Wednesday morning brings good news for Newcastle United season ticket holders.

It was expected that a sizeable number of Newcastle fans would be forced to move seats for the coming season.

Back in 2016 when NUFC were having a rest in the Championship, the Premier League voted overwhelmingly that all clubs would be forced to have at least one block of away fans at pitchside.

Last June (2017) we reported (see below) that both Newcastle United and Man Utd had been given special dispensation to delay doing this, with all other clubs either falling into line or already having some away supporters at pitchside.

When it was reported, it was believed that the special dispensation would be just for this season BUT the Chronicle have now reported that no Newcastle United season ticket holders in the Leazes End will be forced to move for the coming season, if Rafa’s players avoid relegation.

The local newspaper saying ‘the Premier League not having revisited the situation in time for the club to get the appropriate safety certificate for next season.’

They add that the issue is completely in the dark as the Premier League have not been in touch at all with Newcastle since last summer.

It is a regular complaint from away fans that they are all so far from the pitch in Level 7 and have ‘a few’ steps to climb…

Having searched around for any news on the Manchester United side of things, there doesn’t appear to be any progress on them making any changes either.

The Mag – 14 June 2017:

Manchester United and Newcastle United have been given special dispensation with regard to new stadium rules.

Along with a cap on how much away fans pay for tickets, the Premier League had also introduced a new rule for where away supporters had to be located – measures designed to help as many travelling supporters as possible and the matchday atmosphere they help create.

This being a major factor in helping to sell Premier League football around the World, full stadiums and the spectacle/atmosphere that having a large away support helps generate.

English football, helped by the relative closeness of clubs, traditionally always having far more away supporters than any other country.

The Premier League had agreed that as from this coming season, all clubs would need to give at least one section of seats next to the pitch to away supporters.

However, The Mail reports that Newcastle United have been given an exemption, at least for one year.

With confirmation only seven weeks ago that the club would definitely be in the Premier League, Newcastle have been given special dispensation to keep away supporters in their current position in the highest part of St James Park – Level 7 (of the Leazes End).

Newcastle had claimed that safety issues made such a move impossible at St James Park, with the key issue allegedly being that having some away fans next to pitchside would make it difficult/impossible to segregate rival supporters at various exits.

The Premier League are said to be committed to forcing the change through for the following (2018/19) season but at least no Newcastle season ticket holders will need to be moved for the coming season.

No doubt the club will continue to fight the move and also get police backing as to the current arrangements being the best in terms of safety/security when it comes to segregation.

The Mail report says  that Manchester United will also not be forced to move away supporters for the coming season, no away fans will be located at pitchside with a large section for disabled fans separating travelling fans from the pitch.

It isn’t clear whether Manchester United are expected to fall in line as from 2018/19 but it would appear to be very difficult for the league to enforce it with Newcastle in 12 months time, if they continue to allow Man Utd to be exempt.

Premier League chief Richard Scudamore when announcing the away fans decision back in November 2016:

“It is about atmosphere.

“One of the unique things about our game, particularly in England, is the amount of away fans and the noise they create.

“When an away goal is scored, you want that atmosphere and interaction between the two sets of fans.”

  • Mitros gotta start

    Wont matter if we get relegated

  • Arty Hume

    Buying season tickets is a choice fans are going to have to make soon, if the current owner stays, I would keep my money, if he goes I would buy. Dont pull the club down by supporting the regimen and betraying Rafa. There will be plenty of time to buy when the ownership issue is sorted out. If he stays we need to show him its his last mistake and dont buy tickets, he will surely change his mind and we can be a club again.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      I support the club, irrespective of the owner. In 2012, my mate moaned that it was unfair that ‘his’ seat was sold when he decided not to renew when Carroll was sold, by autumn, he was begging for 2 tickets together.

    • Lhc

      Aye n lose all me loyalty points, then when we do maybe get Sunderland in the cup or boro or Leeds high demand games etc etc I can’t rely on myself to get a tkt, f*k that! I look at the bigger picture mate abit further down the line kinda thing, whoever owns the club manager etc I will always go, why should I let them spoil my way of life, i don’t.

      • Arty Hume

        So you would rather protect your loyalty points than put the good of the club first…Typical disillusionment from toon fans that’s why we will be free of the parasite. But hey each to his own

        • Lhc

          You ain’t a fan, fans stick by there club through thick n thin! your a fair weather type.

          • Arty Hume

            Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, where ours differ it does not make one or the other any less valid. I have supported NUFC for over 60 years and in that time cannot remember a more excruciating time for our club, but thats just my opinion. This is based on the money which is sloshing around the premiership and the money the owner has at his disposal with a pinch of what he has promised the club and the fans but not delivered. The last three windows a classic example. I do not maintain an all out veto of season tickets, only to hold off and show him he cannot screw the club over for the umpteenth time! IMHO at this stage to renew tickets is telling the fat *&(*^%$ its all alright continue with your mis management we will accept it as part and parcel of being a long suffering fan. Under this situation nothing will change and we will end up like those across the Tyne. I am fully aware and so are most people that if you have a massive infection in say your leg and let it go untreated your body will start to shut down and you run the risk of death due to that infection, sometimes to save the life the leg has to be cut off to help the body heal. IMHO this is the situation at our club with the body being the club and the owner being the infection. No matter what action is needed and how much pain is inflicted the infection must be got rid of, it will be painful and it will take time to heal, however after time things get back to a semblance of normality, but it will never be the same…..however it will be worth it. Just my opinion….

    • ghostrider

      Make your choice. Buy or don’t buy.
      Ashley’s not the one putting dire sickening football on offer.

      • Arty Hume

        It’s directly his responsibility we are where we are and if you cannot see that there’s no hope for you.

        • ghostrider

          Where exactly should we be?

          Here’s something for you to gnaw on.
          Tell me where every owner of every premier league football club should be outside of the top 8 clubs?

          Should one be 2 places higher or 3 places lower?
          You tell me and then you tell me where we SHOULD be under Ashley and tell me why.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    It’s a crazy idea and would lead to crowd trouble you can just imagine what would happen if Sunderland were given a section in the east stand or the corners they would have to be protected by plastic sheeting and nets a farce. The same would apply away if we ever meet again. These big wigs no nothing about football apart from putting games on Friday and Monday nights to maximise revenue.

  • Leazes.

    It doesn’t apply to the Championship anyway.