The Tottenham v Newcastle match was moved for TV to Friday 16 March.

However, it was then left with no date when Spurs instead played Swansea in the FA Cup that weekend.

Supporters were told to expect news on the new match date at the beginning of this week (Monday 19 March).

However, no such news was forthcoming.

This afternoon though has brought an announcement from Newcastle United, revealing that as well as the Everton away match suddenly being moved (after we were told April live TV choices had been completed in late February), there is no definite date being released for the Tottenham v Newcastle match.

Instead, we are now told that the Spurs away game will be ‘part of May’s broadcast selections, which will be announced in early April.’

Quite incredible, almost as though they take fans for granted…

Newcastle’s remaining games are below and currently they are due to play West Brom at home on Saturday 28 April, then Watford away on Saturday 5 May and Chelsea home on Sunday 13 May.

Chelsea won’t be moved even if it is on TV as all final day games kick-off together, whilst West Brom shouldn’t move…so Watford could also end up moved for live TV.

As for Spurs, it appears we are looking at midweek between West Brom and Watford, or midweek between Watford and Chelsea.

Either way, Newcastle are set to play four games in a 15 days apart time period, five games in 20 days apart period if you take in Everton now.

These are the remaining 8 Newcastle Premier League games:

Tottenham v Newcastle (To be confirmed)

Saturday 31 March Newcastle v Huddersfield

Saturday 7 April Leicester v Newcastle

Sunday 15 April Newcastle v Arsenal (Sky Sports) 1.30pm

Monday 23 April Everton v Newcastle (Sky Sports) 8pm

Saturday 28 April Newcastle v West Brom

Saturday 5 May Watford v Newcastle

Sunday 13 May Newcastle v Chelsea

Newcastle United official announcement:

‘Newcastle’s Premier League game at Everton has been selected for live television broadcast.

Sky Sports will show the match from Goodison Park, meaning a new date of Monday, 23rd April. Kick-off will be at 8pm (UK time).

Supporters who have purchased tickets but are unable to attend on the new date should contact the box office with the key, relevant details to help identify the sale, and they will be given a full refund. 

Tickets for the game are currently on sale to season ticket holders with 15 or more loyalty points. United have received an allocation of just under 3,000 tickets, priced at £30 for adults, £23 for over-65s and £18 for under-18s.

A small number of restricted view seats are available at £29 for adults, £22 for over-65s and £17 for under-18s. Supporters aged 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult.

To buy tickets, please visit, call 0844 372 1892 (calls cost 7p per minute plus your network access charge) or visit the St. James’ Park box office in person.

Meanwhile, the Premier League will confirm a new date for the Magpies’ game at Tottenham Hotspur as part of May’s broadcast selections, which will be announced in early April.’

  • Lord

    This one was always going to be a midweek at the back end of the season.

    Free swing this one, I’d prefer it to be as late in the season as possible at a point Spurs have their CL place confirmed with Kane and the rest more worried about getting injured for the World Cup than putting in a shift against us. Hopefully we’ll be safe by then also of course!

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Never mind the Spurs game thousands of fans have booked trains and hotels and tickets for the Everton game which had been announced as a Saturday as all April fixtures had been announced so it could not be moved. There should be an enquiry into this and the people sacked as fans hundreds of pounds out of pocket after booking trains and hotels for two nights a complete disgrace.

    • East Durham Mag

      Good comment. Think i need a sit down now 😲

    • Crush

      Spot on. I’ve bought 4 tickets for me and my boys and now can’t go.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        It,s my mates stag do been planned for months at least they still got the boxing tickets cannot see many staying down for the Monday but there is always some one daft enough that’s how they get away with it more unpaid leave for me.

  • Jezza

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The very worst thing that ever happened to football in this country was Sky Sports.

    • Gareth Marshall

      I know right? Cleaning up those delapidated terraces and replacing them with nice new, clean, safe all seater stadiums whilst also putting an end to the hooliganism – what a dreadful idea.

      And don’t even get me started on the players on the pitch, I mean who really wanted to see the best players from the continent and beyond come here and wow us? The likes of Henry, Drogba, Silva, Suarez, Ronaldo, Cantona, Ginola and Bergkamp should have all stayed at home – pffft.

