The year before I was born, Newcastle won the FA Cup for the third time in five years, a hugely celebrated and proud era in the life of our Club.

In 2017, Arsenal won the FA Cup for the third time in four years

However, that was with a large number of Arsenal fans hugely disappointed at underachieving during this era in the life of their Club.

In 1969, our team Newcastle United won their last major trophy, the Inter Cities Fairs Cup, with those members of our team and our Manager Joe Harvey remaining heroes until this day.

Arsenal won the Fairs Cup the year after us in 1970.

Whilst that is only one of two European Trophies that Arsenal have won, the Gunners also played in the Champions League for 19 consecutive seasons (including reaching one final), with only Real Madrid bettering that.

Tonight, many Arsenal fans are disappointed to be playing AC Milan in the Europa League Round of 16.

With may of them wanting to see the back of their Manager.

Whereas, we would roll the red carpet out for ours, even with only the prospect of a relegation battle against Southampton on Saturday.

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  • ghostrider

    No we wouldn’t.
    If this club had been doing what Arsenal had been doing we would be doing exactly the same, wanting Wenger out and bemoaning not finishing in champions league places.

    To say any other is not being truthful.

    Of course, right now, with the position we are in and have been for long enough…of course we would be delighted to think we’d have what they had.

    The problem is, success brings expectation and anything less breeds contempt.
    Arsenal fans have been treated to some sublime football in Wengers time and some success in bundles compared to most other clubs.

    Those fans see their stadium and see their set up and realise they get very little return now, compared to the recent past, so naturally they want a managerial change because they don’t get the same buzz.

    It’s the nature of the beast from any set of fans that would be used to being at the top end rather than having to eat scraps like most of the teams like us do.

    People only need to think back to Sir Bobby Robson’s time. We were finishing high and getting to the FA cup final.
    The fans wanted more.
    Finishing 5th wasn’t enough. The fans wanted champions league.
    We became expectant rather than hopeful. And this was only sporadic attempts by us.

    If we were Arsenal we would be the similar but likely more vociferous.

    It’s easy to be denied right now given the dismal times we’ve had and the wishful thinking of being in Arsenal’s position, but it’s like the man who lights up a cigarette and vows to stick to one. Eventually he wants one more and then another.
    As time goes on someone says, “that’s it, no more.”
    The trouble starts and the cold turkey has to be endured.

    • Chris Khalil

      Hit the nail on the head mate :)

      It’s also worth noting that in the modern world the press have a big part to play. The number of sites I visit that release news stories based on extreme social media comments that highlight only a small minority of fans opinions which are then sold as all [x] clubs fans, frankly makes me a little sick.

      • ghostrider

        One thing for use, the mainstream media can turn a molehill into the highest mountain, as and when they choose.

        • thewildchimp

          There’s always gonna be an abundance of gullible people.

  • Leazes.

    A crust is a banquet to a pauper.

    • Coble’s Retuirn

      There you have it in eight words.

    • TheNutJob


    • Rich Lawson

      That’s a good quote,where is it from ? Hat’s off if it’s your own.

      • Leazes.

        Well I googled it and apparently its me but Aesop, Dickens and Baldric have versions.

  • Rich Lawson

    Spoilt and ungrateful,the blokes done enough for them,let him see out his contract or choose his own manner of going.

    • Paul Patterson

      That won’t be enough. They will still lament the lack of a Premier League title in 15 years or so.
      It’s a sad state of affairs when the Europa League title isn’t enough to save you from the vitriol of your own fans. Imagine his record over the last five years at our club . .

      • Rich Lawson

        Cockney’s eh ! Seem to rmbr Rafa’ wasn’t much loved when he won it for Chelsea either ?

    • Leazes.

      Nah, you see to ambitious clubs the cups are just the cherry on the cake…. not the cake… they’d starve on a diet of glace cherries.

      It is the league or nothing, the cups don’t have much significance of a day out at wembley if you already live there!

      • Rich Lawson

        True,but the Europa is also a back door to the Champ’s League,as an (almost) impartial observer I have often enjoyed Arsenal’s previous free flowing football (loved the cup final when they took Chelsea) and I would like to see Wenger walk away with a bit of dignity when he wants to, rather than driven out by the baying mob.

        • Leazes.

          Tis a tad ungrateful for everything he’s done for them. Piers Morgan was leading the calls against Wenger…. I think everyone in the media has accepted that the Premiership is static and only exists for the fans of five clubs and everyone else is cannon-fodder and should know their place…. its untenable as it goes against competition and has created mindsets in those fans that they are the big clubs.

          • Rich Lawson

            Piers Morgan is a shameful name dropper who plays the media game well and has never been properly punished for his insider share dealing of a column whilst editor of our media pals. If he actually was in the same room as Wenger I don’t doubt he would drop to one knee and in his next column say what a top bloke he really is ?

          • Leazes.

            He’s an Arsenal fan.

          • Rich Lawson

            As he never stops dropping into his columns,whilst relating which of his celebrity pals congatulated him on his insightful interview with Trump.Didn’t he even give Mr President an Arsenal shirt ?

        • Benmagpie

          Like some of us did to Sir Bobby Robson