug Barton who served a prison sentence for beating up a teenage boy during his time at Newcastle. We have hardly been white than white in the player behaviour stakes in recent years.

        • Lhc

          Barton is very articulate intelligent bloke mate he’s made mistakes but haven’t we all we’ve all had a scrap at some point on our life when out on the drink it’s just that Barton was in the public eye that it’s blown out of proportion massively. He’s a good lad man!

          • Jezza

            Speak for yourself. I have been tee total for 30 odd years and have never hit anybody in my life. Anybody with such a long documented history of inflicting violence on others as Barton has can not possibly be a “good lad” in my book. He is a thug and a bully and a thoroughly repulsive excuse for a human being.

          • Lhc

            Your opinion mate

          • Wor Lass

            Im not condoning what he did – it was wrong – but the other guy was apparently winding him up something chronic about his relative who had been done for murder. Barton had been instrumental in persuading the lad to come back to the UK to face the music, from what I understand. He was out of order but it was a bit different from, say, Nile Ranger`s litany of self-destruction.

          • Jezza

            When you’re a multi millionaire celebrity footballer being wound up and heckled is an occupational hazard. You’ve got the rise above it. Back in the 70’s and 80’s the first generation of black footballers in this country got the most vile and vicious abuse (far worse than anything Barton has ever had to deal with) from thousands of people every time they stepped out on to the pitch but they never assaulted anbody, they just got on with it and played the game.

          • Wor Lass

            He`s a mixed up character. As the other guy says, he is intelligent (in certain ways but as thick as pigsh*t in others) but he`s flawed and makes mistakes. It`s weird how you judge people but there`s something about him I like despite his yobbish tendencies.

      • Grahame Johnson

        Bowyer and Dyer spring to mind to, Bellamy to, today’s squad ain’t to bad

  • Dillon Tovak

    What a [email protected] His career and evidently life has quickly gone completely in the shitt€r.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Just like sunluns…..

  • Shields Mag

    If it was one of our players their fans would be wetting themselves and their message boards would go into meltdown, they celebrated when we went down and they stayed up, no sympathy from us but I would like the derbies to return one day so we can avenge those points that we gave away to help keep them up.

  • joe mac

    well….probly trying to get home….to newcastle!!

  • TheFatController

    Although on their books, he’s still a human and must have a drink problem so let’s hope this is a signal for him to get help.

    However, the continued demise of their club is a source of both great hilarity and a warning against appointing the wrong manager, having a poorly scouted transfer system, and flying planes over rivals’ grounds !

    • Gallowgate Dave

      If he’d ploughed into my motor, wrote it off and potentially put my children’s lives in danger, especially at 30 year old as he’s hardly a kid, my first thought wouldn’t be “alreet mate let’s get you some help”.

      • TheFatController

        Yes, get help so he doesn’t drink drive again.

        Where did I say it was alright to drink drive? Where? Why did you therefore infer I had said it was ok to drink drive?

        In a court of law you’d be asked these questions and be asked to prove I think it’s ok for someone to drink drive, that I think it’s acceptable to plough into your motor, to put your daughter’s life in danger.

        You’d be struggling. I’d win the libel case and you’d be paying compensation and my legal bills, which would run into many thousands.

        I’ll let it go here because I haven’t used my name but be careful what you write publically on the World Wide Web (the clues in the ‘world wide’ part, you’re libelling me in the public domain. You can’t make things up to suit your attack on someone without repercussions. If I’d used my real name is take you to court for libel just to teach you the life lesson about libelling people online.

        Just ask Katie Hopkins what can happen…

        • Gallowgate Dave

          Is that you?

          • TheFatController

            Nope. Not Darron. But like you, he needs help.

            Little lost Drama Triangle boy ?

          • Gallowgate Dave

            Weirdest responses I’ve ever read on here.

