With only 45 days until the end of the season, Jamaal Lascelles has reminded Mike Ashley that Rafa Benitez has delivered what feels to be a ‘stable club’.

This has been achieved very much against the odds and the manager has managed this despite being undermined in the transfer market by the club’s owner.

Newcastle fans know all too well that without Rafa Benitez sticking this out so far, the club could/would have been staring at disaster.

With fellow promoted clubs having far higher net spends in both summer 2017 and January 2018, Rafa came out in public to say that with the lack of support from Mike Ashley, Newcastle couldn’t even compete on player wages with these two clubs.

Jamaal Lascelles says that the players also know that Rafa Benitez is at the heart of everything decent at the club at the minute, both team and fans are ‘with’ the manager.

An added unnecessary problem put in Rafa and the club’s way, was the distraction of Mike Ashley waiting until two months into the season to put the club up for sale.

The Newcastle Captain says that this almost certainly had an effect on the players and indeed you only have to look at the results to see evidence of that.

After a very good start to the season with Newcastle in the top eight in October, that then led to a nine game run where Newcastle only picked up one point and ended up in the relegation zone.

All of that time the takeover pantomime dragged on in the media and certainly can’t have helped.

When January came around and Rafa Benitez was blocked from buying a single player, it further summed up Mike Ashley’s chaotic running of the club and willingness to gamble on Newcastle United’s future.

Jamaal Lascelles speaking to The Telegraph:

“Newcastle United does feel like a stable club at the minute.

“We have got a manager who trusts us and he wants to be here, the fans are with him, so that is really important for the players.

“Now that the stuff with the owner and the takeover has died down, that helps.

“Whether it was going to happen or it wasn’t going to happen, it is less to think about as a player.

“We now know we are in a stable environment at a stable club.

“You might not really think about it much, but it [takeover talk] probably did have an effect on some individuals.

“Of course, as a player you don’t want to be in a team where there is loads of paper talk about stuff not related to us.

“You don’t want anything negative coming out.

“Everything is running smooth now, everything is positive, and I think it is just down to us to make sure we keep the fans happy.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Fatso doesn`t give a Flying F & as far as stability goes think again kid.
    An owner who wants out, but only on his terms, add to that he won`t spend a bean as long as he`s here.
    we don`t even know if the manager will be here in 3 months time.
    the squad isn`t fit for purpose & will be in the bottom 6 as long as the Fat Lads here.
    Nufc are no better off now with a World Class manager than they`ve been in previous seasons, are we

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      He will not spend more money, the club will.

  • Damon Horner

    I agree about the stability, Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is a respect in large between the fans, players and manager and as is witnessed by Burnley it gets better results out of players who are maybe not so exceptional.

    Stable owner with competition at heart and gradual uplift in quality and we could go places. Newcastle without dramas would be nice for a change!

    • Leazes.

      We’ve had the ‘stability’ excuse thrown at us for fifty years Damon…. it has never been anything other than an excuse for a succession of regimes that play the ‘scapegoat’ game with the manager….. lack of ambition leading to lack of professionalism and lack of investment.

      Some managers play the game very well, that is until the excuses start flying, now with Rafa he has signalled that he’s a bit miffed with the regimes backing ten really all he’s here for ios the payday.

      Stability is a ‘red herring argument’ put forward by people who don’t know what they are talking about, because you cant plan for stability when you are in a competitive situation, its alright being stable in the top four or five as we were under Keegan but stability on the cliff edge is meaningless when you are a gust of wind away from change.

      The argument is ambition or lack of it, I’m sick and tired of people saying ‘we need a period of stability’ its nonsense, you either want to reside at the right end of the table or you are sunk!

      • Damon Horner

        Most managers find the cash welcome, this is why he is coaching in Newcastle and not a local team in Liverpool…Madrid or wherever he wants to be, fact is with Rafa though is if he walked where would he walk to? it won’t be good for his career and as much as I like him it’s his priority I reckon, for that reason acting more in patience than on emotion is probably sensible. I’d be more inclided to agree with you if there was no word on takeovers but whether that’s a red herring or not, the idea of it is the carrot for those connected to the club to a better (different most likely) future.

        So how do you get to the right side of the table in your view? If this setup lost Ashley I do think we’re on the track to be a bit more competitive dependent on if the next owner isn’t more interested in their other businesses.

        I get your point and after 50 years of experience it’s understandable.

