After a run of 16 games with only one win, Southampton fans weren’t very happy.

After losing 3-0 to Newcastle United, fair to say their mood hasn’t improved…

Some very angry people about, with former Rafa Benitez assistant, Mauricio Pellegrino, getting the majority of the flak.

At the moment Southampton are still outside the bottom three, though won’t be for long if Saturday is any guide.

The Southampton fans not exactly complimentary about Newcastle United either.

Southampton fans commenting on Newcastle game via their top Saints Web message board:

‘Takes a special team to make Newcastle look good.’

‘This is the depressing truth isn’t it. Our midfield are making Shelvey look a world beater too.’

‘For the second time this season.’

‘The players/manager should offer to refund the fans for their ticket and travel.

They’ve been well and truly ‘Rafa’d’ there.’

‘I thought the players were good enough to get out of this in spite of the manager – but I admit defeat, Pellegrino has to go.’

‘People say it’s too late to sack him but surely anyone would be an improvement because it would, at the very least, be a change.

1 win in 17.’

‘MP might be at the helm – and should be sacked – but that was absolutely gutless from the players. Body language and effort was poor from the start.

Our only remaining hope to change the manager.’

‘If you want a measuring stick of just how bad today’s performance was, one of the first stats that the commentators spewed out before the game started is that Newcastle had scored 12 PL goals at home all season before this game.’

‘Loved Pierre’s interview. Top guy who cares.’

‘Talk’s cheap. I’d rather he’d closed down Shelvey or marked Richie for their third.’

‘PEH’s interview on solent at least is worth something.

“We need to be a side that is difficult to beat. Of course we cannot beat everyone, we would like to, but we cannot be easy to beat. We cannot get overrun 3-0 by Newcastle, its just not possible.”

Also alluded extensively to tempers and strong words in the dressing room. Fair play for coming out and fronting up.’

‘I was hoping for a result today, but after this total **** I’m afraid all hope has gone. We are championship next season. And worse than that I actually fear for survival there as well.

This time next year we could be looking at another relegation under this leadership/board/management. I want to say things can only get better, but I really do fear that things are going to get an awful lot worse yet.’

‘Just back in hotel, getting my self together before a night out with my Geordie mate, god he’s going to be unbearable.

Clearly the end has come for the manager. Some of the players need to go as well, they can not be absolved of blame. Newcastle wanted it more today, end of. That’s completely unacceptable in my eyes.

Incredibly disappointing was the players attitude towards the supporters at the end, about 3 or 4 made a half hearted effort, but the rest couldn’t really be bothered.’

‘And just to cap the afternoon, England lose to the frogs in the Rugby.’

‘I am sure that as usual, we would planned to have made a cautious start in beginning and go from there.

But when Newcastle scored in the opening minutes, it gave us a perfect opportunity to see what we were made of as a team when it mattered.

We then had the rest of the game to get at Newcastle, attack them, go for broke and fight for our status in the Premier League.

Instead, we proved that we have no idea as a team, and we are too pedestrian going forward. Once again Pellegrino failed in his job to motivate the team,’

‘Four AM start, A quick full English breakfast and we were off.

F…ed by 7.00am and you can convince yourself anything is possible. Though strangely we didn’t.

We all knew what was coming up; Lack luster performance, no heart, no points and nothing to celebrate. It’s what we expected and what we got.

63 seconds….. WTF? In a relegation battle must win game. Incredible, I lasted longer the first time I got laid.

We were poor across the pitch, they were much hungrier than us and quicker to every ball. Newcastle fully deserved to win and by some distance.’

‘Still up here.

Probably a £300 weekend for that absolute….. I stayed to the end to hurl abuse at every one of the useless ….s. They didn’t hear or care but I enjoyed every second.’

‘It’s not an exaggeration to say Newcastle have been first to every single ball!’

West Ham fans getting angry. I wish our fans would do something like that, we are too soft.’

‘The standing off when Shelvey had the ball was atrocious. Asking for trouble.’

