In a surprise move, Achraf Lazaar has indicated he is on the verge of moving to the MLS.

The Newcastle defender says that there are three MLS clubs interested in signing hm.

The big driving force for the potential move is the World Cup, according to the defender.

Achraf Lazaar declaring ‘I want to be at the World Cup with Morocco.’

Lazaar last played for his country in October 2016 in a World Cup qualifier against Gabon (ended 0-0).

Similar to Hatem Ben Arfa not so long ago, Achraf Lazaar has found himself in a position where he can’t play football.

Serie A club Benevento made clear to the player that he wasn’t wanted in the second half of this season and wouldn’t be named in their official squad in early February. Having already played for Newcastle back in August 2017, Achraf Lazaar was in a position whereby he was hindered by the FIFA rule of not being able to play for more than two clubs in one season.

Hatem Ben Arfa sat out the remainder of the 2014/15 season without any football. However, at the time it was said that he did consider a short spell in America to give him some football.

The MLS season started in March 2018 and because their timings are out of sync with European leagues, Achraf Lazaar clearly believes he can play in America if making an agreement and sorting out the ‘red tape’.

Good luck to him but making the Morocco squad at this summer’s World Cup might be asking a bit much, even if he gets an MLS club and has a few decent games.

In the last 23 months Achraf Lazaar has only started six league games.

Achraf Lazaar speaking to

“I want to be at the World Cup with Morocco.

“Representing my country is the greatest satisfaction and I want to be at the World Cup with Morocco, as that would be a dream.

“Now I will do everything I can to earn my chance.

“Unfortunately, I have been pushed out of the Benevento squad.

“Coming here was a bad decision and I wouldn’t do it again, even if I got to know the extraordinary President Vigorito. I still respect him, despite the decision they have made.

“I have nothing against Coach Roberto De Zerbi, as he made his choices.

I belong to Newcastle and must think about what is best for my career and right now I need playing time.

“I can confirm that there are three clubs who are interested in MLS, but I prefer to respect those clubs, and not name the ones who contacted me.

“It is not easy purely in terms of red tape to go to America but with my new agent Roberto De Fanti we are seeking the best solution.

“I really miss the Morocco squad, as I played during the qualifiers for the World Cup and will do everything to get my place in the side.

“I haven’t been the usual Lazaar in recent months, but I have matured a great deal, I was a kid when I first became known and now I am a man.”

  • Wor Lass

    I don`t want to appear unnecessarily harsh on the lad, because I don`t have anything against him, but I really don`t care.

    • Jezza

      It didn’t work out for him at Newcastle, best for all concerned if he’s found a new club.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        save that post Jezza, you will use it many, many times

  • Patience Dowswell

    Not good enough for the Toon or Benevento, what makes him think he is good enough for Morocco at the World Cup?! Delusions of grandeur…

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He must have picked that up in Newcastle, delusions of Grandeur,
      i suffer badly from it when i should know better under the Fat lad

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Best of luck pal, problem is we have another dozen like him. i fear we`ll all be old men by the time we get rid of them

  • Patience Dowswell

    Should have stayed at Palermo! Couldn`t even get a game in The Championship! Hope a MLS club comes in for Jesus Gamez too! Me thinks Spain are already sorted for a right back for the World Cup though!

    • Ram Kishore

      GAMEZ never came to the club to get a call for Spanish squad

      • Patience Dowswell

        How do you know? Was playing for Athletico before us!

        • Ram Kishore

          Because he was released from Athletico and we didn’t buy him.
          He was already a squad player in his final season at athletico because Juanfran was the starter(even now he is).
          He didn’t make it to the Euro in 2016 nor got any call ups recently before he came to us..

          • Patience Dowswell

            Capped for Spain U23`s in 2005. Never say never haha!

  • pedrodelgardo

    Shocked!? no – Surprised!? no – Totally gob smacked!? – go on then if it will shut you up.

  • Mal

    A rather sensationalist article about something not in the least sensational

  • Mxpx

    Good news the wage bill is shrinking God knows why he was signed feel a bit sorry for him being led on but hope it works out for him

  • Andy Mac

    I’m a Rafa fan but this was another of his signings. Let’s stop buying shlte if the Fatman wont stump up for quality then focus on good youngsters. Thats when you start earning your wages as a so called football professional !!!!!!

    • NUFCDan

      We paid pennies for him, it didn’t work out. Move on. Look at the state of our U23’s – there are no youngsters that are good enough to fill the squad

      • Andy Mac

        Buying players who dont make it for pennies is worthwhile then ? Why not buy young uns from clubs who do know how to develop players ? £3m could have bought you Tarkowski or Mawson ? .

  • Danimal

    Wasn’t Roberto De Fanti involved with the shower down the road a little while back?

  • Jate Legend

    Cacked masel there. Thought it was going to be Ritchie from the picture!

  • Leicester Mag

    Stop this sensationalist bollox

  • MadMag83

    It says something if he can’t even get into a squad that’s rock bottom, Ant has got more points on his licence than Benevento have gained by mid March!

  • Alreet

    Unfortunately, I have been pushed out of the Benevento squad..

    So its not just us you played pap for.

    A rare non starter for rafa.

  • Philippines

    SHOCK? Ha Ha. I won’t sleep tonight. Writers please grow up.

  • Stephen Paylor

    what has happened to this guy, when he first signed he was rated very highly, was even a 78 on Fifa too, has he been rafa’d?