When reviewing any match in the aftermath, it is easy to base everything around the result and ignore what the reality is/was.

I’m not saying Newcastle deserved to get anything at Liverpool but it certainly wasn’t as straightforward as many are trying to make out.

Football is such a brilliant, and frustrating, game because there is no certainty, it is all about taking your chances.

I remember the infamous home match against Fulham back in 2004, Newcastle got stuffed 4-1 and yes it wasn’t a great display by NUFC but it was a crazy match.

The Cottagers scored with pretty much every one of their attacks and didn’t even have a single corner in the game.

Liverpool weren’t lucky on Saturday but they were also clinical.

They had three efforts on target and scored two of them, Dubravka was busy taking crosses etc but I struggle to remember many times of panic. Newcastle had two efforts on target and Diame saw his shot brilliantly saved – small margins.

The overall shot count was 14 to the scousers and 7 to the Magpies.

If you look at the whole season of Premier League matches at Anfield, you will see that Rafa Benitez deserves loads of credit for his game plan – restrict Liverpool as much as possible and try to take the chance or two that comes our way.

When a side scores two of their three shots on target there is little you can do.

Below is every Liverpool home PL match this season, the first stat is shots on target for both teams (so 13 for Liverpool and 1 for Palace), then the next stat is overall shots for both teams (so 23 for Liverpool and 4 Palace):

13-1 and 23-4 Liverpool 3 Crystal Palace 0

10-0 and 18-8 Liverpool 4 Arsenal 0

9-4 and 35-5 Liverpool 1 Burnley 1

5-1 and 19-6 Liverpool 0 Man Utd 0

8-0 and 16-1 Liverpool 3 Huddersfield 0

8-0 and 21-5 Liverpool 3 Southampton 0

4-3 and 16-11 Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

3-2 and 23-3 Liverpool 1 Everton 1

5-1 and 14-6 Liverpool 0 West Brom 0

9-4 and 22-7 Liverpool 5 Swansea 0

6-1 and 18-7 Liverpool 2 Leicester 1

7-4 and 16-11 Liverpool 4 Man City 3

3-6 and 9-13 Liverpool 2 Tottenham 2

12-4 and 21-7 Liverpool 4 West Ham 1

3-2 and 14-7 Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0

Even at home, Rafa Benitez can take real pride in the 1-1 draw against Liverpool earlier this season, the stats then showing Liverpool may have had 17 shots overall but only two on target, whilst Newcastle had 5 on target and 8 overall.

5-2 and 8-17 Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1

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  • Wor Lass

    We still lost, though.

    • Rich Lawson

      But a slightly better loss than usual,bad bounce of Murphy for the 1st,good save from Diamme,still almost hopeful at half time.Nothing to be done about the 2nd tho’. Slimani in for Southampton ?

      • 1957

        I wasn’t aware Slimani was in full training yet, on Friday he was still working with the physio. It’s something like 6 weeks since he played at best he will make the bench, but I suspect he’ll not be seen until after our enforced 3 week break.

      • Wor Lass

        Certainly hope so!

  • Leazes.

    Joe: did Mark Jensen tell you to include the word ‘stats’ in an article showing how a loss was really a victory? It sort of legitimises things doesn’t it, but they aren’t stats they are raw data, unprocessed data, which tells you nothing! The use of the word ‘stats’ is much overused, and misused.

    Newcastle fans are already up against the ‘Sleep of Reason’ with the chronicle! and in particular ‘Ryder Stats’…. a byword for bonkers.

    The constant spin of this nature is ignorant and deliberate.

    One of the Liverpool supporters guesting appearances yesterday on here questioned the stance of the writers and he was right!

    Whose side are you people on?…. it doesn’t appear to be Uniteds!

    Jonathan Drape Common almost apologetically telling us that the editor of the Mag is asking his writers to find ‘positives’ where none exist…..it doesn’t help the cause to tell fans that all is well ‘at mill’ when there’s a spanner in the machinery, a lunatic on the bloody throttle!

    Joe concludes….’Even at home, Rafa Benitez can take real pride’…..

    …. really do you know that anti-football messes the figures up, when you have 29% possession and hit the opposition on the break the effectiveness is visible…. well it is 29% of the time when you actually have the ball!

    Mathematical analysis is based upon reason and should not be utilised to ‘backup’ a daft predetermined supposition!

    We are not better than we think, this is a championship squad which shows up in both the value compared to the rest of the division and in the tactics deployed by the manager, who is absolutely terrified of putting his name to a fully credited relegation.

    We lost…. nil points!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Only the result matters,

  • 1957

    There is a lot of effort going in to trying to make Saturday’s result look like a good result for us. If the players or Benitez ever start to believe they should take some credit for just losing 2-0 relegation will be guaranteed.

  • pedrodelgardo

    Back in the 70s spurs came here and beat us 5-2, Alfie Conn scored 4, they had 5 shots in the game and scored them all – we bossed it.

  • FairsCup69

    We’re not as good as WBA which is a pity given I was banking on taking 3 points off them shortly!!