I haven’t wrote into the Mag for quite a while so thought now might be a time to ask a few opinions.

Currently in a situation of having to move seats with my daughter (we are both Newcastle United season ticket holders), due to St James Park now not having enough disabled access within the ground.

I have got great seats in Gallowgate and never thought I’d lose them…but guess I’m wrong.

I understand roughly 230 seats are coming out to make the extra space available.

Due to me wanting two seats together, as you can imagine it’s not as easy.

Maybe more might become available when the season finishes, due to people not renewing. Not sure of the up and down figures in the close season.

I understand that the club will invite all people concerned down to the ground at some point in June. to choose alternative seats, and also be given priority ahead of anybody wanting to move seats or new applications.

A guy who sits next to me, who is on a long-term price freeze, has been told they will only guarantee his price for next season. Then after that it reverts back to normal pricing – if this is the case, then it is an awful policy for Newcastle United to pursue.

Can they do this when they are wanting him to move seats?

It’s surely the club breaking the contact?

He’s spoken to various people at the box office, only to be told the same story.

Is anyone else experiencing any problems of this nature?

Also, interested just to get general opinions on this issue.

Plus. any fans having to move who are on season to season deals, can move to any other part of the ground for next season and only pay your current price, then after that pay the full price for that area.

I have my name on a couple of seats to keep my options open…but time will tell if I get seats that I really want.

Going back to the guy who sits next to me, as you can imagine he’s livid with the club’s attitude to his price freeze deal, which still has four seasons to run.

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  • StMichael

    Ive had problems in the box office several times. I find staff very unhelpful and authoritative… As if they own us? Ive been turned away had cash rejected when there has been loads of empty seats inside. The club lies about attendance weekly including emoty seats. Ive had spare tickets before and the club has refused to take them back …. Even for free… Preferring to turn fans away and leave seats empty. The staff do not know how to work their computers and have several accounts for me which they point blank refuse to consolidate. Im sure the ticket office staff must come from Sunderland because they are not too bright! They also refuse to tell the truth about stadium car parking which is available and they refuse normal supporters pitch side tickets…. Preferring to keep them empty for the players families who dont even attend.

    • Joseph Burton

      I don’t think they’re ‘lying’ about attendances as such, I believe they have to disclose the amount of seats sold for tax purposes. But it is true that its a complete joke that tickets aren’t able to be resold.

      • StMichael

        Disclosing sold seats to tax man is different from saying there is an attendance of 52k when there is not. This is called telling lies. Attendance should be attendance, not seats sold. Too many people buy tickets and dont bother attending. The club should make it easier or beneficial for fans to pass their ticket on. Maybe you get a free pint every time you hand in your ticket. Or 25% cashback or some incentive for people to hand em in when not attending.

        • Martin Rooney

          Official attendance’s are for policing purposes

        • Mark Potter

          The rules of the premier league say that attendance figures that are publicly reported should be the number of tickets that are issued or sold. This is also the case in other sports, and in other countries. And I’m pretty sure that theatres and concert arenas will also report a “full house” if they sell all the tickets, regardless of whether every ticket holder turns up.

          • StMichael

            im sure they do but it is still telling lies and telling lies is wrong.. especially when it makes you look better than what you are. Health and safety laws mean the club knows exactly what the real attendance is and if the FA chooses to instruct Newcastle or any other club to lie and produce a separate false figure based on ticket sales then the FA themselves are corrupt. Which of course is not news to anyone! With regards to the registered ticket scheme I do not know how it works. Its never been explained to me, like a lot of things at the club your just supposed to ‘know’ a bit like the away games points system. What I do know is there is a time restraint. Often when people end up with spare tickets its a short notice thing. Hooligans in football… I think we have a few hooligans as season ticket holders anyway! Loads of people have purchased several season tickets and just pass them out to whoever wants them. Most ‘hooligans’ are normal people… like muslims… who for some reason get ‘triggered’. Government agenda is to demonise those who punch horses for example.. instead of looking at the issues beneath. Many people go to football matches to sniff cocaine for example. They even proudly sing songs about doing so and post them online. Many people reading this believe this is perfectly okay.. but if these same people get triggered and punch a phone box or destroy a seat.. they suddenly become ‘football hooligans’! lol.

          • Mark Potter

            Health and safety rules provide a maximum attendance. The club is licensed to allow a maximum of 52,405. The best way to ensure they don’t go beyond that is to sell tickets only up to that point. They comply with the rules whether they sell 52,405, 50,000 or 40,000. And they comply with the rules if they sell 52,405 (a “full house”) but some people are not in their seats. From a H&S point of view it’s irrelevant if they are not in their seats at kick off, or any other point. They can be at the toilet or the bar. And it’s irrelevant that they haven’t passed the turnstiles, they could be standing outside and about to come in.

