If he ends up getting the boot by Huddersfield, David Wagner might consider taking up a new job as a comedian.

Almost certainly the most negative team we have seen all season at St James Park (apart from maybe Newcastle against Man City…) , the Terriers didn’t have a single shot on target.

Despite this, David Wagner announced after the game ‘The attitude, fighting spirit and how they followed the game plan was fantastic. I think we were worth a point.’

Well, the ‘game plan’ appeared to be to stay with everybody behind the ball and cross the halfway line when absolutely necessary.

Newcastle had three or four very good chances in the first half and if one of those had gone in, Huddersfield would have had to try and do something, with the net result surely being a three or four goal victory for Newcastle.

The total shots target was 18 to 4 in Newcastle’s favour and the only remote chance of NUFC conceding was when the visitors launched the odd free-kick from distance int the box.

This was maybe Martn Dubravka’s toughest game for Newcastle so far, when it came to trying to stay awake…

A fully deserved three points for Newcastle, even if they left it late.

David Wagner:

“It’s a disappointing result for us but it’s my job to analyse this in the right way.

“Our idea was to frustrate them and sit deeper to minimise their clear-cut chances and hurt them on the counter-attack.

“In the first half Newcastle had good opportunities but in the second half I thought it was working for us.

“The attitude, fighting spirit and how they followed the game plan was fantastic.

“I think we were worth a point.

“We have six very interesting games remaining and I’m confident we will collect the points we need to survive in the Premier League.

 “The players stuck to our idea and defended well but we’re aware we haven’t scored again and we will work on it.

“We had two big chances in the second-half, from Zanka on the set piece and at the end with Scott Malone.

“We didn’t use our chances and that is why we’ve lost the game today.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 1 Huddersfield 0


Newcastle: Perez 80

Possession was Huddersfield 37% Newcastle 63%

Total shots were  Huddersfield 4 Newcastle 18

Shots on target were Huddersfield 0 Newcastle 3

Corners were  Huddersfield 3 Newcastle 3

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Lejeune, Dummett, Ritchie (Atsu 67), Shelvey, Diame (Hayden 79), Shelvey, Kenedy, Gayle (Slimani 75)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Manquillo, Clark, Murphy

Crowd: 52,261 (3,000 Huddersfield)

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  • Cockneytrev

    Nothing against Huddersfield (was there when we got promoted in the 80s) and hope they don’t go down, but what game was he watching? They were very poor today,,
    If we stay up (we are nearly there) Benitez is manager of the season, to keep us up with this squad is an enormous achievement, the two loans in January have made a huge difference,,,,

  • Big Al 1967

    If Huddersfield had been two or three down at half time they could have had no complaints. It was only our poor finishing that kept them in the game for so long so to suggest they were worthy of a point is a bit ridiculous.

  • Paul Patterson

    Dream on. Many managers say things to deflect negativity from their superiors . .

  • gallowgate26

    Credit were due, they’ve given us games over the last 2 seasons, but today I thought they were awful. I don’t think they can blame injuries as it seemed a fairly strong team to me. If they stay up I think it’s more to do with others having a nightmare (Southampton & Stoke) than ‘Uddersfeeled being a PL quality team. Of course I’ll take three wins in a row at home, but we shouldn’t get carried away, based on how poor the last two visitors have been. With any sort of quality striker up front, we should have been 2 or 3 up in the first half, therein lies our problem. Against better sides we will be punished for missing those chances.

    • Mayor Vaughn

      Carried away!, Jesus Christ, that’s all i’m going to say.
      (And on Easter Sunday, good job he never existed)

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    They came for a nil nil draw and nearly got one. Thanks to Perez we can breathe easily tonight should have been at least five nil but it took a class player to win it for us.

    • gallowgate26

      He was terrible, even by his own standards. He was lucky to still be on the pitch to score his sitter.

      • mentalman

        i think he and we got lucky that Ritchie wasn’t in a position to play a full game, diame got a knock and rafa wanted to bring slimani on and not change to two up front

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Ayzoe Perez was doing a good job quote not from me but from Perez.
        At half time Rafa had to tell him to stop to try doing so much work and stay calm. Without him we would certainly be in the relegation zone. He covers a massive gap between midfield and attack.

      • Ba ba.

        I’ve seen those sitters missed… Credit Wherstead it’s due yesterday . He had one chance yesterday gayle our number nine had four converted none.

    • Paul Smith

      He got the goal but Perez was shocking today. Worst player for us probably and I include Gayle in that who will get a lot of stick for missing good chances but no praise for getting into those positions in the first place.

      I take it you didn’t watch the game or are doing your usual troll routine because I don’t really see how anyone could call Perez class based on today or in fact this season.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Quote Ayzoe Perez was having a good game and all he needed to do was stay calm. Rafa had to tell him at half time to stop doing to much as he was all over the place. He links the midfield and attack and without him we would certainly be in a relegation position.
        Thank goodness the Mag does not pick the team or we we would be down with West Brom. Yes was at the game at every game home and away.

      • Ba ba.

        Tbh… He never stopped but he goes down far to easily .. .. Great ball by Kennedy for the goal.
        As for gayle who I like but he has to take at least one of his chances.. 👍

    • Dave

      Class Jesus Christ that’s all I am going to say

    • Ba ba.

      Not his biggest fan but the lad never stopped all game he never gave up and seems to get us crucial goals when we need them. .. I can see why rafa sticks with him.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        To be honest in order of priority we need a new centre forward a keeper, top midfield player, winger and full back but would sign Kenedy and the keeper who are on loan. Just checked today and only five teams have let in less goals than us. It is only our finishing which has stopped us being in the top eight as think we have a better team than Burnley.

  • Tweed Mag

    Huddersfield were poor, but I hope they stay up.

    • PhilK

      Agreed. MUCH prefer WBA Stoke and Southampton to go down. Southampton in particular – LOATHE their fans

  • thewildchimp

    It’s because we have a better team and that’s it. They were (nearly) worth a point, because they (almost) defended well.

  • FatParosite

    They definitely had 2 shots on goal….

  • Ba ba.

    Deluded buffoon…. .there time wasting tactics got them exactly what they deserved .. Nowt.

  • Sean Lynch

    If Perez put the effort in that Diame has recently, he’d be justifying his position.
    As it stands, the only thing keeping him in the team is the occasional, ( like 2-3 minutes, during the 90), when he actually has control of the ball. These moments are few and fleeting. For the most part his brain thinks quicker than his skull level will allow.
    Come the end of the season, we don’t just need a quality number 9 who will score for fun. We need a quality number 10 too, as Perez just isn’t good enough.
    Yes he scored and We’re all extremely greatful for that. But he did sod all else right!

  • Mike

    horrible niggly team to watch no intention to play football. how many fouls did they commit? must be one of the dirtiest teams we have played at home

    • Wezza147

      I agree one if the dirtiest teams and not to mention their diving tactics and efforts to slow the play down. It didn’t help them when it was 1-0 then the urgency was there. They got what they deserved. Nothing.

  • FairsCup69

    They’ve scored 10 goals in 16 matches on the road. I thought they were very poor but since its our ‘local derby’ would like to see them stay up. What was that strange routine the full backs did when they had a goal kick?

  • PhilK

    Er….no David. Your lads got what they deserved – nothing.
    When we got beat 1-0 at Hudds we deserved a point or more, and how we didn’t is down to poor finishing. But Hudds defended in depth. Nothing wrong with that in your position. But not one on target, and 65%- 35% says just how little you deserved from a game you COULD and SHOULD have lost by 4 or 5