Back in September, only a few weeks into the new Premier League season, Sky Sports asked football fans to predict what the final league table would look like.

Some very interesting choices were made six months ago.

The predictions below being really a table of two halves.

When it comes to the top half of the table, are things really so predictable?

The Sky Sports readers predicted the whole of the top six exactly right, as it stands today.

Then the next five places in the table, Bournemouth are the only club to be more than one position out and they are 10th instead of the predicted 12th.

The thing is as well, clubs such as Bournemouth, Leicester and Everton made poor starts to the season, yet were still predicted to finish in decent positions.

However, when you get to the bottom eight or nine places in the table, this is where things are so volatile and difficult to predict.

Brighton were predicted to be rock bottom but are actually 12th, whilst West Ham are in serious relegation trouble in 17th but were forecast by football fans back in September, to end up 11th.

None of the three clubs currently in the relegation zone: West Brom, Stoke and Southampton, were predicted to be there.

As for Newcastle United, football fans predicted 13th and Newcastle are now 13th, I think we will all settle for that particular prediction coming true in seven weeks time.

This Sky Sports table shows the current Premier League table position, then the prediction that fans collectively made, back in September:

sky sports

Interesting to see the changes that will happen in the remaining weeks of the season.

  • Wor Lass

    I`m quite impressed. It shows the fans collectively know a thing or two about the PL teams. I`d love to see how this compares with the likes of Lawro and Merse!

    • Georgia Peter

      I wouldn’t waste my eyesight on Lawro or Merse. They’re all has beens hanging on grimly for a wage cos they’re too dense to get anything else right.

    • Rich Lawson

      Yes,would be fun,Do you look at Lawro’s prem’ score predictions on BBC footy page ? Recently he has taken on an 8yr old (really) and 2 actress from the film ”I Tonya” who had clearly never even heard of the teams involved ! Be more interesting if he was pitted against ex-players/managers.

      • Wor Lass

        Bet they beat him. Last season Liverpool would have won the league by a mile if his predictions had been right. I`ve got to say, though, that i like the guy. I think he`s genuine – and he was a good player (and he`s actually managed).

        • Rich Lawson

          Would rather have Hansen anyday,where did he go ? Lawro’ would help himself if he smiled a bit more.

          • Wor Lass

            Didn`t Hansen pack in and say it had all shattered his nerves or something? I definitely preferred him as a player – he was world class – but they were a great partnership.

  • Wor Monga

    There’s always lots of drivel put about on this site about our lack of PL quality players, and this player and that one being good enough only for the Championship and not the PL…well how come with the season this far gone we find ourselves confidently positioned ahead of clubs like West Ham (PL since 2004) Southampton (PL since 2012) Stoke (PL since 2007) and West Brom (PL since 2010) Swansea, etc…who, at the start of this season, had received the entire TV money constantly for (at least) the past 5 yrs…so how is it they haven’t converted that into this…so-called total PL quality?

    …No!…what this supporter prediction from last September points out (what we all really know anyway) about the PL, is that it’s really made up of (at least) 2 leagues in 1, and that what is thought of as squads with PL quality throughout only really exists in the top 6 clubs, and for the rest it is just a question of how long a combination of competent management, skilled professionalism, team work ethic and player loyalty to a club (and their supporters)…which will keep them up at the end of a season…not PL quality players…

    .. at this late stage of the season, any of 10 clubs could still be drawn into 2 relegation places, but it won’t be us, because while we’ve got Rafa Benitez at the
    helm we have more than enough of the things a club needs to stay up…but to take us nearer to that 7th spot depends totally on the gormless sh!thoose who holds the purse strings!!!

    • Hazzaar67

      West ham came up in 2012 via the play offs