Liverpool fans have been having their say about ahead of today’s match at Anfield.

Rafa Benitez taking his Newcastle team in the hope of adding to the survival points total.

However, fair to say that confidence (arrogance?) is in the minds of most Liverpool fans.

Predictions of an easy win and plenty goals being the common theme.

The last 11 weeks have seen Newcastle only lose to Manchester City in the league and in the 22 matches Jamaal Lascelles has started, NUFC have only lost by more than one goal on a single occasion.

There are a small minority of Liverpool fans who are being the voice of reason and suggesting it might not be quite so easy as many are claiming.

It is up to Rafa’s players now to get those last 10 minutes at Bournemouth out of their heads and stick to Rafa’s disciplined and well prepared game plan.

Liverpool fans comments via their top message boards LiverpoolFC Forum and Red and White Kop:

‘Apart from Man City, Newcastle haven’t lost a league game since mid-December, which is some record, even if they have only played relatively poor teams and Manchester United. 

Obviously, we should have more than enough quality to win, but I don’t think it will be as easy to run up a 3-0 or 4-0 scoreline as people may be hoping.’

‘And I agree. In the PL preview people are predicting we’ll give them a right hiding. We should win, but I don’t care for the overconfidence. Or the apoplectic response if we did end up drawing or losing.’

‘Love Rafa. Respect the Newcastle fans who deserve better from their owners.

That said hope we win 8-0.’

‘Big game, again, this weekend, and a great chance to put some serious pressure on Utd and Chelsea in particular ahead of a tricky and very tough couple of fixtures for them.

We know what Rafa brings, how well he can disrupt teams and, to be fair, Newcastle have been on a pretty decent run of form lately.

Am hoping for an early opener and quick second to kill any anxiety amongst the fans. As in about 90% of fixtures in this league now, if we perform, we’ll win.’

‘Any old win will do but I do feel good about this one.

I’d be bullish enough with the prediction too and go for a 4-0 tonking but 2-0 is fine too.’

‘They will come to park  a bus but i think we’ll have to much for them with confidence sky high.

3-0 Firmino Salah (2).’

‘Good to see a legend back, always love it when Rafa comes back to Anfield.’

‘Will be a tough game. They dont concede many.’

‘Not sure whether to post here, but don’t know what else to say.

Was off to the game today, but my wife’s suddenly passed away. Absolutely devastated.

She loved Rafa and Kloppo.

Just hope we win today. Please don’t lose.


‘Newcastle are prone to defensive lapses even if their manager is a genius, their players are not.

The gap in quality should show here and there should be no eye on the midweek training game so full focus on 3 points is needed. And I think we’ll get them comfortably if we don’t make it hard for ourselves.

Rafa may go full-on defensive and invite us to break them down but I think with the confidence we have in attack at the moment we should have enough. Just hope we don’t frustrate ourselves and make the right choices in attack not the elaborate one. Until we are winning comfortably.

3-0 Liverpool.’

‘Sorry Rafa, love you to bits and all, but 3 points is 3 points and we’ll have to take them.’

‘Trains are running on time and the airport is open if the Newcastle team charter a jet.

Or Ashley could stick them in a trailer of one of his Sports Direct trucks.’

‘I hope we completely destroy them. It’s annoying how we have never beaten Rafa either. I want a 8-0 thumping!!’

‘Think we will have too much for them. Rafa is a top manager and will set them up as best as possible, but the quality we have going forward will break through. Once we get one we’ll add another couple.

They will have a punchers chance from a set piece, but VVD is marshalling the defence now and we are tightening it up nicely.

3-0 to the red men.’

‘I was anxious before last week’s West Ham game, simply because it seemed like it was going to be attritional stuff. However, it really wasn’t. Newcastle offer a similar challenge with worse players but a better manager. However, play like last weekend and we win comfortably by 3 or 4.’

‘Going to be lots of empty seats in the Newcastle end,very difficult trip for them with road closures enroute due to snow.

Same problems may apply to reds travelling from other parts of the country,hope we manage to get all our fans there tomorrow.’

‘Thing is even if Shelvey had been fit I doubt Rafa would have started him against us.

The barcodes are unlikely to see much of the ball and he’s a defensive liability when they don’t have it.

Rafa knows it’s going to be a backs to the wall performance and without Shelvey in the side they have a chance of holding out for a point.

Play Shelvey in midfield against a possession based opponent and you start a man down.’

‘We’ll completely dominate the game. Probably score a load too.’

‘Just read somewhere that Rafa has never lost a game against Liverpool. 

Well I think his luck will run out tomorrow.  I can see us giving them a 4 or 5 goal pasting. Come on the redmen.’

  • Paul Patterson

    When your centre back costs what our whole team does then you probably have a right to be pretty confident . .

    • Kneebotherm8

      Absolutely…… that says it all

  • ghostrider

    I’d like to see Liverpool perform a miracle and win the league. I know it’s not going to happen but I love How Jurgen Klopp has them playing.
    They have a good right to be super confident because they know how we’ll set up to defend and Klopp will basically set them a training session of gung-ho entertainment in attacking nous for their fans whilst we perform the art of defending for our lives and hoofing the ball away into no mans land.

