Some interesting responses to a headline on The Mag on Sunday…

Amongst the questions asked of some regular writers, was this one:

‘A gun to your head…Alan Pardew, Sam Allardyce, Steve McClaren or John Carver back as Newcastle Manager?’

As well as those going straight to read the article, others chose instead/as well to answer the question posed in the article title directly.

Whilst one or two did choose one of the hapless four, there was a more ‘direct’ message from most Newcastle fans responding…

Swampy NUFC:

‘Take them all back, line them up and I’ll borrow your gun.’


Sam Allardyce. Wasn’t given long enough I thought.’

Kayleigh K:

‘Definitely a gun to the head.’

Darren Cross:

‘Pull the trigger …. fact.’

Graham Robinson:

‘Fire the gun.’

Mike Drake:

‘Just shoot me.’


‘Shoot me; JUST Shoot me.’

Stuart Harvey:

‘Gimme the gun and I’ll shoot the four of them.’


‘I’d take the bullet for the team.’


‘Pardew, but only because of the gun.’

Andrew Pinnock:

‘Can I play Russian Roulette with 6 bullets?’

Sean Chater:

‘The replies to this are magical. Almost everyone asking for the trigger to be pulled.’

Robert Young:

‘Take the bullet.’

Roy Kaviani:

‘Just hurry up and shoot me.’

David Forster:

‘I’ll take the bullet.’

Rich Pye:

‘Do you need help with the trigger or can you manage?’


‘Pardew 5th place finish.’

Raymond Anderson:

‘Make sure you don’t miss!’


‘Point at my own head first.’


‘I’d give up on football and start following the mackems!

Rafa Benitez black and white army:

‘Shoot me if they are the options.’

  • Wor Monga

    It’s all been said up there, hasn’t it…but I’ve just raked the old rusty .303 out the loft, and pulled a cleaning rag through the barrel just in case!!!

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      where did you get that the Boer War

      • TheFatController

        That’s made me laugh 😂

      • Wor Monga

        …shhhhhh they had to be handed in, man!!!

  • FatParosite

    Once again….. Symptoms….. not the real cause of the problem….. Ashley/Shepherd/McKeag v Bullet.

  • Paul Patterson

    Allardyce- Boring but functional football who thinks no other manager uses stats and nutrition. Dodgy character and egotistical, delusional chancer.
    Pardew- Nasty piece of work with limited managerial skills. Abuses other managers, headbutts players, pushes linesmen and does as he’s told. Dodgy character and egotistical, delusional chancer.
    McClaren- Limited managerial skills, probably a decent assistant/coach. Does as he’s told. Out of his depth as a manager in the top two tiers.
    Carver- Dodgy character and egotistical, delusional chancer. Allegedly the best coach in the Premier League.

    • FatParosite

      You forgot McClaren : Dodgy character and egotistical, delusional chancer. You won’t forget to Feng-šuej the deck chairs will you..?

      • Paul Patterson

        I don’t think he’s dodgy or a chancer. I just feel he was a very poor manager . .

  • Mike D

    Not much variety.

  • Dave

    Please please please please take allardyce

  • Mitros gotta start

    I would rather choose between crabs….the clap…herpes or syphilis

  • Danimal

    Unfortunately the internet is down in Monkseaton, so I’ll post on behalf of the Ashley cult (interesting that the iPhone tries to autocorrect when those two words appear together). Ghost of Clarko doesn’t care who is the manager, as long as we keep our shrewd, ambitious, generous and highly ethical owner. Bob Feckless doesn’t really have a strong opinion on this one, all of those managers would deliver something a bit worse than mediocrity so that’s fine. Just to flesh it out a bit he’s asked me to throw in some financial terms like ‘amortisation’ and some unsubstantiated nonsense about something ‘a little bird’ told him down at the lodge the other night. While I’m here, I’m going for: Allardyce, bullet, Gullit (only cos it rhymes), Brolly, P45due, Suggett, Souness, Kinnear, Dinnis, Lee.

    • pedrodelgardo

      I used to play with a lad who was on the books when Suggett was a senior pro in the late 70s. He said to me mate on a cold windy day “watch this” and pulled up clutching his hammy – simply didn’t fancy playing for the stiffs on a cold day.

  • Leazes62

    Just pull the **ing trigger