Some very interesting, and enjoyable, comments from Southampton fans ahead of the crunch Newcastle match.

Brutally honest comments, with clearly most of their supporters believing they are going to get beat.

Even though they aren’t actually in the relegation zone (one place and one point above it), many Southampton fans also seem to believe that relegation is a near-certainty as well.

The Saints have drawn more matches (13) than any other team and clearly blame a lot of their woes on former Rafa Benitez apprentice Mauricio Pellegrino.

The belief is that he is far too negative and that their players are better than what is being shown under this manager.

Many Southampton fans saying that if the managers were swapped, then under Rafa Benitez they would be under no threat of relegation.

As for the answer to their woes? For many of them it is just simply have a great weekend sampling the Newcastle nightlife!

Sounds like plenty away trips I have been on in the past…

Southampton fans commenting via their top Saints Web message board:

‘Sold 1600 for this which is decent. Should be a good weekend, ruined by the result obviously.

They have a far, far, far better manager then us.

If managers were reversed, we’d be 10th and they’d be 20 point adrift.

Newcastle 2-0 Saints.’

‘No chance we will win.

Absolutely none at all.

We will be fully risk free and look to keep then out whilst hoping we catch them on the break and/or a set piece comes off.

The manager is ….ing appalling.’

‘Rafa is too tactically shrewd for this to be anything other than a straight forward day for Newcastle. Our manager will not have any answers.

Probably will be the first time we’ll end up cut slightly adrift next week. Maybe then we’ll stop aiming for Europe.’

‘The luck is already against us:

Newcastle captain and best defender Lascelles should have been sent off (against Liverpool) and banned for this game, but for the ineptitude of the referee.

Bet we don’t score and he heads the winner from a set piece.’

‘Can only see this going one way and it ain’t the Southampton way.’

‘If anyone can beat our genius current manager, it will be his ex-boss.

Can’t see us getting a bean out of this game.’

‘Have you all forgotten that we have the Indian sign over newcastle, if there is any luck going we will get it in bucket loads!’

‘They have the better manager but we have the better players. Been optimistic about so many games this season and we have been shocking. Still think we will get a point up there.’

‘I have more hope of us in away games. Watford and West Brom and Burnley were all far better performances than any of our home games this year.

Guess setting up defensive just works better away. Plus, Newcastle are dogs…. Utter dogs…’

‘They’re not that bad, they beat Man Utd at home recently. They’ll certainly believe that they can beat us.’

‘We ain’t even getting a draw in this one. I see an easy 2 or 3-0 for Newcastle.’

‘Selling out 1600 a few weeks before the game is a good effort, although Newcastle always has been a popular trip.

I’m not sure we’ve got the fight to get a draw here, especially if Shelvey plays for them, 0-0 at best as I can’t see where our goal will come from.’

‘Shelvey is a nasty piece of work, but to label him a sh… footballer is wrong. He is a very creative and incisive passer of the ball and it would be good for us to not have him play at the weekend.’

‘It’s just annoying that Lascelles should be suspended but isn’t.’

‘Anyone else wondering why the f… they’re going up to this?’

‘Only because Newcastle is a top weekend. Literally no other reason.’

‘Yep – Exactly the same reason for me.’

‘I think keeping Shelvey quiet is key to keeping Newcastle quiet. They rely on him to create and haven’t got much else to worry teams at this level (apart from perhaps set pieces, given our aerial weakness).

If we get a grip of midfield then I fancy us to win.

I’d be tempted to start Long upfront for this one instead of Carillo to give us that bit more pace in behind.’

‘Any pub suggestions, haven’t been there for years.

Looking for Real Ale in the day & grab a granny at night.

Don’t want to be drowning my sorrows sat night with a load of nippers & rubbish music.’

‘Try Bodega on Westgate Road pre-match. Good ale, will be plenty of Saints.’

‘Harry’s bar is great for a mixed age group and Hoochiecoochies though both need to be smart casual…

See ya there….’

‘Just got a recommendation from the bird waitressing in Miller & Carter’s, for a bar where “there’s people my mum & Dad’s age in there”. Can’t work out if she’s being friendly or taking the p…

Just back at hotel putting me dancing shoes on (or is it crocodile shoes up here).’

‘Rafa Benitez managing Saints = fighting for upper mid table

Rafa Benitez managing Newcastle = reasonable chance of staying up

Mauricio Pellegrino managing Saints = struggling to stay up

Mauricio Pellegrino managing Newcastle = relegated’

  • Whickhamrobbie

    The Saints obviously dont watch Toon games .
    An easy 2-0 win ?????
    We dont do easy mate . A boring 1-0 either way for me but i am not confident at all .
    The post that says we have the better manager and they have the better players says it all . And we do seem to struggle v Southampton

    • TheNutJob

      their manager learnt his trade under Rafa

    • Whickhamrobbie

      seems saints fans know more than me .3-0 get in there .

  • TheNutJob

    away fans seem to enjoy drinking & chasing the Bigg Market scally`s rather than the actual match, can`t say i blame them

  • ghostrider

    Actions speak louder than words.

  • Jimmy_toons

    Hoping ShaneLong doesn’t get a run out for them as he seems to have a hoodoo on us whether scoring or winning penalties for whatever club he’s played for. Two goals for us should be enough to win it.

    • Whickhamrobbie

      Yes Jimmy we have a fantastic vibrant city the everyone wants to visit (apart from the numpty who posted he prefered Sunderland a few weeks back ).
      Imagine if we had a team to match the stadium and surroundings ? .
      The ground is full YES but not rocking as in the Keegan days ,I know its the past but we can always dream that when Ashley leaves we can kick on a bit but we must be a bit wary of whoever takes over (eventually) as we dont want the club to turn into a Leeds or Forest.

      • Jimmy_toons

        I do not believe any new owner of our club will be as half rsd as the FCB in attempting to keep us in the top half of the league. Looking around the ground today and thinking about the training ground, we could not have had any other person in charge of our club who has invested absolutely nothing into it these last 10 years. The sooner he leaves the better, but I won’t be giving him anymore of my money so long as he is there.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Nervy game lies ahead…again…as usual…

  • gallowgate26

    Same old myths trotted out that we are a championship side and dog …. etc. Are we lacking quality in some key areas? Yes, notibly the forward and creative positions. But… ask yourself this, has anyone trully battered us this season? Yes we had a conservative game plan but even so a championship team would still get murdered in some games against the big guns. Yes we can’t compete with the top 6 but we’ve had a point from Liverpool, three from Man United and I can’t think of one game where we’ve seen a good hiding.

    • TheFatController

      Agree. Though we did have a shocker all over the pitch against Watford

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      it`s highly unlikely that you`ll concede a boat load of goals when you have 10 defenders in the box & we`re lacking quality in all areas

    • East Durham Mag

      Imagine what Rafa could do with some more quality? No disrespect to the squad there cos on the greater part they have put 110% in for the cause.