            I expressed surprise that your first reaction was to sympathise with a fella who has put lives in danger with his stupidity, I pointed out that wasn’t my first reaction to it, but I wasn’t personal or insulting toward you. You respond by bleating on about libel, Katie Hopkins and asking me “where you said it was alright to drink and drive”? Did I say you did like? You’ve even edited your response to be slightly less weird as you originally threatened me telling me to be careful what I wrote online, that you’d win a libel case in a court of law and I’d be paying damages and legal costs. I don’t even know who you are man and you don’t know me, as if we’d end up in court. Your response is laughably childish, way out of all proportion and it’s left me wondering if you are drunk, unhinged or actually Darron Gibson.

            Shall we chalk this one off as something daft that got you unnecessarily bent out of shape for no reason?

            P.S What the hell is a drama triangle boy?!

          • TheFatController

            Your mistake is there in your writing ‘your first reaction’

            Nope, wrong. It wasn’t my first reaction. You decided it was, which makes you either a mind reader or a drama triangle tedious type who makes things up to sound off in a self righteous way.

            So which is it? Mind reader? Wow, some skill you have there ..

            Your calling my response ‘the weirdest’ doesn’t bother me either. Did you want it to? More drama triangle if you did…

          • Gallowgate Dave

            No mind reading needed. Your very first response to this article was “he’s still a human and must have a drink problem so let’s hope this is a signal for him to get help”. Whilst I’m not knocking your compassion I pointed out, in what I thought was a reasonably light hearted tone, which obviously isn’t always easy to convey via text, that my sympathy would lie with the victims, not Darron Gibson. You responded in your unedited reply (your edited one isn’t much better) a long winded diatribe about libel, Katie Hopkins and taking me to a court for compensation and damages and you think I’m the one creating drama here? I even tried to diffuse you again with a jokey response asking if you were Darron.

            We’ve never had an issue before, I don’t know you, don’t think I’ve ever conversation with you on here, if I’m honest not too keen to have another, let’s just chalk it down to a bad day but my original point that I stand by is when a drunken 30 year old man gets behind the wheel of a car at 12pm and writes off a street full of cars where bairn’s could have been playing, my sympathies don’t lie with him.

          • TheFatController

            What you say is fair, apart from when you say ‘ I wasn’t knocking your compassion’ – I think you were, reading it back again – I can’t see the humour in your reply (and by responding directly to me I can’t not take it as a personal attack) nor the acknowledgment anywhere that my point was valid (my point being, there can be nothing to joke about when someone has a drink problem and resultantly puts himself and others’ safety at risk)

            But yes, we’ll agree to disagree as obviously you meant it in humour, and not to suggest me showing his drink problem and the people affected compassion was the wrong thing to do.

          • Gallowgate Dave

            There wasn’t humour in my first response, I meant it, but I thought the Geordie colloquialism in inverted commas conveyed a reasonable light heartedness so you’d know I wasn’t getting at you, more that I just disagreed with your opinion. That’s why I found your response so ridiculously out of proportion but that’s half the battle talking on social media instead of over a pint with someone. The humour (I’d hoped) was in me asking if you were Darron to try and diffuse it as you’d taken it so personally.

            I lost my fatha to alcoholism so I’m aware more than most it’s pretty awful for everyone involved but I also think it’s no excuse when Gibson has acted like an utter tool. Addiction is a terrible human condition but there has to be personal responsibility too, and aye maybe you’re right, I suppose I am knocking your compassion in that sense as my sympathy with his issues ends when he puts others in danger like that. We’re allowed to disagree though, different opinions and all that. I’ll hold off on instructing a solicitor to defend my libel case for now eh? (another bad joke)

          • TheFatController

            I think solicitors make enough money, so agreed !

            My initial point wasn’t really whether he deserved compassion or not, if you read it back it was to say there can be nothing to joke about when you consider the incident – his condition, and how it affects / could affect others – even though it’s a mackem player in the headlines for the wrong reasons there’s some things that you have to show some humanity towards, particularly when others are put in danger that you rightly highlighted.

            That’s why I then said, and I know some disagree that we should give their plight the attention it gets, but yes, them losing just about every home game to an empty stadium is the source for much hilarity. Some things are ripe for p*ss take and that’s right up there after them mocking us two years ago.

  • Paul Patterson

    Who cares?

  • Graphsboy

    Out injured but still causing damage down the wing.

  • Paul Cannell

    At least he’ll get some points, unlike his team.