Steve McClaren has reportedly been lined up to take the Ipswich Town job.

Despite being safe in mid-table, most Ipswich fans appear to want Mick McCarthy to leave.

In fact, it is a little bit like West Brom with Tony Pulis, their supporters were desperate for just anybody who wasn’t Pulis to get the job instead.

They ended up with Alan Pardew and are now living to regret their belief that anybody had to be better than what they had.

Some Ipswich fans are still looking at Steve McClaren like that, looking for positives as to why surely he must be better than McCarthy.

However, the majority of them appear to be keeping their heads and realising what would be the reality of the former Newcastle Head Coach getting the job…

Ipswich fans comment via various Ipswich Town message boards and Twitter:

‘Ipswich looking to make Steve McClaren their boss for next season…

How is this numpty still getting considered for a manager’s job?’

‘No no no, i would rather keep Mick!’

‘We’ve supplied England’s two greatest ever managers, now we’re looking at employing our country’s worst ever manager, how times change.’

‘Dear oh dear. Would make Ipswich excellent bet for relegation!!’

‘No thanks. Kinda hoping that Brighton implode and Chris Hughton becomes available.’

‘For the Mick McCarthy haters, you are getting what you deserve. For all the other Ipswich fans, God help us.’

‘Rather keep the dinosaur than that willy with a brolly.’

‘His CV is littered with enough warning signs to worry me.

Personally I think we need a younger upcoming manager who wants to be here & would unite fans. We’ve had enough ‘old boys’ at the end of their downward career trajectory.’

 ‘Please no. If change is coming make it exciting.’

‘I wouldn’t be particularly against it, I think Steve McClaren gets a bad press.’

‘Please noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!’

‘We may have taken the pee over his Dutch accent, but if he unearthed a couple of Dutch gems I’d be more than happy!’

‘His last couple of jobs he’s been given money and expected to deliver immediate results.

He cut his teeth as a coach at Derby and Man U. If Evans doesn’t back him financially, and I doubt he will, then he will have to fall back onto his ability to coach what he has.

So long as people are patient and are prepared to give him time then I could see this being a very good appointment.’

‘Scenario is that these fans are so sick of McCarthy that anyone else will do. Fingers crossed.’

Maybe he can make a silk purse out of a pigs ear?

More likely to be the opposite.

Not a good appointment and quite absurd any McCarthy outers welcoming it.’

‘I think the bloke is a drip to be fair.’

Steve McClaren needs funds. He is tactically inept.’

‘Not Steve McClaren. Failed everywhere he’s gone – and even at clubs with money a la Derby. Wrong wrong choice.’

‘He won the title in Holland with Twente!!!’

‘Ok, he’s failed everywhere he’s gone barring one season.

He’s been sacked twice by Derby, resigned at Newcastle and went back to Twente for a second time and resigned from there too after bad results.

Mick once got Sunderland promoted too……’

‘Highly regarded as a coach by senior figures in the game but something managerial seems to be lacking.

The Eredivise title with Twente is a great achievement but after that sacked by Wolfsburg, Forest, Newcastle & derby… twice. I’m not against it, it’s just a bit… meh.’

  • Whether it is the SBR connection or having scored with a gorgeous Suffolk lass in Ipswich after a draw down there in 1993, I always feel a certain affinity to them. There was also what I would call a memorial match in the Championship after Sir Bobby passed on, including the singing of My Way by Laura Wright.

    There are some clubs I would happily wish McLaren on to, not least Sunderland. I hope Ipswich manage to steer clear of him.

  • Alreet

    Id have stone cold steve austin over the macster. Really not sure how he has held a job and been signed up by so many MDs for as many years. He was spent when he left boro all them years ago.

    Mega feels for ipswich. Hope ur MD has a good think then has a look at Ferguson. Mackay. Strachan or even pulis. Any would be better than the wally.

  • Rich Lawson

    Be interesting just to see how he tackles that accent ?

  • Tom

    “In fact, it is a little bit like West Brom with Tony Pulis, their supporters were desperate for just anybody who wasn’t Pulis to get the job instead”. Not a fact at all. Pulis didn’t abuse the fans at Stoke or West Brom, he just went with his style and it worked for a time at both clubs, then it didn’t work as well so they got rid of him. Mick changes his style every week and abuses the supporters (regardless of whether they are ones that back him or not) most weeks. He also gets no support from the club owner (whereas Pulis had good support at both Stoke and West Brom).

    So ignoring the fact the writer of this article doesn’t know what he’s talking about – loving the comments of Rich Lawson and RexN! As for Alreet – yes i’d take stone cold over mcclaren any day too. I’d also take him over Strachan though – remember how bad he was at Coventry, Middlesborough and just anywhere that wasn’t Celtic? Bit like Tony Mowbray (bless him)

  • mactoon

    The thing is if things go wrong for us and Ashley’s inertia caused Rafa to leave..

    We will be back in the market for this type of failed manager. The merry go round goes round and round.

    Pardew, Allardyce, Bruce, Pulis.. the list goes on