    That’s how I see it.

    I’d love to think we’d have a go at them and take advantage of their gung-ho attacking approach but we likely won’t as we’ll be too scared to venture too far past the half way line for fear of leaving a man or two in no mans land and who become defensive AWOL fugitives. lol

    • Lakeland Mag

      If defending for our lives and hoofing the ball away into no mans land gets us at least a point I’d take it in this game. Horses for courses and all that.

  • ataturk5

    Not all of us are arrogant tbf,1 nil will do me!

  • Toon

    Go on other fans boards and then whine about what they have to say? Weird

    • ataturk5

      Me? i’m not whining mate,some of our fans are arrogant,just not all,this ‘other fans board’,is coming up on LFC newsnow,is all

      • ghostrider

        You have a right to be arrogant, just as we would of we were in the same position as you lot.
        It’s a perk.
        If the premier league had managers like Klopp, we could all look forward to exciting end to end football games.

        You lot are as lucky as all hell to have a manager like Klopp.

        • ataturk5

          I’m old school mate,i try and be humble,unless it’s the mancs or Chels,it’s not just Newcastle some of our fans predict 4 and 5 goals btw,it’s most games,i think it’s expectation more than ‘real arrogance’ tbf,someone posted on this is Anfield forum that we’d hit 4 goals or more in 11 or 12 games,so i think that’s the reason for it tbh,i’m wary though,Rafa would be the one to put a halt to that.
          We are lucky yeah,Ancelotti was who i wanted,but now i think i was wrong,because of the footy we play

          • ghostrider

            The thing is we all tend to have our proper teams as we all call them and the obvious enemy teams.
            We tend to deal with them in massively different ways most of the time…but it also depends on the managers.

            Many Liverpool fans have a soft spot for Newcastle because of Benitez but would have little for us if we had Alex Ferguson as manager.

            The same would apply to us. As it stands I think Klopp is great for football. I love his ways and how he sets up his teams, etc.
            However, if your manager was Alan Pardew many of our fans would be spewing venom.

            The weird world of a football fans mind lol.

            It’s the same when a team is used to losing or scraping draws. The expectation levels go to the basement.
            If a season ends up where a team has managed a high placing then the expectation levels go up with that and woe betide the team and manager/owner that doesn’t see it through.

            When your team is spanking other teams with big scores and attacking frenzy, then any fan is going to look at many a game…especially against lower league opposition…and even more especially against lower league opposition that refuse to make a full game of it and chose to be fish in a barrel.

            It’s one of the reasons why (tongue in cheek……..or is it lol) I’ve said it could be our biggest ever defeat since the 1895 9-0 defeat and possibly the first ever double figure defeat in premier league history.

            I wait in anticipation for the team sheet. lol

          • ataturk5

            Good points mate,you’re right i suppose,our fans ‘will’ expect goals because that’s how we’ve been playing,i’m just more cautious,and superstitious,hate tempting fate!
            I had a go at some of our fans before the Porto away game,because they were posting about scoring 4 and 5,i said ‘don’t be soft,they’ve only conceded 12 all season’,then we went and won 5 nil ha ha,but like i say,i don’t get carried away,i’ve listened about us ‘turning the corner’ too many times the last 28 years,so i stay grounded,but it ‘does’ look like we’re building something at the moment,just getting the ‘last couple of pieces of the jigsaw’ next season,another phrase i’ve heard a lot in the past! don’t think you’ve got any worries about 9 goals though ha ha
            Hope your fans are ok getting down anyway,and it’s a good game

  • Jezza

    These Liverpool fans are showing the same level of supreme confidence as Manchester fans were before we played them three weeks ago…

    • Leazes.

      Its a sign! …..A portent of imminent victory, a harbinger of certainty…..possibly.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Problem is they have upped their game & they attack like a KK team,
      can`t see us holding their front 3 for long.

  • Andy Coverdale

    lets just wait and see remember the mancs, I remember beating lfc at sjp, I had to drive from the north west with 2 scouse customers and all the way there they were mouthing off a out bellamy getting a hattrick for them and it being 0-5 or 6.
    a 2-1 win to nufc meant no gobshiting from the confident scousers all the way back to lala land🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Leazes.

      A heartwarming fable.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    The original glory seekers

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      with their track record they have a good right to be

    • robbersdog

      I’d be a ‘glory seeker’ if Newcastle had won as much as Liverpool have done over the last 50 years or so.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        You’d not have chosen Newcastle on the basis of them winning lots of cups but personally having no connection to the city. Man u made it possible to look out for another team other than your local side, Liverpool, with their success in the early televised era made got seeking fans acceptable.

        For me, it’s not acceptable.

    • John

      As opposed to all of our keegan era fans?

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Slightly ms sold the concept of glory!

  • John

    Can’t see it being 8-0 Playing with 11 men behind the ball