      I don’t mean to be churlish, I get your point and I know I’ve left out the bad stuff which definitely exists but lately you’ve been coming across as a bit of a cantankerous git mate! I say that in jest.

      But do you drive a 40 year old car? Still use an analogue TV with teletext to get your news? Still have a coal fire warming your house?

      Things change, envolve even and I for one much prefer the modern iteration of the beautiful game for what it’s worth.

      • Jezza

        You are obviously too young to have been there back in the 70’s and 80’s. Everything you have heard about hooliganism in those days has been blown out of all proportion. I travelled the length of the country going to football matches and barely saw a punch thrown. I’ll tell you something I felt a lot safer as a kid going to football matches in the 70’s than I do as a grown man walking home in the dark 2018.

        Football grounds were far better when they had terraces, cowsheds, pitched roofs and the like. There was an atmosphere that you never get in the modern day generic plastic stadiums. It was real back then but as you weren’t there I don’t expect you to get it.

        For the record I drive a 23 year old car, watch VHS video tapes and yes I do use teletext. I’ll tell you something else as well. I haven’t got a mobile phone. Never have and never will.

        • Gareth Marshall

          Yes, you’re right – I am too young to remember such times.

          But I believe I’d be right if I said, seemingly by your own admission, that you’re stuck in the past.

          There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, it’s nice sometimes, it’s romantic even, but to live in the past denies one living in the present and that’s what you seem to do. Always dwelling on the past and how you things were better.

          Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. But things won’t be returning to how they were any time soon so you’d may as well just hop aboard the gravy train and see where it goes.

          • Jezza

            Let me tell you, if you had been there back in the 70’s and 80’s you would know just how poor modern day football and the overall match day experience is in comparison.

            I don’t need anybody to tell me how to live my life. I do what I’m happy doing. I wouldn’t be happy driving a modern car or using a smartphone to listen to my music or make an announcement to the world every time I sneeze.

          • Gareth Marshall

            That’s fair enough mate, I don’t mean to sound lecturous.

            You made a very bold statement about Sky ruining football, I’m simply trying to highlight that your opinion is rather subjective and that there are in fact people, like myself, who enjoy th modern version of the game.

            What car are you still running, I’m curious now!

          • Jezza

            Fair enough but if you never experienced football before the Sky Sports Premiership era you are not in a position to understand my thoughts on the matter. Anybody who went to matches before Sky came along I am sure will agree with me.

            The car is a 1995 Jaguar XJ6 4.0 litre Sovereign, very well looked after and in better nick than most 5 year old cars you see today. I’ve also got a 1997 3.2 Executive in equally good nick.

        • Rich Lawson

          Top Man (I only got a mobile ‘cos work gave me one,sick of not knowing where I was !)

      • Jezza

        I’ll tell you something else, there were some brilliantly skillfull players in English football back in those days, players who would more than hold their own in the higher reaches of the modern day Premiership. Glenn Hoddle, Stan Bowles, Tony Currie, Frank Worthington, Leighton James, Archie Gemmill, Steve Heighway, Gerry Francis, Steve Coppell, Colin Bell, Gary Lineker and of course our own Kevin Keegan, Peter Beardsley, Chris Waddle and Paul Gascoigne to name a few.

        • Rich Lawson

          But surely none of those are high priced imports from abroad,you’ve made this up !!!

  • Lhc

    I reckon it’ll be wedged in between Watford away on the Saturday n Chelsea home the following Sunday, plus it’s bank holiday weekend when it’s watford no point in going home! Time off work me thinks! I’m picturing already safe, hot weather and party atmosphere, here’s hoping!

  • Darren Frankland

    How come Tottenham’s match with Brighton also postponed because of FA Cup involvement has found a new date straightaway, Surely Newcastle should have been offered that date first having waited longer for one

  • Mrkgw


  • Frederico Vieira

    I came from Oklahoma City, US to watch this game as part of my vacation. Very disappointed for this messy schedule and the disrespect for fans like me.