            The figure of attendance isn’t a lie, if it is defined to be the maximum number of people that it is possible could have been there. And that is what PL rules say. And what nearly every other major event defines attendance, given that they MUST not exceed the maximum, or are liable to corporate manslaughter if something goes wrong and someone is killed.

            This is not a lie. They are following PL rules. They are following H&S rules. They report the attendance as it is defined.

            Now, you could say you don’t agree with that definition. But then you would have to propose an alternative definition, show how that definition would meet H&S laws, and convince the PL, police, government, local authorities etc, both in Britain and abroad, that your definition is better, for both sporting and non-sporting events where 10,000s of people can attend, and safety of those people is paramount.

            No-one responsible for H&S cares if you are triggered by the fact that the actual “bums on seats” figure inside the ground might actually be less than the reported maximum attendance figure. No-one has ever been killed by people buying tickets for an event and then not turning up for it.

          • StMichael

            they do not announce it as a figure of attendance they say ‘todays attendance is’ therefore they tell lies! Cmon man stop purposefully being quarrelsome!

          • StMichael

            Pause and reflect please. Very interesting response by the way. But that word comply. Is the meaning of life to ‘comply’?! With precedure?! Common sense must always come before procedure! The attendance is… the number of people passing through the turnstiles!!!! If you buy ten thousand seats to the next gateshead match and put them in the bin and do not attend… will they announce an attendance of 11k?

          • Mark Potter

            No idea what Gateshead do. But if you bought them for a Newcastle Arena gig, then they will announce 11k. Had three months to reflect. Still not changed the rules that apply to most venues, where the attendance is limited.

          • StMichael

            in a perfect world id like “todays attendance is 49,521 with official ticket sales of 52,121” that would make me happy. lol

        • Mark Potter

          Rules about passing tickets on for football games were surely introduced as an anti-hooligan measure? People who are banned from a ground shouldn’t be able to use other people’s tickets.

          But these days they could have a ticket exchange scheme done online where the tickets are passed to another person who is registered with the club, with the club taking a small admin fee.

          • StMichael

            Thats if they are banned for good reason. Maybe they farted. Or swore. We cant be havin that in footy can we!

    • O K Doke

      You can return tickets up to 72 hours before ko.
      Don’t let them tell you anyting different.

    • nufcslf

      No, they just work under the fat lads terns or lose there jobs. Wouldn’t step foot inside that shyte hole even they offered to pay me to go. Tatty from top to bottom and has f**k all to do with football. Total waste of time.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Zero hours contractors?…..

  • O K Doke

    Stinks as bad as Hall/Shepherds treatment of Milburn Stand Bond holders.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Not wrong there mate! That really was below the belt!

  • grantham mag

    This is NUFC, under the fat lad, he don’t give a toss, so the box office staff don’t give a toss, as the saying goes shyte rolls down hill never up.

    • Lhc

      Its not the box office staff’s fault they just do a job and I’m sure they won’t be on great money.

      • StMichael

        ive had horrific dealings with box office staff… they are trained to tell lies. so technically its not their fault but they still choose to tell these lies. I always wanted a pitch side seat for years next to dug out. only sat there once as a small child. I waited for a cup game to come up near my birthday.. this year it happened.. I went in dead early and the refused to sell me a ticket! they told me they were sold out.. they lied.. when I pushed the issue they were told they are not allowed to allocate the seats. When the matchday came 75 percent of the seats id wanted were empty. Same as ever. And the tickets they DID sell me in the east stand were NOT the mid section central tickets I saw on screen.. they were on the back row!!! They also (accidentally) kept my driving licence.. which had been used for identity… I went to 4 different offices to get it back despite them writing me a letter none of them could find it and each member of staff told me to go to the next office! I had to leave an angry voicemail and take to social media before they eventually responded and returned the drivning licence.. with no apology. Those ticket office staff DO NOT CARE about members they do not give a toss about the club either. In my opinion they need to go back to school because they don’t even know how to work their computers! I personally wouldn’t employ anyone under 26 but I guess this is considered ‘ageophobic’ lol.

  • Ba ba.

    From what I heard the lads next to me I the east stand are being moved sat there for over 20 years tbh I don’t know the full ins and the outs of what’s ganning on.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Ashley is great with seats and ticket pricing unlike the other regime. I got kicked out of my seat as was asked to pay five hundred pounds more per season a disgrace. Prior to that got kicked out of the East Stand when they built boxes Ashley does a great job tickets and fans there are new laws plus shortly away fans must have pitch side views so one thousand fans to be moved. Ashley does great for fans.

    • Scottpaige

      Away fans won’t be moving at all the way things are sounding at the min.