        • Leazes.

          A lot of missed opportunities in investment resulted in downsizing the club, and a policy of positioning the club at ‘no more than 8th’ have created a downward spiral to a relegation yoyo situation.

          This season the owner positioning the club at fifteenth has continued the madness. I’m just saying that stability can only take place if your club at the right end of the table and lack of ambition to challenge competitors has created instability.

          One third of the Sky money was banked in January and they know the rest will come by june, Ashley could have forwarded the club the ability to spend in lue out of the £500m in cash he has in his MASH accounts…. that is money for investments for his companies, and it was there before he splashed out on Brixton Market.

          Lack of ambition is the Ashley policy towards the club and ‘Stability’ isn’t achievable with this fellow.

          • Damon Horner

            I don’t disagree with that at all really. We do need somebody who will invest when the opportunities are there and I don’t mean lavishly spend big money all the time to anybody else who reads that. Like you’ve said, we’ve banked money this year, spent none of it, we had an opportunity to spend more in the last summer window with structured payments on transfers and we didn’t, the same structured payments most clubs use can help us to reach other players of top quality if we were in a position to look that way but we won’t so you’re right, no higher than 7th/8th. What i’m currently happy with though is if that red and blue obstacle was removed then the other people in/out of the club seem to be on the same page. By stability I’m meaning that the fans back the players, the players usually play their hearts out, Rafa is the boss in the dressing room eradicating player power but you rightly suggest that within that environment we could still be relegated which won’t then be so stable.

          • Leazes.

            Yeah its all about the timing of investment as well, very much so as the club is competing with…ehm competitors….. but 8th isn’t a target…. you have to aim for a prize and for a club like ours a minimum goal of European qualification should be the norm. It would have been a driving force for the squad and keep the interest going for fans.

            Remember Pardew was told the position to finish was outside of the Euro places because it would have damaged survival chances by putting unwanted strain on a weak squad made up of utility players.

            It was all about running a club on a shoestring from day one and as a result ‘stability’ simply wasn’t possible.

          • Damon Horner

            Big part of where they went wrong though was selling the club as a stepping stone, success for this club became a low priority for a lot of our players, the boardroom aim was to watch a good season unfold, the player gets their promised big move, the club get the big money and the player sale profit, problem is when some players were lost no players were good enough to replace them.
            There was a permanent imbalance there where players cared only for their own careers, they’ll lose motivation easier and players of quality lost to other clubs were not covered so the individual/team performances also dipped leaving a sorry club with disinterested players.
            We are just lucky we weren’t punished more than just suffering relegation from the PL.
            In that respect, when it comes to the players motivations, relationships with the club, fans and managers, there is a better balance, feeling of stability. The club itself, being a stable PL club, you’re right, we’re not close until we get a more competitive edge to us and that starts with the boardroom.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Rafa goes = Jamaal goes….

    • ghostrider

      Newcastle United stay.

      • Peaky Magpie

        In The Championship

        • ghostrider

          Not a chance.
          Too well run for that.

          • Peaky Magpie

            Thought I’d been had there….checked the calendar….not April 1st until Sunday !

  • ghostrider

    Ashley made the club stable.
    The ship is welded tight and strong.
    Those who sail in her are not quite fully seaworthy.
    A fairly solid ship with a crew that’s learning the ways of it and the ropes.

    Before Ashley came in we were trying to plug holes with borrowed paper and bailing out with tin cans.

    “Lend us a welder and one metal plate.”
    “No chance son, your loans are late.”
    “Give us an owner with his own welding crew.”
    Enter Mike Ashley with a “How do you do.”
    “We’ll make this ship float and ride on it’s own steam. We’ll plug all the holes and refit new beam. We’ll sail along rusty, adding paint as we go. It may take some time but we’ll never sink too low.”

    Up to now it’s worked. It’s never been the best…but maybe this ships now been put to the test.
    One more coat of paint…one final coat, to see this ship sail on as a magnificent boat.
    Who’s at the helm? Is it Rafa we see?….Is it Rafa who steers as the choice of Ashley?
    A few more weeks to seal our status, as premier league certs then more pundits will rate us.
    Time to move on, full steam ahead….let’s put our footballing woes back to bed.

    Howay the lads.

    • Dingus

      Mate, you’re a pie

      • ghostrider

        A magpie.

    • Albert Stubbins

      Must be a pirate ship with Ashley at the wheel.