Paul Dummett has given a very interesting interview ahead of the Huddersfield match.

Born and bred in Newcastle, the Geordie defender is the only member of the current NUFC squad from the region, never mind the City.

Jack Colback is totally sidelined by Rafa Benitez and out on loan, meaning that Jamaal Lascelles is the next closest to being a ‘local’ and he comes from Nottingham, over 140 miles away.

Speaking to The Times, Paul Dummett says that maybe for homegrown players it is more difficult, that when you don’t cost a fee fans possibly assume that ‘you’re no good’.

Reading what he has to say, it is clear that Dummett is one of us, just like his hero Alan Shearer, a Newcastle fan for life.

However, Shearer didn’t exactly have any problems being accepted when he started playing at St James Park, whereas it has been a tough journey for Paul Dummett.

With many fans, for the first time, not seeing left-back as a/the top priority in the summer.

Asked about the Newcastle supporters singing his name for the first time at the Southampton game, he replies: ‘It was weird….Normally people shout, ‘Dummett, you’re sh…’

Some extracts from the interview are below and it is shocking just how few players have come through the NUFC Academy in recent times.

Certainly in these 11 years of Mike Ashley, you would struggle to name any/many beyond Paul Dummett.

Paul Dummett speaking to George Caulkin from The Times:

“You never switch off – I’m a fan, all my family and friends are fans, so wherever I go it’s always football. The whole city revolves around how well the team are doing.

“My first memory is playing football and my first memory as a fan is watching Alan Shearer, my hero as a kid. I had a season ticket with my dad and brother, up in level seven, which was quite a climb. I was in the East Stand for a bit as well.

“I was there when Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer had their fight on the pitch. I remember Sir Bobby Robson’s team. I was ballboy once when Laurent Robert was playing and he hoyed  his gloves to one side and I picked them up. Now I’m playing and other people are watching. It’s strange when you think about it. I’ll carry on doing it for as long as the club want me.

“There have been times when I’ve wondered, ‘Am I going to get kept on, am I going to be released?’

 “When I came back [from a loan at St Mirren] at the end of the [2012/13] season, Pardew told me he was giving me another one-year contract but said, ‘I don’t think you’ve what it takes to play in my team.’

“It was a shock. It was one of those: there you go, another contract, but you’re not good enough. You’ve got no chance, basically.

“When Pardew has been at other clubs there’s been some interest in taking me there, but I don’t know whether that’s always been true and I’ve never spoken to him direct.

“When we were first linked with the manager [Rafa], I remember thinking, ‘He’s not going to come here,’…it was a reminder of how big this club is. We’re lucky to have him. Hopefully we can stay up, he’ll stay and we progress.

“I decided to have a break from it [international call-ups with Wales], to concentrate on playing for Newcastle. Coleman said that for as long as he was manager he would never pick me for Wales again, but it’s been a different approach from Ryan Giggs and we’ve had a conversation.

“He said that I’d get opportunities to play. No manager can guarantee games and I understand that. I told him that I wouldn’t close the door — it’s a massive honour to play for your country — but if I’d gone with Wales now, got injured and Newcastle went down, I’d have regretted it forever. My contract is with Newcastle. I want to do the best for Newcastle, make sure we stay up. After that, I can have a rethink.”

“If the club had bought me for £8 million it might have been different…when you’ve come through the academy and cost nothing maybe they assume you’re no good.

“Fans like to see attractive football and I’m never going to be taking people on, doing fancy tricks and hitting one in the top corner [obviously forgetting his screamer in the 3-3 draw v Man Utd]. I know what I can do and I know what I can’t do. I do what I can as best I can.”

“I haven’t had that sort of thing [fans singing his name at the Southampton match] before..

“It was weird….Normally people shout, ‘Dummett, you’re sh…’

“It’s taken a long time. It was strange when I heard it. I was buzzing. I just need to keep putting performances in, so they keep doing it and sing it louder. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted.”

Read the whole of the excellent Times interview here.

  • Peaky Magpie

    It’s no coincidence we are far better defensively when both Lascelles & Dummett start.

  • mentalman

    For the first time in a long time our right back position is more of a problem than our left back.

    I’ve been one if a handful who have defended him over the last few years on this site and its good to finally see him getting some recognition of what a good job he does

    • Damon Horner

      Pleased we don’t have to do that as much with him. Something that’ll stick within sections of the fanbase though. Lascelles went from “captain clot” to one of the teams most influential players within months only last season. There is a need for a scapegoat and defenders are easier targets

  • Ba ba.

    I’ve constantly backed this lad he does a job and does it well.. . He is 100% correct if he was German and bought for 25 million he’d be a legend /hero… Check out our stats when he’s playing . .Mr reliable .. 👍

    • Down Under Mag

      I think that sums it up, reliable. He isn’t flash, doesn’t do the spectacular and in some eyes that means he’s not good enough. We are better defensively WITH him in the side than without.

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    This isn’t right, the reasons people questioned Dummet were and possibly still are valid. Although since returning from injury he’s been very good the weaknesses in his game over the years have been blindingly obvious and rightly criticised. He has been very susceptible to the ball in behind and over his shoulder, he gets caught on the turn extremely easily and his distribution has usually been awful, the standard floated ball Down the line and out of play became his trademark. Again his recent displays have been very good and long may they continue BUT I don’t agree that fans have ever criticised him because he came through the system, if anything it’s bought him a lot of leeway.

  • Colin Brumwell

    He is better than Gamez, thats if Gamez actually exists

  • Martin

    “Normally people shout, Dummett you’re sh…”

    That is a shocking indictment of the level of support players receive at Newcastle. Whatever Dummett achieves at Newcastle it will be in spite of the ‘supporters.’

  • Down Under Mag

    I think he’s right – he is an easy target, cost nothing, came through the system and so as long as he isn’t world class and the single best left back in the world let alone the country he will cop stick off a portion of the fans…that is how some home fans are, no matter what they just want to moan and tell their own players they are rubbish. I think we have been better defensively since he came back in the side.

  • Phil Yare

    interesting that pardew thought he was no good…………..that fills me with confidence that the lad has something