It would be a remarkable story if Jamaal Lascelles did make the plane to Russia.

He has had an excellent season with his own form and inspiring those around him.

A little bit bizarre to look back and think Newcastle kicked off the season with Lascelles on the bench, with Clark and Lejeune having impressed in pre-season.

Jamaal Lascelles is rapidly improving but has still only got 34 Premier League career starts to his name.

Yet to get a call, on Thursday Gareth Southgate names his latest squad for the friendlies against Italy and Holland, so can this be the breakthrough moment for the Newcastle Captain?

Sky Sports have been analysing the possibilities for the final England squad to Russia and yesterday they covered goalkeepers, today it is defenders.

As part of their analysis they have used this stats table:

jamaal lascelles

As you can see, according to these Sky Sports stats, Jamaal Lascelles has been the seventh best performing English defender, with five centre-backs amongst those scoring highest.

I think the most striking thing, is that these stats back up the popular view that there are no stand out performers at centre-back in the Premier League who you would say deserve to be nailed on.

Apart from Smalling, all of those ahead of Lascelles in these stats play for clubs outside the usual top six that provide most of the players for the England squad.

The Burnley pair Mee and Tarkowski have been outstanding this season in an outstanding effort by Burnley overall – but do they give a better case than Jamaal Lascelles?

The 2018 World Cup Finals are now only three months away and this is the last squad to be named before the end of the league season.

Excellent once again against Southampton on Saturday, you have to feel that on form Lascelles definitely deserves to be considered.

Sky Sports analysis on the England defenders vying for Russia:

Southgate called up no fewer than 12 defenders (Gary Cahill, Phil Jones, Michael Keane, Joe Gomez, John Stones, Ryan Bertrand, Fabian Delph, Harry Maguire, Danny Rose, Kyle Walker, Ashley Young, Kieran Trippier) for England’s games with Germany and Brazil in November. It was a new-look squad, with Manchester United’s Chris Smalling the most high-profile omission.

Southgate said Smalling was not good enough on the ball for the style of play he intended to implement and gave Gomez his first call-up instead. The Liverpool man has been used at right-back by his club, but Southgate insisted he primarily sees him as a centre-back.

Reports suggest Southgate could call on James Tarkowski. The 25-year-old has helped Burnley keep one of the best defensive records in the Premier League this season. According to the Sky Sports Power Rankings, he is the second-best performing English defender in the division after Walker.

His Burnley team-mate Ben Mee, Brighton’s Lewis Dunk and Newcastle’s Jamaal Lascelles also feature highly in those rankings.

The centre-backs most likely (according to the bookies) to get called up are Stones (1/8), Cahill (1/5), Maguire (5/9) and Jones (8/13). Smalling’s chances are rated at 10/11, with Keane at 15/8, Tarkowski at 7/2 and Lascelles at 9/1.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Southgate couldn`t run a bath & the World Cup will confirm that,
    the guys way out of his league

    • MP01

      Couldn’t agree more!!

    • paul mclaughlan

      That’s what they said about Mike Bassett.

    • Peaky Magpie

      He’s only got that job as he’s the perfect ‘yes man ‘ for the FA….puppet on a string….the national version of Penfold.

  • kingfisher

    It’ll be the same sketch as usual, build them up before they go, then get stuck into them when they lose ! I would rather watch curling at the Winter Olympics than watch the England football team.
    Competitions like The World Cup and the Euros, only go to show how English football has declined since 1966. We gave the world football and now we are a laughing stock.

    They say the Prem is the best League in the world, but take all the overseas players out and what have you got?
    So until the powers that be, restrict the number of foreign players clubs can have and therefore bring more home grown talent through, England will never win anything !

    • paul mclaughlan

      Apart from “watch Curling” 😂 I 100% agree.

      • kingfisher

        Of course Paul, womens beach volleyball comes a close second 🤣

        • Peaky Magpie

          My sister lives in Adelaide and I once had the pleasure of attending the Australian Ladies National Beach Volleyball Championship on nearby Glenelg beach….will forever live in my memory that day…35c,loads of beer…wonderful experience 😂😂😂😂…me & my missus at the time split and got divorced shortly after….to this day I don’t know why 🤣😂🤣

          • kingfisher

            Dear me Peaky, Just thinking of that is enough to warm me up on this grey day !
            It’s nice to see you taking an interest in International sports.(unlike your ex missus).I wonder if you took the same interest in the male beach volleyball (I suspect not).🤾‍♀️🤾‍♀️🤾‍♀️

          • Peaky Magpie

            Not at all…didn’t even know if it was on or not..

          • kingfisher


          • Rich Lawson

            A disagreement on tactics presumably ?

          • Peaky Magpie

            Of course,disagreement on EVERYTHING if I remember rightly….

          • Rich Lawson

            My sympathies pal,just finishing that off meself .( The divorce,not the girls in skimpy shorts sadly)

          • Peaky Magpie

            Good luck,hope everything ends up ok.

    • Peaky Magpie

      I personally don’t bother even watching anymore Kingfisher….the over the top euphoria for just reaching the tournament will be starting shortly….flags hanging from houses,cars etc….and it will be declared a national state of emergency,Cobra meeting the works if golden bollox Harry Kane isn’t fit….🤬🤬🤬

      • kingfisher

        Spot on Peaks.Yes, questions would be asked in the house if Golden Bollox was injured.! I would love it if we get beat, love it !😁

      • Rich Lawson

        Hope he doesn’t get picked,keep him of the radar for now. As usual we qualify with ease,then at the cup we are woeful,Southgate will be found to be well out of his depth.He can’t even decide who his No1 goalie is,yet alone the team in front of him !!

        • Peaky Magpie

          Totally agree.

    • mentalman

      take all of the foreign dross out of the premier league and we may end up with a national team who can compete

  • Sean Lynch

    Lascelles is a natural born leader.
    That is something which doesn’t show up on any stat!

  • Mitros gotta start

    Couldnt care less about the england team….if its not in black and white stripes i am not interested

    • kingfisher

      Absolutely spot on Mitros 👍👍👍

  • NUFC9

    I wouldn’t trade him for England squad players like McGuire, Keane, etc but it’s difficult to dislodge regular players once the manager has them in his squad. For him or the Burnley boys to get a call I think there would have to be some injuries.

  • relaxed

    If Lascelles was to have a good run in Russia how long would it be before fatso cashed him in