‘We are getting well beaten by a team with players that last season were in the Championship.’

‘Well that’s it wrapped up and finished.

Nobody should be surprised – we have looked like relegation candidates from 3-4 games into the season – nothing changed.

If this Manager is not sacked after this shambles then I’ve had enough, It’s a damned insult.’

The way they attack versus compared to the way we attack says it all.’

‘Shelvey has always been a great passer of a ball with a good shot on him, so let’s allow him plenty of space to get off a dangerous ball into the box for their strikers.’

‘Just offer Silva a massive bonus for keeping up us and he’ll come, of course he will.

Newcastle got Benitez in when they were in worse trouble than we are in now.’

‘Frustrating that first two Newcastle goals have come from a loanee.’

‘I can seriously see us replicating Sunderland.’

‘Will we have the most expensive ever assembled squad relegated in PL history?’

‘I can’t believe anyone thought we would win this match . Rafa v apprentice, no chance.’

  • Mrkgw

    Not sure that the comments are savage. More a case of disappointed supporters, shafted by yet another incompetent regime running their club. Something needs to be done in the game as supporters are suffering under these owners. Where does the money go? Time for the fans to bite back and there was early evidence of this at the West Ham game albeit, they went about things in the wrong way. That said, tensions run high when you see yourself being taken for a mug. Imagine if this were Man Utd. The authorities would be all over it, in favour of preserving the club. Anyone else, it doesn’t bother them.

    • TheNutJob

      the only protest that would work is an empty stadium

      • nufcslf

        Very true, especially with matches being televised all around the world. Would get attention and questions would be asked about an empty ground. Hope it comes to that to rid of fatty once and for all, with him hating bad publicity and so on.

    • stevetoontoon

      If the pitch invasions happened at newcastle we would just be seen as thugs…. weve had 11 years of money going missing…. how dare skysports ask the questions and need them answered after 1 season of a LONDON club west ham not working out boo hoo my heart bleeds!!!

      • Chuck D

        Totally agree, see MOTD showed their banners, but not a mention of ours at the Burnley game.

        Also find it funny how it’s totally acceptable to slate Pardew now!

        Wasn’t that long ago he was being touted for England by the likes of Wright and co.

      • nufcslf

        Still not right. Football should be for fans, not greedy rse hole owners. Should have to spend a good percentage of the tv money handed out, or it is taken back. Being able to pocket it is criminal and very wrong. No club deserves the likes of Cashley at the helm ruining the only thing that matter’s…….football…..

        • stevetoontoon

          Agreed all those pundits on soccer saturday have different opinions on newcastle not one of them has mentioned greed

          • John

            Where’s the greed at Newcastle? We’ve spent a fortune over the 3-4 years.

          • Guest 2

            You’re having a laugh? We have a net spend of £26.9 million for the WHOLE of Ashley’s ownership! Commentators were mouthing off that the Hammers £29 million net spend this season was not enough to match their aspirations.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Those red and white stripes are proving to be unlucky this season mind. Long may it continue!!

  • TheNutJob

    The players bottled it, a lot of the modern day millionaire football players seem to lack the hunger to fight for their club

  • gallowgate26

    ‘Frustrating that first two Newcastle goals have come from a loanee.’.. Why? Are Southampton not allowed to loan players??

  • stevetoontoon

    Most comments from them before the match was they expected to get beat and they were going to the match in afternoon and grab a granny at night….. probably nee grannys oot saturday neet….

  • Lord

    Prior to Saturday, even with their 0-0 against Stoke, I thought Southampton were the classic ‘too good to go down’ but they lacked spirit and post match interviews showed a demoralized squad.

    If they have any sense they’ll spend the next few weeks getting a new manager in to save their season. I think Palace will finish above them.

  • Whickhamrobbie

    i do hope the saints stay up ,a good club who produce some decent talent but when all your best players and manager dont forget are sold or poached then sooner or later you will struggle . i really hope its the Baggies,Palace and Stoke that drop down .